PUBLIC Letter PART 4 CEO rossa fanning, Office Attorney General. 18th September, 2023.

Dear rossa fanning, Ref Treason advice to Taoiseach

In my registered letter to You, dated 31.8.2023, I brought to Your attention that criminal charges have been lodged with Garda Anti Corruption against your employees cliodhna o hara, cormac tighe, paul gallagher. I brought to Your attention that Your letters confirm you claim to have obtained a contract, under Article 30 of 1937 Constitution which YOU said is to Advise Taioseach on law matters and ALL courts service cases held in YOUR name.

I also brought to YOUR attention that UK and Dail Parliaments records confirm that NO 1937 Constitution was Lawful as NO Royal Assent given to British Dominion Colony Minister Taoiseach called develera. I sent YOU copies of 1924 Attorney General confirmation from Dail and Article 75 of 1922 Constitution which inform YOU courts service have NO Court Enactment Order, as courts service CONFIRMED to YOUR office and Public in 2018 and again in letter 24th June, 2021 from Attorney General CEO gallagher that NO Enactment Order exists so you would be aware ALL cases heard in YOUR name are in Fact a Public FRAUD to make company PROFITS for courts and private police OWNED by courts service, registered in City London as 89000534 to serve summons Garda NOT allowed serve.

On behalf of Crown Rulers of British Dominion Colony, now called Ireland, I sent YOU the CERTIFIED 1989 Repeal Act I obtained with Royal Assent, ENDING the Powers of 1920 Oireachtas corporation. Both Parliaments confirm ONLY Constitutions in 1937 were the ADOPTED 1919 and 1922 Royal Assent, the 1922 ENDING in 1989. The Documents confirm ONLY licensed court is 1919 Eire Harp Seal Courts and I sent You their Eire Seal license in Jan 2023.

Putting to one side this ABSOLUTE proof that YOUR law firm has NO contract to advise Taoiseach, said title ENDING in 1989 when it reverted to President of 32 county Dail under 1919 Constitution, when the peoples party Repealed with Royal Assent the 1922 Constitution, I enquire following matters of public concern. Your law firm claims that CEO woulfe was asked by employees of WEF London company gov Ireland, registered in 2019 by Labour and FG Parties to assist London WEF company gov UK 055, to sell Astra Zeneca, Moderna, for UK Prime Minister, he being MAIN shareholder, investing 1 BILLION in mRNA which he got back when he ordered UK taxpayer invest 1 Billion in his new Moderna plant in Oxford to supply to gov Ireland the supplies the Party stopped EMA supply to gov Ireland.

Your 31A contract woulfe prepared for McEntee, ryan , donnelly, varadkar, the CEO of gov Ireland company, to assist THEM commit public crime, claims they could NOT use it as a sales PROP to UNLAWFULLY sell PCR, varadkar bought in 2018 with other products that I pointed out in 2018 contained instruction labels NOT able Detect ANY virus.

YOUR contract claims it became Null and Void when Yous staff, now under police investigation for FAILING its TERMS and CONDITIONS to ENGAGE in correspondence with Public, in relation OMISSIONS or ERRORS, such as NOT listing HPRA Regulators warnings in 2020 in C851, C852, as mRNA NOT works, NOT safe. My latest enquiries pertain to YOUR statement that YOU ADVISED Taioseach martin to CONTINUE Breaking 18 statute laws BANNING his giving PUBLIC medical claims and Diagnosis, AFTER the peoples party ireland FORCED him CONFIRM it is NOT law or safe to WEAR masks if chose to NOT damage health by WEARING, HSE C848 and C849 warning in 2020 NOT safe, NOT works.

After I supplied Him YOUR 296 of 31A and its DISCLAIMER and HPRA Regulator C848, C849 masks Useless and Dangerous, to AVOID HIS arrest, he stated in Dail on 2.12.2022 it is NOT law or safe, to wear masks, in effect after TD o brien said SAME, they confirmed YOU gave medical MIS information to sell dangerous products, both TDs tell public that like breaking 2014 Immigration Act, they see lying for gov Ireland as lawful based on YOUR advice to do so.

He was joined by other TDs in Dail, such as healy rae, gorman etc by Confirming that previouc CEO gallagher HAD LIED about masks to have police arrest and fine, jail public for COMPLYING NOT wear to Protect their health as YOUR 31A DISCLAIMER advised them to do, his actions led to much police crime and damage to Public health for fine gains. I understand that when I filed charges with Anti Corruption Commissioner clavin, also like varadkar a WEF member NOT allowed hold Public office, he was given Early retirement INSTEAD of jail, for injuring public for courts service Profits.

As is Public duty of public representative of the peoples party ireland,I advised you in 2022 that as YOU ARE a member of Bar Council Ireland, it being Registered OWNER of London police company 89000534, you HAVE Vested interests in fines collected by this SECRET police, its profits of 906.07 million from fraud activities, ranging from human trafficking, provision private security and issue of fraud fines to cause FEAR use of masks.

Public records confirm, due to NO license, the courts service CANNOT ask Garda serve summons to collect fines based on Fraud summons, it being OWN choice to NOT accept 31A medical advice DISCLAIMER warned as NOT safe advice, they SECRETLY set up UK police 89000534 to assist mcEntee, ryan, donnelly commit crimes. Public records confirm YOU, like Number 2 in charge Garda Ombudsman, the UNLICENSED judge ronan, would be shareholders of the millions profits of this London police, with respect, it is UNLIKELY you and they would DESIST robbing Public.

Public records confirm YOUR law firm, also Law Society, courts service, also ITS private police, have made Enormous profits, injured many children and public, by ADVISING Taioseach to BREAK the law, You claim is your contract, which new Government called Dail will NOT agree to as NOT public interst. Public records confirm that it is over 3 years since I asked YOUR company and ALL Oireachtas registered political parties to DECLARE 31A cases as Mis trials, yet ALL continue making profits from Public fraud YOU claim to have ADVISED Taoiseach to do to Public for WEF.

ALL parties except the peoples party ireland, tell me they are likely to lose Oireachtas BRIBE of election expenses and Rte propaganda support if help public, like your firm they claim profit is MORE important than justice or health. Records show I sent you copy of letter to intelligent woman called sharon browne from Chief State Solicitors Office, a law firm that advises YOUR firm, letter dated 27.5.2022 informs You and Taioceach of what his role is, NOT the one YOU advised him pursue, one of crime.

It CLEARLY states Taoiseach has NO role in mRNA, NO authority make Public medical claims or diagnosis. It tells YOUR firm that gov Ireland whomYou wrote 31A for, is NOT Dail, HSE UNLAWFULLY transferred to this criminal company to assist it sell varadkar Fear and medical products. So in accordance with law, YOUR role was advise Taoiseach to NOT PRETEND he was a GP and sell mRNA, masks etc in RETURN for the BRIBE from CEO of gov Ireland, a position in said company as Taniste.

Public records confirm that YOU advised Taoiseach martin, a man with NO medical qualifications to sell Astra Zeneca etc as NO side effects despite CSSO telling YOU it was crime for him to sell varadkar medical products and CONCEAL the death risks. By YOUR actions you advised Taoiseach martin that the CEO of chemical sales company gov Ireland was now in control of a National Government called 33rd Dail and that he must appoint this CEO of chemical firm to take over National government with dual appointments of Taoiseach and CEO of chemical firm set up 2019 to sell dangerous products, breaking Helsinki Declaration and Belmont Principle.

I must REQUIRE you to instruct courts service that it had NO jurisdiction to claim 31A cases in YOUR name, to make profits for YOU as member Bar Council Ireland, using YOUR sales ads 31A, mcEntee Fraudulently Mis represented as if law, it could be said she is heavily involved in crime, likely face LIFE imprisonment per 1990 Criminal Justice Act, regarding neglect and CONCEALMENT medical FACTS from public, preventing INFORMED consent.

I REQUIRE you instruct varadkar he MUST resign as NOT allowed hold Public office to sell HIS WEF products and ALL WEF staff he appointed to PROTECT WEF crimes MUST resign. You MUST advise shareholders of Bar Council, as Principal to Agent, that they WILL be deemed Liable to pay compensation to Public injured by PRETENDING ADVICE was law, to sell products by causing Fear, Apprehension.

I hereby serve Notice that I WILL now press criminal charges against you for, according to CSSO letters, asking Taoiseach to assist WEF gov Ireland London company and to employ mcEntee to LIE to MI5 Commissioner harris that she had jurisdiction from law firm to break the law and invent Fear, Apprehension to coerce public into waiving rights guaranteed under Proclamation ratified in 1919 as Foundation law of Dail and, coersion to take medical risks including death. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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