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MANIFESTO PART 11 How to return to people rule

Many people rightly ask why is the party not knocking on doors, doing leaflets, canvas etc. This question I answered 2 years ago and, I will explain in simple English, you Can find the listed proof in Public letters. The result of 1916 Rising and Proclamation was 1918 election, called by King George V, majority


Public letter Taioseach 19th May, 2022 Ref assisting sales of mRNA Dear Taioseach, It is public record that the peoples party ireland informed you of the Crown Corporation plans, after its companies, FF, FG, SF, PBP and Greens, lost the 2020 election. The City of London financed and set up Royal Oireachtas in 1920, per


Public letter Leo Varadkar, 19th May, 2022. Dear Leo Varadkar, Ref Assisting mRNA sales I understand that the Queens Governor General Corporation President Higgins, to further sales of GSK mRNA, Queen and EU President Ursala being MAIN shareholders, appointed FG to assist sale of mRNA. I note that ALL OIREACHTAS PARTIES swear oath to Queen


Public Letter to Leo Varadkar, 18th May, 2022. Dear Leo Varadkar, Ref Duties of Enforcement Officer Public records confirm that used Most media, like twitter, to sell medical products you bought in 2018 and to make medical claims to myself and public, likely to be Dangerous to public health. As Taniste, you have portfolio as

Letter to refuse TD signing WHO Treaty

The Constitution and Proclamation do NOT allow TDs to sign WHO Treaty to remove your rights as they do NOT own YOUR rights, in law it is called TREASON. It is important to inform Your TDs that you pay them to UPHOLD your rights NOT to Remove them. A postage stamp is well spent to

MANIFESTO Part 10 How to return to people rule

As you have read in parts 1 to 9, much time has been spent in writing the past one hundred years of our history, many young people were NOT thought about the last thousand years of our roots. In 1916 our people had reached the end of the road of slavery, the Irish civil servants


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