The following Manifesto is one that gives something to EVERYONE, removes corruption and puts people in charge, NOT allow criminal organizations like Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Sinn Féin, Greens, Labour, RTE, Police and Courts, ALL acting without a licence, to enforce the opposite of Law.

Since March 2020, the above have banned ALL forms of Statute Law, to force a medical mRNA experiment, effects unknown until 2 year’s time, and handed the Dail to an unelected Medical dictatorship, intent on the destruction of Freedom and Health,

  1. We will begin by stopping the USC tax which was UNLAWFULLY introduced for 6 months to help pay Fianna Fail property developers, but successive governments STOLE from you. Standard tax rate will be reduced by 50% and there will be NO VAT; no Road Tax or Tolls for using your bridges and roads, which you paid for in general taxation.
  2. Most of these taxes WERE invented to make jobs for civil servants who receive most of your money they collect as tax. Many TDs hold financial interests in these companies.
  3. Legislation has been prepared to close the DPP, the Attorney General and Justice Department Offices. Investigations going back 40 years will take place. These departments have become criminal organisations assisting the international chemical and bank lobbies to exploit people and commit Fraud and enslavement.
  4. The HSE, Tusla and Irish Water will be closed down, power returned to local level and criminal fraud charges brought against the management, who acted against the public, falsely claiming legal powers they do NOT have.
  5. The private Corporate Security Company called An Garda Siochana, their Registered OWNER being Dunn and Bradstreet, Serial Number 89000534 WILL BE DISBANDED and will be replaced with a NEW force, trained to UPHOLD our Constitution, NOT to support Genocide of the Irish. Records collected by ourselves and the public WILL be used to prosecute those found to have enforced UNLAWFUL 31A Advice, NOT law, broken Garda Oath and imposed Covid FRAUDULENT fines.
  6. A Special Tribunal WILL be set up to look closely at the Garda Ombudsman. Much evidence suggests it is a group of policemen investigating their police friends, and perhaps concealing police crime.
  7. Media like RTE, Virgin, the Irish Times, Facebook and others WILL be closed down and replaced with new local media groups. It will be UNLAWFUL for Media to be funded by any Chemical or legal lobbies.
  8. Special investigation will take place into successive Ministers who allowed Media to break Monopolies’ rules on buying out small businesses and receiving over 80% of funding from sales propaganda of medical products from the HSE and Chemical Lobby.
  9. Legal action WILL be taken against the Advertising Standards Authority, Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA), Medical Boards, the Press Ombudsman who encouraged the Media to put out Misinformation and remove correct information, with the planned aim to mislead our people into taking an mRNA 2-year genetic experiment, which the Media PRETENDED to be a vaccine.
  10. Much detailed evidence has been collected that the DPP has KNOWINGLY assisted the Bar Association and private police company, An Garda Siochana, to prosecute innocent VICTIMS of police crime, and many are guilty of neglect of official duties. Many have been recorded carrying out DELIBERATE concealment of knowledge ref. the EMA licence description of mRNA and EU Parliamentary Assembly Resolution 2361. They have sent many innocent people to jail, collected Fraudulent fines, protected police gangs, and many people are dead because the DPP prevented release of Medical Fraud.
  11. 0ne of the biggest jobs will be the expansion of the new legal system, the Article 34 Provision for Peoples Courts. This is the ONLY LAWFUL licensed Court system in Eire, recently holding its First Legal case at the CCJ in July 2021, The Peoples Tribunal, in which Constitution, Statute, and EU Law are upheld.
  12. Part of this job will be the closure of the UNLICENSED private company called the Courts Service, Bar Association, the firm that owns An Garda Siochana, and runs the Fraudulent Fines gang, registration number 89000534, the Bar Association itself being owned by Crown Temple, Vatican, and subject to 2013 Motu Proprio, which describes the birth certificate property rights of the Irish people, do NOT belong to Judges.
  13. This Bar Association has had NO licence since 1924 and has engaged in Fraud, removing Rights of Irish birth cert trust employees, despite 2013 notification from the Vatican that they are committing Fraud — under Rule of Law, only Article 34 Peoples Courts have a licence to operate.
  14. Many members of this criminal gang that conspired with the Chemical Lobby did so KNOWINGLY, in that they had NO legal power, and committed Treason under the Criminal Justice Act, 1990. We WILL use these powers to impose the Life imprisonment penalty for their Treason, that destroyed our country.
  15. The closure of the DPP, Bar Association, and Police private company, will amount to Billions being saved, and it will only require a small part of these savings to provide immediate accommodation for the homeless, starting with temporary use of Citywest complex, costing millions to taxpayers to be empty, and make TD investors richer as they PRETEND that covid is reason for Citywest. Weekly HSE figures state flu at 5.6% against 0.2% covid, the lowest killer in Ireland, NOT emergency, as CDC declassified it on 19th March 2020.
  16. Legislation is prepared to abolish the Cabinet, NO more secret groups, ALL policy to be debated and voted in the Dail, NOT in secret groups, and putting their vested interests first.
  17. There will only be ONE TD wage, €50,000 yearly with NO expenses. The job is to help your country, NOT to exploit it. ALL 160 TDs and 60 senators and the President must REFUND to taxpayers ALL wages, illegally gained since February 2020 to the end of lockdown.
  18. The Education Department will be closed. Local schools and Family committees will debate and agree local schools’ policy, with special attention given to instruction on peoples Rights under the Constitution.
  19. An inquiry and, if found guilty, prosecution of all church clergy and school staff who sold HSE SCAM to sell a genetic, untested mRNA experiment and ignored all HSE signed documents that masks, distancing, lockdown etc are USELESS and UNLAWFUL.
  20. The Law Society and other Unions have NOT supported people’s Rights or spoken out about the removal of the Constitution, EU and Statute Law, instead they have taken large sums of taxpayers’ money to support Medical Fraud and REMOVE Law. They will be declared as criminal gangs and investigated for Fraud.
  21. All GPs that broke the conditions of the EMA Licence and ignored EU Resolutions, administered 2-year mRNA generic experiment, effects unknown, to cause 21,000 people dead and 2.5 million people injured, just in first months in the EU, being found to give FALSE description as safe, tested, no side effects vaccine, which the EMA said it is NOT, will be prosecuted, with possible life imprisonment for Manslaughter.
  22. Special investigation of ALL jail sentences and Fraudulent fines by police, judges, and the DPP in the last 40 years must take place, as it is likely many innocent people have been framed.
  23. Prosecution to take place of ALL TDs, RTE, Court staff and police, National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) and the HSE that misrepresented Court and medical reporting, which assisted the Medical Fraud.
  24. We have collected much information on the PCR test and mRNA injection Test Centres. PCR staff will face similar to Italian Test Centres criminal fraud proceeding, in doing a test which the CDC and world authorities stated, 13 years ago, was UNABLE to detect virus. They deceived millions from tax payers on a test UNFIT for purpose.
  25. Similar prosecutions against Test Centres that PRETENDED mRNA genetic experiment was a vaccine and KNOWINGLY refused to give the EMA licence description of a dangerous experiment, instead handing out a booklet containing mainly lies.
  26. At a later stage, Referendums will be held to leave the EU, the UN, the WHO, the CDC, and other global corrupt gangs, and CLOSURE of President’s office and the Seanad are a definite danger to our Constitution and a waste of taxpayers’ money.
  27. Most QUANGOES WILL be closed down. The Press Ombudsman and Authorities that were supposed to control misinformation in the Media, will also be closed and face prosecution.
  28. Immediate control of Irish fisheries, with EXCLUSION of EU from our Territorial Waters. Control will be taken of our oil and gas resources.
  29. Immediate arrest and prosecution of top members of NPHET, RTE, HSE, DPP, 48 TDs, President, and police for Neglect of Public official duty, and taking part in a political coup in the Dail on 9th March 2020.
  30. Many of the UNLICENSED judges WILL be arrested for FRAUDULENT court cases, based on FALSE legal claims such as the Covid Bill, described by the High Court as ADVICE, not Law.
  31. Arrest and prosecution of managements of several shops, transport and security firms, who KNOWINGLY violated the Equality Act 2010, also Section 296 of Section 31A and other Statute Laws, to intimidate people to use medical products, against law and medical safety.
  32. The main focus will be to return to MINIMUM interference by government. There will be new amendments to strengthen the Constitution so NO judge can interfere. No 5G private security.
  33. The damage to free movement and health by the Green Party, who blackmailed the majority with only 8 seats, must be undone. Roads and parking, which were removed, it would seem, to benefit the financial bike owning investments of several Green TDs, must be replaced, end of clamping armies, and private shop security armies will take place.
  34. Special free legal assistance to ALL who have collected proper evidence of intimidation by police, schools, shops, judges, police etc, resulting in loss, injury or death, to enable them to jail and obtain compensation, from said criminals.
  35. Legislation has been prepared in which taxpayer will NOT be liable for paying the medical contracts which Mr Donnelly and others signed relating to the Covid Bill in March 2020, when they BANNED•112 TDs from voting on said Bill, Chemical companies will have to pursue 160 TDs and 60 senators for payment.
  36. Legislation also prepared to prosecute the EMA, PRA, Bar Association, HSE, and private police company for full liability of economic losses to Eire resulting from the Medical Fraud.

The above MANIFESTO is SUBJECT to further additions or changes by you, the people, so please let us know what you think. Please state reasons for your changes, per written email.

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