Public letter Leo Varadkar, 19th May, 2022. Dear Leo Varadkar, Ref Assisting mRNA sales I understand that the Queens Governor General Corporation President Higgins, to further sales of GSK mRNA, Queen and EU President Ursala being MAIN shareholders, appointed FG to assist sale of mRNA. I note that ALL OIREACHTAS PARTIES swear oath to Queen to Protect her judges, GSK

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MANIFESTO Part 8 How to return to people rule

As has been explained in Party MANIFESTO the New Eire SOVEREIGN Government will, in line with International law, Serve notice on EU, that the Un ratified EEC,EU Treaties will be Terminated. Sovereign President, William McGuire, Keeper of Sovereign Seals, 1916 Proclamation, 1919 Constitution, GAA medals,Tricolour flag, held in Trust for people of Eire has asked me to explain EU Fraud.

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