PUBLIC Letter Police Investigation Adaire Fox You Tube, 22nd August, 2023.

Dear Commissione Jonathan Roberts, Ref Medical Fraud assisting manslaughter

According public records WEF Young Leaders writer, King Charles appointed WEF member and MAIN investor of Astra Zeneca and Moderna, the UK Prime minister and set up Irish Prime minister varadkar to assist sales. It is understood WEF Prime minister transferred 1 BILLION dollars through Cayman Islands to help sell his mRNA, helping set up in 2019, City London company, gov Ireland, registered varadkar as CEO.

London and Dublin records confirm law firms, Attorney General and CSSO SECRETLY transferred Dail Assets held in Trust to gov Ireland, to assist human trafficking, sale Astra Zeneca. Moderna. This Unlawful transfer included justice department, HSE, Oris Ofigiuil and minister communications, its CEO, E RYAN assisted You Tube to Break its license by meddling national government called Dail. It is public domain, that Ryan was allowed expand his bicycle business, one of largest firms at great expense Dail by removing roads for cars, into bicycle lanes, in return allow You Tube sell mRNA, without regard to medical laws, placing public at risk.

Public records confirm You Tube is registered in Ireland as 368047, operating under Irish laws which ryan HAS to REVOKE if broken. Records state President of Goole Ireland, Adaire Fox Martin represents You Tube. Google registration details confirm adaire fox provides a platform for Original content providers to provide forum for public, she claims is ESSENTIAL public REQUIREMENT to allow public Constructive criticism, so if she does NOT allow, it means she is breaking company policy, according to her.

Public records state adaire fox martin is passionate Global social issues, such as right hear correct medical advice, is Enterprise Ambassador UK, keen sell UK products like Astra Zeneca. Main speaker WEF 2020 mRNA plans. Like varadkar, also Trinity College, supporter his company, gov Ireland, sole Agent for Astra Zeneca. Records claim she is in top 50 Most powerful women, at 2020 Davos she encouraged WEF company gov Ireland plan to sell Astra Zeneca for WEF UK Prime minister, also EU Commissioner Von Leyen, so she would have Vested interest in Hiding known side effects of A Zeneca you would agree.

She encouraged varadkar make green passports to assist owner of Leyen Biotech, Main producer Pfizer, Von Leyen sell the 75 BILLION euros mRNA she got EU buy, he said it helped her sell her OWN products. It was fortunate within hours after the peoples party ireland insisting Sovereign Eire Harp Seal passports CANNOT be replaced by gov Ireland fraud company green passports, that they were removed.

The Part received letter placed public domain, from d delaney dated 28th June, 2023, from CEO adaire fox in which she advised committing Serious crimes, possibly causing death, injuries as published public records. I have enclosed copy of her letter admitting serious crime, I have now sent this evidence around the world, arranged twitter USA print, as twitter EU Dublin HQ, is MI5 spy network helping You Tube spread fraud medical claims. As you can see, CEO You Tube have removed his 26th June, 2023 content because she claims it violates our medical Mis information policy. They refuse name of CEO, claiming name is TEAM, to avoid reply or liability individual.

As you can read, delaney LAWFULLY stated SI NO 5412007, Advertising Regulations. EU Directives 200183, transposed into Irish law. EU Council Directives 200363, use Medical Products. His video also quoted EU Council Directives 200298, also 200424, also Mis use Drugs Act, 1977. He correctly stated Many Irish took Astra Zeneca that HSE Manager kehoe insisted they and HE take. He correctly stated Many dead, injured from Astra Zeneca, long WITHDRAWN by manufacturer for doing this. He correctly stated he got sacked for reporting her crimes to head of his department and police.

He correctly stated HPRA Regulator CERTIFIED Medicla Records position, You Tube is NOT Regulator. HPRA C846, C847, C848, C849 C850 he stated, says masks, lockdowns, distancing, useless and dangerous. He also correctly stated HPRA C839, NO proof exists that covid exists. Also C851, C852 mRNA NOT works, NOT safe reason ASTRA Zeneca withdrawn for deaths, injuries, as HPRA said, NOT safe but Adaire said she knew better than Regulator.

Adaire fox said if you use You Tube you Agree removal if you state HPRA Regulator and Manufacturer correct medical position as above. You Tube license says NO condition that you Must lie, NO company can make condition you Must waive rights or break law. I wrote to adaire fox on 28th June, 2023 advising her company CANNOT allow her make claim that You Tube says HPRA and HSE and manufacturer LIE and, ENFORCE WEF sales OWN product for its company gov Ireland.

Public records and CEO written instructions state she claimed property rights of members the peoples party ireland and myself, to see video of CORRECT EMA, HPRA, HSE as Hers to play with and CONCEAL risks of death. She informed general public that ALL the above CERTIFIED HPRA information is MIS information based on Her desire to sell Astra Zeneca etc for WEF company, gov Ireland, claiming You Tube liability for her personal views likely to cause death.

She also maintains, despite Astra Zeneca, J and J withdrawn for many deaths, terrible injuries, she insists they ARE safe, public MUST use and, delaney NOT allowed list side effects, CERTIFIED documents that prove for 3 years she allowed gov Ireland sell dangerous product as safe when it had warned NOT safe. 3 years evidence collected by the Party, that as she repeatedly broke above laws per her OWN written letters, means she confessed to be a criminal, uing You Tube as sales platform for her admitted vested interests in concealing known side effects.

It is almost 2 months since Irelands Oldest political party asked adaire fox COMPLY You Tube license conditions and REPLACE video and delany contract that allows his listing HPRA Regulator side effects she concealed 3 years. In accordance with law I now file criminal charges against self confessed criminal. additional to ones made to WEF member Commissioner clavin in 2020, regarding her involvement WEF Dail coup. In due course I WILL be writing to enquire why she has NOT been arrested in 2020,, WILL make further charge against leader ryan and his criminal organisation, Green Party.

She has broken ALL above medical laws, in addition You Tube registration obligations, which BAN ANYONE making public medical claims, diagnosis, above laws ONLY ALLOW listing side effects, as delaney did. She caused myself, delaney and voters of party, Fear, Apprehension Personal safety, claiming that, as HSE, NHS said, if you have good health REGARDLESS of age, you HAVE 99.9 per cent immune recovery no injection needed, she claimed this means you must take mRNA, which HPRA said NOT needed.

Many old people NOT allowed know on You Tube that if healthy, you HAVE 99.9 per cent immune recovery WITHOUT ANY injection, if injected as Astra Zeneca etc confirmed at start, you DESTROT said immunity to covid not found and most other illness. Under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976 adaire has EARNED herself 5 years in jail. I press further charges under Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, her placing fraud Instruments medical claims, diagnosis likely, as Proven by deaths , to cause injuries she CONCEALED from public.

Further charges under Criminal Law Act, 1997, section 8.1, withholding and concealing HPRA Regulator information, placed by delaney to allow public arrive at INFORMED decisions. Further charges under Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, section 3.1.7 defines perjury, collusion to pervert justice regarding identification medical fraud, Party served in 2020 above medical laws upon adaire fox martin. Can you confirm prompt arrest adaire fox and pulse number to PREVENT her claiming You Tube make further DANGEROUS public medical claims, diagnosis. As you would know, the above laws meant to STOP in 2020 her abuse of public health protections from her Mis information. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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