PUBLIC LETTER Charges against Garda Representatives Association, 16th August, 2023

Dear debbie McCann, Ref Serious CONCEALMET crimes former President GRA

Public records confirm I wrote to former President of GRA, frank thornton in 2020, regarding criminal activities by WEF members Commissioner clavin, varadkar and MI5 Agent drew harris. I supplied him copies of City London police company 89000534, registered owners being UNLICENSED company, courts service, harris used courts private security police to Replace Garda under oath, to assault public, assist sale of Astra Zeneca for WEF gov Ireland.

I supplied him City London registration of WEF company gov Ireland, set up 2019 by WEF writer of Young Leaders, King Charles to assist WEF member the UK Prime minister, to sell his Astra Zeneca 2 years experiments. He fully understood, to Protect 1 BILLION dollars WEF and UK Prime minister, shifted Cayman Islands, they registered varadkar as CEO gov Ireland to appoint WEF and MI5 in charge of Garda and obtain sole market for Astra Zeneca, using Garda as sales reps for WEF company, gov Ireland.

With some concern I noted frank thornton also appointed December, 2020 to, it seems, assist MI5 and WEF control the March, 2020 coup, when gov Ireland paid his Harvard training to enforce WEF plan control Dail. To protect interests of Garda and public I sent him copy his contract the Garda oath, said clavin AGREES he CANNOT be Garda if belong political organisation like WEF, gov Ireland having paid his WEF Harvard plan for coup.

Oath says Crown CANNOT place its SECRET Society member of MI5, drew harris to appoint courts service private police to replace Garda under oath, so he can use to intimidate public. Oath says harris, clavin AGREE they are criminals if take such positions to REMOVE Garda oath. Oath says positive law NOT superior to Garda oath, passport and constitution, proclamation rights.

Garda oath CONTRACT says Garda PROTECT ALL family rights, also passport rights ANY journey UNHINDERED. Oath says ANY Garda break oath, becomes private citizen, Prosecuted SAME way as public. Garda oath explains Inalienable, Impresriptable rights are SUPERIOR to ANY rules by companies such as McDonalds or WEF company gov Ireland, it CANNOT use Garda for its sales of Astra Zeneca, masks etc. Oath also implies harris CANNOT order Garda break 2014 Immigration Act on UNDOCUMENTED migrants imported by WEF gov Ireland, as described in Times newspapers and Dail laws.

The following laws say drew harris, clavin and thornton CANNOT make medical claims or diagnosis to Garda or public. SI NO 5412007 Advertising Regulations. EU Directives 200183. They CANNOT break EU Council Directives 200363, use of Medical Products. Council Directives 200298, also 200424 and Mis leading Drugs Act, 1977. I supplied much Garda evidence that harris, clavin used coercive control to Force Garda damage health, wearing masks, take mRNA medical devices experiments and, Force similar on public.

Thanks to thornton, clavin, harris, many Garda now injured because the HPRA Regulator correct Warnings, C848, C849 masks useless and dangerous and C839 covid NOT found were CONCEALED from Garda. The above 3 criminals, as having broken ALL above laws stated, also CONCEALED HPRA C851, C852. I supplied in 2020 to the above 3 criminals these documents signed S moore, which confirm mRNA NOT works, NOT safe, many Garda now VICTIMS Astra zeneca withdrawn for the death effects listed by manufacturers but CONCEALED by the above 3, breaking oath etc.

Many Garda now face arrest, jail for breaking 296 of 31A, it states must NOT wear mask if you feel distress or AGREE gov Ireland DISCLAIMER Warnings, that ALL 31A NOT law or safe, as NO guarantee of either, NO liability as you chose take risk or NOT. I sent much evidence to thornton harris promoted staff, refusing release to relatives in care homes of old to get HPRA second opinion, many dead because harris ordered break law and oath for Astra Zeneca profits.

Many old in shops, trains, buses , assaulted, kidnapped to Garda cells, ALL clothing EVEN UNDERWEAR removed to degrade, humiliate, frighten, then kidnapped to court, fined for COMPLYING 296 to NOT wear mask and being VICTIMS of police assault. I asked thornton Enforce Garda oath, press charges for Garda, public caused Fear, apprehension, 5 years jail under sect 12 , Criminal Law Act, 1976 and , breaking Garda oath, 10 years jail. Finally after many months, many Garda, public injured, thornton, on behalf GRA indicated GRA also support WEF, MI5 Replacing the Garda force my Grandfather set up to protect from criminal gang, WEF gov Ireland.

I read GRA set up under Garda Act 2005, broken for 3 years by GRA, to PROMOTE members interests with Protecting public and Garda oath, which Garda claim thornton, clavin, harris broke, so I filed charges against thornton. I filed charges against thornton for breaking Garda Act, 2005 and oath, that tells him harris , clavin CANNOT ask him and Garda break oath for MI5, WEF which he has done for 3 years, his Personal choice.

I shall soon be writing to Anti Corruption Unit to find out why thornton, harris ,clavin NOT arrested as almost 3 years since they Removed Garda oath. To date clavin has been removed but, NOT to jail. his sentence was early retirement, NOT acceptable to damaged often dead Victims his desire sell A Zeneca. While members the peoples party ireland are pleased thornton removed and hopeful you will NOT also be a criminal, this does NOT address issue of 3 CRIMINALS jail sentences in accordance with law.

The Party fully AGREES with your vote of NO confidence in drew harris a serious criminal per his public actions having assisted imprisonment death many old,, very concerned that you have not stated Garda oath that says members of Crown CANNOT be Garda and use them take back the 32 counties I removed from being British Dominion colony in 1989 by public Royal Assent, it is called TREASON . the new 32 county Dail WILL prosecute ALL assisted Crown. With respect, if you do NOGT represent Garda oath etc, and, FILE criminal charges against thornton, clavin and harris, as I have done, then I WILL file charges against YOU in your personal capacity, as you WILL have broken Garda oath. Yours sincerely, g martin

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  • I’ve been watching 👀 and reading all these letters and found them to be quite interesting you asked for certain people to be arrested for crimes they committed in recent times. I’d like to know who’s going to do it arrest them and bring them to court when they’re all in the same Boat together. if this goes ahead will it be made public for all of us to see 👀 thanks

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