PUBLIC Letter Police Investigation Charges shalom binchy solicitor, 15th August, 2023

Dear Commissioner jonathan roberts, REF TREASON Law Society solicitor shalom binchy

It is public record that the peoples party ireland in 2020 first filed criminal charges against Law Society senior member, shalom binchy, solicitor, per Acts of TREASON against Dail and medical fraud perhaps causing many injuries, deaths to members of Law Society and general public with regard CONCEALMENT HPRA Regulator warnings. Public records confirm registered Owner of WEF company, varadkar, WEF Young Leader programme remove Dail, set up City London company, gov Ireland in 2019 with Labour Party leader allan kelly, he being business manager responsible renting Party properties to UNDOCUMENTED illegal migrants, an offence under 2014 Immigration Act as explained in Irish Times newspaper.

Varadkar role was to assist MAIN investor of Astra Zeneca and Moderna, the UK Prime minister, with almost 1 BILLION dollars invested, through Cayman Islands, to Capture Irish market for Astra Zeneca. Records confirm shalom binchy accepted position from varadkar in the 2020 Policing authority he set up to Protect and help ENFORCE use of Astra Zeneca, his company gov Ireland being sole distributor despite City rules that his company NOT trade outside UK.

Records confirm WEF member varadkar also made former Director General of Rte, bob collins as Chairman police authority, to assist new Director General Forbes of Rte, Protect Rte sales campaign of WEF Astra Zeneca in which police allowed Rte break 18 statute laws banning public medical claims by Rte presenters and false medical figures to create Pandemic of FEAR to create false demand for A Zeneca etc, FOI replies confirming these firms funded Rte lies.

Public records confirmed I advised binchy that she could NOT accept such appointment from varadkar as he cannot hold public office due to political membership WEF and MAIN rep for Astra Zeneca he sells for WEF Prime minister, it is called vested interests, using public office as TD to PRETEND company gov Ireland can make it law to take medical procedures his company said are NOT guaranteed safe or law. I also reminded binchy of media claim, that she Risked collusion charges with WEF gov Ireland selling Astra Zeneca it had NO license to sell because, they claimed she was offered BRIBE by gov Ireland that its employees called ministers would make her a judge in courts service, in 2018 CEO of courts service, chief justice clarke having publicly confirmed this company has No Court Enactment Order 1924 making its employees not judges.

I did remind her that in 2018 Closkey case, a Man called holst made public knowledge that it would be a crime if PRETENDING courts service has 1924 court license Order.I sent her Public records that DIRECTIONS of chief justice, Attorney General, 160 TDs, justice minister humphries since 2018 are that courts service is criminal gang, funded by WEF to subvert 33rd Dail. I also sent her the state papers available on twitter, my Grandfather entrusted from 1924 to the Party, that confirm he Refused court Enactment Order 1924, as he had ALREADY set up 1919 Dail Eireann Court.

I also sent her Article 75 of the 1922 constitution and the 5 Articles 1919 constitution and 1916 Proclamation ratified as law in 1919, ADOPTED and NOT REMOVED as NOT possible to so do. into 1922 constitution, in FORCE as positive law UNTIL 1989 when I removed it and ENDED British Dominion colony Minister title of Taioseach, with Royal Assent a REQUIREMENT of law, from our Queen until her Reign as Irish Queen ENDED 1989. I also sent her my Repeal of the ONLY valid constitution apart from the 1919, that existed UNTIL 1989, the 1922 constitution, I saw NO reason to Repeal the 1919 constitution and by law the Proclamation ratified as law in 1919 can ONLY be repealed by GOD, whom I understand has NOT made ANY appearance to change its guaranteed Irish rights NOT owned by Dail.

I also sent her copies of CERTIFIED HPRA Regulator and HSE position C839 covid NOT exists, C851, C852 mRNA NOT works, NOT safe, Astra Zeneca WITHDRAWN for deaths, injuries. I also sent HSE position and FOI gov Ireland position in 2020 that donnelly LIED to help sell Astra Zeneca for gov Ireland profits and CEO varadkar, breaking his OWN gov Ireland position on Astra Zeneca.

I also sent her copy of 31A DISCLAIMER law firm Attorney General wrote to PROTECT itself when gov Ireland employee McEntee asked them PRETEND 31A is law, to sell Astra Zeneca for UK Prime minister profits. As she read, DISCLAIMER told her Astra Zeneca etc is Protected by gov Ireland who give NO guarantees to safety or lawfulness, it being UNLAWFUL to claim NOT safe is safe. By implication, binchy understood Law Society President I filed charges against for medical fraud could NOT instruct solicitors to take medical Unsafe products as a condition of employment, which he publicly instructed them do.

She, being former chairwoman Law Society, head training of solicitors N Ireland, solicitor mental health law, could NOT condone President FORCING by coercive control, Unlicensed courts medical experiments Forced on solicitors and public by courts private UK police registered as 89000534 PRETENDING it was law to obtain fines. In accordance with law, I filed charges against her for medical fraud, her appointing commissioner clavin, graduate 2019 Harvard WEF Young Leaders, paid course by gov Ireland to help its CEO varadkar sell his companies medical products, and, Protect police crimes to FORCE said products on general and in particular old of public.

I write to enquire WHY WEF clavin has NOT been arrested, as I can see NO reason why binchy has NOT been prosecuted for backing medical fraud of Law Society President and varadkar. She was also REQUIRED by the Party to advise Law Society her knowledge that MOST 160 TDs in 2018 still in 2020 allowed UNLICENSED courts service SUBVERT Dail Eireann Courts, the ONLY CERTIFIED LICENSED court, per constitutions 1919 and 1922 and statute laws. I should point out that, I also supplied binchy copies of 104 yearly Sovereign Eire Harp Seal licenses of Dail Eireann, SAME Seal on passports and Garda oath.

By her OWN admission she CONSEALS from Law Society that she is subverting the LAWFUL courts my Grandfather set up, in favour of Unlicensed courts service, a criminal company that has proven it cannot EVER be given a license and, new Dail will NOT have ANY contract with it. She admits by implication, her CONCEALMENT from Law Society that until 1989, NO country called Ireland existed, having LOST title in 1922 when it became British Dominion colony, remaining so with Queen as Head, until 1989, having paid UK war debts for 2 German wars until I ended it.

She has with others, CONCEALED the work since 1920 of the peoples party ireland and our many successes for Irish nation, in particular my returning 32 county Eire Harp authority to Dail that my Grandfather achieved in 1919 First Dail he set up and new country called Ireland, I returned title of IRELAND in 1989 by Royal Assent in ULSTER tradition of correct paperwork and in honour of our distant clansman, William Wallace the sword of FREEDOM. I am concerened that many solicitors perhaps injured or dead, by Astra Zeneca, her President broke law Forcing when I advised her HPRA said NOT safe, she colluded MIS leading solicitors.

I ask you complete the investigation, BLOCKED by her WEF appointee clavin in January 2021, she having supplied much evidence of the crimes she publicly committed. I must in accordance with law, file further charges against binchy concerning the alledged by media in 2020 bribe of position of becoming judge of criminal company, if she select WEF members to run the police as if UK police 89000534 registered owner courts service, two criminal companies replacing the Garda my Grandfather set up under Garda oath to protect Dail from UK companies selling death.

I have enclosed copy of ILN public announcement which claims ministers of criminal company gov Ireland, NOT the TDs of 33rd Dail, have appointed binchy under police investigation as judge of Unlicensed district court. She would be aware that ministers are members of WEF UK company gov Ireland, CANNOT hold public office, appointing her to CONTINUE supporting criminal activities by themselves and her, per public records.

The editor of ILN was also appointed in 2020 like her, to support 2020 WEF gov Ireland CAPTURE of 33rd Dail, to assist main investor Astra Zeneca, UK Prime minister sell OWN goods using WEF member varadkar private company NOT allowed trade outside UK. It is public records that both binchy and editor ILN, by their OWN admission, understand courts service is criminal company, NO jurisdiction over 1919 Sovereign Eire Harp courts. I do NOT give consent to private company gov Ireland, NO jurisdiction over Dail or Proclamation, to offer and Encourage a lady who Confirmed she is involved in crime, to PRETEND she is a judge placing public at risk her crimes stated already.

I REQUIRE YOU to speed up arrest of Law Society President and his, by her actions employing WEF members to sell and conceal death risks Astra Zeneca, his accomplice to said medical fraud as media reported. It is also public record that binchy is aware that varadkar, clavin broke 18 statute laws along with President Law Society, which BAN public medical claims and diagnosis especially if knowingly telling lies. The ONLY public medical claims allowed are ones listing side effects, example a packet of cigarettes. It protects people if told KNOWN side effects such as death, of Astra Zeneca.

Yet public records, media and law tells us ALL that binchy broke law appointing WEF clavin, to allow sale of Astra Zeneca etc. Records tell public clavin allowed truth tellers to be abused.Public records imply that binchy got REWARDED for above crimes instead of jail, with a position of Pretend judge, in PRETEND court, to Protect those that got rich selling death because clavin chose crime above truth. It is one reason why the New Dail intends to NO longer give control to criminal companies like courts service and Law Society, it WILL be public to elect judges to Licensed Dail Eire Harp Seal courts.

The new Dail WILL hold accountable those men PRETENDING that criminals can exploit the Irish nation, TDs NEVER again will appoint criminals to PROTECT TDs investments. The Party sent binchy, her President, ALL Oireachtas registered criminal parties, from S Fein to Irish Freedom Party a copy of SI 296 of 31A, in part 5, must NOT wear mask if stress or agree DISCLAIMER warnings. Yet ONLY the peoples party ireland filed criminal charges against solicitors like binchy, Unlicensed judges that praised Garda thugs dragging off old people, beating them on buses etc for COMPLYING 296 and 31A DISCLAIMER. These Unlicensed courts filled with versions of binchy, appointed by criminals like WEF varadkar, to make money from Victims of Garda assault, showing how law NO longer matters to members criminal gang called WEF, NOT elected to run Ireland for the Crown.

Your time is running out Commissioner, the longer you allow WEF reclaim the 32 counties for Crown, the more deaths WILL be on YOUR hands, you will be deemed accessory these crimes, the people will NOT FORGET traitors. I am collecting the evidence of the police who became criminals and, turned their back on the Sovereign Eire Harp Seal, soon we WILL be living in land of the dead, we will know who to blame for making it happen.

I gave YOU the evidence BEFORE the crime began but, YOU supported the WEF company gov Ireland, MOST of your gang took the needle, soon country full of those that did NOT, they WILL come for YOU. The greedy traitors ONLY thought about the short term, when the day of reckoning comes, I would NOT like to be one of the Crown traitors when that day comes.

I filed over 2 years ago charges against shalom binchy per Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, sections 6, 9, 25, 26, 27 and 29, deceiving public by making WEF appointments to conceal WEF crimes. Further offences under Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, parts 3.1.7 using perjury, colluion to appoint WEF sales reps to sell Astra Zeneca, KNOWINGLY concealing HPRA Regulator warnings, C851, C852 of dangers and NOT works said product.

Further offences under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, allowing courts service secret police 89000534, to cause Fear, apprehension my and publics personal safety, Forcing people take concealed risks by using coercive control. Further offences under Acts of Treason, per 1990 Criminal Justice Act, in which she Knowingly appointed MI5 and WEF Crown Agents take control Dail for gov Ireland medical fraud. Given that herself and WEF, MI5 Agents crimes reported over 2 years ago, I REQUITE her immediate arrest, to protect public safety from subversion of Dail medical fraud. I await details of pulse number. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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