PUBLIC Letter.Police Investigation of 7 Unlicensed Judges, 28th July, 2023

Dear Commissioner Jonathan Roberts, Ref Public fraud

You will note that I first filed charges with MI5 Agent Drew Harris, whom media claim was transferred in 1989, along with Crown judge o donnell, to the new country that became Ireland in 1989. It is public record that members of the peoples party ireland obtained in 1989, Repeal Act of 1922 Freestate Act, ENDING its Partition and Oireachtas Freestate powers, including 1922 Freestate constitution which the Party replaced with 1919 Sovereign Dail constitution, consisting 5 Articles to support the 1916 Proclamation made Dail law in 1919.

I submitted copy of Royal Assent Repeal of 1920 Government Ireland Act and 1922 Freestate Act, per 1989 Repeal, Revision 20, Session 5. Also copies of 104 yearly Sovereign Dail Eireann Court licenses. Also I included Article 51 of 1922 constitution, its Royal Assent, in which it states Irish Freestate Authority, Saorstat is VESTED in Crown, through its Executive Council, this 1922 ENDED in 1989, when I obtained Royal Assent and, ENDED British Dominion Colony kept SECRET from public by a criminal gang called Oireachtas.

I sent Article 68 of 1922 constitution, which I ended 1989, it states judges of Supreme court and High court to be appointed by Crown. I sent Article 69, ALL judges SUBJECT to statute laws. I also sent Article 72, NO person can be tried on ANY criminal charge WITHOUT jury. Perhaps MOST important, I sent Article 75, UNTIL courts have been established for Freestate, via 1924 Court Enactment Order, NO change to EXISTING 1919 Dail Eireann Courts. This Article confirmed that the 1919 Sovereign Dail Eireann Court, my Grandfather set up and IS STILL LICENSED, is the ONLY court in existance, it has DIRECTED many times, that courts service is a fraud company, as confirmed in 2018 by former chief justice clarke, recorded Supreme Court Transcripts.

With these items I also sent Commissioner Harris, copies of 1924 Court Enactment Order DIRECTIONS PROPOSED and, Confirmation Dail did NOT proceed with Enactment Order 1924, as NO electoral mandate to proceed. The Archives of my Grandfather, carefully hidden until recently from criminal gang called Oireachtas,, confirm he obtained Majority 32 county Mandate in 1918 election, called and VERIFIED by Lord Lexden for the Crown. The Grandfather set up the First Dail in 1919, FREE from Crown.

In First Dail he got 1918 election Manifesto, called 1916 Proclamation Ratified as Dail law in 1919, PREVENTING issue of 1924 Enactment Order as could NOT surrender courts to Crown, as written in Proclamation law. I sent Harris the confirmation by chief justice clarke, Verified in Supreme Court Transcripts 2018, also via holst, verified by 160 TDs, justice minister humphries, that NO Enactment Order, since 2018 courts service became a criminal gang exploiting public without Lawful jurisdiction to commit such crimes. Harris and Present chief justice o donnell FULLY undertand DIRECTIONS chief justice clarke and CERTIFIED state papers, that ANY case held by courts service is BANNED by 1922 constitution up to 1989 and since 1989 banned by 1919 constitution and Proclamation. ANY public assisting courts service are partaking in fraud against the public.

Harris etc, UNDERSTOOD as DIRECTED in 1922 constitution and DIRECTIONS of British Dominion Colony Minister, called Taioseach, until title EXPIRED in 1989, that NO other constitution EXISTED, to make such claim a 1937 exists is serious Act of treason per 1990 Criminal Justice Act. ALL parties UNDERSTOOD Parliamentary records of UK and Dail confirm that NO 1937 constitution obtained Royal Assent to REPLACE 1922 constitution I obtained Royal Assent to replace in 1989, it WAS CHARADE like 31A and gov Ireland company coup in 2020.

ALL parties UNDERSTOOD that the ONLY Licensed court, as explained in 1924, the Sovereign Dail Eireann Court REFUSED consent, to PRETEND 1937 CHARADE constitution replaced 1922 constitution that had Royal Assent. ALL parties were sent copies of British Dominion Colony Minister, called Taioseach Develera, carrying out his ORDERS from UK Prime minister Baldwin to give permission for KING to Abdicate, REQUIREMENT from 5 colonies. ALL parties sent copies of Winston Churchill ORDERS to HIS Minister Develera to PRETEND 1937 constitution and neutral, as NO Royal Navy ships to Protect ENGLANDS colony from Germany.

ALL parties sent copies of UK Prime minister ORDERS to its British Dominion Colony Minister, called Taioseach Lemass in 1972, to PRETEND its Dominion colony was country called Ireland, which it was from 1919 to 1922 and handed back as colony until in 1989, I got it back, per Royal Assent for the Freemen of Ireland. ALL parties sent copies of UK Prime minister DIRECTIONS to its British Dominion Colony Minister, called Taioseach, in 1964 London Fisheries Convention, in which Crown lent its Irish colony Atlantic 200 nautical miles of Atlantic Ocean as bribe to EEC in return for UK entry into EEC. This is SMALL sample of state papers, Carefully kept SECRET since 1920 by the peoples party ireland, to prove Serious crimes by 7 judges UNLICENSED, says Supreme court, in 4 courts, on 11.11.2022, amounting to TREASON against 33rd Dail which I do NOT consent to.

Per public record, judges without license elizabeth dunne, peter charleton, marie baker and gerard hogan ruled, WITHOUT jurisdiction, CETA Trade agreement CANNOT be Ratified by Oireachtas, it having NO Freestate powers since 1989, UNLESS legislation changed to avoid referendom and SUBVERT Dail rights. The other 3 judges without license ruled ther desire to IGNORE the ProclamationRatified as law and 1919 constitution, the 1922 constitution repealed in 1989 by myself, with Royal Assent and, breaking DIRECTIONS chief justice clarke of NO Enactment Order 1924 to rule ANYTHING.

The 3 UNLICENSED judges against Proclamation and 1919 constitution rights were john MacMenamin, ann power and chief justice o donnell, ALREADY under police investigation for many Acts of Treason. As WITNESSED in UNLICENSED court, o donnell and 6 UNLICENSED judges BROKE the DIRECTIONS and PRECEDENT set by former chief justice clarke, public rcord being CRIME to use a criminal company, called courts service, instead of LAWFULLY licensed Sovereign Dail Eireann court. Prior to said UNLAWFUL 4 courts CHARADE, I had sent to ALL 7 judges copies of the law, to prevent IGNORENCE of the law. They were left in NO doubt that they WOULD commit TREASON, if break PRECEDENT set by justice clarke.

Commissioner Harris decided brak Garda Act 2005 and Garda oath, refused investigate court crimes, sending it to Ombudsman, its CEO being UNLICENSED judge being part owner of courts service. This shareholder of both courts service and the police registered as 89000534 owned by ourts service, stated courts service CAN commit TREASON, PRETEND it is above Dail Eireann courts despite no license and thereby a criminal gang. Having proved beyond Reasonable doubt that MI5 Agent Harris carried out corruption, aided criminal company courts service, I reported his and 7 Unlicensed judges crimes of corruption and Treason, to Garda Anti Corruption Unit.

Per written records, I filed charges against the 8 people with You on April 1st, 2023. Following NO prosecutions by Garda or courts service company, partly owned by Ombudsman, I sent copies ALL evidence to You. I note it is some months since I contacted You and the SAME 7 UNLICENSED judges CONTINUE break DIRECTIONS former chief justice, Attorney General, Parliamentary Draughtsman, ref fraud, ALL being Higher Authority than 7 named.

Can you please confirm if you have arrested 7 Unlicensed judges, as it is public record that they committed further UNLICENSED Charades for criminal organisation called courts service. I would be Most grateful if you could advise me of the Pulse number and why such delay, given THEY PROVIDED the evidence of their crimes, additional to jailing innocent people. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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