PUBLIC Letter. Private company employing Trans Humans OWNED by Pfizer 26th July, 2023

Dear leo varadkar, Ref CEO Principal of gov Ireland C O Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

I write to Serve Notice in Principal to Agent, that I do NOT consent to the UK company gov Ireland, owned by Labour and FG Parties, making Fraud claims that it can legislate for voters of 33rd Dail.I would point out that it is an act of Treason under 1990 Criminal Justice Act, if AFTER receipt this Public Notice, you continue to use employees of your company, McEntee, donnelly, to INVENT fraud legislation to sell company products.

I do NOT consent to your use of some TDs to commit Treason against the 33rd Dail, consisting 32 counties since 1989 Repeal of Freestate and Partition, by claiming property rights Guaranteed in 1919 Proclamation law. I do NOT consent to employees of your company using TD positions to sell Your medical products and CONCEAL death risks, by fraud claims that a UK company has property rights over 33rd Dail. I do NOT consent to gov Ireland UK company breaking UK company law that states you CANNOT claim Leinster House as RESIDENT company address, it MUST be RESIDENT in UK, NOT trade OUTSIDE UK, per UK company law.

City London Listings REQUIRE your company does NOT MEDDLE in National politics, such as claiming right legislate for National government called 33rd Dail. Your company admits Breaking Helsinki Declaration Law that BANS a company from MEDDLING in National politics. I have been instructed by voters of the peoples party ireland that they ALSO do NOT consent to gov Ireland UK company making fraud claims to represent them in Dail or seek REMOVE Proclamation rights, it being Act of Treason. In accordance with law, as a public representative, I WILL be REQUIRED by public office to make application to City London Listings to REMOVE your company gov Ireland Listing if you continue breaking UK company law.

I hereby serve Notice that You , as a member of WEF Young Leaders programme, you having appointed its members and MI5 UK Secret Service to control positions and, its aims being Remove Garda and Dail Proclamation Guaranteed rights, this being Act of Treason by Agents of UK Crown companies. I REQUIRE you to Resign as ANY member above political groups pledged to SUBVERT 33rd Dail, CANNOT hold public office. As CEO of UK company gov Ireland, YOU CANNOT hold Dail office as selling Own products and intention to Remove Dail and replace Garda with courts UK police registered City London 89000534, NO jurisdiction outside UK.

You have Publicly declared that YOU HAVE, per 2013 Supreme Court Ruling on Patent law, CEASED to have INALIENABLE , Indivisible rights as a MAN, to sit in the Dail, YOU DECLARED your genetic Property rights NOT yours to represent. Under Patent law, you declared Yourself to NOT be a human, instead you claim to be a Trans Human, your new genetic DNA being property of Pfizer, hence NOT allowed further vested interests of your OWNER Pfizer, its public stated intention to remove ALL natural humans rights, You Not I claim to no longer be a human which Supreme court confirms you are right in making said claim. I do NOT consent to a Trans Human seeking impose his desire remove rights I as human own said property rights to.

I REQUIRE you to Notify, as Principal to Agent, ALL trans humans in your company, gov Ireland, that they CANNOT seek Remove or Trespass, upon INALIENABLE rights of Natural humans, to promote vested interests of Pfizer. In accordance with law, I REQUIRE you to confirm that you, since 2020 Notified ALL employees of gov Ireland that became trans humans, that in so doing, they LOST ALL INALIENABLE rights to sit in Dail or claim ownership of property rights of NON trans humans.

In accordance with law, I REQUIRE you to confirm that You notified on 28.12.2020, ALL employees of gov Ireland that Your company ACCEPTED FOI replies from HPRA Regulator, in C851, C852, stating mRNA NOT works, NOT safe and C839 NO proof exists of covid being found, the one million dollar reward for finding it, made 3 years ago STILL unclaimed. In accordance with law, I REQUIRE you to confirm that You Notified ALL users of Your companies medical products and your employees of the 31A DISCLAIMER warnings, that Many seems Unaware of.

In Public domain DISCLAIMER 31A , You state copyright is gov Ireland NOT 33rd Dail. You warn ALL concerns to be addressed to gov Ireland, NOT police, courts, Dail and, you advised following DIRECTIONS. DICLAIMER DIRECTED that gov Ireland gives NO warranties as Safe or lawful, accepts NO liability as NOT guarantees safe, taking risk of death etc CANNOT be made law hence OWN choice take risk death, as NOT able guarantee safe or diagnose its use as NOT safe per OWN admission of 31A DISCLAIMER.

Can you confirm YOU reminded public of chief justice clarke Supreme court DIRECTIONS in 2018, that his company called courts service has NO Enactment Order 1924 to hold courts, if it held cases since 2018 it would be deemed a criminal organisation in accordance with statutory laws. Can YOU confirm law firm Attorney General prepared sales adverts 31A for Your company gov Ireland and, on YOUR instructions, gave public medical claims and diagnosis, breaking 18 statute laws and CONCEALING Known death risks to promote your products you also claimed as NO risks, stop Transmission despite Pfizer confirmation NO tests ever done to see if stops transmission.

I would be most grateful if, as stated in YOUR copyright CONDITIONS, as Principal of Your company, gov Ireland YOUR REQUIREMENT to ANSWER my questions, YOU already confirmed your company broke above laws, to sell medical products KNOWN BEFORE roll out , to cause death, hence NO license claim safe.

YOU understand that if you Break YOUR copyright REQUIREMENT to confirm or deny above crimes, your employees donnelly, McEntee claim you and they COMMITTED as trans humans with NO Natural rights, it WILL be assumed under law of Assumption that you AGREE you committed the crimes they said you did commit. Before filing new charges additional to ones filed in 2020 against employees of Labour, FG Parties, they being registered Owners of gov Ireland, I shall await your confirmation that ALL TDs claiming to be trans humans have resigned from Dail Eireann. Yours sincerely g martin

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