PUBLIC Letter POLICE Investigation of Stephen Donnelly 13th March, 2023

Dear Commissioner J Roberts, Ref Alledged public crimes by Stephen Donnelly,

According to my records made public as public crime, I first filed criminal charges with Public evidence to Commissioner Clavin, Garda Anti Corruption Unit, serious crimes against public by Stephen Donnelly, reported on 25.12.2020, concerning his second contract with Varadkar company set up in 2019 after lost election, company called gov Ireland employed TD Donnelly in separate contract to sell mRNA for Varadkar in conflict his TD position.

Following many deaths and injuries from Donnelly public medical diagnosis and claims NOT supported with evidence and not allowed public medical claims by 18 statute laws, I contacted Clavin many times, last letter dated 3.7.2022, with regards his assisting Donnelly in crimes such as manslaughter for gov Ireland against Dail voters. It would appear that Young Leader WEF member Clavin, assisted Young Leader member Varadkar and employees of his SECRET City London corporation, called gov Ireland, in this case Donnelly.

Instead of the statutory jail sentence for Clavin, he was rewarded with Early retirement and you took over his job. I contacted you 8th November, 2022 to ask you complete investigation, arrest of Donnelly, his having admitted many times in media, his breaking of statutory laws that protect public from dangerous medical diagnosis. I brought to your attention my last letter to Clavin, dated 3.7.2022 and it listed many crimes a TD Donnelly admitted doing as a separate contract with Varadkar company, gov Ireland, selling Crown mRNA products for financial gain.

It was brought to your attention that EMA was Banned by law to grant Emergency license use of Astra Zeneca etc, to allow Donnelly sell OWN products of gov Ireland, as would be vested interest. You also undertood, like Clavin and Donnelly in 2020 that 18 statute laws meant Donnelly Banned from seeking DETENTION of old and sick in care for Astra Zeneca mRNA experiments and concealing death risks. You read in evidence that Donnelly publicly claimed he bought for gov Ireland, NOT Dail, in November 2020, millions of mRNA medical devices costing 200 million euros for Varadkar company, BEFORE EMA license decision, he bought on speculation like millions PCR in 2018 unable detect ANY virus.

You read later in December, 2020 that EMA did NOT grant general use license to ANYONE. EMA confirmed to Party that ONLY issued Emergency use if danger of dying from weakness caused by at least two other illnesses. EMA made clear if health, regardless of age you have 99.9 per cent immune recovery from NO use of drugs, hence NO emergency if healthy get covid. You read copy of HSE, HPRA Regulator C851, C852 that mRNA NOT works, NOT safe and gov Ireland OWN 31A advice, NOT law, that NO warranties as to safe or lawful, NO liability as NO guarantees given , it being OWN choice to ignore or not.

You read copy of EMA license conditions, must NOT give to pregnant women. NOT claim mRNA as BETTER than 99. 9 per cent immune recovery found in ALL healthy old and young and MUST list ALL 1,376 known side effects. Like Clavin and Donnelly, you also read conditions that ONLY give if Volunteer signs written consent form that stated risk of death or permanent destruction immune system or becoming cripple, ALL these safety measures ignored.

Like Clavin and Donnelly you read copy of laws I sent ALL as follows. Irish Laws SI NO 5412007 Medical Advertising Products. EU Directives 200183, transposed into Irish law. Also EU Council Directives 200363. Also 200298, also 200421, also Mis use Drugs Act, 1977, ALL MANDATORY Acts. Also Article 15 of EU Council Constitution, ALL corporations bound by, including Varadkars company. The EU Council President, Charles Michel confirmed EU Commission President Leyen CANNOT , like Clavin, Donnelly use public office to sell mRNA made by Leyen Biotech Orgenesis or gov Ireland.

EU Council and above laws confirm Donnelly etc must NOT place medical advertisement if NOT list ALL side effects, is Misleading or Encourages people to NOT get second medical opinion, must NOT be public claim as NOT aware individual reader medical conditions, advice could mean death. Same laws REQUIRE signature on advert claims, ABSOLUTE proof safe and NOT guarantee as BETTER than 99.9 per cent immune recovery in healthy as RESULTS in 2 years time NOT BEFORE experiment. NOT allowed claim NO risk as known risk and possibly MORE risks found at END of experiment in two years time, Donnelly confirmed in several hundred media reports to breaking ALL above.

Law REQUIRES Donnelly adverts, having NO signature to validate, must NOT refer to recommendations by celebrity status, scientists to encourage consumption. Must be GP and in Private consultation with ABSOLUTE proof of safety and, NOT suggest diagnosis by phone ,email, TV, Radio etc, ALL he admitted doing. Law REQUIRED Donnelly explain he is NOT selling mRNA medical device experiment for 33rd Dail, instead he is selling on his private contract with Varadkar 2019 company, gov Ireland to make profits its share holders.

Clavin, Donnelly and YOU, ALL read EU Directive that families REQUIRED by law to obtain second opinion on mRNA that HPRA Regulator said in C851, C852 NOT works, NOT safe. Donnelly, Clavin and YOU ,ALL understood it is jail offence for ANY police, nurse, GP etc to hold old or sick for medical experiments like mRNA, PCR, masks etc WITHOUT written consent of patient after listing ALL side effects. ALL parties concerned understood Donnelly Notified old etc on 24.12.2020 his intention inject from 28.12.2020, these three days notice amount to NO notice as everything closed for Christmas, minimum notice REQUIRED by law is 3 months with option to extend, ALL above safety measures again broken.

Donnelly supplied his Fraudulent Informed consent book to public, copy I sent to Clavin, in which I drew his attention to the false medical claims to ENTRAP public into taking Life risk NOT told about. Page 9 recommends Astra Zeneca, J and J to take if pregnant or breast feeding, states ESSENTIAL. absolute cure, NO side effects, well tested, yet 2 years to go until results.. Page 7 says MILD side effects of mainly feeling tired which dead would NOT agree. Page 6 asks is mRNA safe. States gone through ALL regired steps, approved as safe, effective cure, STOPS TRANSMISSION etc. yet manufacturer says 2 years experiment NO tests ever done to see if stops transmission and, it claims approved by Regulator, despite Regulator C851, C852 said NOT works, NOT safe.

EMA state OPPOSITE, REQUIRED step BEFORE guarantee safe is 2 year trial completion first, hence only emergency use if dying.. Pfizer said at start NO tests done on pregnant women due to risk to baby, NO test to see if Stop transmission, NOT give if allergy, yet book provides ABSOLUTE proof of LIES to sell product and risk lives for gain. Page 7 claims effects from allergies RARE. Gives example out of UK 77 million population, ONLY 77 likely injured, yet within MONTHS , UK claimed 960,000 serious injuries, NOT 77. As you can see book written to cause death, injuries by concealment of known FACTS and Clavin allowed this to happen, just as guilty as Donnelly, disgrace Garda.

In this book of Donnelly he has provided Clavin and YOU ABSOLUTE proof that he gave WRITTEN evidence of TRICKING Irish into something he CONCEALED could kill or injure, to make gov Ireland profits for Varadkar shareholders. He even said on page 8 that mRNA CANNOT give covid, which HSE told him in C839 has NOT yet been found despite 1 million dollar reward, if found, 3 years later NOT found. Donnelly, Clavin and YOU recieved, in their case 2020, the HSE, HPRA Rulings that lockdowns, distancing, masks, mRNA etc NOT works, NOT safe, yet he PRETENDED OPPOSITE to sell Fear, Apprehension to personal safety.

Donnelly, Clavin and YOU read SI 31A DISCLAIMER, that it is NOT law as NOT guaranteed safe or lawful, as written by law firm Attorney General for its biggest client, gov Ireland. Like Donnelly, Clavin and YOU read that 31A copyright is Varadkar company, gov Ireland, ANY enquiries MUST be made as to safety, ommissions to gov Ireland Donnelly, he refused reply to enquiries. I also sent your office and Donnelly over 500 pieces his written public media claims, including his twitter video signing Astra Zenecain which he lists NO risks, claims essential to life but no actual signature.

Both law and Donnelly told Clavin that to help private company, gov Ireland profits on useless, dangerous stock bought on speculation and no guarantee safe,, Donnelly PRETENDED gov Ireland could make company rules and pretend made by 33rd Dail, when NOT, as Dail No jurisdiction force medical experiments. Donelly also did NOT validate gov Ireland 31A sales adverts with signature as his company confirmed in FOI HSE replies that Donnelly medical claims OPPOSITE HPRA and Vardkar company position. Just recently, the registered PRINCIPAL of company gov Ireland, Varadkar, told Dail his company agrees with HPRA that Donnelly breaking company position and hse position, HAS caused excessive deaths as recorded in Dail debate.

As long ago as 2.12.2021 Taioseach Martin claimed in Dail, that Donnelly has NO Lawful jurisdiction to claim gov Ireland can force masks which HSE C848, C849 said useless and dangerous. BEFORE roll out, Donnelly hid Pfizer evidence that autopsies confirmed ALL organs, including milk etc INFECTED with spike proteins in pregnant women, NO tests as safety could be done, no test transmission, yet he LIED to innocent people now paying price.

Donnelly also engaged 159 TDs, 60 Senators to PRETEND Bill NO 46 by a private company gov Ireland, in which ONLY he can make legislation on health, Dail Banned from voting or even been told, by a man with NO medical qualifications in order he can extend his crimes. Donnelly has told you in BILL NO 46 that he and 159 TDs, 60 Senators have committed treason in handing over Dail to WEF Varadkar company gov Ireland. Proclamation Bans transfer of Dail to WEF company, 160 TDs, 60 Senators confirmed do NOT represent voters and staged coup.

I REQUIRE your arrest of Donnelly for crimes ranging from pre meditated manslaughter, permanent injury to Treason as stated to Garda HQ, on 25.12.2020, I list sample charges filed with Clavin 2 years ago. Donnelly provided over 1,000 pieces of public evidence that he claimed property rights over Irish population to Force medical genetic altering experiments, the documents presented to him indicated many deaths, injuries he concealed his victims.

He insisted myself and friends MUST be forced take experiment he said essential to survive, NO risks etc, if I did NOT read EMA, HPRA OPPOSITE claim, I could also be another of his victims. Nearly 3 years ago I filed charges against self confessed criminal as described in public media evidence.Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, parts 3.1.7, perjury, collusion with some CEOs of Varadkar company, gov Ireland. Production Fraudulent 31A Instruments under Criminal Justice Corruption Offences Act, 2018, section 9. Fear, Apprehension personal safety, sect 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976.

Concealment of death and injury risks and Neglect public duty under 1990 Criminal Justice Act. Use of Unlicensed since 1924 Crown Courts service and its private police 89000534 to Force public risk death. Under Criminal Law Act, 1997, section 8.1, Donnelly concealed, withheld company information on its shareholding vested interests in Pretending it was 33rdDail when NO more power than McDonalds. Under Criminal Justice Act 1951, Donnelly obtained by false pretences, with intent defraud and injure public much sales Crowns and Leyens GSK products, claiming gov Ireland as 33rd Dail to trick public.

Further offences under EU Directives 2001, EU Resolution 2361 and Rule 6 of 2016 Declaration, in which Donnelly gave Unlawful, Unconstitutional Directions to police, public, causing deaths, injuries for company profits gov Ireland.I would remind nyour OBLIGATIONS under Garda Act 2005, to report and investigate crime involving deaths, injuries, Fear, Apprehension and Medical Fraud in which likely outcome is death. I also remind your OBLIGATIONS of 53 committments, code of ethics and Chapters 40.1, also 40.2 and 40.5 Acting on crime incidents to prevent further crimes, to save lives.

As with Clavin, I trust you will not also assist in cover up of pre meditated manslaughter that law describes as having taken place by Donnelly, it is same crime to assist Donnelly in said crime, equal penalties. With respect, I would remind that your oath is to Sovereign Eire Seal not Crown Harp Seal, which Seal I removed use of in 1989.

Yours sincerely, G Martin

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