PUBLIC LETTER POLICE INVESTIGATION Further charges Law Society President 3rd March, 2023

Dear Commissioner Jonathan Roberts, Anti Garda Coruption unit

In my recent letter to you, dated 26th February, 2023, I enquired as to why Law Society President Cahill has not been arrested since crimes reported 15th March, 2022, many people dead, injured. It is now one year since over 100 pieces public media evidence sent of his public medical claims and diagnosis he made, that solicitors MUST take mRNA, use masks and PCR, despite ANY medical use and quite dangerous said HSE and manufacturer. I sent you copies of HSE, HPRA Regulator public warnings these products NOT work, NOT safe, NOT STOP transmission, he CONCEALED this vital public evidence and gave false guarantees as safe when OPPOSITE.

It is the FACT that you appear to have assisted Law Society President medical fraud by allowing him use coersive control to Force solicitors take health risks he Concealed. I listed 18 statute laws the Law Society President broke, to assist sales of medical products for the registered City London corporation, gov Ireland, Principal WEF member called Leo Varadkar. It is public record that MAIN client for Law Society is the new company gov Ireland, set up in 2019 for Varadkar to sell PCR UNABLE to detect ANY virus, that he bought said PCR in 2018 for a discount. It is public record that to assist new company funded by WEF and Crown, Law Society failed object to Unlawful Transfer assets health and justice dept to Unlawful gov Ireland to assist sales mRNA.

It is also public record that the Unlicensed Crown corporation since 1924, called courts service, assisted Law Society Honourable Benchers, with fraud called the Fifth Court, by Bencher G Hogan, who Mis lead public. I filed criminal charges with you November 5th, 2022, regarding Fraudulent Fifth Court, naming Law Society President Cahill, Peter Leonard and Mark Tottenham, both BL and Justice G Hogan. This charade, Oct 4th, 2022 funded by Law Society claimed Acts of Treason against 33rd Dail, perjury, Mis information to entrap public into accepting meddical fraud by company gov Ireland. The Honourable Benchers, led by Justice Hogan, made political statements to support Freestate Fraud to subvert 33rd Dail and assist company gov Ireland, MAIN customer of courts service.

Public records confirm the Law Society launched Fifth Court Charade to assist former Irish Times journalist ohn Waters 4 courts case and public claim his support 1937 Freestate constitution Fraud claims. I reported to Garda Anti Corruption my Notification to Law Society and courts service of the Lawful reasons it could NOT proceed with charade to subvert 33rd Dail and Licensed DailEireann Courts. I submitted to Honourable Benchers, Principal to Agent, the following Repeal Acts, the peoples party ireland obtained Royal Assent to Repeal which made Law Society Fifth Court an Act of Treason against 33rd Dail.

The documents, copies enclosed, explained to Benchers the UK Parliament Acts passed and Repealed by me. Such Acts I also had listed in Oireachtas statute books, public archive. In brief , the Benchers joined Waters in claim that they were celebrating 100 years centenary of Freestate 1922 constitution, 100 years of 4 courts, documents said NO such centenary, they deliberately LIED to public and shamed themselves. Like Waters , they extolled the merits of 100 years Freestate, its courts having NO license since 1924 as my Grandfather removed it, in 1989 I removed its use of Crown Harp. Justice Hogan failed to mention in addition NO jurisdiction hold ANY courts since 1924, he FORGOT state only licensed court is Dail Eireann Court, set up in 1919 to present by my Grandfather.

The Benchers also seem to have difficulties with adding numbers. The 1922 Freestate and Partition first began in 1920 Government Ireland Act, RENAMED as Freestate to cool temper, I ENDED it in 1989. The period of life for Freestate Act and 1922 constitution ended when I Repealed it in 1989, AGE 67, a centenary would be 100 years, NOT 67, I already Notified BEFORE Fifth Court, so they DELIBERATELY lied as DIS honourable Benchers usually do.

The Benchers also FORGOT mention that I closed Oireachtas 33 years ago, Forcing Snap election 1989. Benchers assisted Oireachtas keep SECRET 32 county Dail since 1989, Oireachtas NO power for 33 years, a FRAUD. Bencher also FORGOT mention they thought I was gone and then assisted Oireachtas to set up new version, without jurisdiction a WEF company in 2019 called gov Ireland, to Sound like Government when NOT, a Fraud. My studies on visit City London corporation records revealed new Fraud company gov Ireland has SECRETLY transferred Dail Assets, health, justice depts, ONLY held in Trust, to WEF Varadkar company, have obtained solicitors involved for later trial.

They kept SECRET in case I found out, as my Grandfather secured NO transfer as he placed Assets in Trust for Next generation. SECRETLY essential as FRAUD to transfer as NOT property Dail, just in Trust. I always find out everything, as those before. I must insist, as in court case of Dail Eireann courts hearing against Holohan, charges filed by John Flanagan and Seamas de Roiste, Cahill must be prosecuted Dail E Courts, NOT fraud courts service. Your records confirm having recieved 104 Sovereign Dail Eire Seal validated court licenses, it is SAME Seal my Grandfather placed on your Garda oath, passports, having set up the Garda force.

I enclose Government Ireland Act 1920, Royal Assent to Partition Ireland on 23.12.1920 which I Repealed 1999 following Repeal 1989 of 1922 Freestate Act, Ratified Oireachtas statute book. I also enclose the 1949 Ireland Act, 1949 Chapter 41, citations 12, 13 , geo 6, which in 1949 advised public, courts etc, that Ireland STILL British Dominion colony, making Benchers as LIERS, as was Collins and Develara, our greatest traitors for 30 pieces silver. Records confirm the peoples party ireland rendered Void the 1949 Act as the 1920 and 1922 Acts remained in place as law until I removed in 1989. Benchers and John Waters read these 3 Acts, they CONCEALED and LIED , like Develara, typical Irishmen, anything for the 30 pieces of silver.

In order to continue running last 33 years for Crrown Fraud in SECRET, this British Dominion, they, like Collins, Develara, Waters, Hogan colluded with WEF Charles to IMPRISON 33rd Dail, as in 1922 coup for Crown. You must complete and arrest Cahill as over one year of crime publicly admitted unless you can quote statute laws that allow Cahill assist public fraud, assist manslaughter, injury of many solicitors. As this is public matter, CLEARLY involving partnership of Crown corporations, Oireachtas, gov Ireland and courts service and its SECRET ownership City London police, 89000534, it will have to be heard in license Sovereign Dail Eireann court, as courts service is criminal gang.

This latest attempt by Justice Hogan was additional to his Concealment at Fifth Court of public records 2018 in which Supreme court Transcripts ADMIT NO 1924 Court Enactment Order license. Additional to 2018 confirmation is Attorney General June 2021 letter confirming NO license per 1924 Court Enactment Order. Yet to his disgrace, Attorney General PRETENDED his advice 31A stated as NOT law, could be Pretend if in Unlicensed court, to assist company profits for Crown and its private MI5 Uk terror police.

yours sincerely, G Martin

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