Commissioner Roberts, Garda HQ, Phoenix Park, Dublin

Dear Jonathan Roberts, Ref Filing criminal charges

It is civic duty of ALL political parties to file criminal charges against MI5 Units led by Drew Harris, involved in his subversive activities and incitement of hatred against Irish, his MI5 S Fein seems to have been bought by Biden Foreign Relations Richard Hass for payment in 2019 of 4.6 million dollars to assist the corporation Secretly set up in 2019 called gov Ireland, its registered PRINCIPAL is Leo Varadkar, to force 33rd Dail to buy medical products made by his company. It is public record that the Party sent to your predecessor, Young Leader WEF member, Clavin, as Principal to Agent, 103 yearly licences, recently sent licence for 2023 of the Sovereign Dail Eireann Courts.

Public records confirm both Dail and courts service witness for 104 years the Sovereign Dail Seal attached each license, SAME Seal attached to Irish passports to validate, as Crown Harp Seal Unlawfully used by courts service since 1989 CANNOT validate Sovereign passport or Lawfully hold public courts. The Sovereign Dail Eireann Courts instructed me to inform private company, gov Ireland to remove its Green passports as said company claimed NO jurisdiction to issue passports, hence it was Promptly removed. In similar fashion, the Licensed court instructed me inform Your office, which I did, that MI5 Units of UK police, 89000534 have NO jurisdiction to interfere with conditions of use of passport, written on it, including on last page new passports, the Red Hand of Ulster, which I REQUIRED to be added when I obtained REPEAL of the 1922 Freestate, constitution and Partition act, returning Dail to 32 counties by Royal Assent, Repeal Act 1989, revision 20, session 5.

I have also informed You said conditions state Garda duty is to assist Unrestricted movement of passport holders and Protect from Units MI5 seeking Prevent travel or cause Fear to personal safety. The Sovereign Dail Eireann Court instructed I inform you that the private company, gov Ireland, registered in 2019 for MI5 political coup , CANNOT ask unlicensed since 1924, company courts service to assist MI5. Public records confirm I passed to your office, said directions, Certified documents from Court and Buckingham Palace, that Oireachtas, courts service and its Private police, 89000534 have NO Freestate powers or Crown Harp powers which were LOST in 1989.

Public records confirm I also supplied CERTIFIED evidence from Aindru Holst that since 1924, courts service only PRETENDED to have 1924 Enactment Order, my Grandfather refused sign as NO authority from Sovereign Dail Courts, already licensed since 1919 and Ratified in the Dail 1919, that my Grandfather helped set up. I understand that, in light of recent attacks upon public by Private court police, 89000534, the evidence, having been already confirmed by former chief justiace and Attoeney General and recorded in Supreme Court Transcripts, has been sent again. According public records, Aindriu sent by registered post per RL840829353IE, dated 3.2.2023 and for public safety has asked company courts service PROVIDE 1924 certs, it claims NOT got.

In accordance with law, I wish to file following criminal charges against Det Sgt Eamon Hoey, Special Detective Unit and, in due course, Judge Michelle Finan and Dublin District Court clerk, in public interest. The Irish Times reports that Sgt Hoey confessed in public court that has NO license, that he did NOT act as Garda but, it seems to have acted as member special Unit of MI5 Agent Harris new Secret police, registered as 89000534, City London, NO jurisdiction in 32 counties per law. He claims that his New company, 89000534 is NOT Garda as he refused Garda Act, 2005 and Oath, which is subject to Sovereign Dail Eireann Court and 1916 Proclamation, it being set up by my Grandfather in 1919 to Present, per Sovereign Seal stamped on your Garda oath, declaration Protect Irish rights from corporation etc.

He claims that he brought guns to arrest, kidnap and coerce G. Carey into an Unlicensed court service,Unlawfully claiming Crown Harp Authority, Buckingham Palace confirm I removed in 1989, with Royal Assent. He claims he did NOT hear from Carey the words, I UNDERSTAND the charge, which means I accept charge, instead he stated Carey said, it wont happen again, which means NO consent to Unlawful arrest or court threat. The employee of 89000534, NOT called Garda Lawfully, as NOT Lawful to transfer 33rd Dail Trust property Garda to 89000534, claimed he acted for MI5 and courts service, known to have NO jurisdiction.

Sgt Hoey claims 5AM gun raid on NO warrent was based on a crime called social media which his opinion is to stir up hatred and, he claimed a law called hate speech, which in FACT does NOT exist in the form he described. The Sgt claimed that social media HE watched, like Rte TV, is NOT a man or woman, in FACT a video or piece of paper that HE could have made HIMSELF and, it is NOT property of man called Carey, NOT able to prove Carey made, like a court or private police with no license or property rights over man or woman. Having told judge and public that Carey has NOT committed ANY crime called criminal assault, did NOT WITNESS ANY crime, he confessed HE himself committed criminal assault using guns, upon Carey to cause Fear to public and perhaps loss of life.

He goes on to state that he then used coercive deception upon HIS VICTIM Carey at police station and, insisted he MUST accept BAIL conditions incliding Fraud court hearing, despite Carey being Victim of gun assault by MI5. As witnessed in court, the NON Garda confessed he submitted Fraud affidavits to the court clerk, his employer and, Invited clerk to be administrator of court fraud, to obtain financial gains from HIS VICTIM. As revealed by Irish Times, the Sgt stirred up hatred by immigrants against Carey and placed him in Grave risk by stating his Home address and name, in light of recent Times reports of stabbing by immigrants.

The Times , with NO evidence given, claimed Carey is supporter, organisation Anti Immigration protests, states charged on hatred legislation alledgedly posted social media, meaning Times NOT sure if fraud just lies by implication. Yet public media states Carey claimed Senator Byrne is trying to PRETEND it is crime, to state that EU Law immigration says its rules do NOT apply to Ireland or Denmark, it is gov Ireland property fraud that Sgt assists its crimes. The Sgt confessed that he is working for Unlicensed court, to assist private company gov Ireland set up in 2019 for WEF by Varadkar it seems to conceal his many crimes publicly committed and, Sgt tells ALL public that he will use guns to support WEF Young Leaders, Varadkar and Byrne NOT allowed hold public office as members WEF political group.

The special MI5 Unit has told public and Garda that MI5 is willing to kill with guns ANYONE that asks simple questions and, implies 33rd Dail as subject to corporations like McDonalds or gov Ireland. I also understand that in order to make money, the administrator court fraud, the court clerk set up a contract between a cert company called CAREY and company called HOEY, 2013 Motu told clerk cert is fraud. The court clerk did NOT explain to Carey that he and judge Finan would BOTH be taking part in company fraud, as ALL BAR courts understand such companies are TRUST property of Vatican Governance. In 2013, the peoples party ireland served MOTU PROPRIO upon couts service, Highest lawful authority in world and, licensed Sovereign Dail Eireann Court Notice, it had NO license to hold cases pertaining to man or woman.

In accordance with law, I must inform Commissioner Roberts of Rule 6, Constitutional Declaration, 2016. Members public NOT obliged comply with Unlawful, Unconstitutional or criminal directions from police judiciary, MI5 . Rule 5, if judge Michelle Finan DELIBERATELY breaks law, constitution or judicial oath while in court, such as Proceeding on INCURABLY VOID contract, such hearing is IMMEDIATELY VOID and Null and you are REQUIRED by law to notify Carey at once, if NOT, then you are assisting crime. Rules 1 and 4, ANY judge or police breaking laws are Subject to prosecution in SAME way as tax paying public, like Carey. Times state judge with NO Sovereign authority STOLE passport of Carey, VICTIM of police and court clerk crime.

I REQUIRE arrest and suspencion of gun carrying Hoey pending prosecution for his Unlawful assault on man NOT proven to be owner of public media, his actions could have killed Carey or other public, his Unlawful actions qualify him as threat to public safety and disgrace to Garda. By his actions, HOEY caused myself and public Fear Apprehension personal safety, 5 years jail, under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976. Further charges under Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, parts 3.1.7, perjury, collusion. Further offences under Criminal Law Act, 1997, section 8.1, concealing and withholding information from Carey regarding rights and NOT informing NO court license or jurisdiction, or claim physical tresspass or property rights.

Further offences under Article 6,3 of ECHR and Rights of Defence and Article 48.2, accused, or in this case, VICTIM, entitled adequate time facillities to prepare his defence. Bail conditions CANNOT apply to VICTIM of police assault. I wish to make further charges under Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, sections 6,9,25,26,27 and 29, which Ban Hoey deceiving Carey by creating, using false instrument, bail release to force court fraud, using entrapment. Law CLEARLY states Carey was entitled to court protection from Hoey assault when he reported police assault, per Article 13 of ECHR and Article 47, EU Charter Fundamental Rights, Article 8 of UDHR and Article 2.3 of ICCPR.

I REQUIRE you protect public from MI5 units assisting WEF company, gov Ireland and their employer, the Unlicensed Crown company, courts service, it having NO jurisdiction in 32 counties. I REQUIRE immediate declaration of MIS trial by Unlicensed judge Michelle Finan, court evidence proves beyond reasonable doubt to have shown Demonstable Misbeahaviour and should be impeached for public safety. Garda Declaration of return Sovereign passport, travel and Freespeech rights of Carey that are NOT property of Unlicensed court or its private police.

Yours sincerely, G Martin

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