Dail Eireann, Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.

Dear Micheal Martin, Ref Forged, Fraudulent documents

According to public records you took part in election of TDs to the 33rd Dail Eireann. I am aware that you claimed to be elected as the TD to be in charge of Dail which is founded on 1916 Proclamation and 1919 Constitution. I also note that since 1989 when I obtained REPEAL of 1922 Free state Act, by Royal Assent, that your FF party and you, took office in 1918 Dail, Queen having closed Oireachtas power taken from 1922 Free state Act and her HARP was removed, any documents bearing are VOID.

In 33rd Dail election you became employee of the 1918 Dail my Grandfather set up, your contract being to PROTECT the rights as listed in 1916 Proclamation and, the rights of 1920 Sovereign Dail Eireann courts, NOT the UNLICENSED courts service. You did confirm 2 years ago, as you did NOT within the 21 days statutory right, make ANY claim to dispute my claim. I claimed that you were NOT elected as employee of the following companies.

You confirmed NOT employee of company Houses Oireachtas, its registered Owner being Crown from 1920 until 1989 and also NOT employee of registered City of London corporation called government Ireland. The voting public understand that the employees of said companies have the job title and contract called civil servants, they are NOT TDs and work for Private registered City London companies, per registration details.

According to companies house and Crown records, Oireachtas ceased to be Royal in 1989 when Crown REMOVED use of its registered HARP and, its regulations apply to civil servants employees, subject to constitution and statute laws. The registered Owner of government Ireland is Northern Trust, it being Owned by another company of Crown called government UK Limited, registered as 055 22373, its civil servants NOT employees of Dail.

It is 2 years since I contacted you with my claim, that you did NOT dispute, that some TDs tried to Force me against my will and consent, to injure my health, using a False Instrument called SI 296 of 31A. The document began with the emblem of Crown Harp claiming to be Royal Assent which Royalty left it in 1989 making it a Fraud. Next it claimed to be Health Act, 1947, this being a VOID Act. Statutory law confirms that as with 1937 constitution of FF, the 1947 Health Act REQUIRED Royal Assent as it sought Remove Proclamation rights under 1922 Free state Act, Ireland being a British Dominion colony until 1989.

The public records confirm that NO Royal Assent was obtained in 1947, the year that Irish Ambassador to Vatican was detained for 3 weeks UNTIL he got Permission signed by Crown, to represent Irish in Vatican. Page 1 goes on to state ALL temporary restrictions 273 of 2021 of 31A etc were considered as part of the VOID 1947 Health Act. It also states 31A regulations are Property of gov Ireland, NOT Dail. It goes on to state that COPYRIGHT of 31A belongs to gov Ireland and this material is reproduced with permission of Oireachtas, that LOST legislative powers in 1989, civil servants NOT elected to REMOVE Dail rights.

Also on page one of Fraudulent SI 296 of 31A it informs myself, TDs, police, judges, doctors etc of a DISCLAIMER. In English language writing it informs EVERYONE that office Attorney General and Depart of Health wrote it. Public records confirm Attorney General office is large law firm, over 200 solicitors, with company profits over 10.75 million, clients such as Google, Facebook, A Zeneca, Pfizer etc. It is NOT Dail, has NO power remove rights, has vested interests to sell mRNA, possible use of position to PRETEND law to use mRNA per client list.

Public records confirm the Dept Health is a company called gov Ireland engaged in selling medical products such as mRNA, which in C851 and C852 HPRA Regulator papers state NOT for sale I assume as NOT safe, NOT works. In this DISCLAIMER it states ANY errors or omissions MUST be made to gov Ireland, NOT to Dail as NOT Dail regulations. It goes on to claim, said Private companies give NO guarantees, undertakings or warranties.

It also confirms that in addition to NOT being safe as OPPOSITE of HPRA Regulator C851, C852 directions of NOT safe, NOT works, the writer CANNOT accept liability as NO law could Force taking RISK. Public records confirm that on 2.12.2021 You confirmed in Dail that 31A legislation is NOT law and it is public that must chose take risk as you CANNOT Force or give guarantee as to safe. On page 3 it states that TD Donnelly, acting as Minister of health with NO medical qualifications, is claiming powers from a VOID 1947 Act, a piece of paper, to REMOVE Dail rights which ONLY God can attempt.

In addition to claiming that a void piece of paper can claim property rights over me, law says NOT, he claims to be employee of government Ireland and Oireachtas, closed down for Fraud in 1989. He claims to have made SEPARATE contract with a company called government Ireland but, law confirms general public have ONLY contract with him as a TD to protect Dail rights, NOT contract with civil servants of another company.

Public records confirm I myself have NO contract with Donnelly as a TD because written law confirms I am registered FREEMAN, I trade WITHOUT any representation by TDs, I only trade with Dail Eireann. Also on this page, Donnelly also makes public medical claims and medical diagnosis for ALL public WITHOUT knowing their medical conditions and, knowing HPRA Regulator advised him as dangerous to public health.

He CLEARLY claims WITHOUT proof, that covid is exceptional and manifest risk to human life and health, I quote his Exact words, BEFORE this claim, I had already sent him the HSE and HPRA Regulator instuctions and HSE wekly deaths at flu 5.6 against lowest killer in Ireland, covid at 0.2 per cent. HSE clearly state in C839, NO proof covid exists, similar from CDC.Also C851, C852 state mRNA NOT works, NOT safe. C846,C847, general, elderly lockdowns NOT safe, NOT works. C850 social distance useless, dangerous.

In C848,C849 masks useless, dangerous, this being MAIN reason for SI 296. If you read page 5, it informs me, police, judges, doctors etc in parts 5A, 5B the following to avoid crime by police and judges. It CLEARLY explains HSE C848, C849 that you must NOT wear mask if physical or mental illness, ANY medical disability such as asthma or, if you feel stress, which ONLY YOU can feel, NOT a policeman or judge can feel YOUR feelings.

The final page 8 states given under my official Seal by Stephen Donnelly in capacity as Minister of health with NO qualifications for a Private company selling medical products, dated 8th August, 2020, NOT as TD Protecting Dail rights or public health. As you can see, it is NOT signed by ANYONE or ANY Seal stamped on it, as to do so would be signing a fraud document and claiming Liability for breaking 18 statute laws BANNING medical public diagnosis.

The TD instructs police, public etc of his abuse of office TD, that he is representing company government Ireland to sell 9 million doses mRNA he bought for his company in Nov 2020 BEFORE an Emergency license for 2 year experiment if Emergency of dying, NO such if 99.9 per cent immune recovery in most healthy. He also confirms in this document, that he wishes to ignore the HPRA regulations warnings that his mRNA CANNOT be sold as they claim in C851, C852 NOT safe, NOT works and ALL his other medical claims NOT safe.

He also advises public that he is breaking Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, sections 6, 9, 25, 26, 27 and 29, inventing, using False instrument 296 with intention to make gain from selling medical products. In this SI 296 he seeks to cause Fear, apprehension to Personal Health safety under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, jail of 5 years. He also states in 296 you must NOT wear mask if stress. In addition to this 296 telling ALL police, judges that wearing mask is personal choice, the document tells you in DISCLAIMER that NO law as NOT safe advice and NOT Dail law but rules for employees of closed company, that would not be Lawful.

Despite all this information NOT law only non HSE advice, the company A General stated in 2020 court cases IEHC673 and IEHC461, in paragraph 161, ALL 31A travel and medical advice is NOT law. On e final piece of information on page 3, TD Donnelly informs you that in SEPARATE contract with company gov Ireland, TDs Varadkar, Ryan and McEntee colluded in this fraud, causing many deaths.

TDs elected to Protect Dail rights, took SEPARATE contracts you did NOT consent to, in company selling mRNA, taking contracts as Enforcement Officer, Ministers Justice, Transport, Media , Gaeltacht. These TDs had been informed that VOID Harp advice contained was Subject to following statute laws. SI NO 5412007 Medical Products Advertising Regulations 2007, PERMANENT restrictions.

Also SI NO 3081996. European Council Directives transposed into Irish Law, listed as 2001183EC. Council Directives 200298EC. Also 200363EC and 200424EC.The TDs, Attorney General involved in this Medical Fraud also received, 2 years ago, the 1977 Mis use of Drugs Act, Donnelly CANNOT issue advertisement of medical products that claim second opinion NOT necessary. Law CLEARLY states Donnelly CANNOT use Fake laws to make public medical diagnosis by advert, mail or phone. CANNOT suggest mRNA safe, guarantee, NO side effects or BETTER than 99.9 per cent immune recovery if healthy.

As you can see from his UNSIGNED 31A and DISCLAIMER, he told you the above, NOT safe, NOT law, NOT Regulator but, PRETENDED police were allowed break law with judges, to FORCE medical products. By their OWN documents, they engaged police commissioner Harris and Attorney General to use the police and courts to FORCE sale of gov. Ireland medical products upon public voters for Dail TDs, NOT civil servants. Public records confirm that commissioner Harris informed on RTE that an employee of gov. Ireland, McEntee, NOT acting in her capacity as TD to Protect Dail rights, told him break laws, knowing very likely to kill or injure public.

Public records confirm that following this order from Harris, the DPP instructed ALL judges to PRETEND 31A was law when NOT, according to judge T Kelly at CCJ case No 2021 23934. Public records confirm Harris instructed police to enter Private trains, buses and assault, detain in jail, later Force UNLAWFUL court fines, jail on old COMPLYING with above SI 296 to NOT wear mask. Public records confirm I sent you ALL the above evidence and REQUIRED you to COMPLY with your contract as a TD to Protect Dail rights from Private sales companies like gov. Ireland.

Public records confirm that you allowed Commissioner Harris break European Directives Public Health which REQUIRED 3 months notice to old in care homes to obtain correct second opinion, such as HPRA C851, C852. You allowed Harris to IMPRISON for mRNA experiments our old people in care homes, hospitals, Banning UNLAWFULLY, any access by families, using Fraudulent Harp 31A instruments and UNLICENSED courts.

You received Notice that Attorney General confirmed June, 2021 that court is UNLICENSED since 1924. You received its registration as OWNER of new UK police, 89000534, PRETENDING to be Garda. You understood ALL these UNLICENSED courts held Fraud 31A cases, acting under Private instructions of Harris, as he said to CCJ and RTE, held in name of company A General, to make profits from Fear. You allowed Harris to assist care homes to ignore HPRA Regulator and EU Directives Public Health, so old could be coerced by courts and him, into being VICTIMS of A Zeneca, J and J etc.

I want to know why public records confirm that a man having broken the above laws, reasonable assumption being a criminal involved in manslaughter says statute law, has Not been placed in jail. Can you confirm when are you having him arrested for crimes of death, physical injjury, using Fraudulent documents made by civil servants of what appears to be criminal career companies. Can you please confirm if you are intending to continue, what seems to be collusion in deaths and injuries by commissioner Harris who is on record as jailing old for COMPLYING with 296 and High Court ALL 31A NOT law.

I caution you that the Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, part 3.1.7 defines perjury, collusion and attempts to pervert justice as offences against administration of justice. Your assisting Harris crimes is EQUAL to committing said crimes. Recently judge Joanne Carroll sent a Garda to jail for a minor crime, unlike assisted manslaughter and fraud by commissioner Harris. She said law applies to Garda in SAME way as public or Attorney General, etc.

She refers to Rules 4 and 1 of constitutional declaration 2016, ANY public official or judges, Attorney General, Justice Minister or other gov. Ireland employee are subject to law and constitution. In Rule 5 it states ANY judge that deliberately breaks the law, such as using VOID Harp 31A regulations or DPP , Harris orders to PRETEND 31A advice is law, while in court their rulings are NULL, VOID and judge in contempt of court. It is likely that under 1990 Criminal Justice Act, neglect public duty and concealment, Harris, Donnelly, McEntee and others WILL face Life imprisonment, similar sentence awaits ANYONE that assisted their crimes of criminal assault. Yours sincerely, G Martin

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