Dear Commissioner Drew Harris, Ref acts of TREASON

It is public record that in public video you swore oath to the 1922 Garda and oath to uphold INDEFEASIBLE, INALIENABLE rights of 1916 Proclamation and 1919 Constitution April, 1919, written by my Grandfather. It is also public record that the 1918 to 1922 Sinn Fein government was attacked by Crown Agents Collins and Develara, employees of Crown Corporation Oireachtas, set up by UK Parliament to SUBVERT LAWFUL 1918 Dail.

Elected members of Sinn Fein Anti Treaty and my Grandfather of the peoples party ireland NOTIFIED Crowns UK Parliament that its corporation Agents, Collins, Develara had NO jurisdiction IMPOSE on 5th Dec, 1922 the Freestate Act. Grandfather also NOTIFIED Crowns UK Parliament that Collins, SUBJECT to 1919 Constitution, had NO jurisdiction IMPOSE 7th Dec, 1922, the Secession of Northern Ireland Act from VOID 5th December Freestate Act.

Available Public Archives is result of the peoples party ireland Pursuit by DEMOCRATIC process, in UK Parliament Act, the 1931 Statute of Westminster. The Act confirms UK Crown RECOGNISED right of Dail to REPEAL UK 1922 Freestate Act. Records confirm Crown Agent Develara REFUSED this right to REPEAL UK 1922 Freestate Act, choosing to continue Private Oireachtas to EXPLOIT Dail Eireann for TDs and, since 1924, the UNLICENSED courts judges and police.

Records confirm that my Grandfather Closed Fraud Crown courts and Irish Supreme Court in his REFUSAL issue 1924 Court Enactment Order as NO Lawful Freestate. Confirmed by Attorney General in June, 2021. UK Parliament records confirm Crowns Oireachtas Agent Develara, NOT Dail, ONLY AMENDED 1922 Act in 1933 and in 1937 UNLAWFULLY claimed 1937 Constitution and REPEAL 1916 Proclamation, 1922 Freestate Act, WITHOUT Royal Assent.

Records confirm his 1933 Amendment Act did NOT allow REPEAL of 1922 Freestate Act WITHOUT Royal Assent and his claim Approval by Irish Supreme court VOID, as NO court license since 1924. Despite repeated Fraud by Develara claiming UK and Irish court support where NO jurisdiction existed, the peoples party ireland continued the Democratic UK Parliament procedure with the following result.

In 1989 I NOTIFIED Garda HQ, Oireachtas, court services, others, including Oireachtas President of REPEAL UNLAWFUL Oireachtas Houses contract with 1918 Dail Eireann, per Royal Assent. I sent to ALL parties, per Principal to Agent, a copy of REPEAL Act, 1989, Law Revision Act 20, session 5, with Royal Assent, this ENDED Collins, Develara S Fein Treaty members, 1922 Freestate and Northern Secession Acts.

This 1989 REPEAL Act meant Crown officially LOST its 2 colonies, N Ireland run by Stormont and, S Ireland run by Oireachtas, hence Taoiseach FF Haughey new 1989 government to try and Win back for Crown as they did in 1922. Public records confirm YOU as former Queens MI5 N Ireland Head of police, now member of UNLICENSED courts service police company, registered as City of London corporation 89000534, NO referendum took place to REPLACE Garda with Queens N Ireland UK force.

Public records confirm former Oireachtas President FF TD, Patrick Hillary made President from 1976 to 1990, as Reward for his 1973 EU Commissioner role of entry to EU, for his friend, Develara and to assist Haughey in 1989 attempts cover up END of Oireachtas Dail contract and Stormont. As part of the N Irish police Crown takeover, chief justice O Donnell was moved from N Ireland Bar Courts to Irish Bar, his brother former chairman, Irish Bar Council, member Kings INN, like ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER Clavin.

Records confirm YOUR pressure in 1980s on Gerry Adams to set up new S Fein in 1980 and, ALL CONTROL positions in South by N Irish police and courts staff, under oath to Queen and Oireachtas ENCROACHMENT upon Dail. UK Parliament records confirm that following peoples party ireland action in 1989, Oireachtas and Stormont Control ENDED and Dail REGAINED 6 counties STOLEN by Collins, Develara for Crown in 1922.

Haughey, Ahern, Mary Lou etc, understood that 1998 Good Friday Agreement was VOID as N Ireland RETURNED to Eire in 1989, nine years EARLIER, per Royal Assent, as in 1922 FF repeated Crown Fraud, for 33 years Oireachtas is private corporation of Crown, NO jurisdiction over 1989 to present Dail voters. I have already supplied the Evidence that Your A Commissioner Clavin, Anti Corruption Garda unit BOSS, was appointed by Enda Kenny, Varadkar Police Authority, of Mainly N Irish police and courts staff to REPLACE Garda with UK police to Enforce Anti Irish ideas.

I supplied EVIDENTIAL documents of membership of Clavin , Varadkar to political organisations of Young Leaders Tomorrow Group, Honourable Kings Inn Society and Crown corporations staging take over of 1989Dail. I have brought to your attention the Fraudulent SI Instruments that Attorney General, Justice Minister, Transport Minister, Enforcement officer and, chief justice O Donnell used to commit Manslaughter.

I have brought to your attention the Garda Act 2005 that states you MUST arrest the above and, others involved in medical fraud and their assistance in over up of said crimes, UNLAWFULLY causing deaths, injuries. I note in my letters to you dated 28th and 30th August, 2022, that it was again brought to your attention, that for 2 years, Clavin has assisted Attorney General and Enforcement Officer, Varadkar in many crimes, including NOT enforcing EU Directives on Public Health.

It is time now, that the 26 CEOs, Crown Agents involved in Crown attempts to REGAIN control of 2 LOST colonies to be arrested, per 1990 Criminal Justice Act for acts of TREASON, they admitted per actions against public. On Rte , you said McEntee told you that you can break SI Instrument 296 of 31A, it stating NOT wear mask if stress, to FRAME and send to jail, Andy Heasman, for COMPLYING with 296, yet Clavin REFUSED arrest YOU for Fraud.

It seems you did NOT arrest Clavin for his fraud crimes because you Returned the favour of HE NOT arresting YOU. It is called breaking Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, sections 6, 9, 25, 26, 27 and 29, using false instruments to cause FEAR, CONCEAL crimes. Yours sincerely, G Martin

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  • This is very good information and very interesting let’s hope that eventually it’ll lead to all those people involved being put behind bars

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