I would think many people are sad after reading the FACTS in PARTS 1 and 2 about Collins but I think we understand better after seeing how easy it is to be Mis lead if you ignore the pieces of paper, the EVIDENCE, in modern world easy to track documents down. The FACTS in PART 2 explain that for 98 years Crowns Oireachtas employed Army of Mercenaries like Collins but, NOT in uniform, with exception of the Northern Ireland Police.

In 1922 Collins HELPED Crown take control of police, judges, courts, media, ANYONE that spoke up was a criminal. Priests, doctors, they ALL clapped for Collins while Independent thinkers were REMOVED. In PART 2 I supplied the statute laws that ALL courts, solicitors, priests, doctors, media broke. How many TDs, senators, solicitors stood up and read DISCLAIMER on SI 296, or the HSE, OR Regulator HPRA CERTIFIED position, they chose instead to break the law and make money at public expense.

Instead the different bodies sent BRAVE old women to jail because they read the HSE and HPRA Regulator documents that said 31A Regulations are NOT law and dangerous to public health. Like Collins they took the 30 pieces of silver, made the PACT with the DEVIL but, if you open YOUR eyes and read the laws YOU WILL learn how to END the 100 years colony of the Crown. Media plan and Oireahtas is to make Irish feel they are sheep and stupid, I say you are NOT sheep, just MIS lead by Rte as you saw on Sunday, if those people read my letter on Saturday, ALL would have been BOO.

As in 1922, Develara who founded FF, made sure of the following plan that started in 1989, when like my Grandfather I thought them the POWER of the pen, his Proclamation set you up to win per LAW. Queen LOST her colony in 1989 because Irish people know how to write the law, we are not called Nation of writers for nothing. When the West fell before, we brought Christian times BACK again. I explain now how Queen is using HER Northern Irish Police under oath to HER, has joined Partnership with Schwab Young Leaders Tomorrow Group and EU Commission President Leyen, to commit TREASON.

Records confirm Varadkar and A Commissioner Clavin CANNOT be connected with Garda because Young Leaders are political organisation under EU investigation and Commissioner Harris also. Varadkar is like Collins, the man in CHARGE of Queens Coup. A Commissioner Clavin job is to investigate Garda corruption, Harris job also stop corruption, if he is corrupt, Clavin is supposed to stop. In this PART 3 or it may stretch to PART 4, the written bits of paper, NOT me, will explain to you how Queen is UNLAWFULLY using Varadkar, as did King to Collins in 1922, to SUBVERT the Dail since I got it FREE in 1989.

The FACTS will EXPLAIN ALL the bodies he set up and Queens companies like Trinity College, Rte, Oireachtas, gov Ireland, police, courts service etc, the TROOPS this time are UK police. Perhaps we begin with Varadkar and Crown Agents setting up Police Authority 1st January, 2016. He selected chairman and 7 members, ALL representing positions N Ireland police, courts, media, medical. This body picked by Leaders Tomorrow Varadkar member, selected Young Leaders member Clavin, though law says no such membership can be allowed if Garda. It seems Clavin job was to NOT investigate Harris corruption, he also is member like Clavin of courts Honourable Society, UK police USA FBI and Trinity College, under oath Queen to protect HER mRNA sales.

Bear in mind the P Authority also pick Harris, under oath like Clavin to Queen as MI5 Police Chief, also FBI trained so ideal choice undercover SUBVERSION of Dail, former Handler of N Irish S Fein. Bear in mind also that as you read FACTS, Queens Courts is Criminal organisation NO license, PRETENDING 31A as law so that its members, Harris, Clavin WILL support criminal activities of court. I will a little later, List CVs of P Authority that selected top 2 positions to support Criminal courts, chemical companies and their MAIN sales reps, prof O Neill, Trinity College and Rte. Like Rte, Trinity College are controlled by Oireachtas Owner the Queen, FOI replies confirm her companies like GSK, with Pfizer Leyen Biotech, other chemical lobbies like Gates, pay the bills and write the script.

Rte provide their advisors to ALL TDs and insist Tandeo PR advisory experts on public brainwashing. Records confirm Rte, Prof O Neill are allowed by Harris to give public MIS information on mRNA to sell it. Records confirm Rte marketed the FAKE Oireachtas and its GSK products since 1989 using N Irish police to commit TREASON. The Director General Rte Bob Collins was made Policing Chairman, many people killed or injured by GSK swine flu injection, used by Oireachtas despite withdrawn for deaths.

This was timed on 1st Jan. 2020, so he could ensure UK Agents to CONTROL Garda and support Rte crimes. This was TIMED with WHO Director Tedros making Fraudulent medical claim on 3.3.2020 of new virus zero immunity, he made this claim despite NO medical qualifications and, to the Present 2022, CDC ,HSE C839 claim NO proof virus existed. Also at 2020 were appointments of 2 health ministers NO medical qualifications and, Justice minister also NO qualifications as solicitor or courts, to ENSURE NO OPPOSITION. Then on 19.3.2020, about 16 days later Tedros advises he was wrong, that if healthy you HAVE 99.9 percent immune recovery, hence UK government DECLASSIFIED covid as NOT serious.

Police Authority Dr Donal de Buitlair, Chairman Board Accountants, former A Secretary Revenue, 20 years AIB Bank, to assist NO objection to Banks enforcing Varadkar medical sales of products he bought, like PCR UNABLE detect Virus but used to INVENT False positives as CDC confirmed. Revenue were very quick to sign medical fees for Varadkar products, charging Dail taxpayers.

Also they appoint to P Authority, Dr Elaine A Byrne, barrister at UNLICENSED courts of Dublin, participation in Taxpayer Fraud for cases 31A ADVICE but PRETENDING as if law. She also claims to be Consultant to EU Commission President Leyen, OWNER Leyen Biotech mRNA, under investigation using Public office to sell HER mRNA. Also Consultant for UN and World Bank, Schwab being MAIN investor in these firms and Leader of Young Leaders, having Vested interest in Police Authority. She claims also to work Seanad Work group, aware that Queen closed it in 1989, seems refund salary to Dail for 33 years.

Another member Police Authority with Northern Ireland police career is Dr Deborah Donnelly, Commissioner Equality N Ireland, under Queens oath and Queens court, involved in selecting NON Irish to SUBVERT Dail. Another P Authority member is Dr Moleing Ryan, from Queens University Belfast, served Chief Legal Aid and Queens Oireachtas Finance, Gaelacht, Courts service, BAR 1979, member Honourable Society.

Another member is Shalom Binchy, solicitor, member and former Chairwoman of Law Society, trains N Ireland solicitors. The police allowed Law Society Impose UNLAWFUL medical experiments upon solicitors, eventually I had to write Law Society President to stop injuring solicitors, banned by law Forcing. Public records confirm Varadkar arranged for P Authority to consist Mainly of Northern Irish police, under oath to Queen, members of Anti Catholic, Anti Irish political organisations, NOT allowed select Irish police or, SUBVERT the Constitution per 1990 Criminal Justice Act.

Closer inspection als reveals they ALL represent Business interests of companies engaged in Fraud and TREASON for the Queen and, select N Irish police to REMOVE Irish Garda oath and Constitution. Public records also confirm that Varadkar appointed DPP CEO Katherine Pierce to assist, it seems, the UK police in stating that Varadker can break the law and UNDERMINE the Constitution, she is also connected to N Irish system. Records confirm Pierce as solicitor, also from Queens University Belfast, worked in Garda Ombudsman, Central Bank, Law Society and P Authority, appointed by Varadker 7th November, 2021, nice time for helping move and dismiss Varadkar crime he admitted to in public.

Public records confirm former DPP Claire Loftus SUDDENLY left when I pressed criminal charges against her. Again in Nov 2020, another CEO appointment took place to assist Varadkar. This woman, whom I pressed charges medical fraud is Emer Cooke, also a chemist from Trinity College like Prof O Neill. Like him, she is selling Queen and Leyen mRNA, NOT GP yet making dangerous public medical claims.

Another appointment from Trinity College is a chemist, NOT GP, called Loraine Nolan, CEO of HPRA, whom I have made criminal charges with police for Fraudulent public medical claims. It is almost 2 years since I understood Clavin was investigating crime, in which she REMOVED from twitter the EMA license description conditions that I got placed on twitter, so public could read the WARNINGS. In place of WARNINGS she inserted her Personal opinion as, ONLY side effect is MILD TEMPERATURE and twitter CEO closed my site, informed me Public risk to inform public of Risk. According to law the CEO CONCEALED EMA conditions to assist large shareholder Musk, of twitter and Varadkar by REPLACING with her view.

This personal view does NOT agree with her company, HPRA REGULATOR, it CERTIFIED in C851,C852 that mRNA NOT works and is very dangerous. Likewise her firm documents describe PPE useless and dangerous, as does 150 World studies. As you can see, Drew Harris, Belfast born, Queens police medal, Queens OBE, former S Fein Handler and Head of RUC and Anti Catholic terror tactics, as we saw recently on Quayside, Dublin, where he ordered RIOT squad to attack injure old women saying Rosary, must indeed feel at home having brought his terror across the border but, Irish now understand.

You are probably aware that the peoples party is the ONLY Dail Eireann Party NOT registered as an Oireachtas Corporation, Queen having REPEALED its powers in 1989, yet we get TOTAL DISCRIMINATION from the UK police, medical , media and UNLICENSED courts that are with NO jurisdiction as UK police, running Eire and treating Irish like me as second class citizens and, I can assure you I am writing down your names and my memory is long.

We receive SPECIAL treatment from CEO Sinead McSweeny. Her career started as Director Media N Ireland police. Then Harris got her set up as Director Media Garda, 2007 to 2012, to support UK Crown. Next she was transferred as CEO twitter to assist Spy operation for Queens Harris take over plans. In Return for pushing Musks mRNA on twitter, she is allowed censor ALL Irish opinion and CONCEAL listing side effects, causing many Irish Deaths for which she WILL be held Accountable under 1990 Criminal Justice Act, if deaths caused per her collusion the sentence is Life imprisonment.

I have filed criminal charges nearly 2 years ago for MAJOR role in assisting Nolan CEO HPRA to Conceal EMA medical Warnings on twitter, she closed down my site and in her letter kindly supplied the evidence of her crimes, which I was pleased to receive. Many people now dead or injured because McSweeny orchestrated REMOVAL of listing of side effects and, used twitter as vehicle to sell mRNA and,DISCREDIT CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. In other Varadkar appointments to SUBVERT HSE, HPRA and Dail, it was arranged for New CEO of Medical Council, Philip Brady, May 31st, 2020, in line with the 2020 Young Leaders Tomorrow Programme.

Medical Council records state that HE WROTE , DEVISED the NON medical company, gov Ireland RESPONSE PLAN. Public NOT informed that he has NO medical qualifications, like CEO HSE REID, both clerical officers yet UNABLE to read HSE HPRA CERTIFIED documents signed SMoore, Emer Kelly , Medical Records Management. It is not known widely that former Rte Director Collins, NOW chairman POLICE AUTHORITY was Head broadcasting of Discovery Network and executive board Irish Times, which printed his medical claims which both knew to be Fraudulent and dangerous and BANNED by law after I supplied CERTIFIED documents to that effect.

It is also hidden from public that Medical Council CEO first joined board in 2008 as clerical officer after moving from long career in Australia where he worked for Queens tax office, under oath to Queens investments in mRNA. I understand his contacts in Australia ENCOURAGED him to adopt their mRNA views. So Medical Council CEO is also Collins, no medical qualifications, yet in addition to making covid Response, HSE, HPRA DISAPPROVE of in CERTIFIED documents, like Collins in 1922, he makes FAKE claims also for Crown, Irish not pleased that foreign people treat us as slaves and UNABLE to read.

I have placed criminal charges under 18 statutes laws broken by Philip Brady relating to Fraudulent medical public claims and, coercion, duress against GPs, having seen his letters of job threats, to coerce them to break the statute laws he publicly admits to having done. Charges were placed with Clavin, a member of Honourable Society of UN honourable men and UNLICENSED courts and, member of Young Leaders to support Canada Trudeau recent sale to China of his mRNA patents that are NOT selling to well in Canada. Also I have reported SAME to the ENFORCEMENT officer Varadker whom seems to NOT ENFORCE EU Directives, he encourages media to Force MIS information.

I do think the MASONS will agree that Honourable Society of UN honourable men and Young Leaders are a Great asset to the Queen and,perhaps they best start buying Airline tickets, while they still can. In PART 4 I will point out some FACTS to cheer you up. We have ALL learned, it does NOT matter who you are, that Oireachtas that I closed down in 1989 MUST be silenced for good. The Great result of last 2 years is that YOU the people have SEEN the companies cards and YOU KNOW how to play the Game, it is EASYto FIX Eire because NOW we know what has to be FIXED.

The media have done GREAT job exposing our HIDDEN gangs and they joined in, Boasting what they did to YOU and the old they killed, real men indeed. The Party has been busy arranging New trade deals with the many nations that used my medical data, clean sweep is best. It is also important to point out that the lady doctor in medical council that ENJOYS sacking ANY doctor that says the HSE CERTIFIED position is OPPOSITE of Queens 31A , is also from Queens Belfast.

It is also important to point out that CEO of EMA , Cooke was appointed in 2020, a chemist NOT GP from Trinity College, long career selling for chemical firms is facing court over Fraudulent medical public claims that MIS lead so many. Varadkar also appointed himself as ENFORCEMENT Officer of EU Directives Public Health, so he could assist UK police by NOT ENFORCING Directives, allowing sales reps make fake medical claims and breaking LAW under Directives that his UK police cannot IMPRISON old in care homes for mRNA experiments, law REQUIRES MINIMUM 3 months notice to obtain second opinion before taking INVASIVE procedures, his denial said right now makes him Personally liable damages, imprisonment.

It is public records that ENFORCEMENT officer Varadkar allowed appoinment of GSK, Pfizer MAIN sales rep O Neill as Public Health Spokesman to sell , on behalf Queen and Leyen, their mRNA and CONCEALMENT side effects. Varadkar colluded with Clavin to allow O Neill sell mRNA on Rte and set up lab at Trinity College, to ENDORSE mRNA with college name. Further ENTERTAINMENT is Chief Justice O Donnell, born educated St Marys , Belfast. Former Bar Northern Ireland 1989, practised as barrister N Irish courts. His brother, former Chairman Irish Bar Council the UNLICENSED since 1924 courts that even Queen felt need to remove use of her HARP in 1989, also Kings INN Honourable Society of UN honourable men.

The result of 2 years work investigations into alleged collusion by all above Northern Ireland police and courts staff to TREASON and assisted Manslaughter by Queens GSK, LEYEN BIOTECH mRNA is as follows. The Young Leaders Tomorrow member, A Commissioner Clavin they appointed to CONCEAL THEIR alleged crimes having been EXPOSED by Party is, like others TAKING EARLY RETIREMENT. The man he covered up and colluded with, Commissioner Harris UK police, has thanked his N,Ireland P Authority in charge of Eire for appointing New replacement, to continue the TREASON of Clavin.

Replacement is Jonathan Roberts like him from Belfast, Head of N Ireland Anti Corruption, commander Belfast, head PSNI College, S Justice Belfast, also under Queens oath to Protect her mRNA. Harris further INSULTS Eire by stating Roberts, as Queens Agent, will be great benefit to Garda, I presume in learning how to NOT be Garda and, implement New PSNI UK police as Collins did in 1922.

Roberts job says Harris is TACKLING INTERNAL CORRUPTION Governance Accountability. His 26 years control of S Fein crowds protesting will be useful for replacing Garda oath and ending community policing. Harris also pleased with NEW Assistant Commissioner, Shawna Coxon, former Deputy chief Trudeau Toronto police. She implemented Trudeau Cyber crime C3, for spying public bank accounts etc,, BA psychology, yes Canada brutality police have arrived on Young Leaders orders. She was participant 2017 Governor General Leaders Conference, her new position implementing Trudeau computer Cyber into Garda computer and psychological control public, 2nd highest position inGovernance Accountability, NO Irish need apply. bye for now plenty more to follow.

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