In PART 1 we talked about the SAD insult, through IMOROPER study of Written Archives on laws, of people Clapping hands for Varadkar, Commissioner Harris and Taoiseach public records confirm have assisted in mass manslaughter of the Irish for Personal financial gains, they are INSULT to the dead of 1916. Before talking about the disgraceful praise for the Leaders of the 1922 Military Mercenaries Coup, who received praise for killing Irish on behalf Churchill and Crown.

From National Archives I have listed some of the 1922 Kings Constitution that his Agent, in CHARGE of Crown Mercenaries, Collins, FORCED upon the Sovereign Dail and Irish voters, like the ones who Clapped on Sunday for those that Assisted 2020 Police Political Coup.

Article 60 states Representative of Crown to be styled as Governor General as with Canada. His salary like Australia, will be charged to Freestate and house in Phoenix Park, remember we closed down Freestate so big refund to Dail overdue by 33 years. To calm Irish, the title later changed to President Higgins etc of Oireachtas Corporation NOT Dail. The position of President of Dail was Quietly changed to Taoiseach, NO jurisdiction to change. In 1989 I got Queen REPEAL 1922 Freestate, Sunday being ceremony to PRETEND Oireachtas Fraud, NOTHING to do with Dail Eireann which YOU vote for.

Article 61 says ALL revenues Freestate will form ONE fund to be used by judges and courts to impose rule by Freestate for Crown, like Present position where Irish homeless must sleep in a box but entire world is invited to be guests of Oireachtas all expenses included paid by homeless. Article 68 says, judges of Supreme, High, ALL courts are selected by Governor General, as today to support the UK Police takeover and Removal of Dail, as recently claimed Donelly can make OWN legislation, 159 TDs BANNED.

It also says Dail Eireann MUST remove judges for Mis behaviour, breaking statute laws, constitution, are NOT above the law. Article 18 ALL Oireachtas MUST be arrested for TREASON or crimes against public. Article 17, ALL registered members Oireachtas, swear oath to Crown and Freestate as members British Commonwealth, to PROTECT Crowns investments in Oireachtas Corporation like GSK mRNA. To sum up, we went from being Sovereign Dail 1918 to 6th December, 1922 to Collins IMPOSING 5th December, 1922 the Articles of ENSLAVEMENT you just read, we RETURNED to 2 Crown Colonies, PARTITIONED on religious SEGREGATION, all written in black and white, the MAGIC of the dusty bits of papers.

Collins letters, Instructions from Churchill used Crowns Mercenaries to REMOVE YOUR Freedom, killed ANY IRB politicians and, like Putin, helped FF Develara Partition 32 county Eire, split Irish and spill Irish blood for King to have his colony BACK, well done those that betrayed the 1916 on Sunday. I now move to the Written LAW evidence of the Northern Irish Police mercenaries and Schwab Young Leaders Tomorrow Coup in 2020 that Began in 1989, following Queen LOSING Her COLONY to avoid jail for Fraud.

Public MUST understand that YOU ALONE hold ALL the trump cards because the following crimes are ALL backed by public records and Archives and, the statute laws are ENTIRELY on YOUR side. In Simple terms, Oireachtas, courts service, Attorney Generals, DPP offices, police, doctors and priests are Fraudulent Corporations, with NO LAWFUL jurisdiction to REMOVE your rights, FORCE mRNA experiments. Under Irish law Oireachtas NEVER had Contract with Dail, it ONLY claimed 2 year Provisional Lease with a company called Freestate that Collins set up and 1918 to 1922 Dail NO jurisdiction to Contract as Proclamation says INDEFEASIBLE, INALIENABLE rights ONLY God can change.

Under English law, Oireachtas claimed UNLAWFUL Contract until 1989 when I got Queen to REPEAL it, to avoid Fraud per EU Courts and damage claims. For 33 years Oireachtas ENGAGED in Fraud and TREASON using UK police to SUBVERT Constitution of 1919 and 1916 Proclamation that Collins IGNORED. Much the Same story Pertains to Queens company courts service. In this case it was my Grandfather that stopped courts service in 1924 when he COMPLIED with Irish law and Refused 1924 Court Enactment Order.

I brought to public and Chief Justice attention the June 2021 letter from Attorney General, confirming he has NO 1924 Court Enactment Order. Also said courts LOST HARP in 1989, NO jurisdiction to use or hold public courts. Former Chief Justice Clarke took early RETIREMENT when I reminded him that in Supreme Court he set the precedent when he had to DISMISS case , when Victim asked him to present his license of 1924, UNABLE to do so. To have proceeded would be jail for chief justice as UNLAWFUL.

I also brought to chief justice that ONLY VALID Supreme and other courts are the 1920 Dai Eireann Courts my Grandfather set up. This license NOT EXTINGUISHED and held in TRUST for Next Generation by SUBSTITUTE President. I also brought to Chief Justice that it is called VESTED interest when a court is OWNER of private police. The Garda oath mu Grandfather set up is NOT the force court uses. Public registration records confirm the City of London Corporation, 8900534 is Private police, profits 709.02 million, NOT operating under oath but calling itself Garda.

Also brought to Chief Justice was Public Rte announcement by Harris that he ordered DPP to PRETEND 31A is law and Varadkar appointed its CEO Katherine Pierce to PRETEND he also can PRETEND he is excempt from law and can use Public position to DISGUISE as safe his PCR products etc, to assist sales. I also advised Chief Justice O Donnell that CCJ Court told Public on 26th January 2021 that DPP ordered UNLICENSED courts to PRETEND that 31A is law and, only accept FRAUDULENT police claims, DISCLAIMER states NOT guaranteed safe, so as said in court by A General, 31A is Personal Choice, NOT for judges to profit with police by holding Fraudulent cases to coerce public into dangerous experiments UNLICENSED.

I also advised O Donnell that Taoiseach, Varadkar appointed him despite former Justice Minister having held Dail vote to IMPEACH him for MIS behaviour and, outstanding summons for alleged crimes. It is reasonable REQUIREMENT I made to Chief Justice that he MUST dismiss ALL 31A charges as Attorney General AND SI instruments DISCLAIMER advise public that 31A CAN be ignored, I inderstand O Donnell is able to read the DISCLAIMER notice as NOT law on ALL 31A SI instruments.

It was also advised as UNLAWFUL for UNLICENSED court, which the LAW states, a Chief Justice with alleged criminal summons outstanding and, previous IMPEACHMENT proceedings to hear cases of 31A that he, police and writer A.General can read are NOT law just medical opinion by NON GP, against law. I think we will finish the Reasons for NOT committing FRAUD by Partaking in UNLICENSED courts. The Party served in 2013 the Vatican Governance MOTU PROPRIO to ALL BAR courts.

This IS highest Law document i WORLD higher than Queen, which I served upon her following HER closure of courts service in 1989, as her judges seem IGNORANT of the law. This document, which was AGAIN presented in 2021 at Dail, by myself and Dee Wall, on behalf Irish, to 160 TDs, was Again presented by myself PRIOR to 2020 Roll out, which sets 35 years jail for judges or court clerks attempting birth cert contracts on MAN ,WOMAN. It CLEARLY explains that in CIVIL cases, ie NO bodily harm, it is criminal offence for courts, police, to serve CIVIL summons to a birth certificate company and, PRETEND it is a MAN or WOMAN, to invite a FRAUD contract.

Public would be wise to check summons carefully as many police, judges are engaged in this type of FRAUD to effect UNLAWFUL fines to pay for their very high salaries. If it says, example, in BLOCK CAPITALS, MR JOHN EXAMPLE, it relates to birth certificate company, hospitals arrange for these companies unknown to parents for a fee of 2,000. In return for this fee, the Vatican then obtains OWNERSHIP of said company, the FRAUD by Irish courts is that they PRETEND the MAN in this case is the company but, in FACT the MAN is John Example, NO title Mr or block Capitals.

As such, the MAN should RETURN Fraud summons to clerk, called the Executor, trustee, who set it up and, advise of your fee for return and, advise that it belongs to Vatican Governance, NOT me, as I CANNOT partake in a FRAUD claiming ownership of a Vatican company. Many tears ago, the PARTY made representations to Vatican on behalf of Irish and had them issue 2013 Motu Proprio to PROTECT you from Fraud corporations, like courts service or Tusla.

I might just point out to public for your safety that you MUST ask first question if in court, WHAT IS THE CHARGE. When judge reads charge if NOT accept, you MUST say I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE CHARGE, you can ask those present to witness this. In language of court, this Means I DO NOT GIVE you jurisdiction to mediate, proceed on my behalf. If you say I UNDERSTAND, in court language it means you accept, give judge PERMISSION to start.

Many people UNAWARE, if you give judge permission, he ENTERS CONTRACT to Protect YOUR constitution rights as a MEDIATOR for example, if police, he must NOT allow police PRETEND you can be abused and rights ignored which is why thesde UNLICENSED judges like to appoint a solicitor to RE PRESENT you, I space the word because it means to represent your rights as being no rights. you are told only your solicitor can speak NOT you, his job would be to assist judge to IGNORE your rights and protect police crime, this is the condition of UNLICENSED courts today, career criminals. IN PART 3 I will move on to the Oireachtas fraud with regards appointments to positions to control and remove YOUR rights. Bye for now, thank you for all the kind messages to busy to reply to all.

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