Assistant Commissioner Patrick Clavin, Governance and Accountability, Garda Headquarters, Phoenix Park, Dublin 8, DO8 HN3X. Dear P Clavin, Ref Arrest Loraine Nolan 9th June, 2022

According my records I wrote to your office on 25th December, 2020 to report and seek prompt investigation of a Public crime, that had been announced by Stephen Donnelly on 24th December, 2020. I also informed the CEO of police, Drew Harris, the CEO of HSE, Paul Reid, the former CEO of Health gov Ireland, S Harris, that they could NOT assist Donnelly to engage in crime against old in care homes.

I explained that the above CEOs , 5 in number, were NOT GPs, like yourself and that their companies had CERTIFIED with VALID signatures, that mRNA was dangerous, NO proof it works, as 2 years experiment is described by both manufacturer and EMA. The regulator had confirmed in C851 and C852 that J and J, Pfizer were both dangerous, NOT guaranteed as Results AFTER 2 years, NOT BEFORE and, in C839 NO proof of virus or Pandemic exists, it NOT being possible have Pandemic on NO virus said HSE.

The EMA license confirmed UNABLE to guarantee SAFE until results in 2 years time, ANYONE taking as VOLUNTEER for genetic mRNA must sign NO liability, as 1,376 side effects including death. Also it stated ONLY Emergency use on CONDITION it is LAST RESORT if dying, NOT if healthy person as HSE stated healthy have 99.9 immune recovery, as HSE,CDC stated,if healthy from age 1 to 99 you need NO medication, so need to NOT take death risks of mRNA.

EMA also confirmed that ANY license MUST comply with Belmont Principle and Helsinki Declaration, that the Benefit MUST outweigh Risk, in this case Risk of death FAILS outweigh Benefit of 99.9 per cent immune recovery with NO medication required. In my letter to you, I informed you that I REQUIRED the 5 CEOs in written requests, that they MUST Comply with the EU Directives Public Health and 18 statute laws BANNING Public medical claims.

I explained to them and you, that I REQUIRED at least 3 months notice, that EU Directives REQUIRE them to give me , to obtain second medical opinion and law opinion, if it confirmed HSE C851,C852 position that mRNA is dangerous then I should REQUIRE adequate time to make removal arrangements and HPRA time seek injunction to ENFORCE its C851 and C852 to save lives. I explained to them that I could NOT consent to receive J and J, Pfizer or my friends in nursing homes, as Manufacturers, HSE, HPRA, their employers had stated in writing that product NOT tested and dangerous.

I also reminded them that they were NOT GPs , they stated their OWN opinions as NOT GPs and OPPOSITE of HSE, HPRA, EMA, J and J Pfizer and law PREVENTED them making Public medical claims. I REQUIRED THE 5 CEOs to NOT risk my life and friends in nursing homes, advised their 4 days Notice on Christmas Eve was NOT any notice as EVERYTHING closed, 3 months to obtain second opinion etc REQUIEMENT. I also served INJUNCTION on EMA and Donnelly that he must NOT break the law and Proceed with risking my friends lives, as NOT HIS to risk, until I and friends OBTAIN second opinion and CANCELLATION in courts obtained to STOP human experiments being Forced on old.

I advised Yourself and Commissioner Harris that I REQUIRED you both to ENFORCE Garda Act 2005 and EU Directives Public Health, to Protect myself and nursing home friends, from possible death from experiment that states NO liability if you VOLUNTEER to death. I note from public records, that you REFUSED to comply with Garda Act, 2005. You became, with Harris, liable for deaths, injuries to my friends and Fear ,Apprehension, section 12, Criminal Law Act 1976, which carries 5 years jail.

According to Your actions, you appear to have allowed death and injuries to Victims of J and J, now Withdrawn as causing such harms, which 5 CEOs CONCEALED from myself and friends.You also Refused the EU Directives to ALLOW the injured and deceased their LAWFUL right to obtain Qualified second opinion, as Donnelly stated OPPOSITE HSE and Regulator. You also PREVENTED relatives REMOVING to safety old NOW dead because police IMPRISONED them for UNLICENSED genetic experiment with risk death already stated by HSE and Regulated, this is called COLLUSION in Assisted Manslaughter.

At the time, you and Nolan were both aware that such collusion with Donnelly to Pervert justice and EU Directives was serious offence under Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, parts 3.1.7, I had provided you HSE, Regulator proof of medical Fraud for financial GAIN. Records confirm that YOU Neglected to instruct public, to assist Nolan CONCEAL the HSE, HPRA,EMA,Pfizer and J and J warnings, now WITHDRAWN as causing such harms, which 5 CEOs CONCEALED from myself and friends, resulting many deaths, injuries.

Records confirm I notified You BEFORE roll out that if you assisted Nolan to CONCEAL HER employer HPRA certified position, you would be liable to Victims of nursing home ABUSE under 1990 Criminal Justice Act, life sentence if deaths, which HSE have now listed. Records show I explained to you and Nolan, YOUR LAWFUL OBLIGATIONS,under 53 commitments Code of Ethics, Chapters 40.1,40.2 and 40.5, Reporting and PROMPT investigation of crime, I have your Signed Agreement to your company policy.

I note also that I listed charges by 5 CEOs additional to intent damage public health for personal profit. Offences were under Perjury Act 2021. Also S9 of NFOAP Act, 1997, and also section 10. Further offences under S 39 Domestic Violence Act,2018. Charges under sections 4 and 11 Advertising Acts, the CP Acts, 2004 and 2014. Offences under Assisted and PLANNED Manslaughter.

Further offences under EU Parliamentary Resolutions 2361 and 2071 sections 7.3.1 and 7.3.2 which FORBID Donnelly Forcing or Advising experiments, his employer and HSE C851 and C852 said dangerous to life. You were also aware on 25th December, 2020, of the Protection old residents in nursing homes have under Rules 6 and 4 of the Constitutional Declaration, 2016, whch I REQUIRED YOU and NOLAN to ENFORCE.

It states in Rule 6, that members of public NOT obliged COMPLY with UNLAWFUL, Unconstitutional or criminal directions from Garda, judges doctors or Donnelly injecting UNLICENSED mRNA BEFORE Victim can escape. Records confirm police broke Rule 6 and Assisted Manslaughter, you also appear to have Approved, even now ,2 years later you appear to Assist Manslaughter. Rule 4 states ANY Agent of state, Donnelly, Nolan or YOURSELF and Harris ,committing or Assisting death, injury by injection etc, ARE subject to prosecution in Personal Capacity.

I also advised you of the Criminal Law Act, 1997, sect 8.1 Concealing offences or Withholding information that could PREVENT death or injury from taking J and J etc, PRETENDING safe by CONCEALING Truth as Nolan publicly admitted to do. I refer to my letter to you, dated 15th January, 2021 when I reported Further criminal acts Publicly admitted by Lorraine Nolan CEO HPRA against her employer HPRA ,myself and public, including dead in nursing homes, when I alerted her in my letter to her about CONCEALMENT of public health warnings.

I supplied to YOU the evidence provided by Lorraine Nolan, which she supplied to myself and public and YOU, that she REMOVED EMA License Conditions, placed by EMA on twitter, so public would READ side effects of mRNA ,its biggest producer being Owner of twitter, Musk. She REMOVED EMA Conditions as stated by Emer Cooke, REPLACED the Dangers with HER OWN PERSONAL sales talk medical claim, it being OPPOSITE of HSE, HPRA C851 and C852 which AGREE with EMA that mRNA is dangerous, NOT safe.

On 21st December, 2020 and AGAIN on 6th January, 2021, Lorraine Nolan REMOVED twitter Warnings of EMA and got ,it seems, my twitter account closed by CEO of twitter, a long time employee at Garda HQ, transferred to CENSOR public free speech, they closed for ADVISING public that she CONCEALED said warnings to assist sale of twitter mRNA products.

Her EXACT words REPLACING warnings by EMA were GREAT product, side effects are MILD TEMPERATURE,PEOPLE FEEL BETTER WITHIN DAYS, the EMA report the 44,000 dead and over 4 million injured just in months in EU would NOT AGREE. She went on to state, NO lowering of the BAR, wearing masks, distancing, mRNA PCR is ESSENTIAL to life, HER EXACT words from the movie script. She FORGOT mention HPRA CERTIFIED evidence state their opinion as OPPOSITE and CDC told her in 2013 PCR UNABLE detect virus, WITHDRAWN as 97 per cent cases False positives and 95 per cent covid deaths FALSIFIED.

I have ALL her paperwork and twitter paperwork, which I sent her December, 2020, again on 6th June, 2021, again 7th November, 2021, Registered RL824310202IE, ALLA sent to EU court case being prepared that many dead in nursing homes because NOLAN hid the evidence with twitter to help twitter sell and force its mRNA on old people trapped by our caring police, I would NOT like to be them SOON.

Nolan also REMOVED EMA Conditions listing dangers and REPLACED with HER OWN PERSONAL sales talk with OPPOSITE her employers C851 and C852 warning mRNA is NOT safe as UNTESTED. She lied about PPE knowing her firm published its C846, C847, C850, C848, C849 and many others explaining ALL her PPE claims are NOT HPRA and absolute NONSENCE to sell medical for twitter and M. Lou investments.

Along with ABSOLUTE proof from her employer HPRA and HSE Records Management that she was Breaking HPRA position and assisting Paul Reid to also break HIS HSE position, I also sent copies of EMA stating NO Eire license exists. All this evidence sent BEFORE December, 2020 Roll out with EMA confirmation that J and J, Pfizer CANNOT comply with Belmont Principle and the Helsinki Declaration, hence NO license for Eire Manslaughter that police allowed happen in the UNFREE state set up FF 1922 TREASON, for which the day of reckoning is soon due, Queens colonial rule soon to END.

Helsinki Declaration is additional to Belmont Principle, which on instructions from Eire Sovereign President, William McGuire, I supplied to Nolan ,EMA etc. Under this International Law the license of EMA is NOT applicable, if as FOI confirmed, Pfizer, Gates, or Queens GSK are funding Rte, Prof O Neill and Queens company Crown Oireachtas. The SAME Ruling applies to UK, which I supplied to Boris Johnson, like Donnelly he appointed himself as DISTRIBUTOR of mRNA, its main shareholder being Queen, EU President Leyen and Twitter and China Communist Party. Boris consulted with Queen and had NO choice to LIFT lockdown, LIKEWISE,Queen instructed her Govenor General Higgins to arrange same. Law argument is simple, Boris CANNOT be seen to sell Queens products, law is indeed a Simple business.

Likewise application of law in Eire is also simple. The Crown being OWNER of Oireachtas and its MAIN sales rep O Neill appointed as New covid advisory group, public records reveal, he got 191,000 euros from Queens GSK and over 26 million from Pfizer and Ursula family business Biotech and China Party, so government ordered by Queen to sell her mRNA, again once people LEARN the law then they can be MASTERS own destiny.

Such Vested interests I and LAW REQUIRED Nolan to stop as Regulator job, NO license, NO safety but DEFINITE risk to now dead J and J . Instead Nolan ,assisted by police destroyed a generation of old people, they trusted police and priests and were betrayed by ALL but their sacrifice WILL NOT BE IN VAIN.

Before filing criminal charges against YOU I would be most grateful if you confirm EITHER that you refuse arrest Lorraine Nolan or that you are ABOUT to arrest her and 4 other CEOs stated. I would remind that over 5,000 sworn affidavits now collected that 5 CEOs and perhaps Yourself, pressured them into J and J experiment, some now dead because Nolan did NOT tell them it was NOT necessary and could kill or injure them.

It was LAWFUL matter to REQUIRE Crown UK and Crown Oireachtas to LIFT its restrictions which Nolan and police happily assisted, to INVENT FEAR to buy Crowns GSK mRNA products and REMOVE a Constitution, GOOD job my Grandfather wrote it as ONLY can be changed by God. It is also LAWFUL matter to REQUIRE Crowns UNLICENSE courts since 1924, when my Grandfather Refuse RENEW it, to instruct its registered company 89000354, private court security WRONGL called Garda, which my Grandfather set up under the Garda oath he wrote, they swear to uphold INALIENABLE and INDEFEASIBLE rights that ONLY God can change not a police commissioner. Yours sincerely,

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