Assistant Commissioner Patrick Clavin, Governance Accountability, Garda Headquarters, Phoenix Park, Dublin 8, DO8 HN3X. Dear Patrick Clavin, Ref Arrest Drew Harris 14th June, 2022.

I first contacted Drew Harris, Crowns MI5 operative, under official secrets Act of Queen, with regard police UNLAWFULLY holding old people in nursing homes, for 2 years experiment, injecting Queens mRNA products, she being Main shareholder, with EU Presidents husband, Heiko, his company Biotech in partnership with Pfizer and its Main shareholder, the Chinese Communist Party and Queen

I REQUIRED him, on instructions from Sovereign President McGuire, Keeper Sovereign Rights, to COMPLY with EU Directives Public Health, 2001 and HPRA regulator Enforcement request for C851,C852. I correctly stated his Imprisonment of Elderly was NOT LAWFUL as Donnelly, Taioseach, Reid and O Neill insisted on 2 years injection mRNA, to ALTER Gods genetic creation, Despite NO license and against HPRA regulator positon, as stated in Signed documents, very dangerous.

Also I advised Harris that EU Directives REQUIRE elderly receive minimum of 3 months notice to Obtain and COMPLY with EU Obligation, to get a second medical opinion, move out if as HSE, HPRA C851, C852 said , Dangerous. It was also explained to Harris with HSE, HPRA regulator documents, VALIDATED signatures by S Moore, Emer Kelly, that named parties were NOT allowed make Public medical claims, NOT allowed Force or imprison old for experiment. Attorney General and Judge Raymond Finnegan Cavan Court Ruling 2nd April, ref Mr Benson could NOT be detained under 31A regulations as NOT law, only unqualified medical advice, NO power to PRETEND old can be held for mRNA experiment.

I supplied sections 4 and 11, Advertising Acts, CP Acts 2007 and 2014 and 18 statute laws that REQUIRE Drew Harris to be arrested making public claims, NOT permitted and causing FEAR APPREHENSION of death from experiment HSE, HPRA said is dangerous. He was also advised that his imprisonment and Forcing medical genetic experiments, such as J AND J, which HSE Warned could and DID kill, or injure would cause Fear, Apprehension, under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976.

It was explained this Act meant 5 years in jail for him in his Personal Capacity, as His employer, Crowns Court told him in High Court, that police have NO power to break law, quoting 31A is NOT law said Court, police have NO power to over rule a court or Attorney General. Judge Raymond Finnegan Ruled similar on 2nd April at Cavan Court, he Ruled Mr Benson was denied his Constitutional rights to NOT be detained by Garda claiming 31A law when NOT law, Commissioner had NO power imprison and force mRNA on old, some now dead thanks to crimes by D Harris.

I also advised Harris that he faced jail for making Public medical claims that masks , distancing, mRNA, lockdowns etc are ESSENTIAL to life. I supplied HSE CERTIFIED proof he was wrong, that he LIED to control and FORCE experiments, aware he is NOT GP, NOT allowed make Public medical claims to USE products, procedures HSE,HPRA CERTIFIED as dangerous. I also sent Harris CERTIFIED USA,UK Governments deaths and injuries, that Proved O Neills claims as safe, approved cure for covid, NOT YET found as HSE said in C839 to be FAKE and dangerous, a clear attempt to cause Fear to sell mRNA.

Five months later, I again wrote to Drew Harris, 25th MAY, 2021, as Still NO reply. I informed him this my 16th letter, that Many of the old, HE imprisoned in care homes were now dead or badly injured, from mRNA experiment he Assisted Donnelly to Force by REFUSING Removal application EU Directives Public Health, he chose to Ignore HPRA and EU Directives and believe Donnelly with NO medical qualifications.

I also sent 16 studies of mask damage causing plastic fibres in lings of police, old, school children and ,Brain damage from bacteria and viral infections, incubated in masks worn by his police. I also reported the 20 per cent oxygen reduction and 40 per cent increase in carbon damage causing respiratory and brain damage in police. I also reported videos etc, of old attacked, kidnapped, arrested ,tortured in police cells, for Complying with section 296 of 31A, that says they must NOT wear masks if feeling stress, in shops, buses, trains, courts, police stations, churches etc, he showed Contempt for old as for those HE FORCED to be experimented upon in nursing homes.

I also reported video of Prof O Neill on Rte, which he has done again on June 2022 video, explaining masks as useless and dangerous a spore being 1,000 Times SMALLER than air hole in a mask, even a policeman understands SIMPLE FACT, UNABLE to TRAP spores or stop going in or out, shameful police not able to show some brain. court evidence proves court used police to Kidnap old it abused, to court for more abuse and to steal money in fines for being Assaulted by Private police thugs, Refusing Garda oath.

At these courts, NO license since my Grandfather Refused Renew as CLEARLY a criminal gang, Queens judges Refused judicial oath, my Grandfather wrote, oath to Protect old assaulted by police for attempting Force old to break section 296 of 31A NOT law, Fraudulently collected fines to cause Fear and enrich themselves from crime. My 25th May, 2021 letter also asked him to confirm if he committed Perjury, when he Publicly made medical claim that if I buy 9 euro meal I will obtain 115 minutes covid, NOT found yet, guarantee it will NOT come. I also asked him confirm his medical claims that virus ONLY attacks Southern churches it will NOT attack Northern Catholic churches he claims.

He also claimed virus attacks restaurants after 11pm like Dracula but, if TDs, judges attend Golf club parties they get Strange immunity from virus NOT yet found. This is why LAW says NON GPs face jail for making public medical claims that Kill and injure old. He also claimed as NON GP that virus ONLY attacks Small shops, does NOT like Big shops and ONLY some, religious faiths are attacked, HIS virus appears to like Muslims said media. Dr Glynn wrote confirming Harris made UP PERSONAL medical claims, called FRAUD and many small pubs destroyed now seek compensation from Harris for telling LIES.

I asked him to explain HOW virus did NOT attack police in first 8 months of NOT wearing masks as Dr Glynn confirmed NO mutation in virus NOT yet found, HSEC848,C849 said masks dangerous, useless like the NOT yet virus disappearing when Ukraine war diversion arrived to hide how smart police in masks are.

My first reply was NOT from Harris, it was from Ken Fegan Ombudsman, dated 18th June, 2021, GSOC ref 2102180621, it stated UNKOWN person forwarded my May letter to Harris to them, NOTHING about Previous 6 months of Assisted Manslaughter. It made NO reference to my letter of 25th December,2020 and said UNKNOWNperson informed them I asked investigation of Drew Harris, alleged Fraudulent acts causing public injuries. This Fegan of Ombudsman, went on to state that before deciding to proceed, I must send him details of complaint which he said HE ALREADY had read. He says I enclosed correspondence sent to Harris, did NOT say WHY he opened it, asked did I send correspondence to Harris which he claimed to have read ALREADY, hence his letter. I think he must have been wearing his mask.

I replied at once to Fegan, 7th July, 2021, Registered RL824310247IE. In my letter, I correctly stated that I did NOT write to Ombudsman, that Ombudsman informed me I had written to Harris, NOT to Ombudsman. I explained that it would be Criminal offence for me to ask Ombudsman investigate and, Criminal offence for Ombudsman to attempt cover up of Crimes, CLEARLY described as Personal Capacity of Drew Harris, NOT under his oath, committing crimes in his Personal Capacity as his firm told him NO power to IMPRISON old for mRNA experiment.

I explained Fegan attempt to set up a contract between himself and I would in Law be Fraud. I stated Parts 7C, E and F of Garda Act, 2005, state police NOT Ombudsman investigate crime, bring criminals to justice, that Assisted Manslaughter of old and Human experiments. I asked Fegan to confirm he UNDERSTANDS sections 5A, 5B of Garda Act, NO rank including Commissioner can Break Garda Oath or REQUIRE a Garda to Break or ASK Ombudsman to PREVENT VICTIM of Garda crime seeking Prosecution and damages, particularly as so many old are dead or injured by Harris breaking laws.

I stated Article 13 of ECHR, Article 47 EU Charter Rights. Article 8 of UDHR and Article 2.3 of ICCPR which offer me Protection to complain violations rights, against Drew Harris in his Personal Capacity, he publicly committed TREASON, Perjury, NOT his company called 89000534, it is a Piece of paper with NO ability to do ANYTHING, other than employ him to uphold oath, which he refused to do. I reminded Fegan of Article 34.6.1 Constitution. Any judge Breaking Constitution law is liable in Personal Capacity. Also Article 40.1 ALL government Agents, including police Commisioner, Breaking oath ARE LIABLE in Personal Capacity, to 10 years jail, him NOT 89000534.

I also cautioned Fegan that his attempt to interfere with legitimate investigation of Harris in his personal capacity, IS SERIOUS offense under Criminal Justice Act, 1999, section 41.1. Also Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, section 3.1.7. I correctly supplied copy of evidence sent almost 8 months ago to Harris in his personal capacity, NOT to Fegan etc. I sent to Ombudsman WITHOUT PREJUDICE for information and Manners, Stated you MUST RETURN to Harris, ANY Ombudsman interference DECLINED as it would be consenting to Fraud.

I also reported, for information ONLY, the PLANNED ambush by Courts, first reported to Harris on 4th February, 2021, where it used its Private police force to attack INVITED guests to a 4 courts case. Court INVITED guests on 20th January, 2021, case no 2020271J1. I was invited to said case as political party observer, I and a guest D Webster was invited to attend. Courts police Broke Article 34 and refused entry after long journey. Police instructed me and others to stay on pavement until court Ruling is announced.

While on Public path, as instructed by police they next ordered Riot squad to attack old women for Rte film crew, to make a FEAR message that Constitution is removed. Dee had broken arm from attack, instead of brought to hospital, she was arrested, tortured in jail for COMPLYING with police and Attorney General instructions. To public shock, many other GUESTS INVITED to court police TRAP for Rte movie, were also arrested, kidnapped to CCJ court WITHOUT contract, Forced to take medical products on orders from UNLICENSED judges, as VICTIMS of police crimes. Judges refused their oaths, covered up police crime and Fined police Victims.

Despite all this hard work , I recieved NO reply from Drew Harris. Instead I receivedFurther Fraudulent crimes from Ombudsman, with different name, Collete Cushen, dated 27th October, 2021, with Same GSOC ref., in an attempted cover up, stating crime is OK and encouraged by Ombudsman. So 11 months after initial crimes by Harris in personal capacity, Breaking his company oath, holding hostage in homes for mRNA J and J 2 years experiment, now Withdrawn due to deaths, injuries, I get this cover up, to justify Assisted Manslaughter by Harris causing many deaths injuries, he knew would be result.

Ombudsman inform me that, despite NO jurisdiction they have decided following. They state NO Garda misconduct, NO offences or breaches of discipline have been disclosed, NO action to be taken. Law confirms a Garda is a term, a piece of Paper NOT capable committing ANYTHING. Law also confirms I did NOT ask Ombudsman investigate ANYTHING , I asked a MAN called Drew Harris to explain why he broke his employer position, to NOT assist Manslaughter and what was he going to do to release HIS Victims.

Ombudsman claim that Assisted Manslaughter, kidnap, to FORCE genetic experiment with NO license, that Killed, injured old. Contempt of High Court. Violation 18 statute laws, making Fraudulent medical claims. Refusal to comply with EU Directives Public Health, closing pubs on False medical claims, banning religion and travel when passport, Attorney GENERAL and Cavan Court ruling 2nd April, ref Mr Benson, Clearly tell Ombudsman that 31A is NOT law. Ombudsman says ALL these crimes, confirmed by Attorney General are, according Ombudsman, very GOOD behaviour and Fine example of a criminal gangs view of the public, who pay their wages. It is wise that the New government WILL be closing Ombudsman and arresting many of its corrupt staff.

It is GOOD thing that Drew Harris and ACCOUNTABILITY Governance signed BINDING document, THE RIGHT THING FOR THE RIGHT REASON, I already sent you a copy of your AGREEMENT, so you will know what to do. As you understand, you ARE REQUIRED by law to address Garda corruption, oppose unprofessional ,unethical corrupt Garda behaviour, Protect Garda Integrity, Restore Public Confidence.

LAW REQUIRED Harris to allow old the minimum 3 months to find out if HSE,HPRA C851,C852 was correct, that mRNA is experiment that might kill, instead Harris Forced old to die from J and J, assisted deaths and obtained 1,000 euros overtime each week for police to PRETEND 31A was law, to buy thugs. LAW REQUIRES Harris to NOT employ Ombudsman to break Criminal Justice Corruption Offences Act, 2018, section 9 the creating and Using of Misleading documents, stating Manslaughter is GOOD behaviour.

Law REQUIRES you to now investigate Harris refusal to comply with my Lawful REQUIREMENT, that on 25th December, 2020 he arrested Donnelly and RELEASED old, many now dead due to HIS imprisonment. EU Directives Public Health BAN such UNLAWFUL detention of old, he broke the law and caused much death, injury, when NO loss would have occurred if law NOT broken.

Law also REQUIRES that you arrest K. Fegan, Colette Cushen under statute laws quoted for, by THEIR OWN admission, having attempted cover up of crimes over 18 months, having assisted Manslaughter. I trust it is NOT your intention to also assist cover up of said crimes. I shall await your written instructions as to your plans to restore public confidence in Garda Integrity and arrests to stop further loss of life. Yours sincerely,

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