LAWS THAT PROTECT THE PUBLIC. Letter to Attorney General, 30th, May,2022.

Dear Paul Gallagher, Ref Medical Fraud, TREASON

On 25th December 2020, you were REQUIRED to take action against Stephen Donnelly to save public lives and Subversion of Constitution by GSK ,Pfizer mRNA products, Crowns Oireachtas being MAIN sales Agent as its OWNER the Queen is with EU President Ursala the MAIN shareholders of GSK, mRNA products. Said REQUIREMENT under Article 30 of the Constitution, which states your office Function, as INDEPENDENT Body to Protect public rights and Constitution from Government or its Agents who Break Constitution.

You were also reminded that if you NEGLECT or CONCEAL public health information to Assist Medical Fraud etc, you face LIFE imprisonment, under 1990 Criminal Justice Act. It is the job of the President of the Third House of Parliament, SOVEREIGN President, William McGuire to Protect SOVEREIGN rights including medical, religious, law. He has instructed me to write with regards serious SUBVERSION of Constitution. At the same time, 25th December, 2020 the peoples party ireland, on behalf of its members and I, as a Registered FREEMAN, NOT subject Oireachtas, wrote to SERVE NOTICE of criminal activity by Donnelly and others per their public actions.

On 24th December, 2020 Donnelly announced to public that on 28th December, 2020 he WOULD start injecting ALL old people in nursing homes with a vaccine, safe, tested, approved by Regulators, NOT experiment, definite cure he made medical claim to public, per national newspapers, NO side effects such as death said HE. At once the SOVEREIGN President and the peoples party ireland served following injunction to suspend EXPERIMENT as Regulator HPRA did NOT approve and HSE RECORDS MANAGEMENT did NOT approve and Irish Constitution did NOT allow.

Donnelly was informed that 3 days Notice at Christmas closure was NOT reasonable time for families to REMOVE parents from Nursing Homes or time to Obtain second opinion, which IS REQUIRED to be given as LAW , under EU European Directives and serious criminal offence to deny such right which Donnelly took great pleasure in denying said Public rights. Donnelly was advised that MAIN beneficiaries of mRNA and GSK products was its MAIN shareholder, the Crown and EU President Ursala Leyen, her husbands company being MAIN producer along with Elun Musk, of twitter, it is clear said parties using company position of Trust to EXPLOIT the Irish public for personal gains.

Donnelly was aware that Queens Govenor General, Higgins, had appointed Queens MI5 police chief Drew Harris, to assist Queens company, courts service, it being registered owner of police, to sell mRNA experiment. Higgins had also appointed S Harris and Donelley as Health Ministers with NO medical qualifications, to obtain NO medical objections and Justice Minister McEntee with NO qualifications as court officer or solicitor to obtain NO legal objections, a YES person. Higgins also appointed prof O Neill, paid 191,000 euros from GSK, over 26 million from Pfizer to Assist Holohan sell GSK, as had been done with GSK swine flu injection, withdrawn as causing deaths like J and J both sold by Holohan ,O Neill as ESSENTIAL to life and side effects concealed as likely save public from taking.

You were also reminded that by law, Higgins REQUIRED to call FRESH election April 17th, 2020 after EXPIRY of 90 day legal REQUIREMENT formation of coalition was due. In order to assist Crown Higgins and their plan to use FG to sell mRNA for GSK, WHO General Tedros FRAUDULENTLY made claim of New virus with ZERO immune recovery to cause FEAR, DESPITE both CDC and HSE C839 confirming NO virus Found yet, WHO had NO evidence of virus on 3.3.2020, again confirmed in 2022 by CDC and HSE, lie to sell.

Using this FEAR, Simon Harris on Higgins Directions called Pandemic, similar UK so Northern Ireland could be included, on 9.3.2020, ten days later Tedros said 99.9 per cent immune recovery. UK responded by DECLASSIFYING covid to NO longer High Consequence, Harris did NOT and PRETENDED High Consequence, using Rte O Neill TV show to claim risk based on His model which he said was UNTESTED as NO virus found to test it with. Pandemic called on NO virus found in 2 years and based on PCR tests Varadkar bought in 2018 clearly marked UNABLE detect virus. As planned by Higgins and Harris, instead of April 2020 election they entered into SECRET political coup to sell GSK mRNA with ALL Oireachtas parties including SF and PBP, they took the 30 pieces of silver to provide NO opposition to medical fraud.

Donnelley and Attorney General presented with CERTIFIED documents, VALLIDATED by signatures S Moore, Emer Kelly of HSE and Regulator HPRA position, C851,C852, says proof mRNA NOT safe, NOT works. Donnelly also advised that Attorney General or ANYONE writing 31A regulations Would face jail, as statute laws do NOT allow ANYONE , including GP, to make public medical claims. It would be both UNLAWFUL and medically impossible to pass a law or make medical claim that mask, injection NOT tested is CURE for EVERYONE as NOT everyones medical conditions known to said claim and in this case 2 years BEFORE results known. Donnelly Fully understood it is jailable offence to claim he has authority to inject Old or Young, or in his statements EVERYONE with product he called vaccine but, MANUFACTURER said NOT.

Public records confirm that Donnelly Assisted the sales company that FG set up called Nphet. Fully assisted gov Ireland NON medical company to print FRADULENT Yellow covid sales ads. These Yellow Fraud sales signs were NOT VALLIDATED by ANY signature and stated OPPOSITE of the HSE, HPRA medical advice, which WAS VALLIDATED by signatures S Moore, Emer Kelly. HPRA is regulator, NOT gov Ireland and it stated in C851,C852, that Donnelly FULLY understood the J and J he insisted giving was in HPRA opinion, NOT safe, NOT guaranteed, very dangerous,FULLY understood NOT GP ,NOT allowed make claims.

Donnelly and Attorney General recieved copy of this HPRA position that Donnelly and HSE CEO Paul Reid was KNOWINGLY selling J and J likely to kill, BEFORE roll out began. Donnelley , Attorney General FULLY aware, as the party AGAIN reminded on 6th January, 2021, that they were going to kill people with J and J and I sent EMA license and Pfizer papers. BEFORE roll out, Donnelly, Attorney General received from me Pfizer third stage papers that NO tests done on Pregnant women, as NOT possible, so must NOT be given Pregnant women to Avoid deaths, yet they INSISTED very good for baby.

Donnelly , Attorney General also recieved Pfizer allergy warnings, NOT to be given if allergy or on medication, MUST have allergy test. They also received USA, UK government death, injuries figures. Donnelly also received with A General, a list of 1,376 injuries, including death, blindness, blood clots, blackouts, etc. Party placed EMA license conditions on twitter as Emer Cooke wrote them. To conceal the truth, Donnelly got it seems, HPRA CEO Loraine Nolan to replace the EMA license description conditions with HER PERSONAL view, she stated safe,definite cure, NOT experiment NO side effects except slight headache gone in hours, despite her company HPRA stating in c851,C852 NO proof works, much proof very dangerous.

She was joined in this message by HSE CEO Paul Reid, they both, against the law as NOT GP, claimed NOT experiment, safe , NO side effects, proven cure, masks , distance, lockdowns Essential to life. Like A General, Donnelly, I also sent them THEIR companies evidence that they committed Fraud. HSE C848, C849 masks useless and dangerous. C839 NO proof virus. HSE, HPRA C851, C852 mRNA NO proof works but proof dangerous. HSE C846, C847 general and elderly lockdowns useless.C850 social distance useless.

EMA license conditions on twitter, until they replaced with L Nolan Personal opinion state Emergency use ONLY if dying, NOT if 99.9 per cent immune recovery. EMA and Pfizer, J and J etc confirmed NOT approved safe V, approved 2 year genetic mRNA experiment mechanical device, NEVER used so NO liability as Result in 2 years time, NOT BEFORE. EMA , whom I am taking to court, confirm license description states CANNOT be given UNLESS Emergency of dying and VOLUNTEER MUST recieve book explaining NO liability as you VOLUNTEER for possible death.

I supplied to A General and Donnelly the sales Fraud of Paul Reid, Loraine Nolan on 6th Jan 2021. Twitter REMOVED my notification of license description as dangerous to public and closed my account, many people took J and J because twitter said public at risk of avoiding death if they read the risks. Reid , Nolan, Donnelly for over a year continued Mis lead public and A General allowed them PRETEND 31A regulations were law and correct HSE advice, when in FACT regulations are written advice from sales reps selling products they know as experimental and dangerous, A General claims he broke law writing medical advice.

I continued bringing this Fraud to ATTORNEY General that he appears to be assisting NON medical Donnelly to kill or injure people and listed the statute laws, both are breaking. A General fully aware that HSE CERTIFIED position is OPPOSITE of 31A regulations, written to sell mRNA based on PCR kits Varadkar bought in2018 as UNABLE to detect virus. A General fully aware that HSE confirmed as CDC also did, that if healthy young or 90 years OLD you have 99.9 per cent immune recovery, FULLY aware of HSE figures that 5.6flu deaths, ONLY 0.2 per cent covid deaths and 97 per cent deaths were Falsified as covid.

As a result of continuous exposure by the peoples party ireland and SOVEREIGN President, to prevent himself going to jail the A General in 2020, explained to courts, police ,public, 31A is NOT law. Paragraph 161 explained A General, ALL 31A travel and medical advice is NOT law, NOT HSE medical advice, NOT guaranteed as safe, if it was the dead people would be suing him, so NO one can PRETEND NOT LAW IS LAW. For 2 years, A General HAS allowed DPP, Police, Rte, Doctors to PRETEND 31A as if law, to FILL courts for profits, Force dangerous medical experiments, Pfizer J and J said can kill.

For 2 years the Queens courts, used Queens police to Force mRNA 2 years experiment, to sell Queens GSK products for profit and make profits for Queens judges PRETENDING 31A was law. All these cases prosecuted in name of A General who broke law writing medical claims, then prosecuted people for following HIS DIRECTIONS in Queens High Court, that 31A is NOT law. Records confirm that many people Now dead or injured from Withdrawn J and J that A General and Donnelly KNEW could kill and, have NOT helped Victims taking THEIR advice which law said they CANNOT give.

If A General does NOT stop Donnelly, Reid, Nolan etc from continuing 2 year experiment that EMA say 44,000 dead, over 4 million injured in EU, yet Donnelly insists safe, then he will be long time in jail says law. The new government on the way Has provided A General the Evidence BEFORE roll out, that Crown corporations companies, FF, FG, SF, Greens,PBP have colluded with GSK for financial gains. It would appear that writer of 31A medical advice has colluded with Justice Minister McEntee, to SUBVERT Constitution and subject Irish to Queens GSK mRNA as with swine flu product.

I write to inform that I am now pressing criminal charges against you at Garda HQ, for causing FEAR, APPREHENSION, under section 12, Criminal Law Act ,1976, also 1990 Criminal Justice Act. I would remind that over 5,000 sworn affidavits on the way, against army of Managers who PRETENDED 31A was law and used job blackmail to Force medical experiments. Many of thes applicants will be pressing charges in the Personal capacity of the employers, whom were NOT complying with HSE CERTIFIED position and statute laws.

I would remind you of Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, parts 3.1.7. collusion pervert justice and assist courts, DPP, police to make profits from medical Fraud and assist production of Fear. I remind you of Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, sections 6,9,25,27,and 29, creating False instrument 31A, to invent purpose for filling UNLICENSED courts, to sell GSK and claim fines from Victims of police assault.

Yours sincerely,

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