MANIFESTO Part 8 How to return to people rule

As has been explained in Party MANIFESTO the New Eire SOVEREIGN Government will, in line with International law, Serve notice on EU, that the Un ratified EEC,EU Treaties will be Terminated. Sovereign President, William McGuire, Keeper of Sovereign Seals, 1916 Proclamation, 1919 Constitution, GAA medals,Tricolour flag, held in Trust for people of Eire has asked me to explain EU Fraud. The EU Treaties were signed by Crown Corporation Oireachtas, this Corporation swears oath to the 1919 Constitution and 1916 Proclamation, written by my Grandfather and Adopted in 1922 Adoption Act as NO New constitution can Amend 1919 Constitution, ONLY GOD can.

At the time of treaties to become Valid the Keeper of Seal ,Sovereign President could ONLY ratify if NO amendment changed EXISTING Constitution as ONLY GOD can amend INALIENABLE rights, so he REFUSED ratify. The Foundation documents CLEARLY state in 1916 Proclamation and 1919 Constitution that the treaty in 6TH December, 1921 could NOT SURRENDER SOVEREIGN rights, subject Eire and Catholic church to Protestant Crown Corporation, as attempted by FF coup in 1922. This Constitution can ONLY be Amended, per Article 1 by GOD. Clearly states NO GENERATION of people, referendum, Taioseach or President can Surrender rights, religion, experiment etc. It was written in the ULSTER Tradition of leaving NO doors OPEN, centuries of fighting in Highlands of Scotland with Our cousins thought us NO man can be Trusted to DECIDE rights so WE LEFT IT TO GOD TO DISCUSS.

So as you can see, SOVEREIGN President McGuire and each generation of Irish hold Constitution in TRUST for NEXT generation, they have NO power to speak for GOD. The Constitution and Proclamation does NOT permit joining EU, WHO, UNITED Nations etc because they subvert SOVEREIGNITY. The EU is arranged as 3 separate units, 2 have NO power and the third has ALL the power and is SECRET gang of 28 people who decide YOUR future NOT you.

For decades, as in 1922 TREASON, FF and Rte MIS informed arrangement of EU. Irish were told they Elect MEPs to a Parliament to make and Pas laws for your best interests. You were NOT told that this Parliament CANNOT suggest laws, CANNOT make laws only Pass but NOT become laws. It can ONLY discuss laws and PRETEND it makes law. CANNOT interfere or suggest laws on ANY BUDGET policy, ONLY the 27 ministers and President, Charles Michel get to spend the money. It is Parliament with NO POWER, just movie show and Promotion prospects for FAILED TDs or trouble makers in Eire. The second Parliament is called EU Commission, its President, Ursala von der leyen is Fall guy when things go wrong.

EU Commission can Suggest legislation, can Pass laws but CANNOT make them into law and CANNOT suggest or interfere with Budget policy, it IS ONLY third Parliament called COUNCIL of Europe that MAKES law and Decides Budget spend on WHAT EVER THEY LIKE, for example Ukraine War you have NO say. This gang is 27 leaders of states and President Charles Michel. So you BUY 28 people, you CONTROL 500 MILLION people. It is like Dail Cabinet, you have NO say, it is exciting world as people wake up to the SECRET gangs and we are coming for THEM, so be warned good times AHEAD. The PARLIAMENT President, Mr Robert Metsola, NO power, Commission President URSALA Leyen ALMOST NO power. So like the WHO, the 28 could be viewed as UN ELECTED, Now you get it.

You did NOT elect Taioseach Martin to be SOLE voice for EIRE, you instead THOUGHT you elected MEPs to be Voice for Eire. Now you begin to understand why Martin acts as a Puppet. The MEPs know they TRICK you but so long as they get the 30 pieces of silver that is fine with them and SAME with 160 TDs ,60 Senators, all in Crown Corporation gang. But their is a silver lining called law. It is that Taioseach Martin and COUNCIL Europe President Charles MAIN FUNCTION IS to observe and PROTECT my Grandads Foundation documents they swear oath to do, once you learn this then YOU HAVE THE POWER to place in jail for breaking YOUR Constitution.

Be of good cheer Irish people, since beginning of history, the RED HAND of ULSTER has Protected the HARP. We KNEW in both 1922 and 2022 the GAMES of old City of London were playing. An ULSTERMAN Knows how to keep his enemies close until he is ready to take them down. We Knew modern S Fein were blackmailed by old Drew but we let them make fools of themselves. ULSTER has always been North of South, we look to Bonny Scotland and Honour William Wallace but we ALSO look out for our SOUTHERN cousins, he that plays BOTH sides of the fence ALWAYS wins.

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