MANIFESTO Part 7 How to return to people rule

Some people would ask why so much effort is put into stating laws broken and proof. In 1918 to 1922 the SOVEREIGN Dail Eireann was set up to serve people, NOT Kings or companies. People like my Grandfather gave you the laws to PROTECT YOUR SOVEREIGN Rights from Irish people, foreign governments, judges etc. He wrote the Proclamation and Constitution as SUBJECT only to GOD,NOT courts. History has taught us that in 1918 to 1922 ONLY the writers Understood the SECRET of the words,RIGHTS ONLY AMMENDED BY GOD. NO judge can claim to be GOD. In 1922 FF, FG, SF did NOT understand the GOD position. In 1922 FF,FG,SF, had NO authority to REPLACE SOVEREIGN Dail Eireann with a Corporation called Oireachtas for King George V 26 county COLONY,and 6 county Partition, Segregation of Protestants, like Eastern Ukraine.

To gain International recognition, as Vatican already recognised 1918 SOVEREIGN Dail and Annointed our SOVEREIGN President to lifetime position,FF,FG passed the 1922 Adoption Act, and the 1919 Constition was Adopted as NO other Constitution could Lawfully AMMEND it. Like the people,FF,FG, SF etc in 1922 FAILED to understand the Meaning of the 1922 Act but, for future records, my Grandfathers words WERE clear. Since 1922 to the present, the Royal Dail swears oath to the 1919 Constitution. Foundation state documents are 3 items of law. The Tricolour flag, 1916 Proclamation, 1919 Constitution Adopted in 1922. I would explain the MAGIC, as my Grandfather explained it to me when I was a boy.

In earlier Parts 1 to 6 I have explained the Articles that PROTECT YOU and Your religion, the MAGIC is it states, NO ELECTORATE CAN SURRENDER INDEPENDENCE RIGHTS as ONLY GOD CAN REMOVE ,so NO discussion IS oath sworn. Since 1919 NO MAN can change ONLY GOD . No other constitution has those words, that is WHY King wanted FF betray the people by coup to move to Corporation, YOU HAVE IT IN ONE, we intend to MOVE BACK to PEOPLE RULE. He KNEW that in an Evil world you could NOT leave the door open by allowing Man to discuss rights, so he CLOSED the door by stating that ONLY GOD can discuss Natural rights. UNLESS Higgins or McEntee are GOD, there can be NO discussion.

My Grandfather knew Great people like Gandhi, Mandela etc. Many world leaders followed his SOVEREIGN Eire government 1918 to 1922. He entertained them ALL, he helped the world break FREE from City of London Corporation. My Grandfather also wrote the Garda oath. He set up this force to Uphold and PROTECT YOUR Proclamation and 1919 Constitution from the Oireachtas Crown Corporation, and he placed INALIENABLE rights as police job, NOT to Remove. Just as in 1922 FF, FG, held SECRET Cabinet meetings in March, 2020 to IMPOSE for Crown interests, the mRNA EXPERIMENT, removal of Constitution, and subordination of Catholic church to the Prostestant Queen.

I have listed the Acts and laws dating back to 1918 to show HOW EASY it is for 90 TDs , a majority , to VOTE CLOSURE of Crown Corporation and, RETURN to SOVEREIGN Dail Eireann, an oath Oireachtas TDs swear oath to. To further explain the importance of Always stating the law or proof I might use, for example , the mask and mRNA HSE medical position and the Yellow covid adverts I forced NPHET to remove. I must have placed on twitter etc, the CERTIFIED documents, C848, NO proof masks work and C849 proof masks Dangerous, dated 2020. As the word CERTIFIED means, these HBE, HPRA proof carry signatures of S Moore, Emer Kelly, to VALIDATE them, so jail if they LIE.

In law it Means the Yellow coloured covid adverts tell you masks are safe, Not dangerous, carry NO signature because HSE document state they ARE useless, and C849 state they ARE dangerous. Yellow adverts ARE FRAUD and would mean jail if you VALIDATED with a signature. An example of Yellow advert with NO signature just says government Ireland, which is NOT a medical company, would be like me putting a Yellow ad stating smoking IS good for you. I cannot be sued for FAKE medical claim because their is NO signature by me. The Same applies to HSE CERTIFIED documents C851 NO proof mRNA works and C852 proof mRNA is dangerous, and EMA figures of 40,000 DEAD and over 4 million injured in the EU, only months into 2 years EXPERIMENT. HSE CERTIFIED these documents BEFORE roll out of mRNA.

As just stated, I have NOT given my Personal opinion, I have just stated CERTIFIED HSE expert opinion, that for over 2 years Rte gave you Sales talk of company called government Ireland, NOT HSE advice. All media laws and statutes state I am allowed to state HSE CERTIFIED Management Records position. In law it is called Constructive Criticism NOT conspiracy theory which Rte call it. I publicly presented to ALL 160 TDs,60 Senators, main media and church and medicals with this HSE, HPRA,EMA,Pfizer proof in order to ESTABLISH RECORDS of crimes by the above, FOR PUBLIC USE. It is now public record that ANY judge, policeman, priest, doctor , nurse, media etc that called or concealed HSE CERTIFIED position FAKE and REPLACED with government Ireland sales ads ARE criminals, facing Jail.

It is public record that most judges, police whom YOU PAID to UPHOLD laws I listed, which means a prison sentence if a NON GP gives or assists the forcing of medical products or procedures, publicly confessed to NOT protecting you. Much work has been done on YOUR behalf at my expense to give you ABSOLUTE proof that TDs appointed judges to a foreign owned company , called courts service,which in turn, is the registered Owner of the police. You people who pay police and judges who you thought protect you, now learn through reading law,that courts employ DPP, police to Fill courts with taxpayers, who DPP fine and Abuse and force medical experiments upon you and your children. You also begin to learn that if you can read words, then it is in your BEST interests to switch off Rte and use the time to read the letters simple words, for 2 YEARS ,DPP, police and judges LIED , abused public trust.

People like Pat Kenny, Donnelly etc with NO medical qualifications, told you the mRNA sales scripts of government Ireland, NOT HSE CERETIFIED. They confess to telling you DEATH, injury IS good for you. Not one of 160 TDs , 60 Senators, GPs , priests etc quoted the HSE CERTIFIED position. For 30 pieces of silver, they sold you Rte sales talk while they DROWNED in the OCEAN of evidence I sent them. Soon people of Eire will see as I do, that 160 TDs, 60 Senators etc MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for the movie show THEY made and used tax payers money, using the statute laws they broke. I have seen with HORROR , parents sending children to school wearing masks and injected with an mRNA that the MANUFACTURERS told them is a 2 years EXPERIMENT BEFORE results are known

I have seen people like Prof O Neill confessing to Kenny on Newstalk as to the safety of mRNA, in which I have on recorded video his words, WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTI PEOPLE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS, which IS the meaning of guinea pigs, for 30 pieces of silver he Destroyed your lives. Then we see these SAME people INSIST, even though law forbids it, that children with 99 per cent immune recovery which HSE state if healthy, Also old if healthy, badly need to be guinea pigs , risk death injury, so sales reps get rich. Then we see priests ,GPs, and media also take 30 pieces of silver, ignore HSE CERTIFIED FACTS and statute laws. People begin to learn they CANNOT trust these criminals, but they can trust CERTIFIED laws which are FACTS.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that parents did NOT spare a few moments to SEPARATE sales talk from CERTIFIED documents. I have learned how SMART 1918 SOVEREIGN words are, NO electorate can vote to REMOVE GODs rights, unless you can prove you are GOD then NO discussion. In that simple lesson we have learned the point we MISSED in 1922, that Natural rights like free speech, property, medical decisions, religion etc are BEST LEFT as INALIENABLE RIGHTS NOT open to Amending. I have always found my simple words to describe the Constitution like this. ALL our rights Safely locked up in a jewellery box called Constitution with Only one key,REFERENDUM. I replace that word with GOD as Man cannot be trusted. Soon you WILL understand the deaths and injuries I described in letters of 2020 and the Need to OUTLAW criminal organisations that set themselves up to REPLACE GOD. Return the 1918 to 1922 SOVEREIGN Dail Eireann.

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