Dear Taoiseach 

Many of our people are learning of the Fianna Fail TREASON in 1922 when De Valera formed a coalition with the City of London and King George V, to REMOVE the SOVEREIGN Constitution and Courts of 1918. 

My Grandfather helped explain this SOVEREIGN Constitution, and the reason why he and the writers of the Constitution did NOT ratify the PROVISIONAL government and did NOT renew the Court licence in 1924.

I now explain to people and Fianna Fail that again, on March 9th 2020, Fianna Fail formed a coalition with the City of London, Queen and her representative, President Higgins, and Fine Gael, to again commit TREASON, removing the church and the 1937 Constitution. 

On March 9th 2020, the Fine Gael President called for debate in the Dail. Caretaker government BANNED 112 TDs from said debate, Dail Records turning into an UNLAWFUL vote of 48 TDs staging a coup. 

In haste before news got out, these 48 TDs FORGOT to vote on the Final reading of the UNLAWFUL vote; Dail records confirm it as the only debate. They also forgot Seanad was not fit for purpose until June 29th 2020, so FRAUD. 

Also in haste, Fine Gael, with the Fianna Fail agreement, unleashed the NEW Private company, registered as 89000534, called An Garda Siochana, to impose the City of London dictatorship, as Black and Tans had done when a 32 county state. 

This private company, like the private company Bar Association, carries no ‘EIRE’ below the Harp, because the Sovereign Harp still belongs to the IRB. These PRIVATE companies CANNOT claim Sovereignty over MAN or WOMAN..; 

You have employed the very man, Mr Harris, former City of London Chief c:f Ulster police, who tricked Sinn Fein into betraying Catholicism and Protestant in signing away in 1998, the 32 county state. 

This time Fianna Fail have gone too far in BANNING church and the 1937 Constitution, using RTE, the Gardai, Courts and the President to offer Irish as a guinea pig laboratory to Pfizer, as the Prime Minister of Israel did for silver. 

As you knowingly BAN the HSE signed medical proof that the experiment is destroying our people against even the advice of the CDC, as City of London forced the potato blight to remove the Irish language in the 18th century. 

The IRB men of 1918 NEVER ratified the 1922 Fianna Fail coalition of traitors, with GOOD reason. The SOVEREIGN HARP is now awakening to RECLAIM its past, to rebuild what Fianna Fail destroyed. 

Like any GOOD foundation, something GOOD takes a long time to build. Our people now understand the Corporation must face jail for what they did to the men of 1918; your candle is burned out. 

We have collected enough evidence to awaken our people to the Genocide and, in turn, the exploitation of An Garda Siochana and Courts Service. As old and young die, I would NOT like to be in your shoes. 

The Sovereign HARP will return to the Courts and the present imposters WILL pay the price for TREASON and exploitation of MAN and WOMAN, as WILL the In-Justice department, An Garda Siochana and RTE. 

Yours sincerely 

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