Mr. Gabriel Martin 

1st September 2021 

Mr. Clarke Chief Justice The High Court Inns Quay Dublin 7 

Dear Mr. Clarke 


I note from my records that you have NOT disputed the contents of my registered letter to you of 12th May 2021. Given that the 21 days right for you to dispute has passed, the legal assumption is that you are KNOWINGLY breaking the law. You, therefore, accept FRAUD against MAN and WOMAN. 

I am writing to the Garda Commissioner today to press legal charges against YOU under the following Acts I list, in which you have caused FEAR, APPREHENSION, fraudulent fines, and court cases WITHOUT jurisdiction. 

I write to you in your capacity as the MAN representing the Bar Association and Courts Service. You will be aware that the HARP in your courts does not have Eire written below it, meaning it is a Corporation. 

As you know WITHOUT Eire, it means your court is NOT SOVEREIGN, the Sovereign Harp and Seal being held by the IRB President, William McGuire, whose government did NOT ratify the Fianna Fail Dail. 

YOU will also be aware that when your court changed jurisdiction to a registered company, owned by Crown Temple, you ceased jurisdiction over MAN or WOMAN, only having jurisdiction over Companies. 

Under the Criminal Justice Act 1990, you are REQUIRED by law to NOT conceal from the public that, in addition to NO jurisdiction over MAN or WOMAN, you have NO license since 1924 for commercial law. YOU will also be aware that the ONLY LAWFUL Court is Article 34 the People’s Courts, one such court, the People’s Tribunal, recently held at CCJ in July 2021. 

I wrote to you recently about a case at the Four Courts where I was an observer to the FRAUD carried out by a judge against Stephen Manning. I advised you of serious offenses committed by the judge. 

Also, I reported to you that in your name, your staff pretended you gave them authority to break the Statute Equality Act, 2010, and to break HSE medical advice, which the Court claims to observe. 

They insisted upon masks and social distancing and tried to cause Fear and Apprehension. I reminded them that under Section 12 of the Criminal Law Act 1976, this carries a jail sentence of 5 years, so they changed their mind. 

YOU will be aware, as I sent you many times, signed HSE Records Management Department Records, that state in C848 NO proof masks work, C849 proof masks are dangerous, and C850 NO proof social distancing works. Anything else is a lie. 

Also, I sent you C839 NO proof virus exists, C846 NO proof General lockdowns work, and C851 NO PROOF mRNA works. 

sent you CDC notice that PCR Test is UNABLE to detect virus and has been withdrawn. 

Despite HSE proof, which PROPER law requires, on your instruction, I was subjected to offenses under Fear and Apprehension. Your courts are also PRETENDED to have jurisdiction. This is a fraud offense. 

In my May 12th letter I stated that I REQUIRE you to use your Special Powers under Practice Directions Operations, for all Courts to stop UNLAWFUL medical and Non-jurisdiction practices in courts. 

Despite my reasonable request, you have actually increased UNLAWFUL practices. You have used the company, Dun and Bradstreet, registered owner being Bar Association of number 89000534 called An Garda Siochana but OWNED by you to force fraud. 

This private police that your company OWN, they, like you, have NO jurisdiction, are employed to issue fraudulent fines and kidnap MAN and WOMAN, WITHOUT any contract

I am filing charges, additional to the above, reference 2013 Motu Proprio, which your employer, Crown Temple sent you, informing you that Birth Cert Property Rights cannot be claimed by Courts Service, to claim them carries a 35 years jail term. 

Also, I sent you a copy of 31A Regulations, which in Section 296 clearly states that a mask must NOT be worn IF a person feels STRESS. Also, I sent a copy of the High Court ruling, where the Attorney General confirmed 31A Regulations is NOT law. 

Under the PERJURY Offences Act, 2021, Minister Brown of the Justice Department, confirmed lying under oath or in Public Office is a serious offense. You allow judges to PRETEND 31A is the law when YOU know it is not. You lie. 

I brought to your attention that judges are jailing people for smiling, reference Judge Roberts, and also for exercising LAWFUL right to DECLINE VOLUNTARY invitations to Unlicensed Courts. 

YOU also allow judges to insist on masks and PCR Tests that the HSE and the CDC confirm in writing as USELESS, despite judges having NO medical qualifications. People were sentenced for giving out leaflets and saying The Rosary.

Your negligence to carry out your public duty and claim authority which you do NOT have could earn you life imprisonment under the 1990 Act. Legal proceedings will take place in the EU and People’s Tribunal. 

I shall also be listing offenses under the Criminal Justice Corruption Offences Act, 2018 and the Criminal Procedure Act, 2010; also, you appear to encourage judges to NOT uphold the Judicial Oath of office. 

Much evidence has been collected that under your direction, judges NO longer APPLY Statute law, instead, they make up personal law and refuse rules of court procedure, and protect corruption and fraud. 

Evidence has been collected that many judges at CCJ use the DPP and police to arrest the homeless and instruct them to take PCR Test or be sent to jail, a summons on CIVIL company matters being forced without jurisdiction.

Yours sincerely 

Gabriel Martin 

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