PUBLIC LETTER — Part 1 13 August 2021

In life, most people find the following rule is true. You have 3 stages to live out. First, age 1 to 30, is the learning stage. Parents and schools guide you; wildness, freedom to think for YOURSELF, choose your path. 

Next, you have stage 2, age 30 to 60, the working stage. Building a home and family, it attacks your Freedom to think for YOURSELF, removes the time for reading, freedom, and seeing what is all around you. 

Next stage 3, age 61 to 91, for some a bit more. This should be the BEST stage, the moment you FIND wisdom through experience, time for REAL fun, free from work, time to go back to wildness, reading, freedom to think. 

This IS the cycle of life. Once you learn this you learn how to control a world. This knowledge is communism, the ability to see early before the rest. Wisdom usually comes when old. Use wisely to guide, not control. 

The communist thinker has the added weapon called the Media, and our smartphones. If used with wisdom it can shape the world, but it is a double-edged sword, used either for good or evil. 

Just as wisdom and the smartphone can control the world, it can also set the world free if you use it the RIGHT way. This is the job of the nation’s Bards, the modern word Truth Seekers. 

The Communist code is to use force from age 1 to 30, to not let people think or learn for themselves, and use FEAR, such as masks, drugs, and diet to control natural development, smartphones, and attack on religion, traditions, and history. 

The Communist code for age 30 to 60 is to Tax and make rules. Spare time and reading is impossible to do through debt and easy media options. Instead of reading, by doing things the hard way, they make you too busy to ask questions. 

The Communist code for age 61 to 91 is to try and SILENCE this group. This group has WISDOM and time to read once again and use the smartphone as the PEN. They teach them to think they are weak and useless and remove them.

So there you have it, how to control society. Inject, lockdown, and separate those aged 61 to 91. Silence their Wisdom. Break down their feeling of usefulness, and remove their knowledge of history and religion. 

To defeat communism, the age 61 to 91 MUST BE THE LIGHT. Use YOUR wisdom of knowledge learned from experience. You know your history, traditions, and good diet. You must share it with the young, and lead, not hide. 

The MAGIC of the pen is slowness. It is like a newborn child. It feels its way and learns how to think for itself. Never forget this, and ALWAYS VALUE the right to find your OWN way, not to be told. 

The group aged 61 to 91 is the key to STAYING free, the guardians of history and traditions. Share this with those yet to find wisdom. A nation must read and treasure its history. REMOVE the third stage and it is the end of freedom. 

Irish history is even older than that of Egypt or China. Re-learn how our ancestors lived without modern gadgets doing our thinking.

History has ALL the answers. 

You just need to READ it. 

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  • This is deep, but sadly so true. Those wanting all the control obviously no longer have love in their hearts, how can they love thy neighbour but yet treat them the way they do. How can they be charged with the job of up lifting life, when all they do is destroy the very meaning of life and play the blame game. To make a flower grow, you must first plant a seed and then nurture it until its strong enough to sustain itself, but all they seem to do is plant the weed that smothers it. If there is one thing , I have learned through all of this is madness of Covid.
    Is that there is something very wrong with life and it is most certainly unjust and unfair. Driven by greed and just like a weed, that needs to be plucked from the ground.

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