As a representative of the People’s Party Ireland, part of the work involves helping people to understand the corruption of RTE, police, the HSE, the DPP and the Dail. They and the courts ARE a criminal gang, exploiting the trust of the people. 

Many people ask why do the above lie, and how is it possible to get away with crime. The best answer is look at the money, and what rewards they get. NPHET and the HSE get 23 BILLION Euro of our taxes, the Dail gets 115 million Euro. 

HSE signed documents C850 says NO proof social distancing works, C851 says NO proof mRNA works, C852 says NO proof mRNA safe, while the EMA state 21,000 people dead, and 2.5 million people injured just in the EU, in a 2 YEAR EXPERIMENT until results are known. 

HSE 0839 states that NO proof virus exists. The CDC and the WHO state the same. 0846 states NO proof General lockdowns work, C847 NO proof ELDERLY lockdowns work, 0848 NO proof masks work, and 0849 proof masks are dangerous. These are the Facts. 

Prof. 0 Neill introduced the PANDEMIC on RTE. HIS WORDS were, my model is NOT tested because NO virus was found to test. He estimated 60,000 daily deaths, by now 30 million dead Irish. It is clear that he overestimated the figures to cause fear. He earned €26,277,000 Euro from Pfizer. 

Above documents, soon available for download on new Party website, confirm HSE’s proof it was a FEAR story to start, as the EMA called it, a 2 YEARS GENETIC engineering experiment, EFFECTS UNKNOWN UNTIL 2 YEARS after taking. 

The People’s Party collected from ALL over the country, video and written PROOF that RTE, NPHET, GPs, police and Courts KNOWINGLY make FALSE medical claims, with NO proof, of something the HSE confirms does NOT EXIST, misinformation used to assist Prof. O’Neill in selling the Pfizer experiment. 

So we come to the question, how does RTE escape. If you question them, the police PRETEND they have 31A legal powers to arrest you – the Attorney General explained they do NOT – and Courts then fine you, using fraudulent police claims that 31A, which the Attorney General said is Advice, is law, despite having expired on 5th October 2020. 

So we look closer at the Corporate Security Company called An Garda Siochana, their Registered OWNER being Dunn and Bradstreet, Serial Number 89000534. Next you ask about this owner. 

Here is the BIG one. The owner of Dunn and Bradstreet is the BAR ASSOCIATION. Yes, you have it, behind the scenes, police instructed by Courts to Invent Fraud fines to make business for courts, their BOSS, of which police are unaware. 

Now the next BIG question: who OWNS the Courts Service. Their Registered owner is. wait for it, CrownTemple, The Vatican. 

Now you know why we delivered 160 copies of MOTU PROPRIO to 160 TDs. They cannot claim they did not know the courts have NO jurisdiction over the Birth Certificate Trust. 

This legal document, the highest LEGAL document 2013 MOTU PROPRIO from the Vatican, instructs ITS courts that Birth Certificate TRUST property rights do NOT belong to An Garda Siochana, the Dail, or the Bar Association. The Church can be useful as the 2013 Motu Proprio protects people from Court fraud. 

The People’s Party Ireland already provided the correct letter for returning said fines and NOT accepting Garda fraud contracts to Fraud courts. It is a new peoples’ power we are working to give you. 

When the Garda and Bar Courts registered themselves as Corporations they CHANGED jurisdiction, which means they ONLY have power over companies, NOT a MAN or WOMAN, unless you agree to sign the contract.  ALWAYS refuse contracts. 

The People’s Party Ireland obtained the Attorney General’s confirmation that the Courts Service has had NO licence to operate Courts since 1924. The only LAWFUL Court is the People’s Tribunal, its first case being held in July 2021.

We advise the public to bring your cases to the People’s Tribunal, who we expect to expand if we win the next election. This court system, under Article 34, allows people to select the judges out of the local community. 

We believe this system is better, as the Courts Service is UNLICENSED fraud, its judges picked by TDs, who have financial interests in chemicals, media, education, property etc. You see it now, they farm you like sheep, removing your Rights without any objection from victims. 

Soon it becomes clear to the ordinary man that the Independent TDs in our party, and the judges picked by ordinary people, must look after the ordinary people; NOT corrupt TDs and Courts. 

This is PART of the GREAT future we offer ordinary people. The Great Constitution of the Sovereign government of 1918, when BRIEFLY for a moment, ALL IRISH were FREE and Sovereign as God intended.

As we build the new Party behind the scenes, you will soon have access to all the education required to again be Sovereign and free from tax, as described in our Party MANIFESTO. It is within your grasp. 

We ask you to be patient and resist the medical experiment called mRNA. I notified the Dail on 25′” December 2020, with data of UK and USA governments, that roll-out would equal genocide. We ask you to support the NEW legal system and help punish the criminals. 

Sooner than you think, the potential is there to roll out the NEW Sovereign Ireland. Other nations will soon follow our lead, as happened in 1918. Our Church will rise from the ashes with New life, as corrupt Bishops who assisted Manslaughter, ‘knowing mRNA was NOT a vaccine, will be prosecuted and face jail. 

Our Grandparents wrote the Constitution and Statute Laws that 160 TDs broke, even after we warned these 160 TDs in May 2021. We will use the Constitution to jail ALL participants of the coup. 

Although The Criminal Justice Act, 1964 abolished capital punishment EXCEPT for TREASON, The Criminal Justice Act, 1990 abolished the death penalty completely but set Life imprisonment for Treason. 

We will use this legislation for neglect or violation of official duty by officials. Also the deliberate concealment of knowledge ref. the EMA license description, and the EU Parliamentary Assembly Resolution 2361, which I helped write. 

These Treasonable acts by RTE, Facebook and other media are viewed as conspiracy to aid Pfizer to experiment and enslave Irish people. Due to their lies, many of our people are dead, injured or dying. They took 30 pieces of silver. 

As stated in the Irish Constitution that my Grandfather helped write, OUR Church is superior to the Dail. Judges have set themselves up as Gods. Legal actions HAVE commenced in the Vatican City State against the fraud of Trust Rights that judges removed, despite NO jurisdiction to do so. 

We have also begun actions in the EU Parliamentary Assembly and the EU Court, with regards to violations of licence conditions and Resolutions, which NPHET and the Dail ignored. The WHO ‘appeal, to STOP lockdowns causing deaths, was also ignored.

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