Attempt at Medical Discrimination

Mr Gabriel Martin 

22nd July 2021 

President Higgins Aras an Uachtarain

Phoenix Park Dublin 8


Dear Mr Higgins 

Ref. Attempt at Medical Discrimination

I write to remind you that you are the MAN representing the service provider, Office of the President. This firm states its contract is to protect our Constitution and the Catholic church, NOT chemical sales. 

It would be reasonable to say that it is NOT the policy of your company to destroy said Constitution, engage in medical fraud to experiment on humans, or be in contempt of Court, so it must be your personal policy. 

With regards to your UNLAWFUL signing of June 2nd, in an attempt to extend 31A that EXPIRED 5th October 2020, almost 8 months earlier, and PRETEND it is called law, despite the Attorney General saying it is NOT law. 

Law would require the Supreme Court to advise you it is NOT possible to EXTEND something EXPIRED, Attorney General, to remind you, HE stated in the High Court, 31A is only ADVICE not Law. Also before the Supreme Court as Repugnant to the Constitution. NOT yet decided if it is legal. 

So it is reasonable to say Supreme Court advised NOT legal to sign, but you made a PERSONAL choice as a MAN not a company, to sign and assist a Medical Experiment, latest EMA deaths 21,000 and 2.1 million injured, just in EU. 

You will also find in your records, March, 2020, that I and the Peoples Party Ireland advised you of 2013 MOTU PROPRIO, copy sent. No court has power to claim birth certificate TRUST rights of Irish citizens.

You will know that the rights you attempted to remove belong to Vatican City State Trust, NOT you. In addition to death risk of 31A ADVICE, it is NOT lawful in any court, particularly an UNLICENSED court, such as the High Court. 

I note that I also brought to your attention that the Courts Service licence EXPIRED in 1924, First Commencement Order No. 5 of Courts Act, 1924 was NEVER ENACTED. Like Judge Meenan you have NO power to enforce. 

You will be aware that Judiciary are NOT operating with LAWFUL Jurisdiction, ONLY People’s Constitutional Courts, under Article 34 of 1937 Constitution are LAWFUL, you attempt giving FRAUDULENT power to the High Court. 

I would advise that I will be issuing summons for you to appear before the Peoples Tribunal in due course, it being the LAWFUL Court. To approach the UNLICENSED High or Supreme Court would be to participate in FRAUD from taxpayers. 

It is sad to note that as in 1961 Supplemental Provisions Act, when the President participated in FRAUD, trying to RE-enact something NEVER enacted, you try to Re-enact 31A, which expired 8 months ago. 

I have also, on 16 occasions, reminded you that EMA licence and EU law REQUIRES that public MUST be told it gave permission to start 2 YEAR GENETIC experiment, effects UNKNOWN, and serious risks to life, 

‘ EMA quoting 21,000 dead and 2.1 million injured just in the EU. 

Also I sent you a copy of Beaumont HSE Advice booklet, each page contains deliberate Mis-information to sell mRNA. It states Regulators approved safe, effective cure, in fact, they said this unknown until the end of 2 years experiment. 

You have also signed the March 9th, 2020 covid bill with the FULL KNOWLEDGE that the CDC DECLASSIFIED covid as NO longer considered High Consequence infectious disease on March 19th, 2020, to correct its mistake of 3rd March 2020. 

Head of the CDC and the WHO, wrongly announced NEW virus that NO-one has any immunity to, this causing FEAR panic. The CDC found 99.9% immune recovery. You chose to ignore FACTS and support a failed experiment. 

In addition to application to the only LAWFUL Irish Court, the Peoples Tribunal, a more extensive case of medical Fraud, manslaughter, is being prepared for the EU Court, additional to your removal of EU Law and Irish Law and Rights. 

Your latest move, seeking to discriminate against those wishing to NOT engage in 2 year experiment, which the EMA states is dangerous, is a VIOLATION of EU Resolution 2361 and EMA Licence conditions which I helped write. 

In particular 7.3.1, which the Peoples Party Ireland got A. included in the Resolution, states:- NO-one is politically or socially pressured to take mRNA or medical procedures, explained clearly as NOT mandatory and NO discrimination. 

Yours sincerely 

Gabriel Martin 

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