7 August 2021 

Dear Doctor 

The purpose of this letter is to allow you the chance to reconsider your position, as you may well be facing criminal prosecution for offences against my brother. 

You must understand that my main concern is the welfare of the patient, not what appears to be your desire to sell an mRNA experiment, of which the EMA says effects unknown until 2 year’s time, not before. 

The EMA also reports 21,000 deaths and 2.5 million injured in the EU, only months into the 2 year experiment. I REQUIRE future communication must be by written, signed letter, not your unlawful emails, which are illegal. 

I would begin first with offences. Criminal Offences Fraud Act, 2001, Sections 6, 9, 25, 26, 27 and 29, in which you created a false Instrument to deceive me into allowing a dangerous 2 year experiment. 

You stated that 3 years ago the HSE changed policy to ignore family rights, as guardians, to object to medical experiments that might cause death, and has no liability for claims. 

You and I both understand the HSE has no authority to remove the Statute, Constitution and EU Charter of Human Rights and other protections. Hospitals do not make the law, only licensed Courts do. 

Indeed, the 2010 Equality Act carries a €10,000 euros fine for insisting on masks, tests or injections, and CANNOT be interfered with by quoting a company policy. It is the law you wish to break. 

You will also be aware that under Statutory Instrument 296 of Covid 31A Advice, which the Attorney General explained is NOT law, a mask must NOT be worn if the person feels stress. 

In addition to ignoring the law and HSE medical advice, you have caused me Fear and Apprehension with many unqualified false medical claims, contrary to law and human dignity. 

Section 12 of the Criminal Law Act 1976, states this carries a 5 year jail term. 3 weeks ago, you sent an email, I quote the False medical claim with NO proof, which law requires. You stated if my brother catches covid he will die unless he receives covid vaccine. This will be used as evidence in Court, of you causing Fear Apprehension to sell mRNA for HSE rewards. 

You will be aware of HSE signed document C839, which states NO proof virus exists, with similar documents from CDC and the WHO. You will be the only person claiming you have proof that covid exists. The government has in Alberta, Canada, accepted its court 

ruling that that the state Medical Authority has stated that they have NO proof covid exists. They have officially lifted all restrictions, stating it is only Mild flu, as described in the HSE booklet of March 2020. They qualify with FACTS, you produce only personal SPECULATION of Prof. O’Neill, who received 26,277,000 euros from Pfizer. 

You will also be aware of the HSE booklet sent to everyone in Ireland. Page 7 states: If a healthy person catches covid, 94% will only receive Mild flu, with 99% immune recovery, NOT death as you said. 

You will also be mindful of the HSE weekly deaths „, figures state flu 5.6% against the lowest killer in Ireland of covid at 0.2%, and 0839 HSE confirms NOp roof virus exists. Death figures for Heart 18.5%, cancer 37.6%, suicide 1.7%. 

Based on the HSE and world evidence, you knowingly lied to me, advising that my brother would die from a virus not found and with a 99.9% recovery rate, and clearly against HSE evidence. 

Your claim is contrary to standard HSE opinions, accordingly, it is your personal opinion and desire to sell an experiment without regard to the death consequences or injury of my brother. 

The EMA description was ‘Permission to Conduct a 2 years Experiment’ on genetic engineering, effects unknown, as never tried on man before, only limited tests on animals which all died. 

You tried to deceive me and my family by saying the opposite of the EMA, where you state it is not mRNA 2 Years Experiment, wrongly call it vaccine, safe, cure, no side effects, despite EMA requirement. It is not a vaccine. 

With regards to your personal claim of no side effects, the EMA already advised you of 21,000 dead and 2.5 million injured in the EU, with almost 2 years remaining of said experiment. You misinformed me. 

This means you want to knowingly expose my brother to death to sell an experiment which you misrepresent, assuming I would not do my own research. 

You will also be aware of the EU Parliamentary Assembly Resolution 2361, passed on 27.1.21, and 2071 Public Health. In Section 7.3.1 it states you MUST ensure citizens ARE informed that mRNA is NOT MANDATORY. 

You have to state no-one is politically or socially forced into taking mRNA. Sections 7.3.2 and 7.3.3 – Must Ensure no-one Discriminated for not having mRNA, NO mis- information, as you have done to me. 

It is fortunate that I did my own research. If I had believed your dangerous lies, facts would suggest my brother would be dead by now. 

Based on what you have said, there are grounds to request a police investigation against you. It appears you have attempted to commit manslaughter, quoting misinformation, contrary to HSE. 

The PCR Test you insisted on has been withdrawn in the USA by the CDC, which 13 years ago declared unable to detect virus. Dr Fauci advised Irish cycle as 97% false positives. You tried knowingly to sell another fake. 

You might also check the FDA website. It states since 2020, a new side effect from mRNA called Multi System Inflammatory Syndrome in Children,-your Safe product. This was known over a year ago. 

It affects the brain, kidneys, heart, liver, spleen, lungs and eyes. In USA, 4,200 cases and 40 deaths. This is the safe product you claim will be good for my brother. 

I have passed a copy of this letter to my solicitor, and I hereby inform you that you must not administer a dangerous experiment to my brother, and must comply with the law and correct human dignity. 

I will allow you time to reconsider your fraudulent medical claims and submit your written apology and confirmation that no medical procedures, as just described, take place. I will withhold for now. 

You claim to be an HSE doctor so it would be fair to say that you read the following HSE Records Department which confirms your hospital is not being run in agreement with HSE policy, per written evidence. 

I quote: 0850 NO proof social distancing works, 0851 NO proof mRNA works, 0852 NO proof safe, C846 NO proof General lockdowns work, and 0847 NO proof Elderly lockdowns work. 

Further HSE documents C848 NO proof masks work, and 0849 proof masks dangerous. CDC also advised on 19th March 2020 that covid no longer considered High Consequence Infectious Disease, as they caused a false alarm. 

This announcement followed the MISTAKEN announcement by the WHO’s DirectOr General Tedros on 3rd March 2020, when he said a new virus that nobody has immunity to, despite 99.9% immunity. 

Like the WHO Director General, you have not done any proper research into the misinformation than NPHET pays RTE and Prof. O’Neill to publish in order to create Fear, to sell an experiment. 

Yours sincerely 

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