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LAWS THAT PROTECT THE PUBLIC. Letter to Attorney General, 30th, May,2022.

Dear Paul Gallagher, Ref Medical Fraud, TREASON On 25th December 2020, you were REQUIRED to take action against Stephen Donnelly to save public lives and Subversion of Constitution by GSK ,Pfizer mRNA products, Crowns Oireachtas being MAIN sales Agent as its OWNER the Queen is with EU President Ursala the MAIN shareholders of GSK, mRNA products. Said REQUIREMENT under Article

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LAWS THAT PROTECT PUBLIC. Public letter to Taoiseach, 23rd May, 2022

Many people are shocked at reading the media reports and seeing video films of the An Bord Pleanala scandal, in which a personal position seems to have been used as a vehicle for selling building developments against local objections. Apparently Paul Hyde recently had to Resign his position as Deputy Chairman of An Bord Pleanala as his brother was involved

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LAWS THAT PROTECT THE PUBLIC. Letter to Attorney General,25th May, 2022.

Dear Paul Gallagher, Ref Pretending law when NOT Much Fear Apprehension has been caused in last 2 years to myself and the public buy claims that you are assisting some members of a Crown company called government Ireland, to sell GSK products, its owner being Crown. It is public knowledge that the Main owners of GSK mRNA are the Queen

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