PUBLIC Letter. Motu charges against S Fein CEO to Archbishop D Farrell, 17th, November, 2023.

Dear Archbishop farrell, Further to my letter dated 15.11.2023, in which I asked for update of progress, your Sworn Vatican oath, to investigate prosecution under 2010 and 2013, Motu Proprio of former Archbishop D martin. I also asked what Progress made with Your Obligation to file charges with Garda Anti Corruption Commissioner roberts against former Archbishop collusion with mary lou of S Fein in money laundering and Publicly stated medical Fraud, which has, according to HSE records, caused many deaths from Astra Zeneca which both parties asked public to take as Essential to life, said product now withdrawn for causing deaths , injuries which side effects the parties had paid adverts on twitter etc aimed to CONCEAL said side effects.

As of today, I REQUIRE YOU to file charges both with Garda Anti Corruption and Vatican Governance against mary lou of S Fein under Motu Proprio, for money laundering and medical fraud, abuse of old, sick, children and, general public, in her Personal capacity. The Motu explained to You and mary lou, that it is Highest legal instrument, it OVERIDES ANYTHING, including UN, WEF, WHO, Crown and, Inner and Middle Temple, ALL bank accounts SUBJECT Motu, in addition to ALL CAPS NAMES birth cert Trust companies. Yourself and mary lou have been instructed in 2010 and 2013 Motu that ALL birth cert ALL CAPS NAMES are kept by Goverorate of Vatican City State, CANNOT be claimed by courts service, banks to Duress into Unlicensed courts to obtain monies, assets, etc.

It and Association Catholic priests says YOU ARE OBLIGATED to report crime, as are ALL MEN, WOMEN, priests etc, particularly Errors, Omissions made by mary lou per her Public medical claims and diagnosis. It explained ALL judges, SHERIFFS, judiciary, TDs, solicitors, ALL public servants and Roman Curia since 2010, NO LONGER have immunity if USE or, as S Fein staff claimed, support such abusive crimes as RTE reported often. It explained to you and mary lou that to support or USE ALL CAPS as Entrapment vehicle for False imprisonment, deception, harressment to USE WEF products, such as Astra Zeneca is crime against humanity.

Before addressing recent crimes by S Fein staff, I must remind you and public, that since 1920, the peoples party ireland HAS protected Eire Sovereign Seal rights from MI5 Agents S Fein, who STOLE name od S Fein as NO copyright in 1906 by ORIGINAL S Fein set up by my Grandfather. It was my Grandfather and Arthur Griffiths set up in 1906, the S Fein that WON 32 county election in 1918 and set up the FIRST Dail in 1919 and Ratified Proclamation as law of the latest 33rd sitting of SAME Dail, it was NOTHING to do with Freestate, Rising 1916 or bullets, it was result of the ballot box and Application of the law. The party changed its name to the peoples party irelandin 1920, in anticipation it would and WAS Disbanded in 1922, when Crown Agents collins, develara LEFT to set up Crowns F Fail to run the British Dominion colony SECRETLY set up WITHOUT Dail consent in 1920 Government of Ireland Act.

In 1920 we filed the applications for Repeal said 1920 Government Ireland Act, which F Fail SECRETLY set up PARTITIONED British Dominion colony, later new name, 1922 Freestate to make sheep feel Free, the Kings joke. After 69 years work, in 1989, as written in Parliament records of UK and Dail governments, we obtained Royal Assent, to also Repeal 1922 Freestae Partition colony, which as Parliament stated, ENDED said colony in 1989 and, a new country once called Ireland in 1919 came back as Ireland, per Royal Assent. In Anticipation of our success, Charles now King, as writer of WEF Young Leaders one religion one world corporation plan you will own NOTHING but be happy,, instructed MI5 to set up S Fein, the ENEMY of 1906 S Fein.

To offset WEF and S Fein plan of the 2020 Dail coup to REPLACE Garda and Dail with WEF company gov Ireland, set up 2019 as City London Corporation, its CEO varadkar, the peoples party ireland Petitioned Rome for Motu protections, being Highest law authority in the world, WEF,WHO etc have NO jurisdiction to claim they have jurisdiction over Vatican, it being Mutual interest to Protect Vatican Trusts and its congregations of Anglo and Roman catholics, the Motu was decreed, NO government can object per law INTERNATIONAL.

Having supplied the evidence that has come true, WEF member Coveney advising to add 5.6 million Anti catholics to make us MINORITY and, varadkar taking control of Dail, for human trafficking plan of WEF. Klaus schwab just announced new WEF plan to reduce age consent to children of 12 years, to make lawful family incest, lawful to abuse by paedophiles, Encourage many wifes, to suit EISTING Muslim practises, where in particular Pakistan, children as young as 3 are sold to people over 60 etc, these moves to remove catholic values and replace with the practice to assist calls for Sharia law and closure Dail and Christian churches already some churches transferred.

On 25.12.2020 BEFORE role out, we presented to S Fein CEO the EU Public Health Directive that old or sick CANNOT be detained in care homes, hospitals etc, for Astra Zeneca 2 year mRNA experiments, with results at end IF you do NOT die. We advised her of SI NO 5412007, Advertising Regulations, also EU Directives 200183 transposed into Irish law. Also EU Council Directives 200363 on USE medical products. Also we sent mary lou the EU Council Directives 200298, also 200424, also Mis use Drugs Act, 1977 and copies of 2010 and 2013 Motu Proprio, which we first Petioned in 1989 in agreement with the Queen, her concerns about her son charles WEF closure Crown and Parliaments, etc.

We pointed out the Motu Guarantees that ANY party or INDIVIDUAL can PUBLICLY report ANY abuse of law, which she boasted on twitter and RTE, that she DID break laws, causing deaths , injuries to help sell her family business interests in mRNA since 2022 and, promote Anti Zionist agenda od richard hasse of Biden Foreign Relations. Law states REPORTING Motu crime CANNOT be subjected to prjudice, retaliation, discrimination, Shadow banning by twitter etc, it being criminal offence to do so, courts have NO jurisdiction to STOP such Public Motu violations becoming KNOWN.

It also advised mary lou that NO company etc, can IMPOSE obligations to keep SILENT upon me or public, cannot pay compensation to victims on KEEP SILENT conditions. It states mary lou CANNOT place on twitter, You Tube etc to describe as Mis information, the Certified HPRA FOI Regulator position. The Part staff sent mary lou the FOI replies from the 32 county Dail since 1989, which confirmed that CEO varadkar could NOT ask employees of WEF gov Ireland to state OPPOSITE, as mary lou did state many times on twitter and RTE.

The HPRA Regulator stated in 2020 to the Present, the HSE Records Management position as OPPOSITE what mary lou stated publicly, we have collected over 300 fraud statments in her twitter campaign to help sell some of the mRNA produced by its owner, elun musk. I quote what HPRA, HSE and I repeated many times to mary lou, the Records Management position is C839, NO proof covid exists, C851, C852 mRNA NOT safe, NOT works. I sent C846, C847, C848, C849, C850 , they state general and Elderly lockdowns, masks, social distancing as useless, dangerous. I sent her DISCLAIMER and terms conditions of 31A, state NOT law, NOT safe, I also sent above to FF, FG, Greens, Labour, PBF, Antou, Irish Freedom Party etc, witnessed verified, so ALL took part in attack upon public health aided by twitter.

I sent 31A DISCLAIMER that says, its NOT law, NOT guaranteed safe, NOT qualified medical advice, NOT to be Quoted as it is INTELLECTUAL property of gov Ireland company, NOT Dail property, mary lou PRETENDED it was her property and concealed the risks described in said DISCLAIMER to aid WEF coup and transfer nations religion etc to WEF. She, NOT I, informed public that she wants to ENCOURAGE people to accept house arrest and 2020 coup by WEF company gov Ireland. She makes the Public TV medical diagnosis that she claims she got covid and, cure is distancing, masks, mRNA medical devices she claimed as safe, tested, guaranteed, essential to life, please buy WEF products.

I have receipts of having placed with Prospective TDs in ALL 32 counties the RTE, Times papers, the HSE and 31A DISCLAIMERS that Confirm she HAD C839, HSE informs NO proof covid exists, her products dangerous, NOT work, she said caught covid HSE told her NOT exists, it is claimed that side effect her mRNA is mental delusions. I HAVE placed with new TDs proposed, her speeches in Dail that she accepts orders from WEF, WHO, UN, which the Motu said is criminal offence, ONLY Vatican has World Authority, NOT WEF sales rep ,varadkar. I HAVE placed copy of the UNCHANGED since 1919 Proclamation my Grandfather wrote, it tells her MI5, WEF, SF etc are criminal organisations if they PRETEND they have jurisdiction over Dail or Vatican Motu.

Public records confirm ALL 160 TDs, 60 Senators committed TREASON in 2021 by signing Bill NO 46, which handed over without jurisdiction, the right to WEF company gov Ireland to make OWN legislation for WEF to remoce catholic church for the new arrivals. The public now understand that SF, FF, FG, PBP, Greens, Labour, Antou, advised Public they obey WHO, WEF,UN and Refuse jurisdiction of Vatican Motu and Dail Proclamation. The new Party WILL prosecute, in accordance with law, ALL TDs, priests etc, that Publicly refused HPRA Regulator, and Motu and Proclamation DIRECTIONS, instead supported criminal activities of WHO and WEF.

The evidence has now been collected for the OUTLAWING as criminal organisations, ALL parties that supported WEF Agent varadkar and HIS WEF member, Garda Commissioner clavin MI5 drew harris coup against Dail for London company, gov Ireland. Public evidence from Chief State Soliitors Office confirm Dail has NO role in mRNA and NO liability, it is TDs like mary lou and gov Ireland staff with second employment contract called Ministers that made fraud medical claims, as mary lou did on twitter and RTE. I have sent evidential documents to YOU, Archbishop farrell in previous letter of mary lou public crimes, it is public record which WILL be USED, that Many priests, doctors, police, judiciary took part in WEF money laundering frauds, to inject Irish with death, Replace with Muslim WEF culture.

There will be NO place in the new Ireland for criminal organisations set up by Crown, such as 80s SFein, that since 1920, as Party proved in Parliament Records, ran British Dominion colony for Crown, officially until 1989, Unofficially still doing so, with ne freestate company, called gov Ireland, set up 2019 for 2020 coup. Public records confirm that S Fein took money from Anti Palestine funder of Biden Foreign Relations, to CONTINUE Partition of RETURNED in 1989, the North and, ENCOURAGE human trafficking UNDOCUMENTED to REPLACE Irish. This criminal organisation worked Closely with MI5 Agent drew harris and, his EU spy network twitter, to distribute twiiter adverts to accept WEF, WHO fraud jurisdiction over Vatican, to Replace Protestants, catholics

I brought to attention of mary lou that another criminal organisation called courts service, confirmed in its 2018 Supreme court transripts it has NO court Enactment order since 1924, when my Grandfather closed it down. I gave her the evidence that Many judges broke Motu in using ALL CAPS summons to UNLAWFULLY arrest MEN , WOMEN NOT allowed claim to be ALL CAPS, for COMPLYING with sect 296 of 31A, which says NOT wear mask if stress or, Agree with safety and NOT law warnings in 31A DISCLAIMER. She FULLY understood that for over 3 years, the SECRET UNlicensed courts service police, the London company 89000534, assaulted public who Agreed with 296 of 31A, they must NOT wear mask if Agree with warnings NOT safe or law.

She publicly used twitter to insist that police must be given MORE power to break Motu, Proclamation, Garda oath, statute laws so that they CAN DAMAGE your health as 31A warned, she claimed it very good that you should be jailed or pay cash to unlicensed courts, for doing what 296 said, to NOT wear mask. She also praised courts for detaining old and sick for medical experiments like Astra Zeneca the HPRA told her might kill her victims and, manufacturer said NOT safe, NOT general use ONLY EMERGENCY use if already dying from 2 or more conditions. She understood Garda had no power to detain such victims or, as owned by Irish Bar council courts service , submit ANY garda evidence as NOT admissable they being employees refusing Garda oath, acting in Personal capacity for courts judges.

Public records confirm she supports Replacement of police Victims of Astra Zeneca now dead and, product withdrawn for such deaths, with NON injected Anti Catholics, who ask for Sharia law to replace Vatican and Dail Proclamation law. I have sent today, copy my REQUIREMENTS your Motu Obligations to Vatican and WILL ask why you seem, like Many priests and mary lou, to THINK the WEF, WHO, UN is above Vatican, it is dismissable and jail offence for Roman Curio to brak sworn oath to Vatican. I expect PROMPT reply from you as to pressing charges for mary lou acts of Treason against Vatican and its Pope and Motu. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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