PUBLIC Letter to Archbishop Dermet farrell, 15th November, 2023.

Dear Archbishop farrell, Ref Assisting Manslaughter as stated in your Public medical claims, diagnosis

I note from my records and the peoples party ireland that I wrote MANY times to former Archbishop martin, in 2020, last 3 letters being 22.11.2020, 10.12.2020 and 25.12.2020, concerning HIS Obligation under Motu Proprio laws. I brought to HIS attention NUMEROUS crimes publicly claimed by priests, TDs, doctors and Garda made on HIS Public medical claims and diagnosis, I sent him Evidence from RTE, HSE, Law Society, courts of what he advised them to do and, similar Directions of medical procedures he gave to ALL churches of Holy See, HIS medical claims fueled their actions they claim in written and verbal format. I shall list what HE ordered to be done to elderly and children, whom he described as THE PODS. The result is he IGNORED ALL my letters registered and, CONTINUED his crimes, NOW FULLY AWARE of the harm he would be doing to the congregation he called THE PODS, so I reported to Garda.

The result was that he was given Early retirement, so at once I reported to You, in order that YOU would prosecute him under Vatican Governance Law, for Breaking his oath to UPHOLD 2010 and 2013 Motu Proprio served upon him in accordance with law. I sent YOU CERTIFIED documents that left him in NO doubt that members of WEF Young Leaders group had set up in 2019, the City London corporation called gov Ireland to destroy Vatican Trusts Lawful jurisdiction and, remove Dail Government and Garda force paid to Protect Dail Proclamation and its SUPERIOR law and SUPERIOR law of Motu Proprio.

I sent YOU registered RL833713916IE, dated 19.4.2021 marked Private and Confidential, also RL827386616IE, dated 30.4.2021. I RECEIVED confirmation from mary irwin in written format. I again wrote to YOU 20.12. 2022, in view of MANY deaths, injuries caused by Astra Zeneca first ENCOURAGED by Archbishop martin AWARE the product contained dna etc from aborted babies deemed Gods creation not allowed ingest or advise genetic experiments to ALTER Gods creation of MAN, WOMAN, whose INALIENABLE rights Protected by SUPERIOR law of Proclamation and Motu Proprio, Garda oath swear with Roman curia to UPHOLD ABOVE positive law. Sadly, from that point onwards YOU also ENCOURAGED same medical public claims and diagnosis of martin.

In her letters of reply, a woman called mary irwin said as PA to YOU, she broke GDP laws, in opening letters NOT addressed to her concerning crimes YOU not HER, claimed Publicly to have committed and, she seems to have assisted you to cover up in view of following details of her Obligations she volunteered to undertake to assist YOU. I first asked martin to COMPLY with Motu Proprio of 30.12.2010 and the most recent 2013 Motu Proprio, I had Petitioned Rome for, following criminal acts by chief justice frank clarke for vulture bank funds, as detailed in Public court cases in his capacity as CEO of Unlicensed courts service owned but NOT licensed by City London corporation, Crown Temple.

I REQUIRED martin and later, YOU, to COMPLY his and your oath of office, sworn in Vatican to Holy See Vatican City State law, Articles 1 to 4, particularly Vatican jurisdiction over ALL Bar courts and Banks, such as KBC. I sent him and YOU, copies of Vatican jurisdiction over its WORLD TRUST of ALL CAPS birth cert companies, including ALL banks, courts and NOTICE OF LIABILITY from 2013 onwards, in His and Yours, PERSONAL capacity, having been informed your OBLIGATIONS. It CLEARLY explained to judges, sheriffs, members Roman curia, like Yourself, NO longer have immunity if you USE ALL CAPS TRUSTS to seek assets, money from MAN or WOMAN to repay loans secured on Trusts cert companies.

It explained ALL public servants and Roman Curia must NOT use ALL CAPS companies to be Vehicle for FALSE imprisonment, deception, harrassment to USE WEF medical productsor assist money laundering of vulture funds to ENRICH gov Ireland or courts service Crown corporations, or support WEF Young Leaders plan to close Vatican and take control its property rights to its ALL CAPS Trust investments assets recognised by IMF as global. It explained, for example, that KBC Bank could NOT secure a mortgage on a farm, for example Stroakestown, Roscommon and, if payments NOT made by a MAN or WOMAN, so it could NOT finance its KBC loan with the Trust, seek HIS or HERs assets or monies to assist KBC pay the interest payments it pays to Vatican Trust to service the funds advanced to KBC Bank.

The Motu explained as Highest legal Instrument it OVERRIDES ANYTHING, including UN, WHO, WEF, Crown and Inner and Middle Temple, ALL bank accounts such as KBC loans are SUBJECT since 2010 to both Motu Proprio as Petitoned by the peoples party ireland to protect Irish from collusion with for example KBC and chief justice clarke as CEO of courts service since 2012. It states YOUR OBLIGATIONS under Holy See, it being under pinning ENTIRE GLOBAL system of law, recognising Supremecy of Golden Rule. It explains Law NO VIII and LAW NO I X as INTERNATIONAL agreement, chief justice clarke CANNOT break for example.

It states ALL birth certificate ALL CAPS NAMES as being KEPT by the Governorate of Vatican State, CANNOT be claimed as property rights of courts service employees of chief justice clarke, banks or MEN, WOMEN, fraud to so claim as clarkes employees claimed in many cases I have recorded, it is jail term of 35 years for ANY sheriff, for example of Roscommon who might assist staff of clarke to commit fraud. It informed you that content of Article 23 of LAW NO CXIX of 21.11.1987, which APPROVES the Judicial Order of Vatican City State remains in force, NOT subject to WEF or WHO, it claims YOU are ordered to Represent Motu Proprio in Ireland, 32 counties since I obtained repeal per Royal Assent in 1989 of 1922 Partition and earlier 1920 Government Ireland Act. You Represent Roman Curio Not the WEF Young Leaders plan to remove jurisdiction of Dail Proclamation and Garda oath SUPERIOR law above positive law.

As described in Association of Catholic priests, YOU ARE subject to OBLIGATION to report crime, as are ALL MEN, WOMEN under Roman Curia, Particularly Errors , Omissions, abuse cover up by ecclesiastical authorities. I described BOTH child abuse and elderly in care homes and, sick in hospitals, many claiming religious founding, also old imprisoned for mRNA Astra Zeneca 2 year experiments results at end od experiment if one survives, these old denied EU Public health REQUIREMENTS of right to obtain second medical opinion as HPRA Regulator WARNED mRNA Not safe, instead they were imprisoned by police refusing Garda oath, claiming to be private Irish Bar Council City London police registered as 89000534, for said Forced experiments as relatives NOT allowed remove for second opinion.

I described the Errors, Omissions on Correct HSE advice that many priests confirm with public, that martin and, by implication YOU, Forced upon public in Most churches using coercive control and discrimination, colluded with WEF members plan to remove religion. The Vosestis lux mundi stresses importance of protecting Minors and vulnarable, such as ill or infirm, or old Imprisoned by Garda who Refused relatives right to REMOVE such, to safe location, Free from genetic experiments. In this respect, the new Motu Proprio quotes recent Vatican legislation CCXCVII of 26th March, 2019, YOUR sworn oath OBLIGATION to PROTECT such vulnerable from WEF gov Ireland genetic experiments.

The Motu informed YOU those, such as myself, reporting such abuse by Archbishop martin refusal to STOP it, CANNOT be subjected to prejudice, retaliation, discrimination or IGNORE the CERTIFIED evidence I sent to YOU to save lives of congregation of Roman Curia. The Motu also instructs you that NO obligation to keep silent can be imposed upon me or ANY priest or for example when staff of chief justice o donnell UNLAWFULLY ruled gemma o doherty MUST be BANNED from listing side effects of mRNA at Beaumont hospital. Law clearly states I have complied with law in using my right to have now sent this public report, with supporting documents around the world and, in due course I will be reporting to you and world the UNLAWFUL actions chief justice o donnell had NO jurisdiction to take against cover up of Lawful medical procedures and products Forced by coercive control by Beaumont hospital, in which its staff were visually and verbally recorded advising Astra Zeneca as guaranteed protection and contract of employment, despite NOT said HSE and HPRA regulator.

The Motu REGULATES investigation Bishops, Cardinals and ALL that lead a Diocese or other church, such as Anglo Catholic. Rules apply to offender and Equally, those covering up or NOT filing, pursuing reports like mine within the 90 day period. If Archbishop receives complaint about a Bishop etc, he obtains Mandate from Holy See. 30 day reports sent to ROME, to be COMPLETED within 90 days, extension if just reason, are possible. My records confirm it is 2 and a half YEARS since your PA confirmed your REQUIREMENT fulfill Motu obligation to Investigate Archbishop martin and others, so you did NOT seek extension on 90 days, it would be reasonable to assume you HAVE colluded with martin to cover up his crimes that he publicly claimed to have committed, plese advise if this assumption is correct.

I would remind YOU, the Pope took this important step to fight the abuse and AVOID delays, which you appear to have caused with a 2 year delay on evidence supplied by martin himself in churches and RTE etc,, resulting in MANY old dead or injured in care homes, to make profits for WEF gov Ireland. The evidence collected around the country from courts etc, is that YOU allowed Unlicensed since 1924, courts service to employ City London police to collect fines using ALL CAPS Trusts, on 31A unqualified medical advice , diagnosisof covid which HPRA Regulator said NO proof it exists and 31A DISCLAIMER warned NOT law, NOT safe.

In 2020 I sent to martin and in 2021 copies to YOU of the HSE DISCLAIMER that informed Martin etc, that its web advice was NOT to be quoted as they said NOT law, NOT safe and, INTELLECTUAL property of HSE, NOT church, yet YOU TOLD public it was essential, NO risks, law when NOT, fully AWARE , as covid spokesman prof o neill stated on radio Newstalk, his EXACT words, WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. In same fashion, I sent copy of 31A DISCLAIMER, it TOLD YOU NOT law, NOT guaranteed safe, CANNOT quote as INTELLECTUAL property of gov Ireland, NOT Dail, gov Ireland being City London corporation, yet you also stated OPPOSITE said WARNINGS, placing public at grave risk, as manufacturers said, product to dangerous to sell without NO liability guarantee as ALL experiments carry risk of death, they claimed in particular, mRNA like Astra Zeneca, yet you gave use as safe.

In same fashion I sent YOU and martin same DISCLAIMER of both DPP, Courts service and Law Society, in which they also said NO liability if injured because, our websites are NOT guaranteed as law or safe, NOT allowed quote as INTELLECTUAL property, yet you again innored this and offered public guarantee as safe which no other dept gave. I sent you copy of FOI replies from government called Dail, which CEO varadkar confirmed HIS WEF company gov Ireland accepted as correct HSE and HPRA Regulator Management Records position, I quoted what HSE quoted as follows and you again quoted OPPOSITE of HSE.

HSE confirmed in 2020 in C839 NO proof covid exists, C850, C846, C847, C848, C849 social distancing, masks, elderly and general lockdowns as useless, dangerous, as 31A DISCLAIMER and HSE DISCLAIMER warned you, yet again you refused HSE and quoted RTE, turbriday callaghan, pat kenny etc with NO medical qualifications. I also sent at same time, C851, C852 mRNA like Astra Zeneca NOT safe, NOT works and EMA license for EU governments NOT gov Ireland corporation, as NOT for general use, ONLY emegency if risk of death, HSE statistics said death rates as 37.6 cancer, heart at 18.6, lowest killer covid at 1,6 compared to 5.6 of common flu.

I sent YOU NHS,HSE reports that if healthy ANY age, you HAVE 99.9 immune recovery WITHOUT ANY drugs or risk of death, this being reason A Zeneca stopped 2021 in UK as 120,000 pounds sterling payment for each death it caused as UK Parliament confirmed it has caused heart etc deaths, yet right into 2022 you continued help sell for gov Ireland claiming NO risks, only in UK,as unfound virus only dislikes English you implied. Yet I have Collected your website and Many church medical claims, the Un signed yellow covid ads, NOT valid as NO signatures as HSE said with its DISCLAIMER, NOT their stated position, as given in Freedom Information Replies you had read many years ago.

I will AGAIN enclose with this letter, copies ALL this ABSOLUTE proof that for 3 years YOU and martin gave public medical claims, diagnosis and guarantee that these products were safe, when the Dail and HSE evidence said NOT safe, risk of death or destruction of immune system which in itself WOULD remove 99.9 immune safety natural recovery. I shall now AGAIN chase up Garda Anti Corruption to find out WHY Young Leader member, commissioner clavin ALLOWED Archbishop martin assist WEF company, gov Ireland and its WEF member varadkar, its CEO to sell HIS OWN products which his company said NOT safe, Unlawful to sell as safe.

I will give you a week to advise me what reports you made to Vatican Governance to commense prosecution of clavin and martin who Broke Motu and statute laws, to assist chief justice to USE ALL CAPS to extract monies from MEN, WOMEN. I would ask, in public interest of members the peoples party ireland, that you place in ALL churches and websites, the Dail FOI replies and various government and law depts OWN DISCLAIMERS of 2020, that inform public that ONLY church has given liability guarantee that its HSE products are safe and essential to stay alive. In doing so, it will Undo some of the damage martin and clavin caused by shadow banning CORRECT medical data and law, that Stopped public making Informed decisions, instead making decisions on fraud advise by martin and YOU, which per HSE increased deaths figures is seen to be many deaths caused by church banned by Motu to engage in WEF medical fraud and money laundering through covert HSE payments to certain doctors, hospitals.

I REQUIRE YOU to file charges with Garda Anti Corruption against clavin, many judges and Garda refusing oath and SUPERIOR law of Motu and Proclamation that, according court records, broke section 296 of 31A, that states public must NOT wear masks if stress or Agree 31A DISCLAIMER as NOT law, NOT safe. If your response is to Refuse Motu Proprio, then I shall be forced, as Party representative to file criminal charges with Vatican Governance against YOU, in your personal capacity, for violations said Motu Proprio.

Further charges WILL be filed against YOU with Garda Anti Corruption Unit, with regard causing FEAR, APPREHENSION to mine and others personal safety, under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976. In writing, I have been asked to establish if you acted on orders from Pope to break His Motu Proprio or, did you take bribes from gov Ireland to sell its products, which it said were dangerous. You understand MANY Irish dead or injured or immune system destroyed, it is reasonable to say those NOT dead might soon be dead, hence liability is important, as Dail said NOT safe but, YOU said safe, YOUR guarantee makes YOU liable to dead or injured, NOT the tax payer.

I have enclosed copies of the laws I sent to you in 2021 BEFORE you broke them, with regards making your public medical claims and diagnosis which my copiesof HSE position told YOU dangerous, unlawful. I have also sent copy of my report, your desire to assist courts service to USE its private police to Extract monies and remove liberties of MEN, WOMEN by USING ALL CAPS Vatican Trust companies and, your ONE line letters showing how much you care for congregation martin calls THE PODS. You Publicly instructed ALL Roman Curia to break SI NO 5412007, Advertising Regulations. EU Directives 200183 transposed into Irish law. EU Council Directives 200363 on use medical products.

Also you broke EU Council Directives 200298, also 200424, also Mis use of Drugs Act, 1977. You also breoke 18 other statute laws, which are additional to Motu Proprio. In brief, these laws BAN ANYONE from making public medical claims or diagnosis to USE medical products. Only a doctor in PRIVATE , if knows patients records and ABSOLUTE proof safe, can advise use a product and faces jail if NOT disclose ANY known side effects. These laws do INSIST that ANYONE can list known side effects or DISCLAIMER warnings of NOT safe, to allow informed consent or refusal. YOU CANNOT ENCOURAGE or HIDE effects, to inrease sales, as you did publicly do.

You HAVE, according public records, NOT my personal opinion, KNOWINGLY broke ALL above laws and Motu, made great profits for WEF gov Ireland and Unlicensed courts service, caused MANY deaths and Laughed at my stating correct laws that you HID from public. I think it correct to state that the LEAST you can do is STOP destruction weak men have caused, by turning back on the Pope who stood ALONE against WEF, God sees ALL sins at the gate to eternal life. I shall await your prompt reply as to your proposals to save lives. I will indue course be filing charges under Motu with regards TDs, judiciary etc, that have UNLAWFULLY used Vatican ALL CAPS to remove liberty, assets, monies, force medical experiments upon MEN, WOMEN. Yours sincerely,g martin.

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