PUBLIC Letter. PART 9. Replying to p morrissey who claims to be a spokesman for activists. 15th November, 2023.

In PART 8 of this Expose of the Many websites employed by Crown Oireachtas to CONCEAL the new subsidery of Crowns gov UK 05522373, set up in 2019, called gov Ireland, to CAPTURE Dail in 2020 coup, I listed Proclamation law that BANS such an act of treason by ANY TD or employee of the Dail, such as civil servants. For Most of 2020, each Saturday at GPO I supplied at my expense and Explained PROTECTIONS of Garda oath and Proclamation, along with dee wall media. I had found MANY people, particularly old UNAWARE of these Fundamental rights Guaranteed by Founding laws of the FIRST Dail in 1919, of the United 32 county country, called Ireland, or in Gaelic Eire.

To my surprise, MANY Irish UNAWARE they voted for 33rd Dail sitting of this FIRST 1919 Dail and, NEVER read the FOUNDATION Law Proclamation rights of the Present 33rd Dail, my Grandfather set up the First and Second sitting of this SAME Dail you voted as 33rd sitting of Dail. Many Irish UNAWARE that FIRST Dail sittings was in 1919 the result of Crown calling 32 county election in 1918 of this UNITED country, witnessed, verified for Crown, NO separate 6 and 26 counties elections as United country. Many Irish UNAWARE that in FIRST Dail 1919 there was NOTHING to Unite as one Complete country. Without ANY 32 county election, in December 1920, Crown Agents develara, collins ALLOWED Capture Dail by a Fraud kept SECRET from its TDs, to avoid charges of treason against said Agents of Crown.

In the last Part, you read one year AFTER First Dail and 2 years BEFORE END of Second Dail, the Crown claimed it Had set up develara as British Dominion colony Minister called Taioseach, his job to run said colony through Crowns Oireachtas, Stormont Freestate corporations, under City London financing from Jewish bankers Warburgs and Rothschild Agents. I enclosed this CERTIFIED position of Crown Parliament along with Dail Certified position that Crown has NO jurisdiction since 1919 and, NO 32 county election mandate to segregate the 2 Catholic churches, Anglo and Roman catholics, as thet had done in 1917 Balfour Declaration with jews and muslims in Palestine, the SAME Foreign minister Balfour having written the Secret Government Ireland Act 1920, to do Same, as plan to divide United nations.

I also found at GPO that Many Irish UNAWARE that it took from 1920 to 1989, a period of 69 years for the peoples party ireland, set up 1920 to Repeal said 1920 Fraud Act, due to Opposition from Oireachtas career civil servants not keen to be stopped from robbing Irish for Crown profits. The Great Queen Quickly understood, the merging of Charles WEF Young Leaders Plan he wrote, with business interests of City London corporation banks, to set up gov UK 05522373 and, gov Ireland to control medical fraud and obtain funding for WEF takeover of world.

UNLIKE Many Irish people, she Understood Garda oath Function was to SUPPORT SUPERIOR law of Proclamation, which is ABOVE positive law, another name for statute law and, TDs Function to UPHOLD Proclamation law NOT ignore or REPLACE with WEF company gov Ireland. I wish to remind you of these SAME 2 oaths, Garda and TDs to Dail is SAME as in 1919, which I now list. I remind Captain Doyle read this position at GPO, Easter 2023, as my Grandfather did in 1916 and myself, Many times in 2020. The coup did NOT replace Dail or Garda with the WEF company gov Ireland, instead it Exposed for Irish the Many traitors within the Dail who took 30 pieces of silver to sell your freedom.

Before listing, I remind you that ALL TDs, Senators, judiciary, Garda , Army, public etc, understand it is TREASON to PRETEND the Dail is again CAPTURED by Crown in 2020 coup by its company gov Ireland, registered in City London in 2019, it is chickens like egan that believes he is a slave, how about you. As you have reead in PARTS 1 to 8, Many of the websites dave egan claims, first asked me explain what the Parliamentary documents explain, I did NOT state my personal opinion as stated simply what documents said and, he ignored, perhaps he has reading difficulties.

As you now undertand, the Dail and UK Parliaments position is that Most of these websites have DELIBERATELY told public the OPPOSITE of your UNCHANGED since 1919, Dail rights, in order to assist WEF company gov Ireland to CAPTURE YOUR Dail, Not owned by Crown or its TD Agents working with MI5 British Secret Service, as stated in national newspapers with regard senior members gov Ireland on MI5 payroll ACTIVE service. You have read 9 pages of abusive insults and frauds from Many sites, such as dave egan, manning, barrister o mahoney and others, who HAVE taken part in gov Ireland attempt to RECOVER 32 counties LOST in 1989, per Royal Assent.

The Proclamation starts with the MINOR role of IRB, in winner of 1918 election by Sinn Fein. It describes IRB as secret revolutionary organisation, charged in Artile 3 of 1919 constitution to Protect Eire Sovereign Seal from CAPTURE by Crowns Freestate corporation, which role it confirms each January upon steps of Mansion House, Its President McGuire holds said Seal in Trust until such time as Crown is again sent on its way, as was done in 1989, per Royal Assent. The present 3 county Dail has NO elected TDs as CEO higgins complied with law and set the 90 day limit for coalition to be formed as 24th April 2020, as you know, he broke law and did NOT call frtesh election on that date, he simply allowed WEF Young Leader member varadkar appoint his OWN coup takeover in June, 2020 without jurisdiction, law states Dail is occupied by Agents of WEF Young Leaders, supported by Irish Bar Council OWN company City London police, 89000534, who PRETEND to have replaced Garda, controlled by MI5 member, drew harris.

UNCHANGED since Dail 1919, the people of Ireland, NOT Dail TDs or employees of Crowns WEF gov Ireland company, OWN Ireland and Unfettered control of Irish Destiny as Sovereign, Indefeasible and INALIENABLE rights. It Proclaimed in 1919, a Sovereign, Independent state, NOT the 1920 Crown passed claim of Partitioned 2 states RULED as British Dominion colony, that UNLAWFULLY was run by Oireachtas until 1989 when due process ENDED it. The 1919 Dail, now in 33rd sitting, GUARANTEES religious, civil liberty, equal rights, oppertunities, use of taxes for prosperity of ALL Irish, NOT to take away and TRANSFER to NON Irish and CEOs of Crown companies. Dail law states it ONLY holds in Trust for next generation the nations assets and institutions which it CANNOT sell or Transfer to gov Ireland to use as Crowns East India company used to enslave people of INDIA and later China.

It further states the Dail accepts the Proclamation is under the Protection of God, it CANNOT remove by ANY referendom these rights to each INDIVIDUAL of self determination, such as medical decisions or gender status, it affords these same rights to the UNBORN child as it is UNABLE defend itself if parents refuse defend its rights to life. This Proclamation was First recognised as law by 1916 rebels, NOT elected TDs and, in 1919 Dail it was RATIFIED as law by ELECTED TDs of FIRST Dail, photograph of said event supplied with Certified documents. ANY positive law, such as statutes or 31A medical advice is null and void if attempts change guaranteed rights.

As the actions written, of Many websites have stated, they on the one hand, confirm the above laws are correct but claim only they can USE them, on the other hand they say they accuse police, judges, TDs etc of Breaking them but, they also do the SAME to claim a moment of celebrity fame and inform us they support fraud and welcome slavery. MANY of these people Refuse licensed Eire Seal of court, Garda oath or statute laws but change their mind when use their Eire Seal passport. Instead they partake in SAME fraud of Unlicensed courts and UK WEF police 89000534 replacement of Garda force, to help earn the 709.06 million profits of this UK registered police force OWNED by courts service Bar Council to serve fraud summons that Garda NOT allowed serve.

These websites openly LIE to public, engage in fraud courts to generate these profits for court and its private police, based on courts ONLY accepting fraud affidavits from its own security police. They claim ANYONE stating CORRECT law are mentally disturbed etc, they WANT public to be UN AWARE of rights as they depend on your donations, you will only ask ad vice if correct law NOT given to you, ignorence is old colonial trick. In Part 10, I WILL explain the tremendous effort by waters, o doherty, manning etc in helping since 1989 to HIDE YOUR New Independence and YOUR rights under Proclamation and 1922 constitution that ENDED in Repeal in 1989 of 1922 constitution, leaving you with the Proclamation and the 5 Articles of 1919 constitution which was written to PROTECT the Proclamation, it has NO power to remove or ALTER said Proclamation, read each Easter at GPO.

I WILL be placing for public, copies of 1922 Constitution Articles in force until 1989, that rendered VOID the Unlawful actions by Unlicensed courts service since 1924, that the Fraud NO Royal Assent 1937 constitution PRETENDED to remove, you will learn how many court protections were UNlawfully ignored. Also, if space allows, the recent UK Parliament speech by King Charles, the part that explains to people like waters, o doherty, manning, egan etc that NO Dail Act, such as 1937 constitution fraud claim, could become law WITHOUT Royal Assent, until 1989, when Dail CAPTURE ENDED and 32 counties NO longer a British Dominion colony.

If you study what MOST websites do, like me you find out that they WASTE my time spending weeks of my time writing Correct law and HOW to use Garda oath and Proclamation, which they NEVER use and refuse read out this vital public letters information, in order that you will NOT know your rights. Instead of USING the PROTECTIONS of these documents, they NEVER use them, refuse show Public letters on websites or like twitter, they shadow ban them, in order that UNAWARE public do SAME as them, inform corporations that they wish to be slaves with no rights and take part in the charade.

Experience has shown it is Waste of time making the point, that if IGNORE Proclamation rights etc, you might as well NOT have them or, talk about them, might as well sign a contract that you wish to give up rights and be a slave, it is like an abused wife, each time husband attacks she comes back for more once he buys her flowers or chocolates. The new company, gov Ireland select and support these people after celebrity status, because they will read ANY script, they will NOT insist on Garda oath, Proclamation etc, they will be arrested because accept instead of insist upon oath, they are used by gov Ireland to PRETEND no Garda oath and cause FEAR, APPREHENSION of using INALIENABLE rights. Bye for now. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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