PUBLIC Letter. PART 8. Replying to p morrissey, who claims to be spokesman for activists. 12th November, 2023.

Dear public, In PART 7 of this story I placed on twitter etc, the 2 documents Ratification of 1916 Proclamation Rights as SUPERIOR law of FIRST Dail in 1919 to PRESENT 33rd Dail of 2020 which was CAPTURED in coup by a subsidiary company of Crowns gov UK 05522373, called gov Ireland, registered in City London corporation listing in 2019, for the coup of 2020, its CEO being varadkar, the WEF Young Leader member chosen to implement WEF plan. The second document was Government of Ireland Act, 1920, passed by Prime minister of UK, lloyd george with Royal Assent on 23rd December, 1920. These 2 documents were placed in National Archives long After the First and Second Dail, sitting from 1919 to 1922 were replaced by Crown corporation Oireachtas in a military coup led by collins and develara.

I chose these 2 because the dates explain to Irish, their importance in Relation to the 2020 coup take over by the new name for the Crown, called WEF, its one world Young Leaders plan written by King charles, against the wishes of the Great Queen departed. The Crown having LOST its 32 county British Dominion colony in 1989 due to Lawful application of law, by the peoples party ireland. In 1917, the Old name for the Party, Sinn Fein, discovered the UK Foreign Minister Balfour, in his Balfour Declaration had TAKEN Palestine for future PLANTATION of foreign people in collusion with Local businessmen of different religions but, also we found SAME plan for Irish, called 1920 Government of Ireland Act, as explained in said Act.

You have read Parliament description of Government of Ireland Act, 1920, to Segregate minority Protestant religion into Gaza type Partition and, Catholic 26 counties other zone, United as British Dominio colony, assisted by MI5 British Spy unit called Sinn Fein, set up in 1980s to use name of 1906 SF, disbanded in 1922. You WILL have grasped by now, the First and Second Dail of the SAME existing 33rd Dail of 2020, was IN power until 1922, ONE year BEFORE and TWO years AFTER said FRAUD 1920 start of British Dominion colony, which Party began Repeal in 1920.

You WILL also have seen the photograph of Crowns MI5 Agent develara at Dail 1919 RATIFICATION of Proclamation which says he HAS NO power Surrender to 1920 Government Ireland Act, hence kept SECRET to avoid his execution, as later happened to collins for treason. Dail 1919 to 1922 papers confirm NO knowledge of develara and collins SECRET act of treason, their First job having been to draw out Most SF for the 1916 GPO execution Rising. Second job the 1920 version of Balfour Declaration, supported by gov Ireland Crown corporation for Crown.

Now most people understand how, like collins, develara etc, the SAME trick by Crown is played AFTER British Dominion colony ENDED in 1989, people like egan, morrissey, manning, waters etc said NO such event happened despite Parliamentary records saying it DID. As you HAVE seen first 2 documents DO exist and, as law confirms, NO invasion or arrival of God since January, 1919, to close down the Dail or its Proclamation since its START in 1919, Guaranteed by God and Dail, as SUPERIOR law ABOVE positive law, such as EU fraud laws.

As you begin to understand, the UNITED, Partitioned British Dominion colony, FRAUDULENTLY set up 1920 by founder of F Fail develara, CLOSED down in 1989, since then, past 31 years spent Preparing for 100th Anniversary with 2020 coup, which people like egan, manning etc PRETEND did NOT happen by supporting Unlicensed courts and their City London police 89000534, whom they accept as replacement for Garda oath and Proclamation rights. You have already read City London corporation records of Labour and FG Parties collusion with Crowns MI5 and gov UK 055 22373 to set up in 2019 gov Ireland OWNED by Crown, its CEO varadkar WEF Young Leader, to IMPLEMENT WEF.

In 1920, F Fail founder develara set uo Crowns corporations, Oireachtas, Stormont, Freestae to CAPTURE Dail. In 2020 F Fail leader martin sets up New CAPTURE of Dail, set FREE in 1989, using HIS WEF company, gov Ireland. You later learn in 2021 that Using SAME LIES as 1920 Act NOT law, the Crown Oireachtas CEO higgins, NOT President of Ireland since 1989, Uses BILL NO 46 covid NOT law, to claim ALL TDs, Senators Now allow Crowns gov Ireland replace Dail, by making its own company rules as if Dail laws, this being treason and null, void.

As was done in 1920, since 1989 people like o doherty, waters, Unlicensed judge hogan etc PRETENDED that the rights of 1922 constitution and Proclamation were replaced in 1937, despite NO Royal Assent for 1937 that colony until 1989 would REQUIRE, in addition NOT possible to replace Proclamation per Dail law Ratification, with a CHARADE. As you read, the 1922 constitution ENDED in 1989 but NOT 1919 constitution or Proclamation which were ADOPTED by 1922 NOT removed by invasion or Royal Assent, No Royal Assent for fraud 1937 CHARADE. As Captain doyle read for the army and public, at GPO 2023 Proclamation is the Law, egan etc claims they have jurisdiction remove.

In similar fashion, the New corporation claims Unlicensed since 1924 courts service Irish Bar Council, set up gov UK o55 22373 police company 89000534 to REPLACE Garda oath and Act, a fraud claim that egan etc obeys. As with fraud claims by gov Ireland cartel and its media, such as waters, o doherty manning, egan etc, per their public statements, they ALL PRETEND they have NOT read DISCLAIMERS of HSE, also 31A, that ONLY Proclamation is law. ALL these Parties, collect donations, taxes etc to PRETEND 33rd Dail you voted for, is Replaced by gov Ireland for Crown, after Crown Oireachtas LOST its Freestate in 1989, per Royal Assent,, DISCLAIMER 31A says NOT law, just ADVICE.

Now you understand why in 1989, each journalist etc, I contacted, gave me the manning, egan treatment of it being DELUSIONAL to quote PARLIAMENTARY documents instead of Personal opinions. For almost 4 years, these sales reps for gov Ireland coup Used 31A ADVICE as PRETEND law, which its DISCLAIMER said NOT law, telling you please PRETEND you have No Proclamation and, do NOT read the DISCLAIMER so you will have to pay us for advice. Is it NOT time to elect the Party that HAS collected the Evidence and WILL USE in the new Extended Dail Eireann courts, to prosecute those CEOs that, for Highest salaries in world, followed Balfour PLANTATION plans to REPLACE Irish.

In PART 9, I would like to explain how the 33rd Dail Proclamation has BEEN violated by the subsidiary company of gov UK 055 22373, called gov Ireland, using Bar Council to INVENT Fear, Apprehension using 31A ADVICE as PRETEND law, to have coercive control of trusting population. As a nation, you MUST USE the Proclamation your Grandparents gave you and, usedit to start the Dail in 1919. Use AGAIN next election to BUILD on the FREE Ireland it brought back in 1989, but hidden by traitors, TRUST Eire Not Crown WEF company, gov Ireland. It is in the hands of the Irish to RETURN to Protection of Garda oath and Proclamation. As in 1919, when we showed the world we CAN stand alone, in Gaelic it means Sinn Fein. No permission REQUIRED from Crown WEF, as you departed in 1989, stand alone against Irish traitors that are trying to remove your freedom won in 1989, you are NOT UK because your rights are Protected by Proclamation, it is UK that rights are subject to Parliament, NOT Crown. Bye for now. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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