PUBLIC Letter. PART 7. Replies to p morrissey who claims to be spokesman for activists. 9th November, 2023.

Dear Public, In PART 5, I sent you copy and explanation of Garda oath to SUPERIOR law ABOVE positive law and, in Part 6, I sent you copyof the RATIFIED 1916 Proclamation in 1919 Declaration of Independence. In this PART 7, I would like to talk more about these 2 documents and, if space allows, the third document, the Motu Proprio, sent already in other PARTS, also explained in many livestreams. The importance and FEAR of them by the new name for Crown, the WEF Young Leaders Programme, written by its Leader, King Charles, his stated aim to END Parliaments and Crowns and, destroy the good works by his mother, is OBVIOUS.

What is NOT obvious, in an Irish context is the FEAR to WEF City London corporation gov Ireland, set up 2019 for Dail coup. Also the FEAR by media outlets like Integrity Ireland, Anti Corruption Ireland, RTE and many others. Most Irish websites, particularly law ones, FEAR the moment when Irish understand MEANING of these 3 pieces of paper. In simple words, they TELL YOU Garda Protect SUPERIOR law of said Proclamation. Proclamation TELLS YOU your GUARANTEED rights in Simple English, that each INDIVIDUAL has INALIENABLE rights, Including UNBORN babies, to SELF determination, freespeech etc, Dail Protects in Trust, said rights, NOT changeable.

It TELLS YOU ANY positive law by Dail is Null and Void if tries to REMOVE said rights, such as NOT been told you are under house arrest, NOT allowed travel without permission from a slave master. ANY solicitor, Garda, media etc LYING if claim a referendum can change said rights, as ONLY God can change Proclamation TELLS YOU. Soon you WILL understand you do NOT need solicitor, Garda, media etc to TELL you what is right because, the 3 papers TELL YOU ALL you need to know, that you are NOT subject to UK Crown as NOT British Dominion colony since 1989.

These Agents of Crown HAVE made much money LYING to you, I have listed crimes committed by MI5, WEF members, Trained to Re capture the 32 counties British Dominion colony, LOST in 1989, per Royal Assent. As you have read in Public letters, the GAME by WEF Crown was to USE people like egan, manning , waters, o doherty etc, to make you think, as egan said, NO Proclamation, Garda oath, Motu Proprio etc. Their job is PRETEND you are PART of UK but, papertrail TELLS YOU that DEPARTURE took place in 1989. As to were they Fooled or PAID, that is their business, your business is to build upon END in 1989 of being a colony run by Crown Oireachtas to plunder Eire for Crown.

You have read egan claims of me being coward, yet it was I that stood outside GPO each Saturday, handing out Proclamation and Garda oath, while he, o doherty, waters, manning etc, chose Unlicensed courts the documents explained and, PRETENDED Proclamation and Garda oath is delusions by me, despite written evidence said REAL. It was I, that explained Garda oath and Proclamation Many times on livestreams of dee wall and others. It was I stood outside Dail and CONVENTION centre to explain said papers, they ALL ignored, where were all these heroes when I stood up to Crown each time I went to the Palace these last 40 years.

It is NOT Turning your back on Garda oath and still Valid Proclamation, instead doing livestreams to tell you how they HELPED Unlicensed courts and ITS private WEF, UK registered police 89000534, PRETENDING it has REPLACED Garda and Dail, these heroes collude with Crown invasion again as in 1922. As a nation you MUST ask yourself WHY, outside Convention centre when they voted EXTEND 31A as PRETEND law DESPITE its DISCLAIMER saying NOT law, we asked 3 times, Garda Superintendent to enforce Garda oath, arrest TDs committing Treason against Dail.

It was because 3 times he TOLD nation, the new WEF City London police 89000534 has REPLACED Garda oath, new Crown courts police is to COMPLETE the coup, started in 1989, in 6 counties returned to Dail in 1989. At Convention centre he TOLD nation that following MI5 Agent harris success with PSNI Re conquest, it is NOW Reconquest under harris 89000534 of Remaining 26 counties, he TOLD you the 1920 Government Ireland Act is BACK to capture 32 counties for Crown.

ALL 32 counties NOW understand WHY ALL speeches at said Convention centre were shown but, NOT the one where I received much applause for explaining Garda oath and Proclamation, TRUTH is how to END oppression, NOT to Run away from it, face it head on, the ULSTER way. ALL 32 counties NOW understand how Crown companies, Oireachtas, Stormont have LOST power in 1989 but, since then, have worked to Re capture for Crown, the new Freestate corporation they plan is gov Ireland London company.

Unlike most countries, the light at the end of the tunnel is SEEN by Irish. You HAVE 160 TDs, 60 Senators that BETRAYED you to WEF gov Ireland. Just organise your LOCAL TD replacement at next election with YOUR Independent TD. Soon I WILL be explaining how EASY it is to elect YOUR LOCAL TD, under the banner of the peoples party ireland MANIFESTO, it being NO more Ignoring the Dail Proclamation rights, STILL valid, just IGNORED by criminal gangs.

Are you NOT tired yet, of people like egan, waters, o doherty etc taking your money to TELL you Garda oath, Proclamation, DISCLAIMERS and CERTIFIED HPRA NO proof covid existed, are Conspiracy Theory but Unlicensed courts and their Private UK police is good. Is it Not time to vote IN TDs from YOUR area, KNOWN to you, to REPLACE WEF chosen TDs who have NO interest in Proclamation, as FF call it, outdated Sovereign Eire, to jail TDs, police if proof they joined WEF coup of 1989 and 2020.

You ARE a spoiled nation, where Your Grandparents did the heavy lifting in 1918 election of 32 county Ireland, they GAVE you Proclamation Guarantee, YET, like 1989, you are to lazy to read or insist its use, even when Captain Doyle, behalf army read it again at GPO this Easter. Have you NOT had enough of media websites explaining to you that Unlicensed courts service and its WEF UK police 89000534 is DESTRUCTION of Eire but, they ALSO say please IGNORE Garda oath and Proclamation, so that you will have to ask us what to do. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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