PUBLIC Letter. PART 6 Replying to p morrissey who claims to be spokesman for what he calls activists. 6th November, 2023.

Dear public,

In PART 6 of this story Ireply to the Contempt of the Document that has GIVEN a RARE gift to the Irish nation, called GUARANTEED rights NOT possible to change, which some PRETEND as VOID despite the Army reminding every Easter at GPO, the said Proclamation rights, last read by Captain Doyle at GPO in Easter 2023. Many people have read the 9 pages of fraud garbage by egan, morrissey claiming to be spokesman, for something called activists, protestors, justice workers, NO Parliament documents support his fraud delusions. In this Part I refer to his claims that I repealed Anglo Irish Agreement 1920, NO such Agreement to Repeal, yet he claims I repealed.. He says I repealed Irish Freestate, also the 1922 constitution, ended Partition, restored Sovereign Harp Seal in 1989, a busy bee indeed.

He also says I claim to Have usurped authority of Dail to do this. He also says I do NOT represent Irish people or nation. He also informs us that NO evidence exists that 1916 Proclamation was Ratified as Dail law, despite his reading the evidence in Public letters I am pleased he asked you to read, very kind indeed. He also claims I support an organisation that IS promoting my view that I call for overthrow of Irish Dail. He claims that HE is Owner of my property rights guaranteed in Proclamation and, says he does NOT give me his permission to use said rights.

He claims that he IS a God, with jurisdiction to declare as null and void, the SUPERIOR law of both Proclamation and Garda oath and, I MUST obtain his permission to state said Proclamation laws etc, delusions by him it seems. He also claims in Public letters, which he said no one reads, flush down toilet his exact words, that I claimed government is a fake and fraud corporation, encouraged public to accept this, which would seem pointless as City London corporation records already tell public of the registration details. He urges public to ignore Corporation records and NOT support Dail or Proclamation rights, perhaps he means you should support WEF, own nothing plan.

In further Parts, I WILL reply to many other strange claims NOT made by me but, made by Him. As you know, I liketo NOT make Personal claims, instead list CERTIFIED documents, hence MANY Parts, public deserve educated replies NOT pages of garbage and Personal opinion NOT supported by FACTS. I did NOT say I repealed 1920 Government Ireland Act, Freestate corporation 1922, constitution of 1922. Public letter states the peoples party ireland staff MADE application in 1920 for Royal Assent to repeal, its called due process, can only begin when application made.

I went on to state that in 1989 I successfully COMPLETEDLawful paperwork, I placed on twitter, public letters, notified newspapers etc the results, being UK and Ireland CERTIFIED Repeal Act, 1989, ENDING the above British Dominion Crown colony, in acccordance with law. Egan, TDs, public read these documents what was SAME that I said in Public letters, that UK and Irish Parliaments AGREED Royal Assent, ENDED 1920 British Dominion colony in 1989. As explained in Public letters, the 32 county Sovereign Dail Capture by Crown Oireachtas, Stormont companies of 1920 ENDED in 1989, NOT due to egan and millions of Irish talking on livestreams to tell us what great people they are.

He claims my listing of ABOVE Parliamentary records, perhaps he learned this trick from RTE, records that millions of Irish IGNORED is Treason, usurping Dail etc, his delusion. He claims a representative of political party is NOT allowed represent public if not approved by him, sounds a bit like these UNLICENSED judges. He seems to think he has authority to allow Oireachtas registered parties, like SF, FG, FF, etc to make public statements Provided they do NOT reveal Parliamentary records or FACTS, that might expose HIS activities.

He has advised us that ALL Irishmen, women are NOT Irish or can represent nation WITHOUT his Permisssion, rather like WEF Young Leaders plan. He claims a political party whose volunteers state law, means a criminal organisation. As his 9 pages state, he HAS encouraged public to support HIS criminal activities to REMOVAL Dail Proclamation and Replace with WEF UK company gov Ireland, its registered CEO called varadkar., asking public to INVENT charges against reporting CERTIFIED documents. As Public letters confirm, myself and staff of the peoples party ireland ENCOURAGE public to elect Independent TDs under our Party Manifesto, to RETURN Dail Proclamation laws my Grandfather wrote and offered as S Fein election manifesto which his Party he helped set up in 1906 with Arthur Griffith, won landslide 32 county election setting up First Dail in 1919 January, Sovereign from the Crown.

He claims that asking people to LEARN Dail law rights, then vote for political party whose Public Manifesto details plans to RESTORE said rights, is treason and dangerous to public health. In this letter I address his Public statement that, like Most TDs, Senators, he seems to include Integrity Ireland, holst, dee wall, waters, o doherty with himself, in claiming NO proclamation, I think he has another delusion perhaps.

I enclose with this letter on twitter site, copy DECLARATION of Independence, PASSED first Dail meeting in Mansion House Dublin, 21.1,1919, to FULFILL S Fein election Manifesto, December 1918 election victory. Along with this document I enclose Photo and details of second Dail ministry to MAY, 1921. The PHOTO shows TDs of FIRST ministry on 21st January, 1919 after RATIFICATION of said Proclamation, that Irish traitors claim NOT exists. The 1916 PROCLAMATION was First claimed on steps of GPO in 1916, read by my Grandfather and others and myself each Saturday in 2020. For purposes of law, it was read by REBELS, NOT by elected government body. Hence to comply with law, the DECLARATION you read of 1919, includes the words, WE THE ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES OF THE DAIL.

The Importance of said Declaration was to RATIFY 1916 Proclamation on January, 21st, 1919 by Authority of Winner1918 Crown called, 32 county election, the S Fein Manifesto promised to Ratify on First day in Dail, to prevent traitors like egan etc claiming NOT exists. For the nation my Grandfather saved said documents with the letters read by develara when he addressed the League of Nations, similar to UN, as the NEW country called Ireland, NOT British Dominion colony later IMPOSED by traitor collins with artillery and Engliah gunners dressed in Green that he asked Winston Churchill send him.

These letters were saved from Crown Agents collins, develera by my Grandfather as blood being spilt by 186 IRA volunteers to defend 32 county Dail, in 4 courts. It is REAL men that set a nation FREE by ACTUALLY insisting on Proclamation rights, NOT chickens talking WIND on livestreams, telling us what GREAT men they are. Public records and law confirms, each Easter at GPO, said Proclamation rights are Read, so traitors that DENY said rights, ARE exposed as members of WEF gov Ireland 2020 coup. Statute laws confirm ANY positive law, 31A NOT even positive law as ONLY ADVICE, becomes null and void, if tries remove Proclamation rights, read by Captain Doyle at GPO, Jan 2023.

By their OWN admissions given by egan etc, they, NOT I, claim, like MANY TDs, Unlicensed judges, to commit treason against Dail. Regarding his strange claim that I Restored Sovereign Eire Harp Seal in 1989, this is NOT true, as public letters explained under 5 Articles of 1919 Constitution, it was Transferred to be held in Trust, to IRB. The Sovereign Eire Seal, on Dail Eireann courts, passport and Garda oath is NOT held by Crown Oireachtas corporation, as Proclamation and 32 county election Mandate BAN surrender to Crown, Proclamation describes IRS as in charge of security of Sovereign Eire Seal. Once again, this man shows his ability to NOT undertand written documents. The Eire Seal is NOTHING to do with me or Crown Oireachtas which LOST legislative powers in 1989 when Crown went home, long overdue. The Seal was NOT restoredin 1989 when the 6 counties returned because, the Oireachtas has pretended no change in order to set up in 2019 the Crown WEF corporation gov Ireland to Re capture the 32 counties it LOST in 1989.

It is public records that former Taoiseach of 32 counties, m martin timed his speech, with people like waters, egan, in which he claimed Ireland NOT a Sovereign, backward nation, NOW owned by EU, this being treason statement of intent to subvert 32 county Dail. The purpose, by Implication, of media sites like manning, egan, waters, o doherty in claiming NO Proclamation, was to get public accept 2019 London WEF corporation gov Ireland as REPLACEMENT of Dail and Garda oath. As public records confirm, these websites REFUSED inform public of gov Ireland, BANNED by Proclamation and BILL NO 46, which ,in 2021 said ONLY ONE employee of gov Ireland company can decide its OWN legislation without telling, asking or seeking vote from Dail, in simple language ALL TDs, Senators Resigned handed Dail to WEF company its CEO being WEF Young Leader varadkar now in control of captured national dail.

In PART 7, I WILL make detailed reply concerning egan etc claims concerning Unlicensed courts and Licensed courts and, if space allows, the CERTIFIED Parliamentary UK and Ireland documents sent to Times and Irish Independent journalists, which they CONCEALED from public to assist formation of gov Ireland in 2019. ALL across Ireland and the world, people LEARN importance of written documents, they show most Irish websitesKNEW 31A DISCLAIMER said NOT law, Proclamation and Garda oath also said NOT law but, like egan they ENCOURAGED you to FORGET your rights and PRETEND you are a slave. Public records show these websites and their ACTORS PRETENDED a charade 31A was law. The Unlicensed judges, police they complained about, was to GET your donations, they JOINED these people in crimes to IGNORE law, they are just as much to blame for DISTRACTING public from seeking law to jail those that made fortune from Inventing FEAR, APPREHENSION to enslave those that were chickens. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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