PUBLIC Letter. PART 5. Replying to p morrissey, who claims to be a spokesman for what he calls activists. 4th November, 2023.

Dear Public, As stated in PART 4 of Expose of a Man USED as a puppet by WEF London corporation gov Ireland to CONFUSE and DISTRACT people by stating INCORRECT law, to Prevent public Understanding rights, I address his MANY mistakes. I start with his statement that I wrote letters to Commissioner roberts, of Garda Anti Corruption unit, to file criminal charges against Commissioner clavin, who claimed publicly that he Broke many laws. He asks public to read these letters on the website of a political party called, the peoples party ireland . com, in which you WILL read what I said is NOT what he claimed I said.

In his 9 pages, he says g martin and HIS peoples party are reporting crimes, he claims to report crime is serious crime, he says in doing so, I have usurped Dail, is a breach of offences against the state and Treason, he lists other laws he CLEARLY does NOT understand the meaning of. He also claims by reporting crimes I am deranged, delusional, that the people defended by reporting crimes against them are now placed in danger, has called reporting crime ursurpation, overthrow of Dail. He says I threatened commissioner for having performed his duties with honour. He claims my reporting crime incited hatred against commissioner, that I slandered, defamed him, made false statements, was abusive to him in public place, ALL this in a letter, having NOT ever met clavin, who himself did not make ANY such claims, when he wrote to me, thanked me for writing and confirmed investigation under way, so it would seem yet another delusion of egan, etc.

He also claims the complaint confirmed by roberts as under investigation is a delusion, says I have No court case number, that I have had NO reply and, have won No court cases and, claim to be legal expert and orders my arrest and prosecution. It has been explained before, when a charge is placed with Garda, it is their business to take to court, NOT mine. It is also explained that informing public, as they asked me to do, when a charge is filed, is NOT claiming to win a court case or be a legal expert, perhaps egan does NOT know meaning of delusion.

It is Good thing for me that, as he said, it is public letters which Prove I wrote the following, NOT what he INVENTED. I Politely informed Commissioner roberts what parts of Garda contract clavin Broke. With this letter you read, I sent roberts a copy of the Garda oath Contract, that I handed out to public at GPO, free of charge for the year 2020 each Saturday, as people like egan kept secret this vital public information. I also sent copy of Rte video that shows Garda like drew harris accepting what clavin accepted, a written contract. In paragraph 1, it states clavin AGREED that law Demands the following.

Clavin AGRRED he CANNOT be in Garda force if member of political party or support its publicly stated aims, a secret society, such as WEF, MI5 or Honourable Society of Benchers, or as member of PSNI, still under oath to UK Official Secrets Act, a LIFE obligation. I also informed roberts of paragraphs 2 and 3, he ACCEPTS that the INALIENABLE and IMPRESCRIPTABLE rights Guaranteed in Dail Proclamation and Motu Proprio are called SUPERIOR law.

He ACCEPTS SUPERIOR law is above Positive law, also positive law means statute law. 31A medical ADVICE is NOT positive law, said 31A DISCLAIMER and CEO of Attorney General. I informed that paragraphs 4 and 5, tells commissioner that family rights, right to work are SUPERIOR law above Positive law. Paragraph 5 serves Notice if above oath broken by clavin, he is sued in his Personal capacity. The Contract also AGREES Man or Woman right to NOT discuss family details to ANY Garda or, give birth cert details to allow a Contract to be set up, if NO assault trespass committed.

Along with this Contract, I presented the Membership details of clavin as Harvard graduate fees paid by WEF company gov Ireland in 2019, creating vested interest of clavin to Protect frauds by gov Ireland London company set up in 2019 for WEF frauds, upon membership WEF Young Leader, additional to his membership PSNI and Honourable Society. I also provided proof that the CEO of London company, gov Ireland, set up 2019 for Dail coup, called varadkar, as CEO WEF company, used TD position law says NOT allowed to hold, to appoint Police Authority and clavin to perhaps Protect his WEF company frauds, such as its CEO holding position of LEADER of Dail. removing its control as a national government.

I provided the written charges against clavin in 2020, when he UNLAWFULLY broke Garda contract as being a WEF member, to PROTECT medical fraud and, DETENTION of elderly for cre home mRNA medical devices in which KNOWN death risks and results of experiment could only be determined on each INDIVIDUAL in 2 years time, if they survive said experiment, stated by Manufacturer, who also claimed to dangerous to sell without No liability guarantee as deaths expected, which police concealed from elderly.

I submitted section 296 of 31A to clavin that DIRECTS in paragraph 5, that myself and public must NOT wear masks if we feel stressor, AGREE with WARNINGS given in 31A DISCLAIMER. I submitted copy of 31A DISCLAIMER and its Terms and Conditions, which tell him 31A is INTELLECTUAL property of gov Ireland, ALL errors , Omissions MUST be made to gov Ireland, NOT police or courts UNLESS police BREAK the DISCLAIMER, with this I supplied public and police evidence that Garda claimed commissioner clavin supported Garda breaking oath to assist crimes by WEF CEO varadkar for his gov Ireland company profits.

I reminded clavin that my passport states, Minister Foreign Affairs REQUESTS ANY Garda, including clavin, to ALLOW me, the bearer to Pass freely. WITHOUT hindrance, afford ALL assistance, protection to travel safely, I asked him ensure some Garda breaking oath are told obey oath, clavin refused said request, which does NOT require permission from egan or his opinion, for me to make. I also reminded him this REQUIREMENT for Garda to assist NOT hinder my travel is Refered as a REQUIREMENT of SUPERIOR law, as Written in Garda oath by clavin etc, NOT subject to 31A ADVICE. I reminded him of Parts 7c, E and F of Garda Act, 2005, which CLEARLY state, as in Garda oath, Garda PROTECT human rights, such as old lady desire to return home from care home seeking carry out genetic 2 year experiments. This applies to each INDIVIDUAL, is NOT duty of judges to be on streets protecting said rights..

Also I reminded clavin of section 5A, of Garda Act, 2005, NO rank, such as superintendent or commissioner clavin can REQUIRE or allow permission ANY Garda to DESIST from upholding said oath to PROTECT public from WEF company gov Ireland, or assist said crimes by NOT PROMPTLY investigating and STOPPING said crimes. Also I reminded clavin of section 5B, Garda Act, NO rank has right to PREVENT VICTIM of crime, such as g martin, from seeking damages, prosecution against ANY rank in Personal capacity, also stated in Garda oath, if Refuse oath to cause FEAR, APPREHENSION or , with regards old being detained in care homes for mRNA experiments like Astra Zeneca, resulting in serious charge of assisting Manslaughter, A Zeneca withdrawn for deaths old in care, said manufacturer etc.

Having stated the Garda AGREED REQUIREMENTS of law, NOT made by me or personal opinion, I listed Garda code that REQUIRED clavin to act PROMPTLY in STOPPING Garda crimes against myself and public, in particular old in care homes to Prevent obvious deaths. I next explained that a political Party is NOT mine, as egan claimed, it is piece of paper with NO power to cause physical assault trespass to ANY Man, Woman, it asks me to report public concerns to police, particularly people like egan, who publicly stated in 9 pages and in courts, his desire to PRETEND Dail offered mRNA when it and csso told him in writing that they have NO role, it being product sold by its main sales rep, gov Ireland WEF company employees.

I CLEARLY indicated that I file following charges at request of some public concerns and, my Personal concerns. I did NOT make allegations, I stated ACTUAL statute laws Garda admitted in courts and publicly, to have carried out. It is public and court evidence, NOT allegations, that some Garda refused oath and above laws, to PRETEND wearing a mask or travelling was a crime, assaulted, kidnapped, UNLAWFULLY prosecuted their victims, many Unlicensed judges accepting affidavits, they knew swere asking prosecution of public complying 296 of 31A to NOT wear masks.

It is also public evidence and in courts, NOT allegations or personal opinion, that some Garda also broke EU Council Directive Public Health REQUIREMENT, to allow families REMOVE relatives from care homes to avoid KNOWN death risks of mRNA medical devices experiments. In addition to above laws, I supplied public evidence that many old WERE imprisoned in care homes for Astra Zeneca mRNA genetic experiments, later withdrawn for KILLING Many old, by Garda under oath to Protect old from forced experiments.

I supplied EU Directive that REQUIRED at least 3 months Notice for relatives to obtain second opinion as to safety mRNA, which HPRA Regulator said in 2020, its documents C851, C852, mRNA NOT safe, NOT works. I listed 12 statute laws being broken by some Garda refusing oath, that caused myself and some public FEAR, APPREHENSION that we Might, like Many attacked by Garda, or old relatives KILLED by experiments FORCED by Garda. I Correctly stated charges of FEAR, APPREHENSION under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, which is 5 years jail, additional to 10 years jail for breaking Garda oath, Act, Manslaughter per old held for experiments.

UNLIKE egan and millions other Irish that sat on a chair, watched TV, I filed above charges in accordance with law, which millions other Irish and Garda and twitter staff concealing fraud, could also have done, instaed like egan, they left it to me and, some like egan defended those I exposed. It is YOUR right and duty to USE the law as I have done, NOT treason and 9 pages of garbage that egan, morrissey claimed, in order to HIDE his actions in NOT informing public on HOW TO USE the law.

As public letters confirm, I did NOT claim to be expert in law, did NOT report gov Ireland INTELLECTUAL property crimes to courts, INSTEAD reported to Police, as courts TOLD egan it is NOT their job to investigate crime, it is job of Garda. As stated in Public letters, ALL political parties HAVE moral obligation to inform public of ANY written complaints made on My or public behalf, to state FUNCTIONS of police to investigate crime, NOT courts. As you have heard, egan claims he has delusions that he has jurisdiction to alone make public comments and, crystal ball to see what replies I received from commissioner clavin and roberts and, decide who is good and who is bad, he invents his own delusions of law.

His job , like others, is to tell public that they have NO right to file charges with police, must instead spend years in court to be told, we do NOT inv estigate crime, please contact and report crime to Garda. It is public record that I have NOT given ANY law opinions, I have simply Stated the Correct law that various departments Stated in DISCLAIMERS, INTELLECTUAL property rights and statute and Proclamation laws. Egan etc have HIDDEN the important part of 31A etc, the DISCLAIMER, terms and conditions, which TELL public that YOU CANNOT prosecute Attorney General staff because they WARNED you it is NOT law.

Egan etc has collected donations etc by telling you go to court, when BOTH court and DISCLAIMER TELL you it is NOT law, VOLUNTARY, as NO law can Command you TAKE medical risk procedures. His sales reps are EMBARRASSED because now you KNOW that like MOST solicitors, police, public etc,YOU DID NOT READ the written documents that said YOU DO NOT need ANY court, you just FOLLOW DISCLAIMER DIRECTIONS.

In the Many public letters you WILL find most of the laws egan copied from my letters, which he NOT I broke, he again made fool of himself as he showed he does NOT undertand laws stated. With regards my REQUIREMENT to roberts that clavin CANNOT be Garda, MUST be removed and prosecuted. He was sent on Early retirement, as were Many others I filed charges but NO prosecution, leaving new PSNI commissioner roberts open to facing same charges for assisting manslaughter in due course. The main reason is that MOST of the officials listed, being members WEF, would also have to be prosecuted and, people like egan, stated in his 9 pages, that they are good people brakeing the law and treason to say otherwise.

In Part 6 I will reply to egan, morrissey delusions that the Party supplying on public media, the Parliamentary Certified documents of UK and,Dail that he HID, is me pasing own laws, his latest claim. I shall describe the public state papers, Many I supplied to state archive, which in public letters I explained their contents, which Parliament, NOT I, passed with Royal Assent. In egan 9 pages, he informs public that when Party staff volunteers Present Parliament and State documents CONCEALED from public, in His view it means Party NOT Parliament passed said Parliament documents, a grand delusion indeed.

He has also stated his delusion that NO Dail voter CAN write to Crown and challenge a fraud document, as I and others have done, it is simple matter of law if one has valid papers, to USE them. He also seems to NOT understand what the word treason means or, the differences between common, contract and maritime law, or, the HIGHEST authority in law, the Motu Proprio by OWNERS of ALL Bar courts, Vatican Governance. Despite Chief State Solicitors Office, courts and Vatican Governance explaining to him the differences in law between Man, Woman and company entities, he still thinks companies Own rights of Men, Women.

Egan and his band of puppets, according to his 9 pages of garbage, is a danger to himself and ANY that listen to him, as he has shown he CANNOT understand that stating statutes broken and proof, is NOT making allegations. He has also shown that he is UNABLE to grasp meaning of a DISCLAIMER, it tells him courts, DPP websites etc, information is NOT law, NOT to be quoted etc, he thinks websites OWN peoples right to free speech. I shall try in Part 6, if space allows, to INCLUDE the state archives RATIFICATION of Proclamation, read each Easter at GPO, it tells egan etc, THAT ANY positive law passed, becomes VOID, NULL if attempts Remove any Proclamation rights. Bye for now, Yours sincerely, g martin.

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