PUBLIC Letter. PART 4. Replying to p morrissey who claims to be spokesman for what HE calls activists. 2nd November, 2023.

In PART 4 of this story it becomes More clear how the WEF funded City London Corporation gov Ireland, which appointed its CEO, varadkar, a WEF Young Leader member, to DISTRACT public from WEF Crown crimes. The company was set up in 2019 to carry out Dail coup in 2020, using Fear, Apprehension by claiming a deadly virus called covid, DESPITE HSE and HPRA document C839 in 2020 to present, reporting NO proof covid exists, the million dollar reward for finding it STILL unclaimed.

The WEF writer of Young Leaders one world government, called King charles arranged for sunak to be UK Prime minister and varadkar to be Irish Prime minister, BOTH being WEF Young Leader members, like charles, assisted by British secret service MI5 Agents like drew harris. To DISTRACT public from 31A DISCLAIMER and its Terms, Conditions which Established 31A as INTELLECTUAL Property of gov Ireland and, public TOLD is NOT law, just ADVICE, the Fraud Unlicensed court hearings started, their purpose to DISTRACT public from medical fraud by gov Ireland and TREASON.

First came the gemma o doherty, john waters CHARADE case which ENDED when the peoples party ireland Filed criminal charges Against the Unlicensed courts service fraud to DISTRACT public from crimes by WEF company. NEXT came the Ryan Air court CHARADE and then the egan CHARADE. The egan CHARADE progressed to the point where the applicants were TOLD by unlicensed judge, that they WOULD be fined for wasting public taxes and time, by asking for an injunction against Dail, NOT involved in mRNA said Chief State Solicitors Office in letters sent to egan and others.

In May, 2022, the Chief State Solicitors Office staff explained to dave egan and others, incliding a nice man called morrissey, who says his name Appears to have been used by egan, to make fraud statements about me, he denies such LIES by egan, who appears to Not understand the condition known as mental delusions. The CSSolicitors explained to public and egan, that the Dail Taoiseach is government and has NO role in mRNA. It explained gov Ireland is SEPARATE company, that solicitors UNLAWFULLY transferred Health service, an Asset ONLY held in Trust by Dail, NOT owned and as such treason to transfer to WEF UK company gov Ireland to use as a vehicle to sell its WEF medical products.

It also explained that michael martin is a MAN, NOT a birth cert Trust company or a government or CEO of a company called gov Ireland, its CEO being registered in City of London as varadkar, a MAN with NO property rights over Dail or its voters. The CSSO explained to egan etc, that NO one could claim Dail is offering a product called mRNA, or that a company called gov Ireland is claiming the Dail issued a law 31A to force mRNA, as NOT Dail INTELLECTUAL Property, it being property of gov Ireland, who instructed its CEO varadkar, that it ACCEPTED as lawful and correct the Dail FOI replies C851, C852 that mRNA NOT works, NOT guaranteed safe, as stated in 31A DISCLAIMER, it is some employees of gov Ireland that broke companys public position as NOT safe, NOT law.

The WRITER of 31A was PAID fees from London WEF company, gov Ireland, he held position as Attorney General CEO. He CLEARLY established in his DISCLAIMER that Property rights NOT Dail and NOT law, just Unqualified medical ADVICE, NOT lawful for courts service etc , to claim and use said gov Ireland property to obtain financial rewards. Further to this, the peoples party ireland staff gave Written evidence to egan, he said he read, that it would be UNLAWFUL for him and UNLAWFUL for ANY judge if holding 1924 Enactment licence, to GIVE or be ASKED to give, public medical claims or diagnosis.

I supplied to UNLICENSED courts and egan etc, who claimed ability to read English, a copy of 31A Public ADVICE as NOT law, NOT safe, NO authority for egan or courts, to claim said gov Ireland INTELLECTUAL property rights. I also sent statute law documents as follows, that explain NO official or member of public, such as egan, can claim medical products or procedures are either GOOD or BAD, particularly as KNOWN death risks, the law allows listing of side effects to AVOID concealment but, does NOT allow make recommendation as GOOD or Bad.

For example, NO judge can STOP or START use of a 2 year experiment of a medical device called mRNA, as Evidence EXISTS of death or injury and, RESULTS for EACH INDIVIDUAL taking said EXPERIMENT are ONLY known after END of INDIVIDUAL using for 2 years. The laws also point out that NO judge or doctor etc, can make Public claim that a product is GOOD or BAD for EVERYONE, as NOT possible to KNOW EVERYONES existing medical conditions, without such data, it could KILL or not. In accordance with law and Public health REQUIREMENTS, ANY member of public MUST INSIST that NO judge etc, can be allowed PRETEND, he or she, can MAKE medical diagnosis for EVERYONE.

I list SI NO 5412007 Advertising Regulations, EU Directives 200183, transposed into Irish law. EU Council Directives 200363, on USE Medical Products. EU Council Directives 200298, also 200424, also Misuse Drugs Act, 1977, most of which egan claimed he broke in making his public medical claims and diagnosis. All the above laws explained in Public letters etc to dave egan, as like most involved in Fraud they CONCEAL said laws to Prevent Consturctive critisism that can help public make INFORMED decisions NOT based on Fear, Apprehension.

ALL the above laws explained since 2020 in Public letters etc to dave egan, public etc. He was also sent HPRA Regulator and HSE records management position as C851, C852 stating mRNA NOT works, NOT safe and NOT law to take. As the public letters and media like twitter confirm, ALL above information sent to CHARADE court cases applicants, o doherty, waters, egan etc, it is sad that twitter Shadow said correct data to assist its sponsers sell their products as if safe, essential. HPRA decides in C851, C852 as Regulator, NOT gov Ireland or courts service.

Neither judges, TDs, gov Ireland can say they can OVERTURN Regulator WARNINGS NOT safe, NOT works and, Regulator CANNOT Overturn above laws that BAN, public medical diagnosis or claims. As public have read in Parts 1 to 3 , egan etc state they have delusions that they or a judge CAN break the law and, they also claim that ANYONE insisting on law is diagnosed as a mental patient. It is common practice, since the Part negotiated the END of the British Dominion colony that started with the Government of Ireland Act 1920 to its REPEAL, with 1922 Act in 1989, to receive the following treatment from criminal gangs still SECRETELY running Ireland as a Crown colony.

Since 1989 when Oireachtas LOST its Crown Freestate Harp powers to legislate along with Stormont, that the NEW WEF Crown control through City London corporations began, USING Unqualified CEO staff, civil servants and fraud media websites like egan etc. It was for SPECIFIC purposes that egan, waters, o doherty, health ministers and justice were CHOSEN with NO court or solicitor or health qualifications because, they would NOT know law or medical matters to ask any valid questions. Being a 32 county Part, we have Learned, from Representing people, the CULTURE of appointing CEOs to hospitals, public committes etc, with ONLY accounting, NOT medical or law qualifications, meaning No complaints.

As you WILL have learned, it takes weeks of research as to what these Unqualified people say and, if law ALLOWS them to say it, each statute MUST be correct to AVOID errors, or imissions. We have obtained HSE letters etc that inform public that MOST CEO experts are called TEAMS and, paid bonus to Break law and medical rules, which they are UNAWARE is likely to receive jail sentence. As you have seen with egan, when these Unqualified people learn from Public letters that THEIR actions are CAUSING deaths, braking laws, in PANIC they DECLARE no such laws exist and, endless abuse and contempt for the rule of law.

Next they say that a man who has, at NO reward, spent weeks of research BEFORE writing Public letters, in which he does NOT give ANY law advice or personal opinion, just states law FACTS given by law documents that EXPOSE fraud, he is diagnosed as a mental patient, this is how low and desparate gov Ireland Agents are. These people spend perhaps a minute to write abuse and INVENT fraud opinions of research writer and, do NO research on the CERTIFIED documents BEFORE them, they just say THEIR OWN personal opinion is better than Certified FACTS.

For over 3 years, gov Ireland USED these people who LIVE for being on a livestream or a newspaper that will soon be forgotten, to PRETEND Dail made 31A ADVICE, when it said NOT law, imagine finding for 3 years you failed read DISCLAIMER, not good advert for ones ability, no wonder they are in shock. These Puppets made you FORGET NO law can be passed if it breaks guaranteed Proclamation or, says you MUST risk life by taking medical experiment. No Garda can be told Break Garda oath or law, yet they happily broke oath because public ignored its Protection.

Each Garda oath CLEARLY states their role is Protect SUPRIOR law above positive law. 31A if read Correctly says NOT law, NOT property of Dail etc, CANNOT as Garda, claim ownership of 31A. The London WEF company used people like egan to NOT read what 31A DISCLAIMER or Garda oath said, that ALL TDs, solicitors HAVE become criminals and, public job now to REPLACE these criminal gangs. ALL across 32 counties, MOST famillies now see the deaths, injuries of a genetic experimental medical device called mRNA that BEFORE roll out, Regulator HPRA C851, C852 said NOT safe, NOT works.

Instead of public READING the DISCLAIMER given in 31A, same given by courts service, DPP Law Society etc, YOU ALLOWED Irish Bar Council Secret UK police 89000534 to help its MAIN client, gov Ireland sell FEAR, APPREHENSION. For past 3 years it was public job to select local Independent TDs under a written Manifesto and signed contract to LOOSE seat if TD breaks manifesto, to END Dail contract to UK police and its Unlicensed courts, to EXTEND the ONLY licensed court, the Dail Eireann court as described in the constitutions of 1919 and 1922.

Instead , public ALLOWED 160 TDs, 60 Senators to be allowed stage Dail coup in 2020 for WEF company, gov Ireland by being DISTRACTED from Dail by courts service and, its PUPPETS holding fraud cases. It is job of these Puppets to DESTROY GUARANTEED 1919 Ratified Proclamation rights, replace Garda as done in 6 counties since 1989, with UK WEF corporation WEF police BEFORE, public can vote for Independent TDs. In PART 5 I WILL expose the fraud tactic by egan to place MANY of the criminal charges, placed with Anti Corruption Unit Garda, in a list in which he does NOT state what WAS written, instead he says the opposite. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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