PUBLIC Letter. PART3. Reply to morrissey claiming to be spokesman for activist group. 28th October, 2023.

One of the GREAT hopes for countries like Ireland and Palestine is the emergence of a news firm called Aljazerah to explain to Different religions the Importance of FACTS as opposed to Personal opinions, such as those of morrissey, egan, manning etc. They are NOT funded by BBC to support British Dominion colonies like Australia, Canada, N Zealand, S Africa and until 1989, what is now called 32 county Ireland, that was forced in 1920 Government Ireland Act, to be a slave, a similar Protectorate to Palestine, FORCED upon the Sovereign FIRST Dail set up January, 1919, by Royal Assent per the 32 county election verified by Lord Lexden for the Crown Royal Assent, FORCED upon a FREE people by Crown Agents collons and develera and English landlord businessmen.

Aljazerah explain Palestine history, influenced by UK Foreign Minister Balfour and his British Palestine Balfour Declaration, like his 1920 Government Ireland Act Declaration for Winston churchill, to capture FIRST FREE Dail by subversion hidden from Dail by Crown Agents, collins, develera. As the Turkish Empire began to break up, the powers like UK, USA decided to STEAL old colony of Turkey called Palestine, by using its rich Muslim and Jewish businessmen. In SAME manner, British Empire having Lost its Irish colony in 1918 election of 32 counties, saw its Catholic and Protestant people united, to replace control of colony by Jewsish and Christian businessmen.

To Re capture its Irish colony, it used its businessmen to invet in 1920 Government Ireland Act and Control of its media, to DEMAND replacing Catholic and Protestant people culture with Multiculture. Soon these businessmen were paid from Jewish City London banks, NOT JEWISH people, to effect Plantation of Muslim people and ENCOURAGE ENDING UNITED Protestant and Catholic religions, calling TREASON, ANY refusal to Comply, as morrissey does.

In Palestine we Irish saw SAME Act, Balfour Declaration develop at Faster speed. The Jewish and Muslim businessmen, NOT any religion or people culture, DEMAND Multiculturalism, by control of media, like our RTE, to PLANT Jewish. The modern gadgets allowed Palestine and Irish, tell how it was BEFORE British Acts ATTACKED both peoples nationality and religion, by using their businessmens GREED, to enslave its people, Regardless of religion or nationality. We learn from Palestine and Ireland that if an entire country allows its businessmen to remove peoples SELF DETERMINATION, the written GUARANTEE in 1919 ratification in Dail of our Proclamation SUPERIOR law over positive law, people lose everything and become surplus to requirements.

In Palestine, BEFORE British came, it was a rich Port trade location of Ottoman Empire who built its railways to CONNECT East, West trade, Both minority Jewish, Christian and Majority Muslim religions Respected each other. When British Funded said businessmen, as old films, written documents confirmed and, people like morrissey laughed at, the businessmen shipped in Jewish immigrants, Stole Palestine passport rights and gave to said immigrants and voting rights, they became minority with almost NO rights in their OWN country, like in Ireland, if Irish you have NO right if homeless to ask for help, if in work you are told you must pay road tax, have NCT tests, have NO medical benefits or welfare, have no right to question medical procedures or travel where you wish but, if Ukraine or African Muslim, you are invited to Ireland, ALL expenses paid to obtain said benefits at tax payers expence, the descrimination of Irish.

When the Jewish became majority, Palestine people woke up one morning to read that businessmen Declared new country called Israel has REPLACED Palestine, removed its United religions and moved out minority to camps etc, to take their lands, remove their tress etc to replace with Jewsish farms to feed the new Plantation and, in final stage as now seen, to exterminate the remainder as Cromwell did in Ulster for City London Jewish bankers investments, to feed the new plantation. The SAME 1920 Act plan now happens to Ireland, with people like egan, morrissey etc doing their bit to make it happen. This time it is airplanes, NOT boats, that carry the new Plantation of slaves, almost completed in UK, NOT Jews, but Muslims, who like Jews in Palestine, depend upon businessmen to betray the National people.

As Both Muslims, Jews, Christians have learned the hard way from Palestine, it is Jewish City London banks, NOT Jewish people, that Use FREE peoples media, like RTE or in 1920 Palestine, the BBC to destroy NATIONAL people and replace with people that have No loyality to National people. In this DARK hour of history, GOD shows from destruction of Palestine and Ireland, that HIS people, whether Jewish, Muslim, Christian etc, MUST reclaim LOST power from businessmen. The SATAN of ALL cultures is NOT GOD, it is GREEDY businessmen that take control of media to DESTROY UNITED religions, in Palestine its Muslims, Jews replaced by GREEDY businessmen.

In Ireland, Protestant, Catholic Replaced by GREEDY businessmen, GOD has used films and written documents to SHOW how GREEDY businessmen attack culture by REPLACING with multiculture. In PARTS 1 and 2, you have read how Crowns MI5 use people like egan, morrissey etc, to declare as mentally disturbed, treason etc, my Reminding people of OUR Proclamation of UNITED religious and civil GUARANTEED rights, read out each Easter at GPO to remind you of your past and GUARANTEED future, which morrissey etc, calls delusional to insult the dead of 1916 Rising.

They show NO respect for each public letter that takes weeks to prepare our laws, that GUARANTEE our Protection from City London businessmen, they spend Minutes to write 9 pages of garbage, to Insult Freedom won in 1919 First Dail. Soon like Palestine, you WILL wake up one morning to find you have LOST YOUR culture but, Unlike Palestine, the London WEF businessmen TOLD you the YOUNG LEADERS varadkar plan well in advance, that egan, morrisey happily support.

You have your LAST chance to follow what the peoples party ireland did in 1918 election Proclamation Manifesto, then called S Fein to replace WEF Oireactas businessmen parties, that seek to DESTROY you. In PART 4, I WILL explain the meaning of the Garda oath to PROTECT SUPERIOR law over positive law, that British ensured in Balfour Declaration, the Palestine people would NOT have. I WILL also explain the Proclamation and statute laws I listed, which Protect you from WEF, MI5 Agents of the Crown, like egan, morrissey etc, IGNORENCE of YOUR laws and Proclamation is BEST weapon of Crown.

It was in November, 1917, that the peoples party ireland learned of Balfour Declaration for British plan for CAPTURE of Palestine for City London businessmen, using Jewish slaves and, we learned of 1920 Government Ireland Act SAME Irish plan for City London Corporation business interests. It was the Irish S Fein, NOT the modern MI5 British S Fein that SPOILED the 1920 Government of Ireland Act by using Proclamation and law to Win 1918 election in UNITED 32 county Ireland.

It was S Fein descendent, the peoples party ireland that as I stated in Public letters, FINALLY Repealed 1920 Government of Ireland Act and its new name, 1922 Freestate in 1989, Oireachtas and people like egan, morrissey, waters etc hid this truth to replace with livestreams etc of Oireachtas propaganda. I WILL later be listing its Agents, such as Young Leaders, MI5, the Irish Bar Council and its SECRET London registered 89000534 police company it uses to impersonate the Garda force and, the Crown corporations of Stormont and Oireachtas.

The GHOSTS of the Irish killed during WEF company gov Ireland coup of 2020 to 2023, call beyond the grave, that you RETURN to 1919 FIRST Dail and the Mansion House, that WEF STOLE in 1922 and again in 2020 after the 6 county coup experiment in 1989. Bye for now. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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