PUBLIC Letter. Part 2 Replying to p morrissey who claims to be spokesman for activist group, 27th October, 2023.

Dear members of the public,

Many people, myself included, have been shocked that such people like morrissey, egan etc could BE so evil and stupid to claim donations from public, to spend DEFENDING the evil gangs destroying Ireland. In Part 1, I said I would reply to this group claim that the Parliamentary documents I placed on twitter etc which inform public that since 1924, the courts service has NO license, is criminal company involved in many frauds for financial gains. Morrissey, like egan, sent me 9 pages of garbage, threats, insults that he KNEW to be lies and, his Personal opinions, NOT supported by ANY documents. He says courts service staff performed honestly, NOT fraudulently.

After decades of fraud by Unlicensed courts, he said the Dail, most institutions, UK Parliaments etc, his Own advisors holst, manning etc, agree that I threatened judges, Gardai and senior civil servants, whose actions he supports. He claims these people Agree with him that my filing criminal charges with CERTIFIED documents of proof of public crimes court service admit on daily basis, is a criminal offence, treason and other insults. He claims these people agree and, has on his advice filed police charges against me, though NO charges exist. He says public letters are Proof that I am a lier, a criminal, delusional, deranged, placed lives in danger, small sample his insults.

He tells me I said courts service is fraud corporation, as manning books also say, can I prove this in court , that I proved Nothing. He says I call for usurpation, overthrow of Irish Government, support a criminal organisation, despite ONLY supporting the oldest lawful political Party in Ireland. He ays andrew holst, pat clohessy said I refused supply them evidence about 1924 Courts Enactment Order, he implies they, like him, insist I Must be sectioned to a mental hospital for delusions, psychiatric illness, what terrible, cowrdly things to say about a human being.

This differs slightly from dave egan public medical diagnosis, in which he claimed I was recently released from wearing a straight jacket in Grange Gorman mental hospital, a slight problem with his claim however. I already informed these intelligent people with, they publicly stated, NO law or medical qualifications, that Grange Gorman is largest Technical college in Ireland, NOT a mental institution. In answere to his question ccan I prove courts service has NO court Enactment Order 1924 and, what court case I held to prove this, No case necessary as NOTHING to prove, as in 2018, Supreme court confirmed NO order exists.

The Man called holst has, along with CEO manning of Integrity Ireland received Great praise in my public letters for the Great work they did in 2018 to Prove my work was CORRECT. I have enclosed for egan , morrissey, public etc the Integrity Ireland Findings Commission Report, himself and his activist friends read Many years ago, before they wrote their 9 pages of garbage about me, exposing their desire to be very low people indeed. Both holsy and clohessy, whom are good men accused of fraud by egan, morissey did NOT ask me for ANY information on 1924 Court Enactment as myself and my Grandfather placed in National Archives state papers for public to read.

My Grandfather, who set up Irelands oldest 32 county political party, the peoples party ireland in 1920 to the Present, was one of the 186 IRA Volunteers holding out for FIRST Dail in 4 courts. Most of the 186 men under S Fein sean lemass, later Taoiseach, were captured or killed by traitors collins and develera using the heavy artillery and Englih gunners sent by W churchill to collins to comply with his written request for such weapons to kill loyal Dail men. My Grandfather escaped with many state papers before the Englishmen dressed in green could get them, in more settled time I lodged in National Archives. Lemass was spared when he agreed to break up S Fein and set up with develera the F Fail Party, to run the British Dominion colony for Crown until 1989 when I closed it, brother of lemass refused betray Dail and was killed for being loyal to Dail.

I quote what holst, manning report, I eclose for public to read, which courts service and Attorney General said is Correct. The 1924 Act has NO constitutional footing, a constitutionl crisis admitted by chief justice, Exact words of holst, for ALL to read. Frank clarke during Supreme court proceedings, pat clohossy took against HSE Wards of court and Won in 2018 his mothers case. Holst stated, he had honour serve pat as Mckenzie friend, he did not describe this as being sign of mentally deranged delusions as morrissey says it is.

Holst, manning state in Large block capitals, we have NO lawful or legal statutory courts in Ireland, have BEEN DEFRAUDED since foundation of the state. PLEAS SHARE WIDELY, to morrissey, egan etc. In addition to my following DIRECTIONS of holst, manning in SHARING this public informatio, which morrissey claims is sign of mental illness, delusions, I also shared the 1924 and 1922 Constitutionstate papers, first given in 1924, which Crown read with great interest and decided it was time give Royal Assent to END Oireachtas fraud.

I also shared the 1924 Parliamentary Draughtsman letter, sent via Attorney General to the Freestate Government, I closed down, with Royal Assent in 1989, ENDING 1920 British Dominion colony that people like egan, morrissey helped keep SECRET from public so Ireland could be robbed. This state document explains the Draft, NOT passed just suggested of 1924 Order, is the document National Archives Librarian confirms was used to PRETEND, the 1924 Act was passed when CLEARLY not, as confirmed by Attorney General. I also supplied Article 75 of 1922 constitution, this Article advising Freestate in 1924 that if NO Order, the ONLY licensed court is the 1919 Dail Eireann Harp Seal court, Grandfather set up in 1919, good job the holder of said Seal, President McGuire renewed the licence every year to the present.

I also supplied copies of each yearly 1919 DailEire Seal court to January 2023, this HARP SEAL is to be found on passports and Garda oath, as Crown Freestate Harp Seal EXPIRED in 1989 when Crown withdrew its copy right usage to its corporation called Oireachtas and Stormont. I also supplied with my public letters, copy of 24th June, 2021 letter from Attorney General to Integrity Ireland CEO, confirming his undersdtand since 2018 of NO Enactment Order, he does NOT claim the fraud that morrissey claimed in public letter . In addition to my work, CERTIFIED by Parliament, holst did great work in notifying in 2018, ALL 160 TDs, justice minister humphries etc, that court service Trades UNLAWFULLY, holst would not agree with morrissey assertion that such work is sign of delusions, mental disorder.

In public letters I also, as askedby holst to SHARE, his registered RL840829353IE, it dated 3.2.2023, in which he served Constructive Notice to produce 1924 Enactment Order ALL departments claimed does NOT exist, again morrissey thinks this is signs delusions etc. The period of 21 days statutory Notice passed over 7 months ago, to produce said document in public place which, it was confirmed in 2018 does NOT exist, Eire SEAL court being ONLY court, ONLY egan, morrissey have mental delusions thay claim, that they have copy that no one else has.

I also supplied with public letters, copy of the 2013 Motu Proprio, I served ALL Bar courts, it being SUPERIOR law, highest law authority that chief justice, Attorney General are subject to, not above. Once again in 2021, as recorded on video, I assisted members of dee wall media and Anti Corruption Ireland group, to serve 160 INDIVIDUAL copies of Motu to ALL 160 TDs, to avoid them having any mental delusions about the law protections. This document advised ALL courts service judges, court clerks etc, that they face prosecution in Personal capacity if they INVITE MEN, WOMEN to contract under birth certificate Trust companies, any judge doing so would be showing signs of delusions.

The document by OWNERS of courts service explain ALL banks, birt cert companies are Property rights of Vatican Governance, courts CANNOT PRETEND MAN, WOMAN own them or seek to extract monies raised said cert companies, from mortgages, reposessions without signed permission from Vatican Governance, Owners said mortgage deed property rights. I can confirm I have NO dispute with holst or manning as we stated same documents of agreement, it is egan, morrissey that claim to have delusions about these men, NOT I , as since 1924, courts service have NO jurisdiction, ONLY delusions of grandeur.

It is clear that holst and manning seem unable to Understand that as stated in 1924 by the peoples party ireland, Article 75 of 1922 constitution advised in 1924 that 1919 Eire court is ONLY licensed court. It is clear that the above gentlemen have NOT looked closely at their passport or garda oath, which bears the Eire Seal Harp, NOT the Crown Freestate Harp, I removed in 1989 with Royal Assent and Force of law. I have ONLY supplied small sample of the evidence of the 1924 courts service Fraud which holst etc asked egan, morrissey etc to share to public, I did and I remind you what they said.

They said holst, manning etc 1924 claims are treason, mental delusions, deranged, writers should be sectioned for exposing courts, bans, civil servants, whose jobs they said is to cheat public. Manning has made mush money, claimed donations etc, for his many books which I constantly advise people to buy. His book called Criminality says it is EXPOSE largest crime gang, NOT mental delusions as egan, morrissey claim. He writes courts service is Largest, most profitable PUBLICLY funded criminal organisation in Ireland. On page 40, manning tells morrissey, public, that paul collins has NO right to speak. Manning also quoted 18 illegitimate cases in court, accused on page 40, judge of irascible demeanor, speech and behaviour, his Exact words, NOT mine.

He goes on to state judge suppressed his rights, broke law, that he WILL be filing charges against judge with Garda, claiming his LAWFUL right. Morrissey, egan claim to file charges is criminal and mental delusions etc. Manning also lists 100 other employees, police, institutions as same criminals, morrissey claims this is treason, mental disorder but I say it is NOT and so does every aspect of statute law. Manning lists on page 13 the 2016 and 2019 QTC Rules, his USE of in court, NO obligation for public to appear in Fraud courts, as birth cert companies, BANNED by Motu Proprio.

According to morrissey, egan etc, manning is mentally deranged but, it is in order for him to file criminal charges without correct documents but, I commit treason for providing evidential documents, I would say manning is correct in ignoring morrissey law opinion that filing police charges is a crime. On page 23, manning confirms he sent Formal Notice under Seal on 2.3.2020 to courts service and explained to morrissey etc, void orders and INCURABLY void orders. Page 221 the constitutional Declaration, I would say manning has worked hard to educate morrissey but, his pupil has toatl contempt for education, considers it sign of mental disorder he claims.

As my public letters also filed LAWFUL charges, my letters do NOT issue ANY threats, abuse or opinions, or make Allegations, I stated the media proof of a specific law broken, as manning book of 100 letters show, his style was OPPOSITE of mine and, has not shown any respect or diplomacy but, at least he has tried and provided good base for people to learn from.

In Part 3, I will move on to the public letters of oldest political party, NOT criminal organisation as morrissey claimed, stating our work confirmed in Dail and UK Parliaments dating back over one hundred years. I shall be reminding public of our ENDING the 1920 Government Ireland Act British Dominion colony in 1989, using Law NOT lies and bad language of egan, morrissey. I will also be listing the victories against Crown since 1920, LONG BEFORE morrissey, egan etc were even born, it seems a few livestreams telling lies, is their claim to fame, which seems like that word they like, delusions.

As you have just read, if holst, manning, morrissey, egan, watera, o doherty, dee wall etc decide they wish to Break QTC Rules, Motu Proprio and Criminal Fraud Offences Act by engaging in Fraud , as they said, Unlicensed courts, to support continuence of fraud to make courts service rich, then they do so Fully aware they are no different than fraud courts service. They HAVE taken your donations to explain to you that if you select a case to NOT be heard in licensed Dail Eirann Harp Seal courts, chosing courts service, you commit fraud and extend the life of courts service.

It is your choice to Waive YOUR rights to Eire court statute, constitution, Proclamation laws but, you commit fraud if you take part in Unlicensed courts service. It is also your Lawful right to file charges with Gardai if courts service private UK police 89000534 try to claim jurisdiction over Garda oath SUPERIOR law. You are NOT under UK jurisdiction, the UK and Dail Parliaments confirm since 1989, the 32 counties are NOT part of UK, you have NO obligation to assist treason committed by MI5 Uk secret service Agent harris to replace Garda with a UK paramilitary WEF force. If you break the law by accepting an UNLAWFUL contract with courts service or its UK police 89000534, then you chose to be a slave with NO rights, No point having laws if you Refuse to USE them. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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