PUBLIC Letter. PART 1. Replying to p. morrissey who claims to be Spokesman for what he calls Activists. 24th October, 2023.

Dear members of the Public,

Iwish to invite the public and Garda to read the following evidence, supported by documents of state and Proclamation laws, UK and Dail Parliaments, which PROVE crimes committed for MI5 and its Agents to infiltrate public groups of people interested in rule of law, to allow MI5 subversion of the Dail. It is important for public and Garda to understand the UK MI5 spynetwork, set up for WEF plans of its writer King charles, to RE capture the British Dominion colony set up under the 1920 Government Ireland Act. The peoples party ireland Obtained Royal Assent from the Great Queen for ENDING the colony in 1989 which HAD been SECRETLY run by civil servants in the Crowns corporations, called Oireachtas and Stormont, under the guise of title British Dominion Minister Taoiseach.

To date, the Party has highlighted the MI5 method of infiltrating ANY groups of honest people working to EXPOSE the Crown colony corruption. They select people with NO law or medical qualificattions to MIS lead public, by their OWN admission, people like morrissey, egan and manning per their public and, written actions. The following Series of letters, called Replying to morrissey 9 pages of Fraud, is similar material sent first by manning, then by dave egan, again by morrissey. The Public letters I wrote, which morrissey claimed were Delusional, also many people HE SAID he ENCOURAGED to file charges, where NO charges existed, to intimidate me etc, were MI5 plan to silence me, in addition to removing me from websites. Said letters reveal I filed charges against members MI5 that HAD attacked Many of the people he claimed I attacked and, these people THANKED me for helping them, in which I paid ALL the costs and became Enemy of MI5.

Letters confirm I ONLY wrote GOOD praise for egan, manning and morrissey, NEVER accused them of being Mentally unstable. These people helped MI5 by trying to Divide these GOOD people and defend MI5 and the UNLICENSED courts service company, heavily involved in major Fraud and assisted manslaughter. The health Ministers and justice ministers were selected by MI5 because they have NO law or medical qualifications of working in courts or as solicitors, this is in order that they will NOT understand, when they break law and, rules on making public medical diagnosis and claims, such as does egan and morrissey. In SAME fashion, people like egan, morrissey are chosen by MI5 to repeat SAME process. Their job is to Mis represent law and medical position and, damage GOOD reputation of Qualified people.

By TWISTING law, they aim to CONFUSE Good people and Stop them LEARNING correct law. They PRETEND ALL Garda, judges, media etc are corrupt and BEYOND repair, to Create DESIRE for ONE world WEF government as declared by WEF Young Leaders members, King charles, varadkar, former Anti Corruption Garda commissioner clavin and number 2 in charge Garda Ombudsman, WEF member hume. I have letters from MOST of the GOOD people, morrissey calls Activists and I , call brave people trying to learn Correct law in which, my family established SUPERIOR law as ABOVE positive law, Garda oath is to PROTECT SUPERIOR Law NOT replace with positive law. It is fortunate that I did NOT make ANY personal claims in Public letters, just stated the media and courts records of what officials SAID and, statute laws THEY agreed publicly, that THEY broke.

People power is the USE of Proclamation and Garda oath SUPERIOR law above positive law, which makes ANY statute positive law Null and Void, if break said SUPERIOR law, use law to jail corrupt TDs, judges, Bar Council police if they break said law is, the LAWFUL election Manifesto publicly declared by the peoples party ireland, NOT a criminal organisation as morrissey describe it. Many members of the Party have asked me to comment on the 9 pages of insults, threats, medical diagnosis of my health by p morrissey, who claims to be leader of what he calls, activists, justice workers, protestors, he claims these support criminal activities under the covid ADVICE not law.

In HIS public medical claims, he ASKS people to file charges and sue me for crimes HE claims his group committed against public and police, his group URGE public to assist him incite hatred and violence against me, such as being mentally sectioned, for having EXPOSED his Fraud, NOT mine that he claimed as his personal opinion. I have enclosed first page of his threats etc, his email attachment of 8 pages, which I refer in brief. I would ask public to read Public letters on my website he listed, which tell you HE is stating OPPOSITE of what I said. He claims my letters HAVE usurped Irish Government, committed treason by filing such charges, encourage public do same, yet he informs public and I, that NO such charges made, that they were delusions by mentally disturbed person.

He has further advised public that my letters have been binned as written by a snivelling coward bent on revenge against brave activists, protestors, justice workers which if true, would mean I have NOT usurped Dail, ALL his words. He claims he represents stephen manning, tracey o mahoney, sharon browne, dave egan, john waters, gemma o doherty, andrew holst, andy heasman, dee wall and many others, I do NOT know or said ANYTHING about. He claims these people have been condemned, slandered, false accusations, insulted by me despite NOT known by me or mentioned in public letters, only a small number I know and have great respect for them. He stated I gave dee wall FAKE legal advice, also NOT through as she herself confirmed.

In his 9 pages he says my letters accused them, despite NOT accused ANYONE, of being liars, unqualified, useless, mentally ill and criminals, which in FACT, is what he said he has me off, despite NEVER meeting him and, he has per his statements has said it is he that has done these things to me. I would like to make comment on the people I have written about which, as he has told you, is written in public letters for public to read. Civilised people use letters instead of shouting abuse at police, TDs, judges etc outside buildings. This is the purpose of letters, His letters inform you of how evil he is to have LIED about me and, my letters INFORM you of the CORRECT laws, FACTS I stated to Some people, did NOT give Personal opinion like HE DID.

Your Grandparents like mine, set up in 1906 Sinn Fein to Negotiate using law and the 1918 election Manifesto of 1916 Proclamation. We Won the 32 county election of 1918, Ratified, witnessed by Lord Lexden, with Royal Assent. As public records confirm, the Party set up in January 1919, the FIRST Dail, your last election was to the 33rd Dail, NOT WEF company gov Ireland. Manifesto 1916 Proclamation was Ratified as law in 1919 to the Present 33rd Dail, its guarantees read each Easter outside GPO where my Grandfather fired the first shot for a Free Dail, last read at GPO in 2023 by Captain Doyle. As the law REQUIRES, each Easter at GPO the GUARANTEED rights held in Trust for next generation are read to Garda and TDs, as SUPERIOR law, NOT positive law. In 1922 S Fein disbanded as traitor develera set up F Fail to run British Crown Dominion Colony.

The Dail was set up by Peaceful voting and negotiations of law in 1919, NOTHING to do with 1922 Freestae corporation and 1920 Act coup by Crown Agents, develera, collins, shot as a traitor. Morrissey claims he and manningand others have filed charges to Protect courts service crimes. They also claim to Protect law firms Attorney General, DPP, Irish Bar Council registered Owner of WEF Uk police 89000534 who PRETEND to be Garda while REFUSING oath to PROTECT SUPERIOR law from Positive law. This is indeed STRANGE, that they claim to have done great work against above criminal institutions by, attacking the ONLY MAN that has filed charges for public crimes ADMITTED by above companies, I do so for FREE, they claim donations and make business selling books and Mis information.

The 9 pages is almost the Same as the 9 pages sent me by dave egan, the ONLY part left out is egan diagnosis and he claims, photos of me in straight jacket at Grange Gorman mental hospital, closed 40 years ago. Similar 9 pages was also sent to me by s manning, egan like morrissey have since learned Grange Gorman is Largest technical college in Ireland, perhaps they might study English language writing there. I am glad to see that at least morrissey has COPIED some of the laws I stated but, has NOT understood their meaning, like egan, manning etc, he has again PROVEN that men who are IGNORANT of law, should NOT quote it.

I would say he did manage one correct question, he asked why are my claims about court license, the Ending in 1989 of British Dominion colony and 1922 constitution NOT known bt Dail etc or National Archives. He gave the right answer, he explained that he is so stupid that the National archives documents I placed on twitter etc, Signed by Dail and UK Parliaments telling what I said is true are, his opinion, delusions my mental illness, answer being people to lazy to read simple English in Public documents. More amusing is that he informs us his activist teams take their advice from manning, holst,o mahoney, doherty, waters etc, I listed the advice letters egan got from Chief State Solicitors Office, Attorney General, courts service and others.

I feel it is fair to state what his advisors TOLD HIM and asked ALL public including me, to SHARE and USE, he claims also that my quoting EXACT words of his advisors means they ALSO are delusional, mental etc, HIS discription of THEIR FACTS. In one of his FANTASY pages he claims that stephen, I assume the Blocked our surname is manning, has filed charges and false statements against me, to Protect long list Dail and public CEO staff, Garda etc he wishes to Protect. It is also amusing that most of the list by manning were accused in HIS book called Criminality in Irish courts, in which he issued Every possible insult, calling them criminals etc, I will list the pages to remind morrissey, egan, manning. Showing Ignorence of law, the activists read in my public letters that I did NOT use ANY bad language, say nasty things, I simply quoted the laws they reported to Rte, etc, they broke, I did NOT quote Personal opinion, it was they that did so.

In Part 2, I will say what my letters said about heasman, holst, d wall whom I gave great praise to, finding them sensible people open to FACTS. I will say the NICE things I said about egan, morrissey, manning, o doherty, waters which are OPPOSITE of morrissey fraud claims. You will read I stated what they said and what the law said, which allows public make Informed decisions NOT based Personal opinion of me or ANYONE, as in law, FACTS NOT Personal oppinion are RELEVANT. It is also amusing that like egan attack, morrissey informed you and I that Rule 6 constitutional Declaration is a fake law I made up, NOT exists he says, More delusions and,WILL get me sectioned in a mental hospital he claims.

He goes on to ask, show me this law, where was it stated, More delusions flushed down the toilet his EXACT words. In my reply to egan, I asked him read page 13 and others which list 2016 and 2019 QTC Rules in his advisor stephen manning book, that WARNS must NOT take DIRECTIONS if fraud, such as unlicensed court, from Garda or judiciary or ANYONE. His tutor manning, like morrissey etc, listed these laws he took from libraries, internet etc and, in his many books he even Dated when he used them in court cases, so idiots would not make fools of themselves.

Page 23 of manning book explains to his student, morrissey, egan etc, void court orders and Incurably void orders that render a court DIRECTION as null and void. Page 13 explains Rules judges Obligations to law and public rights. Courts always welcome people like morrissey who have no respect for the laws as they get people arrested etc, by being given Fraud explanation of laws, people ignorant of law should avoid courts as they are enemy to themselves and any public guided by them. Manning books also explain Rule 6 to ignorant morrissey per his above claim NOT law, that public must NOT be told by morrissey that it is crime and treason to avoid UNLAWFUL directions and report crime to police, NOT to court as morrissey still thinks court is police when NOT.

For public entertainment and tips on seeing fraud, I WILL list the EVIDENCE holst and manning gave to their students egan , morrissey etc, that NO Court Enactment Order license exists and Attorney General, Chief Justice claim NO jurisdiction ANY case, as written in 2018 Supreme court Transcripts, Until then please do read the public letters, Public information at no cost to you. Education is a man or womans best investment, more so if it is available for free. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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