PUBLIC Letter. PART 3. Complaints to CEO Legal Services Regulatory Authority. 22nd October, 2023.

Dear brian doherty, Ref Crimes by CEO of DPP

In PARTS 1 and 2 of earlier letters, I listed Your Contract Obligations as CEO, to Regulate and PREVENT UNLAWFUL abuse of Law positions by solicitors, barristers registered by Law Society, to Prevent fraud for financial gains. You WILL be aware that catherine pierse can ONLY be CEO of DPP if she has minimum 10 years as a solicitor, in order that she would be able to read and understand documents like the 31A DISCLAIMER and its Terms and Conditions in which it tells her 31A is INTELLECTUAL property of WEF UK company gov Ireland and CANNOT be claimed as property of 33rd Dail, as Chief State Solicitors Letters explained, 33rd Dail has NO role in mRNA role out, it being INTELLECTUAL property of gov Ireland, making it serious offence for staff of DPP to assist gov Ireland and PRETEND it is INTELLECTUAL property of DPP and, to use said property of gov Ireland to INVENT FEAR, APPREHENSION to make financial gains for courts service and its UK registered police 89000534and, to obtain finacial contracts from its MAIN client, varadkars company, gov Ireland, using said 31A instruments that its writer, Attorney General and DISCLAIMER warned are NOT law.

You would also be aware that she must NOT be engaged in crime or has a record of being investigated for medical fraud, such as assisting PLANNED manslaughter on behalf members of WEF Young Leaders Davos one world order and their Public claims of stated aims to depopulate many nations by usung FEAR, APPREHENSION coercive control measures. You would be aware that she was a member of Queens University Belfast, whose members hold MOST key positions in Garda and courts that have NO license since 1924 according to public archives, after they were recruited by Crowns WEF Young Leaders members, King Charles, varadkar and it seems also the UK Prime Minister, sunook.

Before her latest role, she was legal advisor to Garda Ombudsman whose CEO is shareholder of courts service SECRET UK, WEF police, registered as 89000534 in London. The number 2 being hume WEF member, also over 20 years in PSNI despite it having NO jurisdiction since 1989, my having REMOVED Crowns Royal Constabulary. She was also Enforcement lawer for Bank of Ireland, aware ALL banks are Owned by Vatican Governance and CANNOT reposess properties without written consent from Vatican Governance as would be Fraud. Like Banks ALL Bar courts are subject to the 2013 Motu Proprio I served upon them, on behalf Vatican Governance to Protect public from vulture funds.

She was alsoHead of policing authority set up by FG kenny and varadkar, Most of present authority selected from Belfast Unlicensed courts and PSNI of UK, who subverted since 1989, Garda jurisdiction of 6 counties which I returned in 1989. I would remind you CORE values of DPP are Integrity, objectivity, impartiality, excellence, respect, SHARING KNOWLEDGE with the Public and police, NOT concealing it. Values also include Free from bias or prejudice, INDEPENDENT of police, like drew harris who claimed on Rte that he ordered DPP to PRETEND 31A advice is law when NOT, to cause FEAR and APPREHENSION as stated desire of WEF Young Leaders, also INDEPENDENT of Dail which would mean Dail could NOT appoint DPP staff as conflict of interest.

Their Mission statement and book called Role of DPP kindly explains, they deliver fair, INDEPENDENT of drew harris, an effective prosecution service on behalf ALL Irish people. Enforce laws that Protect public rights, such as NOT taking medical procedures or, leaving ones homes, or partaking of constructive critisism of those engaged in fraud or mRNA medical devices experiments. They also claim to direct, supervise public prosecutions. They give DIRECTIONS and advice to Garda as to their Garda oath Obligations to enforce SUPERIOR law OVER positive law, and their duty to explain to police and public the DISCLAIMER and INTELLECTUAL property meanings of the Voluntary contract of ADVICE, called 31A.

You WILL be aware that I have signed letters from gareth henry, senior Principal Prosecutor and, padraic taylor of Direct Division, that DIRECT, confirm DPP has NO investigative functions, as CEO pierse publicly lied by saying she has, using this to excuse varadkar, who appointed her, from crimes of insider trading the police claimed he was involved in. I would point out pages 8 and 9 written by DPP claim their ROLE. In Parts 1 and 2, it states the CEO and Chief Solicitor prosecute MEN or WOMEN who assault trespass or affect property rights of MEN ,WOMEN, it does NOT prosecute personal claims of Garda who have broken oath to commit crimes and seek avoid jail by using DPP to intimidate their Victims of said personal crimes by them acting as private citizens NOT under oath.

In PART 3 it CLEARLY states DPP staff do NOT investigate crimes, Garda investigate serious trespass by MAN against MAN or WOMAN, send file to DPP staff whose job is to check the evidence before they, NOT police, prosecute. In PART 5 they claim DPP staff as INDEPENDENT when making decisions, neither Gardai or Dail can make DPP staff prosecute or stop a case but, DELIBERATELY NOT states Garda can prosecute them if they break the law, such as CEO of DPP claiming that she investigated crimes police claimed varadkar HAD committed.

The Role book CLEARLY explains to public, Irish Bar Council, its SECRET police 89000534, Garda, judges etc, that DPP is a company, NOT a MAN or WOMAN, or a Dail, DPP has NO property rights over MAN or WOMAN as slavery became UNLAWFUL a long time ago. It explains DPP is a piece of paper, it can ONLY be represented by its CEO and his or her staff, ALL subject to SAME law as taxpayer, each MAN, WOMAN of DPP, like it, has NO property rights over MAN, WOMAN. To Mislead public and police, PART 4 gives PERSONAL opinion NOT law, of CEO that Gardai Mat prosecute minor crimes if positive law but, Garda oath BAN them replacing SUPERIOR law with positive law, in case of 31A it not even being positive law as its DISCLAIMER tells public, judges police etc, it being their duty to read it.

You WILL agree that CEO has attempted serious crime by INVITING Gardai break oath and PRETEND they CAN be courts WEF, UK police 89000534, to PROTECT medical fraud by CEO pierse and courts service . This written evidence confirms that CEO is a criminal per HER Role book, not necessary to state my opinion. To AVOID arrest, she told public and Garda and courts UK police 89000534 that Her advice is NOT law, should NOT quote it or rely on it, if they did quote it, then they also are guilty of crimes. Like the courts service, she wrote DISCLAIMER, copy enclosed for you and public and Garda, which inform Garda they must NOT break oath to Protect SUPERIOR law my Grandfather wrote in Dail Proclamation and the Garda oath which bears the Sovereign Eire Harp Seal he designed to distinguish from Crown Freestate Harp, which use I ended in 1989 Repeal with Royal Assent.

She also stated company complaints policy and its Terms and Conditions, which public and she can read, that claim HER opinions are INTELLECTUAL property of DPP per her agreement. In accordance with law, such INTELLECTUAL property CANNOT be claimed by Garda or courts, ALL errors, Omissions to DPP staff NOT to courts etc, concerning such property. She confirmed per written contract, that ALL complaints ref Errors, Omissions WILL be recorded and resolved PROMPTLY, if serious nature, like police filing affidavits that public COMPLYING with 296 of 31A to NOT wear masks should be UNLAWFULLY prosecuted for NOT breaking ANY law, in order that courts private police 89000534 can add to the company profits of 709.06 million dollars, as stated in City London tax returns, Senior managers will investigate.

Her company also informs public and Garda that DPP staff Comply with 2018 Data Protection Act and EU Regulation 2016679 and EU Directive 2016680, applies to prosecutors and Gardai. As she confirms, these Acts Protects privacy rights and obligations of CEO to respond to items marked Private and Confidential, processing ALL data on Errors, Omissions. You WILL agree that CEO must NOT break her contract to resolve ANY Errors, Omissions resulting from Garda PRETENDING her Personal opinion is law, causing Mis carriage of law. Like the CEOsof Attorney General, Garda Ombudsman, the CEO of DPP have fraudulently claimed, that, as THEIR contract Insists, they MUST be selected by Dail, they Mislead public on this matter.

On THEIR websites, DISCLAIMER says ARE FRAUD, they failed CLARIFY that since 2019 they were selected by CEO of WEF London company gov Ireland, to assist his 2020 Dail coup on behalf of the WEF company gov Ireland, CEO registered as varadkar. If in the morning S Fein claim mary lou as Taoiseach she would NOT be CEO of varadkar company gov Ireland, in addition her guilty of treason as she supported his private company to Pretend Dail can no longer legislate. Public records confirm that catherine pierse instructed judges to PRETEND medical claims 31A, which writer Attorney General said NOT safe, NOT law, INTELLECTUAL property gov Ireland could be stolen by Gardai.

At least 12 statute laws say judges CANNOT be told UNLAWFUL DIRECTIONS of DPP or Bar Council Secret police 89000534, MUST replace DIRECTIONS of statute laws and impose wishes of UK MI5 and WEF for its employee varadkar. It is public record that the peoples party ireland staff have Many times advised catherine pierce that Taioseach martin, TD o brien confirmed in Dail, 2.12.2022 that DPP is fraud if charging people fines for NOT wearing masks. In Dail records, following criminal charges made with Garda Anti Corruption by the Party against said TDs, in which I supplied sect 296 of 31A and DISCLAIMER, that masks NOT to be worn if wish to avoid injuries.

Despite Dail instructing DPP staff, Garda and public that HSE C848 and C849 claim masks must NOT be worn if feel stress or agree with 296 of 31A and DISCLAIMER, DPP have continued UNLAWFULLY claiming fines based on fraud provided by some police that refuse oath as DPP has got them to collude with DPP fraud. I have collected copies of FRAUD DPP court summons for COMPLYING with 296 of 31A to NOT wear masks and, fines for following DIRECTIONS from Taoiseach and Attorney General and 31A DISCLAIMER to NOT endanger health.

By HER actions, NOT mine, catherine pierce has for 3 years collected Fraud fines, INVENTED FEAR, APPREHENSION to PRETEND public MUST buy CEO varadkar medical products, he appointed her to sell, it seems. Public records confirm, CEO of DPP used ENTRAPMENT, FEAR, APPREHENSION, which is 5 years jail under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, to make profits for varadkar and Bar Council secret police. She would be aware, since he set up his company with alan kelly of Labour party in 2019, he CANNOT hold public office. His position and Bill 46 in 2021, which claims 160 TDs, 60 Senators resigned, handing power of Dail to gov Ireland is called TREASON.

She would be aware that since 2020 coup, this UNLAWFUL Bill 46 means gov Ireland now controls National government called Dail. It INVALIDATED ANY emergency license from EMA for mRna experiments and, ANY legislation or contracts signed since then. She was advised by the Party in 2020, as agreed by EMA, that under Helsinki Declaration, a WEF company like gov Ireland in Control of National government Dail, CANNOT sell mRNA. She has confirmed committing Fraud by issuing Fraud INVITATIONS to UNLICENSED courts since 1924, to MEN WOMEN who are NOT birth certificate Trust companies, these OWNED by Vatican Governance. In these ALL CAP CAPITALS, she ENTRAPPED MEN, WOMEN by PRETENDING to claim Vatican Governance Property rights to said companies, 35 years jail says Motu Proprio which was served upon her.

She has ignored Owner of courts service, Vatican Governance and Stolen money court records confirm, damaged law abiding public and engaged in medical fraud, asking Gardai to make False affidavits and public medical claims. She has ignored DIRECTIONS from former chief justice clarke, confirmed in 2018 Supreme court Transcripts and letters from Attorney General, that courts service has NO license since 1924, when my Grandfather closed it down. She HAS placed Many Gardai in a position where, without jurisdiction, they confirmed in court affidavits that they Refuse Garda oath SUPERIOR law and, now liable for causing medical injuries to public.

It is public record that in 2020 BEFORE roll out, the peoples party ireland sent HPRA Regulator warnings, CERTIFIED, that in C851, C852 mRNA, masks, distancing, lockdowns were, as 31A said , Dangerous, NOT law. I sent her the 1,376 KNOWN side effects listed by Pfizer etc, now listed on its public websites, that led to their request as so DANGEROUS they CANNOT sell unless NO liability given as expecting MANY deaths, as CSSO letters said, NOT given by Dail.I sent her BEFORE roll out, the Pfizer warnings they now include on their websites that mRNA INCREASES myocarditis and pericarditis damage to heart, NOT possible to repair, leading detrimental effect with ONLY one sad result.

They again warn, as did in 2020, seek medical attention within 2 weeks if injected mRNA, and symptoms chest pain , shortness breath, fast beating heart, avoid active exercise, CEO DPP claimed it was crime to state said side effects. Law says it is REQUIREMENT to list side effects and crime to conceal or make public medical claim that UNKNOWN experiment with 2 years until results and,KNOWN death risks is BETTER than if healthy, a 99.9 per cent immune recovery with NO death risks or medication or un repairable muscle damage to heart.

I REQUIRE removal of this medically Unqualified member of Law Society, who by her OWN admission and actions in court, assisted in manslaughter of public and Garda, using Fraud websites to sell FEAR, APPREHENSION as coercive control to FORCE use mRNA medical devices based on FEAR. It is over 3 years since I PUBLICLY reported these medical fraud crimes bt CEO pierce of the Belfast gang, selling WEF FEAR, APPREHENSION for varadkars WEF company.

It has turned out that varadkar arranged for MOST key positions such as Garda Commissioner and Anti Corruption Commissioner to ALSO be members of PSNI and MI5. Public records confirm, despite he and them NOT allowed hold public office, he also arranged for CEOs of police authority, courts, Ombudsman, DPP etc to MAINLY be from Belfast, unlicensed courts, PSNI, MOST from Queens and Trinity Crown colleges. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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