PUBLIC Letter. PART 2 Complaints to CEO Legal Services Regulatory Authority. 14th October, 2023.

Dear brian doherty, Ref public medical fraud member frank clarke of Irish Bar Council

It is public record that the WEF Young Leader member, sunak, is the MAIN investor in Moderna and Astra Zeneca mRNA medical devices, having transferred 1 BILLION dollars into it from the Cayman Islands. When he became UK Prime Minister, he ordered taxpayers to invest 1 BILLION in his new Moderna plant at Oxford and, signed up taxpayers to a contract to buy his mRNA products for the next 10 years, even if Withdrawn as dangerous. It is public record that when WEF Young Leader member varadkar, became the Irish Taoiseach, he ALSO used his public position to sell his WEF UK company, gov Irelands mRNA and other medical products, he being registered as the CEO, if for example S Fein won next election, mary lou could NOT be CEO of varadkars company, gov Ireland, she would only be Taioseach of new 34 th Dail.

It is public record that Astra Zeneca, Moderna etc told him that their 2 years experimental medical devices were so DANGEROUS that they could NOT produce them unless his company, gov Ireland, GUARANTEED NO liability for the deaths they anticipated in their estimates I supplied to him on 24.12.2020. As you read in my previous letter, varadkar gave this NO liability Protection to Astra Zeneca etc but, only from his UK company gov Ireland, he could NOT give for office Taoiseach Dail as Chief State Solicitors letters to dave egan and public, explained this Dail has NO role in mRNA, it being INTELLECTUAL property of gov Ireland, this company of varadkar accepted HPRA Regulator C851, C852 warnings per FOI replies, that mRNA NOT works, NOT safe, so we can assume it is a guarantee given in varadkar personal capacity, NOT his company capacity as no company can allow a medical product use if known to harm men, women. He could NOT give same Protection of No liability from the injured public as 31A DISCLAIMER said it is NOT safe and, 2013 Motu Proprio DIRECTIONS said NO company or Dail has claim to property rights of MEN, OR WOMEN.

In my earlier complaint against Irish Bar Council member, rossa fanning assisting the medical fraud of varadkar by CONCEALING that his 31A contract said NOT law, NOT guaranteed safe and, NO liability as it is a personal choice, my latest complaint is against Irish Bar Council member, frank clarke when as CEO Chief justice of Courts service, he also offered the public a similar company contract of fraud per the Courts service website. On the Courts service website, it gives the public dangerous, Misleading and criminal DIRECTIONS to follow which it does NOT claim is law but, like the 31A contract, PRETENDS it is law, to act as coercive control and Entrapment.

In brief the Courts service advice is that, as happened with MOST 31A complaints, it insists that the public MUST fill out its forms and ALL departments involved MUST receive individual copies etc. It does NOT state what law says this, as the law says you do NOT have to use Courts service forms, ANY letter of complaint is ACCEPTABLE, provided the handwriting is easy to read, as the purpose of Courts service forms is to TRICK people into WAIVING their NATURAL rights and accepting ONLY the courts rights, into using complicated forms NOT understood and, causing additional expense to serving ALL parties instead of one. It is UNLAWFUL to coerce the public to use such forms and, it is law that the public can file ONE set of papers to PRINCIPAL to AGENT. This means if served upon the Taoiseach, it is HIS job to send copies to HIS Agents.

The website ALSO fraudulently claims that the Courts service company CANNOT comment or interfere with its judges court decisions. The law says it is the job of the court if a judge DELIBERATELY breaks the law in one of its court rooms. Rule 5 of the Constitutional Declaration 2016 states that if a judge DELIBERATELY breaks the law such as insisting that Complying with section 296 of 31A that says must NOT wear a mask, is a crime when NOT, such ruling is void and criminal offence. Rule 4 states ANY person in the pay of the state such as judges, police, are subject to the SAME punishment as tax payers. Rule 1 says Irish judges ARE subject to the law and the Proclamation, Courts service CANNOT allow judges to commit crimes in court to raise fraud income for courts service.

Courts service is subject to the Criminal Justice Corruption Offences Act, 2018, sect 9, PROHIBITION on creating or using a false or Misleading document, also the Criminal Justice Act, 1999, sect 41.1, NO improper interference with legitimate criminal prosecutions by menacing or intimidation of persons involved, as the Courts service website claims to do, to Prevent public complaints. As you WILL be aware, the above is a small sample of the laws broken by the CEO of Courts service, similar to the 31A contract prepared by the Attorney General CEO. To AVOID prosecution and liability they advise the following DISCLAIMER.

They begin by INVALIDATING their advice by NOT giving the name and signature of the MAN or WOMAN who wrote the PRETEND claim that it was law when , clearly it was NOT law. The writer CANNOT be the webmaster of the courts. This is a company that CANNOT write ANYTHING, it can ONLY employ a CEO to write. When I wrote to him, he did NOT deny that he is claiming to be a representative to write it, making HIM liable. Like 31A, their OWN words say, we give NO guarantees, undertakings or warranties for Accuracy, completeness or up to date nature of information and, accept NO liabilities from Errors, Omissions. We reserve the right to change ALL or ANY information provided at ANY time but, are NOT responsible or liable for ANY such change, as our DISCLAIMER has told you not to Quote as if law. Courts service has NO liability for ANY loss from using Our information as we told you NOT quote , NOT law.

It, like 31A , states in the Terms and Conditions, that the public CANNOT duplicate its advice as it is INTELLECTUAL property of Courts service. A solicitor, judge etc, CANNOT claim or cause delay, that you use a certain form. In the Terms and Conditions it states and INVITES comments and complaints and, claims ALL errors and omissions MUST be reported to Courts service whose REQUIREMENT is to investigate, such as a judge who DELIBERATELY breaks the law in courts service place of business. The Contract also states, we WILL acknowledge ALL complaints within 3 days, stating the name of who WILL INVESTIGATE and, we WILL investigate the complaint within 15 days or, if longer, WILL notify you. ALL complaints WILL be treated Promptly, fairly, impartially and in confidence.

Each time I contacted Courts service CEO clarke, ALL the above Contract and Terms and Conditions have been broken by him. It is public record that, like the criminal medical fraud by company CEO of Courts service has, by HIS actions, proven that he runs a criminal organisation that ALSO breaks safety protections of public by making void contracts. It is some 3 years since I forwarded Omissions and Errors, his understanding of 31A contract and, collusion with Attorney General to make multi million profits from assisting the sale of gov Ireland health risks. The company policy of 3 days to reply is overdue by 3 years. MANY people are dead or injured by his refusal, like the Attorney General, to address medical and law Errors and Omissions and, his Breaking of 2013 Motu Proprio court DIRECTIONS.

I have filed MANY criminal acts that media and courts service confirm frank clarke committed, with much evidence suppled by himself, first to Garda Commissioner, then to Anti Corruption Commissioner. In both cases, I discovered that CEO varadkar of WEF UK company gov Ireland, in addition to appointing clarke, also appointed WEF Anti Corruption Commissioner member and MI5 Commissioner, both also members Honourable Society.

I understand these members of the Irish Bar Council and Honourable Society, like CEO varadkar, are NOT allowed to hold public office and, have, like the CEOs of Ombudsman and Attorney General, also Bar Council, broke public contracts. I understand it is NOT possible for these members of the Irish Bar Council to REMAIN in office as they ARE bringing the Bar Council into DISREPUTE and, as the Regulator, your job is to press charges as Many deaths have occured, I would imagine it is NOT your job to assist your members criminal activities, collusion being jailable offence, particularly if negligence results in deaths, injuries.

I WILL be sending you under separate cover, some of the MANY crimes in which statute and contract laws have DELIBERATELY been broken by frank clarke, as media and the courts provided much of the evidence. The Law Society contract, per its law advice, ALSO has similar DISCLAIMER and Terms and Conditions, which tell the public and judges that these websites are NOT law, are NOT safe, as they are intended to Mislead, for gains, often used as vehicles to invent a charade and, install feelings of obligations due to Fear, Apprehension. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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