PUBLIC Letter. Complaints to CEO of Legal Services Regulatory Authority, 7th October,2023.

Dear brian doherty, Ref Contract Mission Statement

I understand that you, as a MAN, are employed by the above company to Represent its Mission functions per the Legal Services Regulation Act, 2015, to Regulate legal services by solicitors, barristers and members of the judiciary, an Important function being to PREVENT solicitors and members of the Irish Bar Council from ENGAGING in fraud, withholding and CONCEALING crimes for financial gains, Particularly if the public are killed or injured by such crimes.

I understand also that you, as a MEMBER of the Irish Bar Council, FULLY understand the Data Protection Acts 1988 to 2018 with GDPR processing of Personal Data and, opening of letters marked Private and Confidential. Myself, as representative of political Party, the peoples party ireland, as public duty REQUIRES, I must remind you and the public of YOUR contract obligations to the public and to political Parties, as YOU yourself stated them. You claim you MUST make recommendations to the Law Society, Honourable Society, Irish Bar Council and, Justice Minister, on Provision of Legal Services to PROMOTE public awareness of CORRECT REQUIREMENTS of Law.

You are REQUIRED by Law to pass VITAL information to the public so that they can make INFORMED consent decisions on matters of law pertaining to avoiding medical injuries, entrapment, kidnapping to UNLICENSED courts and, avoiding DEATH risks from Fraud instrument documents, such as 31A , aim to cause FEAR, APPREHENSION and, use as coercive control to sell medical products by Inventing a market where NONE exists. It is YOUR duty to REMOVE Irish Bar Council members, solicitors and, courts service employees that INVENT such Fraud Instruments to use as coercive control to cause FEAR, APPREHENSION to sell mRNA and INVENT Fraud court cases to make court income from using its private WEF UK police, registered in City London as 89000534, to PRETEND as if Garda.

In accordance with law, I wish to file charges against a MAN called rossa fanning who, per HIS letters and actions, used his position as CEO of law firm Attorney General, to Break statute and contract laws. He claimed as a member of the Irish Bar Council, that after donating to CEO of WEF UK company, gov Ireland called varadkar, to stand for election to the Dail, when NOT possible for varadkar to hold public office, he supported 31A contract, it NOT being law, just ADVICE. I have enclosed copy of 31A, which Irish Bar Council member woulfe wrote and, explained to police at Golf Club and RTE parties as NOT being law, just Unqualified medical ADVICE which public CAN IGNORE if they wish, Particularly as its DISCLAIMER Warns it is NOT guaranteed as safe or lawful, those insisting as law committing criminal offence and breaking 18 statute laws that BAN making Public medical claims or diagnosis, HENCE DISCLAIMER.

I write for you and the publics attention of WHAT 31A actually informs public and rossa fanning and, that former CEO of Attorney General office, gallagher, explained also in the High Court in 2020 cases, per paragraph 161, that it is NOT law and, there is NO obligation to follow if one wishes to NOT take medical risk as states NOT guaranteed safe. I would first remind you that the media and fanning confirmed that he and YOU were appointed NOT by the Dail but, by employees of a City London company, gov Ireland, set up in 2019 by Labour and F Gael Parties for Dail coup in 2020.

The 31A Contract, according to woulfe, was written on demand of the law firms MAIN client, gov Ireland, NOT Dail. He said he was advised by gov Ireland staff ryan, donnelly and mcEntee, ALL with NO medical qualifications. Early in 2020 the Party obtained adjustments as stated in 31A. The Public and You and clarke read its DISCLAIMER to escape negligence and liability, as NO law is valid if it says you MUST risk medical injuries by taking something Dangerous in addition to DISCLAIMER warning that it is NOT safe or law, just personal opinion by Unqualified people.

You , public and clarke read that Content of 31A material is for INFORMATION purposes ONLY. The Content is NOT intended as a SUBSTITUTE for professional medical advice or DIAGNOSIS, as NOT guaranteed as SAFE, law or treatment, with NO liability, as you HAVE a right to IGNORE, ANY judge CANNOT Pretend it is law as would face jail if he or she made such UNLAWFUL public medical claim or DIAGNOSIS. Also CLEARLY stated in 31A and ENTIRELY different from the DISCLAIMER, are the TERMS and CONDITIONS, similar to EMA TERMS, that the Irish Bar Council CONCEALED to PREVENT CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, this was also done by the UK MI5 spywork network called twitter to sell mRNA based on a market invented on FEAR , APPREHENSION.

Public records confirm 31A TERMS, CONDITIONS established Property Rights as follows, it claims Content and Images as INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY of gov Ireland, NOT available for DUPLICATION for example by police, RTE, Irish Bar Council or the UNLICENSED COURTS SERVICE Crown company. It further insists, as Chief State Solicitors letters stated, that the office of Taoiseach of the Dail has NO role in mRNA medical devices or, in addition, 18 statute laws which BAN Public medical diagnosis of gov Ireland medical experiments and products.

It is also FACT that the Motu Proprio served by the Party in 2013 upon the UNLICENSED Irish Bar Council courts service, CLEARLY states that it CANNOT use UK WEF police 89000534 as it is Owned by Irish Bar Council, who share its UNLAWFUL profits of 709.06 million profits from fraud against taxpayers. The 31A also in its TERMS, CONDITIONS says that ALL Errors, Omissions MUST be addressed, as INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, to gov Ireland and the writer, CEO of Attorney General office, NOT to Bar Council courts service. It is public record that 28 letters to the CEO of Attorney General were UNLAWFULLY opened despite stating Private and Confidential to CEO, breaking GDPR by his staff and, they replied, NOT replying, as we consider 31A as Null and Void contract.

I have filed criminal charges first with a criminal called drew harris in 2020. His contract explains he became a criminal as Garda oath contract he SIGNED says he CANNOT be Garda if a member of MI5 and the Honourable Society of Benchers. He advised that his role in UK MI5 secret service is to Protect Irish Bar Council profits of 709.06 million from its Ownership of UK police 89000534 Pretending to be Garda. I then referred his crimes to Anti Corruption Commissioner clavin.

It turned out that varadkar, a WEF Young Leader and CEO of WEF company gov Ireland set up 2019 for medical Fraud, had appointed in 2019 WEF Young Leader clavin after he completed WEF course at Harvard paid by said WEF company gov Ireland,, also a member of Honourable Society, to also Protect business interests of the Irish Bar and its SECRET police. I filed charges against clavin ref his support of holding old CAPTIVE for mRNA medical device experiments and, his contract saying it is a criminal offence if Garda while being a member of WEF or the Bar Coucil, Honourable Secret Societies. He was replaced, NOT jailed, by another Belfast PSNI member of the Honourable Society and, like varadkar also of Trinity College, he also has delayed for 3 years, cases against the Irish Bar Council and WEF members, who it seems, knowingly assisted manslaughter, to their everlasting SHAME.

It is public record that CEO of Garda Ombudsman is also a member of the Bar Council, an UNLICENSED judge, according to 1924 Court Enactment Order, rory mcCabe, his number 2 is hugh hume, a WEF member and over 20 years in PSNI, this being relevant as ALL crimes by his UK police 89000534 are NOT being investigated, it being Vested interest to Protect courts service SECRET Uk police, registered as NO jurisdiction outside UK.

CEO fanning was REQUIRED to advise the public and courts service that in addition to 31A NOT being law, Taoiseach martin stated, like TD o brien in the Dail on 2.12.2022 that it is NOT law to wear masks, as section 296 of 31A said. He is fully aware, like martin etc, that for over 3 years the Irish Bar Council used its Private WEF UK police 89000534 to serve Fraud 31A summonses for UNLICENSED courts to make millions in profits and, cause FEAR, APPREHENSION based on coercive control by forces of UK MI5 upon Irish FREE men and women NOT owned by MI5.

Can you confirm if you advised the Honourable Society, UK police 89000534, the Public, courts service etc, as YOUR contract REQUIRES, that rossa fanning ALLOWED courts service police 89000534 to REPLACE Garda oath and force, also making 2020 coup takeover of Dail by WEF,UK company gov Ireland possible using FEAR, APPREHENSION. Can you confirm if you did NOT advise the public that Motu Proprio was issued by the OWNER of courts service, Vatican Governance and, that they could NOT ENTRAP the public by claiming Property rights over its birth cert Trusts.

As 31A stated, it has NO liability if people are dead or injured by gov Ireland medical products, as it stated NOT law or Dail property, it is members of the Bar Council and its private police that claimed it PRETENDED law and safe, meaning they claim to be LIABLE for all medical and law claims pertaining deaths etc they caused by use fraud and coercive control based on FEAR, APPREHENSION. The new government needs to Determine if YOU assisted, as 28 letters to and from Attorney General CEO say it definitely assisted sales of experimental medical devices by inventing 31A FEAR, APPREHENSION,PRETENDING it was law. Liability is upon those that said it was safe and law when 31A said NOT, and HPRA REGULATOR C851, C852 said mRNA NOT safe, NOT works.

Can you please advise of your position as to collusion with some staff of Attorney General law firm, members of Bar Council, Honourable Society and Law Society and, Bar secret UK police 89000534, to assisting Manslaughter for Bar Council profits. You understand that it may be necessary to press criminal charges against you in your Personal capacity, as your company contract states that YOU SHOULD have advised the public that 31A was NOT law.

It would be of some concern to NOTE that you were called to the Bar in Belfast in 1996, similar to chief justice o donnell also from Belfast, to represent Crown courts in the 6 counties, that Parliamentary Statutes UK and the Dail confirm I RETURNED to the Dail in 1989, Parliament claims you PRETENDED 6 counties still UK, when NOT. According to law, I repealed the 1920 Partition Government Ireland Act in 1989 per Royal Assent with the 1922 Act. After PRETENDING you represent the Crown in 1996, you became Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman despite 6 counties under jurisdiction of Garda since 1989.

Public records confirm that after your training to PRETEND the 6 counties is UK when its Parliament said NOT, you then became in 2007 the Garda Ombudsman to it seems, like the present Bar Council Garda Ombudsman, Protect the Secret police owned by Irish Bar Council, according City London companies registration listings. It would seem that like the MI5 Agent, the present CEO of twitter, formerly CEO of Garda media, before transfer from BELFAST as PSNI media CEO, you HAVE kept SECRET, the WEF and Bar Council police subversion of the Dail and, helped shadow ban political parties.

I understand your Terms are similar to courts service, who publicly state their contract is to confirm receipt within 3 days and, 15 days to investigate ALL ERRORS, OMISSIONS sent by the public. It is also important to point out that 31A, like ALL yelloe covid adverts, DELIBERATELY did NOT carry ANY signature to validate its UNLAWFUL claims, in order to AVERT prosecution, its TDs, judges and police that are now liable for damages, jail etc, as they understood NOT valid as NO signature, in addition to DISCLAIMER telling them NOT law. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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