PUBLIC Letter. PART 5 CEO rossa fanning assisting police detention of old for experiments 22nd September, 2023.

Dear rossa fanning, Ref collusion police detention of old

I note that I sent YOU copy of my letter registered, dated 8th March, 2023 to the new Anti Corruption Commissioner jonathan roberts, regarding criminal charges against PSNI police officer from Belfast, assisting manslaughter. You confirmed in Your letters that You advised Taioseach martin to break law and employ Commissioner clavin, whose membership training as a WEF Young Leader at Harvard was paid by WEF company gov Ireland.

Your law firm advised that in addition his WEF membership, his UK police college training at Ryton, his membership Law Society vested interests in Irish Bar UK police 89000534 and Trinity college training made him useful to WEF member varadkar. He would be great asset to WEF Young Leader varadkar, the registered CEO of London company gov Ireland, set up 2019 to sell Astra Zeneca, Moderna, for WEF member, the UK Prime Minister, using private police to replace Garda oath force and assist in medical crimes for mutual profits.

Public records confirm MAIN shareholder of Irish sales of Moderna etc, the WEF UK Prime Minister, instructed his MI5 Agent, drew harris to appoint PSNI to replace the Garda force, despite law says membership WEF etc bars them holding Public office, YOU support TREASON by your actions. Records confirm, the WEF MI5 Agent has replaced clavin with roberts, also like clavin and harris a Belfast PSNI operative under oath to Crown WEF to, like clavin, assist criminal activities of donnelly, a gov Ireland employee.

In my filing of complaints against clavin on 8.3.2023, I forwarded the evidence that clavin Protected donnelly desire to help Taioseach martin sell Astra Zeneca which CSSO said Taioseach has NO role in mRNA etc. In Garda and Public records, I enclosed clavins Agreement Contract, it states his REQUIREMENT to speak UP, REPORT wrong doing such as donnelly, holohan claim take Astra Zeneca to STOP transmission as manufacturer said NOT stop such.

An important part of his Contract says Protect Integrity of Garda. He Agrees, if public pay his wages, to oppose unprofessional, unethical or corrupt behaviour such as Imprisonment of old by police for care home genetic experiments, which public health spokesman Prof o neill said on Newstalk, WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. His contract states he MUST PREVENT units of MI5 Agent harris from arresting, kidnapping and injuring public COMPLYING SI 296 of 31A NOT wear mask if stress or wish to follow WARNINGS 31A DISCLAIMER as NOT safe, NOT law.

Clavin confirmed His understanding that he CANNOT break sections 5A, 5B of Garda Act, it says NO rank, including Commissioner or Attorney General CEO can Break Garda oath to uphold Proclamation or conceal crime such as forcing experiments on old for company profits. Clavin understood the laws I listed as he studied them at Trinity College. I reminded clavin his law Obligations under 53 committments Code Ethics, chapters 40.1, 40.2 and 40.5, PROMPT Investigations, his failure to do so being main factor to many old he allowed to be imprisoned now dead, from Astra Zeneca now banned for many deaths.

I advised clavin of EU Parliamentary Resolutions 2361 and 2071, I helped write, particularly sections 7.3.1 and 7.3.2 EU Directives Public Health, in relation old and sick in care homes, guardians such as relatives. I advised clavin EU Public Health Directives REQUIRES BOTH police and RELATIVES as guardians of old in care homes to obtain a SECOND medical and law opinion, BEFORE taking INVASIVE procedures like mRNA medical devices, his removal of this law REQUIREMENT has made HIM liable for assisted manslaughter as many his VICTIMS now dead, PSNI evil has replaced rule of law to disgrace of Irish nation.

I submitted to clavin the Public medical claim and diagnosis donnelly made on national newspapers etc, that on 24.12.2020 he notified public that on 28.12.2020 he would administer mRNA in care homes, Christmas closure meaning the 4 days notice was no notice for public to remove old from experiment. I Notified clavin and ALL Oireachtas political parties that had registered as representing Oireachtas NOT Dail voters, also YOUR office, that MINIMUM notice to care homes is 3 months, to obtain SECOND opinion, HPRA Regulator C851, C852 ALREADY having advised mRNA NOT works, NOT safe.

I advised the above and Taioseach martin, as he has NO law or medical qualifications, the EMA replies to MY letters, confirming donnelly and WEF gov Ireland have NO license administer Astra Zeneca etc. I supplied the data from EMA and mRNA manufacturers that confirmed NO tests EVER done to see if STOP transmission or safe for pregnant, they confirmed donnelly LIED to sell HIS purchases. I supplied donnelly Public claim that in November 2020 he bought for WEF varadkar 9 Million doses mRNA at 200 million for WEF company, gov Ireland BEFORE ANY license, he speculated it would get general use license which did NOT get, so he needed to DUMP on Irish his gamble.

Unlike ALL the above, the peoples party ireland was ONLY Party that contacted EMA and manufacturers to find out if donnelly LIED. I seved Injunction on EMA and Taioseach to NOT proceed genetic experiments, he ignored. EMA did NOT dispute my listing on twitter BEFORE roll out of mRNA, ACTUAL terms and Conditions of EMERGENCY use NOT general use license. As Emergency implies, ONLY use is if ALREADY dying from MULTIPLE illness.

Manufacturer and EMA license stated Astra Zeneca etc NOT essential to life, ONLY to be used if LAST resort, NOT if healthy as Regardless of age, you HAVE 99.9 per cent immune recovery WITHOUT ANY drugs. EMA confirmed to PARTY that it CANNOT break Helsinki Declaration to issue license to a WEF chemical sales company gov Ireland that claimed to have taken control of National Government called Dail in the 2020 police and WEF coup.

EMA also agreed it CANNOT or Taioseach break Article 15 of EU Council Constitution, to advertise an UNKNOWN result experiment until 2 years time as being safe, NOT listing Death risks, injuries, destruction immune system. EMA did NOT dispute its Obligations under Belmont Principle, which means it CANNOT claim death risk experiment is BETTER than NO risk 99.9 per cent immune recovery in healthy, old or young.

I have only listed BRIEF details of the paperwork lodged with above parties and YOUR office Attorney General position 31A DISCLAIMER that donnelly CANNOT claim 31A ADVICE is law, CSSO said to YOU and Taioseach he has NO role, CANNOT support donnelly crimes. Public records confirm YOUR office staff ALLOWED Taioseach with NO role to allow and ENCOURAGE PSNI police to STOP old leaving care homes to AVOID death experiments, per HPRA Regulator claims, from Astra Zeneca, STOPPED relatives getting SECOND opinion and saving their relatives from UNNECESSARY risk to life.

Public records confirmed Attorney General Office ADVICE to Taioseach was to ALLOW gov Ireland use courts service UK police 89000534 to IMPRISON old for Astra Zeneca experiments, WITHDRAWN for many deaths, to make profits for Irish Bar, YOURSELF being member of this registered OWNER of UK police fraud company. Your companies actions claim it advised Taioseach martin to CONCEAL EMA and manufacturers terms and conditions and conceal 31A errors and OMISSIONS, to assist manslaughter of old, are now MAIN factor for deaths, injuries and MAIN beneficiary of profits made from dangerous medical experiments, forced by FEAR by Pretend law.

Public records confirm your company profits were MORE important than human life and public rights to constructive criticisim. New government WILL seize your company assets, prosecute employees that assisted crime, to compensate those NOT killed by your medical fraud and TREASON against 33rd Dail by a UK company, MI5 having caused many Irish deaths, injuries. It is indeed hard for public to absorb, that the police, doctors, courts we paid for to Protect us from WEF chemical company gov Ireland, were used to IMPRISON us for medical fraud and profits, experiments, a total contempt for rule of law or public health.

A whole generation of old FF, FG, SF voters were IMPRISONED and FORCED experiments using coercive control. Experiments like Astra Zeneca that KILLED and UK MI5 police from PSNI, persecuted family relatives who wanted CAPTIVES released. Your company worked closely with law firms DPP, its CEO selected by gov Ireland CEO to protect HIS crimes and, CSSO to make MASSIVE profits for Irish Bar Council and its SECRET WEF UK police, controlling a Taioseach chosen for NO qualifications so he could be Mis lead by Your company Fraud advice. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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