PUBLIC Letter. Police Investigation crimes by dave egan. 16th September, 2023.

Dear Commissioner jonathan roberts, Ref Abusive threats

I have enclosed copies of Fraudulent public Instruments placed on several websites run by a Disturbed, attention seeking man called dave egan, he writes public Fantasies about me and other members public for some strange reason. I also have copies of his Fraud accusations against 20 people who did Not agree with his delusions, the language he uses about people is hard to believe, he became upset when I refused believe his gossip.

It is public record that he has cost taxpayer millions in fees to Unlicensed courts staff for cases NOT business of courts, being matters for police investigate as NOT function of court. He informed public that he has NO medical or law qualifications, which is Obvious in his claims to public, I am pressing charges regarding his Public medical diagnosis of me, invented fantasy by him. Despite NEVER meeting me, having NO knowledge of me, he claims he has pictures of me in a straight jacket, that I was locked up in Grange gorman mental hospital, he beleives this fantasy, poor sick man.

If he had education, he would be aware Grange gorman closed as mental hospital 40 years ago, it is Largest technical college in Ireland, perhaps he should go there and obtain some education. ONLY an Evil person would make such a claim, it is sad to see Ireland has such low , bottom of the pond people. In his Many insulting letters, he makes further medical claims that my work is PROOF that I have delusions, make fantasy law claims, he says I am mentally ill and many other claims, this is how ignorant people respond to correct information. In his OWN writing he informs myself and public that in his medical diagnosis, my behaviour and delusions, he has now exposed to public is likely me to be Sectioned in mental hospital for illness, perhaps it is he that would benefit from hospital.

He claims that 2 people I have NEVER met, A holst and p clohessy have said I am liar, fraud, mentally ill, etc. He claims they asked me for evidence about 1924 Fraud courts. Considering all the nasty accusations he sent me about other people, it would be my opinion the 2 men did NOT say the above, given as they NEVER asked me about ANYTHING, as 1924 documents are available Public Archives. You have read his strange claim that I have written hundreds of letters claiming to have won cases in the courts, to be claiming to be legal expert, wasting my time writing my opinions etc.

Yet you also read in his OWN written evidence, that he is the one claiming to be ALL the above and, he says I am Not finig charges with police or having ANY results. The FACT is, he claims property rights over my rights as a Man to file criminal charges and write Public letters as representative oldest political party in Ireland. The Public sites of Political Party, also on twitter and many other media, display the Public letters which state OPPOSITE his Fraud claims. Never Once have I claimed take part in UNLICENSED courts, it is he that does so, to gain public attention. He himself says in his letters that I quoted Rule 6 Constitutional Declaration 2016, which explains it IS FRAUD to participate in UNLICENSED court, he also said NO such law exists, delusions by me he claims.

FACT is I NEVER have written a letter giving my Personal opinions, it is HE does that. When someone like him writes INCORRECT law, I reply with CORRECT law, quoting the source. Public asked me state position of 1924 Court Enactment Order. I supplied CERTIFIED 1924 Attorney General letter to Dail, explaining Draft proposal MUST be passed in Dail otherwise NOT law, also Dail records confirm NOT passed. I supplied 1922 Constitution Article 75, even a dummy like egan can read, if NO Enactment Order passed, ONLY licensed court is 1919 Sovereign Dail Eire Courts, available National Archives.

As public evidence confirms, I did NOT claim or tell ANYTHING , as NOBODYS opinion is important, it is the listed documents I placed, for ALL to read, that TELL the story, NOT I. I am NOT stupid to attend UNLICENSED courts service, it is egan that chose TREASON against LICENSED 1919 court to Present Dail Eire Court, SAME SEAL Eire Harp on his passport. Why would I be claiming partake in Fraud court and Break statute laws.. A holst explained to egan as did his hero, manning that courts service is criminal organisation as NO license. Egan claims I am coward for NOT being a Fraud and Traitor like him, also he claims manning, holst also partake in fraud. My loyalty to the ONLY licensed 1919 court, its January 2023 license renewed, that our Grandfathers died for, he betrays his Grandparents as Crown Agent.

Egan claims he is following advice of manning, holst, waters, o doherty and barrister o mahoney to accept UNLAWFUL summons from courts service UK police 89000534, NO jurisdiction in Ireland. Egan claims I said I repealed Anglo Irish agreement of 1920, says send proof, why does Dail not know. My public letters sent Crown Parliament Repeal 1920 Government Ireland Act. The purpose od Public letters is to show Parliamentary Documents, such as 1920 Repeal. NO such thing as Anglo Irish Agreement in 1920 in public letters, egan made this up himself. he seems not to understand Parliamentary documents tell him Dail knows said Acts, not much point him reading documents.

If egan is so stupid he CANNOT read documents then Fine, I do NOT ask ANYONES opinions, I simply do hard work of supplying them, as people like egan to lazy to look up National Archives, normal people say thank you for making the effort, unbalanced people like egan say NOT exist, it seems he makes the laws. Egan informs public that I have condemned, insulted, slandered those Irish that took cases against covid, which HPRA Regulator told egan in C839 NO proof exists,also against Corruption in the legal system that HE supports and makes money for.

Once again he gives HIS fantasy and delusions as I have NOT done what he says, by HIS OWN admission it is himself and his gang of chickens he claims to represent, following FACTS say, they support Fraud. HE names tracey o mahoney, holst, andy heasman and others I have NO knowledge of. He does NOT state what I said but, Public letters do say. O mahoney made YOU TUBE video in which she said Same as Law Society, she WRONGLY stated wearing mask IS law and offence to NOT wear, causing Many people and police to wear from Fear and ENFORCE on others.

As representative of political Party, many voters asked me present CERTIFIED document section 296 of 31A and DISCLAIMER which ALL other parties, including egan, manning, holst etc REFUSED to do. The Document, NOT I, stated in 296 of 31A, part 5B, that you must NOT wear mask if stress or AGREE to take 31A DISCLAIMER advice warnings, which state NOT guaranteed safe or law. The DISCLAIMER also explained ANY errors, ommissions MUST be made to UK WEF Crown company, gov Ireland, set up 2019 in London, to sell medical WEF products, using 31A sales adverts the company asked A General prepare to help sell its products and Fear.

My Good friend andy heasman WILL confirm I sent him copy and also to his neighbour manning, waters and o doherty, so they could read to judge, confirming heasman charged for COMPLYING with 296 of 31A. Public records confirm the above 3 people set up andy heasman as FIRST man sent to jail for COMPLYING with 296 of 31A, NOT wear mask. I also supplied HPRA Regulator C848, C849, masks Useless and Dangerous, egan says telling this truth is slandering because he is ashamed he MIS lead public to FEAR something that was a bluff.

Public records confirm my placing CORRECT law, NOT personal opinions cost NO money or donations to public. Records confirm the above gang of chickens make Living from donations, in return they LIE to public, keep your money in your pocket. Public records confirm that the above gangs DESIRE to help public is NOT what they claim. DIRECTIONS chief justice in 2018 and Attorney General is courts service is FRAUD, Dail Eire 1919 to present is REAL. Waters, o doherty stood for President Oireachtas, FULLY AWARE I Closed this title 33 years ago. The gangs also kept SECRET that gov Ireland, NOT Dail, is WEF company selling WEF medicals.

ALL the above parties kept SECRET the 2013 Motu Proprio I served on Bar courts. This HIGHEST law authority explains it is FRAUD for Man or Woman, or companies to claim birth cert Trust companies. Egan, waters, etc INVITED courts service clerk to be executor of Fraud medical hearings in which they claimed property rights of birth cert companies OWNED by Vatican Governance. These criminal gangs Tricked public into UNLICENSED courts, got public fined, jailed for NO crime as gov Ireland is NOT Dail, its 31A DISCLAIMER says NOT law, NO liability, OWN choice. These gangs Concealed from public the Proclamation Dail law, read Every Easter at GPO, that You, NOT a company gov Ireland, have self determination medical decisions.

These gangs CONCEALED from public the Written Garda oath, SUPERIOR to positive law, bearing the Eire Harp Seal my Grandfather placed on it and your passport. These gangs FEAR Garda oath and Proclamation because it tells PEOPLE they do NOT need to pay above gangs for Fraud information, like my letters, the documents ARE YOUR FREEDOM, but you HAVE to use it, not ask solicitors to ignore it. As for egan claim Fraud letters, hiding etc, FACT is in 2020 I stood at GPO each Saturday giving out the oath and CERTIFIED Documents, also HPRA Regulator FACTS that donnelly LIED to sell gov Ireland medical products, braking 18 statute laws.

As Anti Corruption Commissioner YOU HAVE the registered letters and I HAVE receipts YOUR confirmation. The investigations are NOT available to a criminal like egan. As for the previous 40 years of CERTIFIED Documents of my work, unlike egan, I do NOT have his need for public praise, the documents are the RESULT, his failure is his shame of lying about good people. On 27th May, 2022, Chief State Solicitors letter explained to egan that taioseach has NO responsibility for mRNA etc, as it is Private company gov Ireland, who Secretly and Unlawfully is Owner of HSE, a conflict of vested interests, as is CEO varadkar, using Taioseach position sell his company products.

Egan instructed his legal team to pursue a case against 33rd Dail even though NOTHING to do with Dail. 31A documents tell him copyright is London company gov Ireland, DISCLAIMER says NOT law, NOT safe, so NOT possible offer ANY programme as against law to say you MUST take risk of death. So it is CORRECT to state that he was used by his advisors and courts staff as he clearly does NOT understand law. This charade made profits from taxman for courts service etc while making public think it was law when Fraud, as DISCLAIMER made clear NO guarantees safe, NO liability as CANNOT make law to take risk of death, injury.

Since 1920 until 1989, the Crown Oireachtas ran British Dominion Colony because chickens like above gangs supported it. The peoples party ireland defeated Crown and chickens like egan did NOGT even hear of it. Egan says he made video from reporting covid scam at Kevin Street Garda. Video shows he RAN like a chicken when police refused unless he wear a mask, ben gilroy did the job. Police CORRECTLY told him he ONLY handed in pile of data which is NOT stating a particular statute law broken, by whom and how, he should read Public letters on how to file charges. I do NOT consent his presenting case as he ASSISTS UNLICENSED court to INVENT a reason to make public medical claims and diagnosis, BANNED by 18 statute laws to PROTECT public interest.

It is a simple matter of law, NO court, even Licensed ones, can claim if a medical experiment, such as mRNA mechanical device to ALTER genes, with RESULTS 2 years later, is safe or NOT. He wishes to HELP UNLICENSED court PRETEND mRNA is a vaccine when NOT as mechanical device. If judge said safe, then Public Protection REMOVED as might NOT be safe, it would be Personal opinion of judge, like egan opinion I am mental, NO thanks, keep your opinion. ALL he had to do was read HPRA Regulator 2020 position C851,C852, states mRNA NOT safe, NOT works and, 31A DISCLAIMER, NOT guaranteed safe, NOT works, NOT Dail copyright, he could Not even do that, would YOU trust him represent you in court, I think NOT.

Egan also claims himself, manning,holst pleaded with UNLICENSED judge twomey for 1924 Order. Law magazine says he simply asked OPINION of Man, NOT asked for copy 1924 Order. It was a Simple matter of law, if twomey NOT produce copy 1924 Order, which Higher authority chief justice, Attorney General, Dail records confirm NOT exists, they SHOULD HAVE DECLINED proceed. By their OWN admission, they Waived rights to NOT proceed and took part in a Fraud deception. OWN actions confirm They are MORE corrupt than twomey, best not listen to these gangs.

The egan band of chickens informs public that they accept the SECRET UK police 89000534, registered Owner being courts service and Refuse Garda oath, happy to Replace Garda with MI5 UK security force. The band of chickens also Refuse accept Sovereign Dail Eire Harp Seal Court of 1919 to Present and, Refuse their Eire Harp Seal passports, chosing gov Ireland company green passports. The band of manning chickens also refuse 2013 Motu Proprio Bar Court DIRECTIONS, refuse Parliamentary Draughtsman, Attorney General, 1922 Constitution and Proclamation Directions, servants of MI5 Crown Agents, the new government shall NOT forget this TREASON. Egan is so smart that he informs public that many statute laws are invented by me, asks where to find, even 5 year old child knows about internet and libraries and, manning books even list them for him to read, perhaps he should buy manning books ,learn to read.

As for egan comments on my useless letters, if he studied dilligently, he would find that after 12 letters to Teoseach martin of police charges pending his Fraud on masks, he made following in Dail records. He advised on 2.12.2022 in Dail records that it is NOT law to wear masks, as 31A stated in 2020, also TD d o brien said Same, meaning courts service was criminal company fining and jailing people for complying 296 to NOT wear masks. Thanks to manning chickens support of barrister t o mahoney YOU TUBE video claiming law to wear despite 31A saying NOT, many innocent police face criminal charges, many public VICTIMS due to the chickens. This is just SMALL sample of work done UNKNOWN to public. Egan so stupid, I would NOT waste my time stating work done in EU, while the chickens played ball with the foxes, for public donations.

As you CAN see from egan claims, he broke SI NO 5412007,Advertising Regulations. EU Directives 200183 transposed into Irish Law. Commission Directive 200363, use Medical Products. He also broke EU Council Directives 200298, also200424, also Mis use Drugs Act, 1977. These MANDATORY Acts CANNOT be broken by Attorney General, Taoiseach or egan chickens, as CS Solicitors Office told him. In simple language NO officials, corporation Agents, law, medical or police have jurisdiction break above laws or appear to Assist cover up crimes, such as Assisting masks or manslauhgter. The above laws carry further force from Article 15 of EU Council Constitution which Taioseach varadkar, President leyen are obliged by law to uphold but, media report they Broke to sell HIS company gov Ireland products.

The EU Council state a person, example egan, must NOT place medical advertisements or public medical claims, diagnosis that I am mental patient etc, especially I NEVER even had a cold in my life. The EU Council also state a person must NOT place medical advertisement if it NOT list ALL side effects, is Mis leading or ENCOURAGES persons to NOT get second opinion, must NOT be public, MUST be validated with signature person making claim. The advice must NOT suggest products are guaranteed, have NO risks, or state BETTER than other treatments, such as 99.9 per cent immune recovery, found in ALL healthy, aged 1 to 99.

The advertisement must NOT refer to recommendations by scientists, or use celebrity status to ENCOURAGE consumption. MUST be GP in private, NOT public. NOT suggest diagnosis by phone, adverts or stop second opinion. While egan was doing NOTHING, it was the above law that the Party imposed upon Attorney General, resulting in 31A DISCLAIMER that states briefly the above, NO liability as public understand NOT law. The above is example of a man who knows the law as opposed to egan chickens that do NOT, they merely PRETEND to get themselves a livestream and donations. When I fought the Crown, I would eat 20 egan chickens for breakfast.

Regarding egan threats, mental sectioning etc to cause me Fear, Apprehension my personal safety, I file criminal charges under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, I understand 5 years jail. Regarding the Fraud Instruments he made to damage my name, copies enclosed, I press charges under Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, sections 6,9,25,26, 27 and 29. Further charges under NFOATP Act, 1997, sections 9 and 10, recently explained to him by Justice Minister mcentee, pertaining his Admitting stalking, intimidation, menacing, coercive actions and threats. The purpose of Party Public letters is to INFORM police and public of their rights which our Grandparents wrote to Protect Garda and public from Crown, which egan chickens help courts service HIDE.

I simply state what the law documents say, I do NOT give my opinion or ask for ANY opinion, purpose of written law is to AVOID personal opinion. The chickens collect donations for helping Fraud, NOT ending it, they are life blood of courts service fraud. My job will soon be done, if the people chose to join egan chickens and become slaves, as they did in 1920 then it is THEIR decision. Like my Grandfather before me, I stand for rule of law, NOT opinions of chickens. A further example of egan ignorence is FACT that Many public letters informs public of economic plans, extension of publicly elected judges in Licensed Eire Seal Harp Courts. Well balanced plans for prosecution of Many CEOs, TDs, Senators, police judges etc, who committed the crimes I reported. Collection of Assets from those that robbed public.

The Party is preparing for the REAL future, when people understand the criminal gangs that ran Ireland for Crown. Massive numbers will need help from mRNA injuries, to late to stop the damage done. Egan writes that reporting crime is waste of time because he does NOT understand the reason. Reason is to find out WHICH police WILL face LIFE imprisonment for NOT investigating crime. He might be right that you laugh but, it is YOU NOT I, that WILL face jail if foolish enough to PROTECT WEF gangs. It is the ANGRY people, NOT I, that WILL demand your arrest, so think carefully as the sand runs out in the glass.

As you CAN see, these chickens are like MI5, they have NO respect for Garda oath, statute law or Proclamation, they just want to join courts service in making money, they do NOT understand economics. The Party has the law, the economic plans, over a hundred years of tradition, the business contacts around the world. We ONLY have to wait for bubble to burst with the deaths, injuries, the demand for ALL Oireachtas parties to be outlawed. Soon when the pain is felt, the people WLL be ready for the plans we offer and those that Assisted gov Ireland WILL be the Target. It is for You to prosecute, ignore at YOUR peril.

As far as FACTS are concerned, the damage is done, over 300 BILLION Irish debt, which I can make disappear with the stroke of a pen. Prosecution is BETTER in the New courts than in the UNLICENSED corrupt ones. As the oldest Party, we are use to waiting for the Crown Agents to fall into the TRAP, which they were eager to do. Like the fish on the hook, it is just a matter of pulling in the fish. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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