PUBLIC LETTER. PART 3 CEO rossa fanning, Office Attorney General. 13th September, 2023.

Dear rossa fanning, Ref Acts of Treason

According to public records, you issued a False Instrument to the IRB, a state Institution set up in the 1919 Dail to Protect the Sovereign Dail Eireann Courts and Eire Harp Seal from the Crown. By Dail law, every Easter at the GPO the 1916 Proclamation is read, it being Ratified as the Foundation Guaranteed Rights of the Dail voters in 1919. Captain Doyle last read it to YOU and the Public at Easter 2023. This Proclamation was written by my Grandfather, the founder in 1906 with Arthur Griffith, of the Sinn Fein Party that Won the 32 county election, called and Witnessed by Lord Lexden for the Crown.

In it he explains the IRB is the military organisation in CHARGE of Protecting the Dail Eireann Courts and the Sovereign Eire Harp Seal, its rights the IRB protected by the 5 Article April 1919 Constitution, available public inspection in National Archives. YOU ADMIT inyour Public letter dated 28.8.2023 to the representative of the IRB called john flanagan, a public letter on the IRB website, to the following Acts of Treason, per YOUR Instrument.

In doing so, you Admit breaking Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2007, sections 6, 9, 25, 26, 27 and 29, in FORGING an Instrument to deceive, defraud and Use the Crown Free State Harp. You began by claiming the 1919 Constitution was Repealed when the Constitution of the Irish Free State came into force on 6th December, 1922. You produced NO documents, just gave a PERSONAL opinion to defraud public etc. Many years BEFORE you told this LIE, I sent you a copy of the Government of Ireland Act, 1920, introduced by UK Prime minister lloyd george and, passed in November 1920, many years BEFORE fraud Free State you inform you know NOTHING about.

You Understood also that it was kept SECRET from the Dail from 1919 to 1922 by Crown traitors, collins and develera, as it had NO consent from the Dail, as it Partitioned Ireland into a British Dominion Colony until I ENDED it in 1989, the two traitors Not keen on being shot as Crown Agents kept it SECRET. You understood that leader of the First Dail, my Grandfather, set up in 1920 the peoples party ireland to Repeal this Fraud surrender of FREE Ireland to the Crowns British Dominion Colony, which it ruled until 1989, using its Crown corporation, Oireachtas.

Over 33 years ago, I sent you a copy of my Repeal of said 1920 Act, obtained with Royal Assent and, also the 1922 Constitution, which you WRONGLY claimed came into force on 6th December, 1922. I sent you Crown CERTIFIED documents stating that the 1922 Free State Constitution came into force on 5th December, 1922 and did NOT, and could NOT, Repeal the 1919 Constitution, as it ADOPTED the 1919 Proclamation and Constitution.

The documents explained that the 1922 Constitution had NO 32 county election Mandate. The 1919 Constitution of April, of 5 Articles, Protected our INALIENABLE, INDEFEASIBLE rights in the Proclamation, NOT the Constitution and, was secured on 32 county election mandate, hence ADOPTION as NO 32 county mandate for 1922. As YOU stated, the Dail was CAPTURED on 6th December, 1922 but, it had ALREADY INVOKED Article 2G of the 1919 Constitution still in effect on 6.12.1922, it stated President SUBSTITUTE elected, the title Taioseach Not in existence in 1919 to 1922.

This Article instructed the President of the military IRB of the Dail, to act as SUBSTITUTE President during an emergency, such as the Crown Free State forces CAPTURE of the Dail for Crown, until the Crown departs. I sent you copy of the 5 Article 1919 Constitution where you CAN read the above, available in the National Archives to the public. In accordance with law, the 1920 Act, NOT the 1922 Free State Act, was in force until 1989. I sent you CERTIFIED by Crown Royal Assent, of my Repeal in 1989 of the Fraud Free State 1922 and 1920, ENDING the title of British Dominion Minister called Taioseach and, Oireachtas President.

As stated above, I supplied CERTIFIED documents that confirm You quoted Your Personal opinion NOT backed by law. You lie further by claiming that the 1922 Constitution was Repealed by Article 48 of the 1937 Constitution. Once Again you quoted Your Personal opinion, NOT law. As UK Parliament Records confirm, NO Royal Assent for the 1937 Constitution was given to its British Dominion Minister, develera. The Repeal of 1989 that you read tells you that the 1922 Constitution was ONLY Repealed in 1989, NOT in 1937 as it is NOT possible to Repeal the Proclamation or the 1919 Constitution ADOPTED, it REMAINS in Force.

Your office was also sent state Archives of the Foreign Office, available to the public, which confirm the UK Prime Minister Baldwins visit to HIS Dominion Minister develera in Dublin in 1936. He instructed HIS Minister develera to give His permission for the King to abdicate, needed also from the other Dominion colonies of S Africa, Canada, Australia and N Zealand, the Dail passed within hours, Acts of approval.

You were also sent 1924 state papers that confirm my Grandfather STOPPED Crown company, courts service, getting the 1924 Court Enactment Order, Article 75 of the 1922 Constitution explained the Fraud. This Article, copy I sent You, explained if NO Enactment Order, the ONLY licensed court is the 1919 Dail Eire Court, Protected from the Crown by the IRB, the registered holder of the Dail Eire Seal and, in accordance with law, has produced 104 yearly licenses. In 2018 Supreme Court Transcripts, former chief justice clarke confirmed courts service have NO Enactment Order and again June 24th, 2021 former A General gallagher confirmed in written letter NO ENactment Order exists. As you said, in 1937, develera called a Fraud referendum WITHOUT Royal Assent, proceeded on INCURABLY VOID contract.

Public records confirm the Oireachtas ENDED in 1989 but, criminal Crown companies courts service and law firm, Attorney General, assisted TREASON by the Oireachtas against the 32 county Dail, similar to its capture in 1922. Public records confirm that I had to press the Crown to command the Fraud Oireachtas to adjust its records, in 2007 it INCORRECTLY claims Free State repealed, NOT 1937 as YOU claim, so you do NOT evden read Oireachtas records.

Your criminal law firm was sent copies of UK command to its British Dominion Minister called Teaseioch sean lemass per London 9th March, 1964 Fisheries Convention, to agree signing away our fish. You were sent Crown papers instructing its Dominion Minister Taoiseach to PRETEND the UK colony could enter its colony as a country called Ireland in 1972 to the EEC, to secure 2 seats for the UK, in return the BRIBE of our fish.

Having committed the above Acts of Treason against the Dail and the IRB, you use the trick of NOT signing your Instrument, instead signing with OAG, hence you have NOT validated your Fraud claim. In accordance with law, as CEO of criminal law firm, you MUST now confirm, did the CEO order this TREASON or, if NOT, you MUST confirm who Invented it to CONCEAL fraud. To public amusement you accuse a MAN called flanagan of NOT being authorised to license judges, despite the Dail and the Proclamation and Constitution claiming he does have jurisdiction.

You also claim judges of the State, which you confirmed does NOT exist and as Crown confirms since 1989, are appointed by the President, this title EXPIRED 33 years ago, on advice of the Government you said. YOU HAVE confirmed that a WEF Crown company set up in 2019 in London called gov Ireland, its CEO varadkar, appointed You and judges of Unlicensed courts service, NOT the Dail Government, you claim to support breaking law that says a member of WEF Young Leaders as CEO of WEF company gov Ireland, CANNOT also be Taioseach of 33rd Dail to sell his OWN company products, it is called collusion.

YOU HAVE caused Fear and Apprehension to myself and the public, an offence under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, with 5 years jail sentence,, in that You issued coercive threat to flanagan reference offence to usurp Government position. Perhaps you meant it is staff at the Attorney General Office that face LIFE imprisonment under the 1990 Criminal Justice Act, for usurping the position of the Dail Eireann courts and the 33rd Dail.

It is already public record that you are a member of the Bar Council of Ireland, the registered OWNER of UK police 89000534, used by UNLICENSED courts service to serve Fraud summonses. It is also public record that in addition to YOUR VESTED interests in Unlicensed courts service and the 907.06 million profits of its SECRET police, you ARE subject to the 2013 Motu Proprio, the Highest law authority, which I served on ALL Bar courts

You should note that your employees, cormac tighe, cliodhna o hara and paul gallagher are under criminal investigation for sending Fraud Instruments, UNSIGNED , to cause Fear, etc. I will grant you a short period of time to read correct records above and, apologise and RETRACT your threats to flanagan, a MAN not a company, you claim property rights over. I once again remind that your law firm MUST NOT usurp position of the Dail Eire Harp or Crown copyright Harp. The Eire Seal was placed on Irish Passports and Garda oath, NOT the EXPIRED Crown Harp. In due course if you do Not desist from Acts of Treason you WIIL face charges in your Personal capacity as a MAN and, the new Government WIIL take very dim view of those engaged in TREASON. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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