PUBLIC Letter. PART 2, CEO rossa fanning, Office Attorney General, 5.9.2023.

Dear rossa fanning, Ref Acts of Treason resulting many deaths

In March, 2020, CEO woulfe of your law firm advised myself,police, general public, Institutions like IRB, political parties etc, of a Contract he had prepared called 31A. The Contract claimed he was asked by employees of WEF City London corporation called gov Ireland, set up 2019 to sell WEF products it owned, such as Astra Zeneca, Moderna and masks. These employees he claimed were McEntee, Ryan, Donnelly and company CEO varadkar, he being WEF Young Leader member, NOT allowed hold public office to sell HIS company products.

The Contract between CEO varadkar company gov Ireland and, law firm Attorney General to assist sales of its medical products, was NOT asked or agreed by public or 33rd Dail. The Private Contract between 2 Private companies to assist its sales, MADE Public medical claims and diagnosis of covid, which Regulator HPRA said in C839, NO proof covid exists. In 2020 I contacted CEO woulfe that his company had NO authority to use Crown Freestate Harp copy right upon a medical contract with a WEF Crown company, to MIS lead public into thinking it was law.

In accordance with law, I REQUIRED the writers, woulfe claimed to be, McEntee, Ryan, Donnelly and Varadkar to Certify 31A contract with their signatures and woulfe, NO signatures given making it null and VOID, making ANY court case as INCURABLY VOID contract as NO certified contract to be broken. I advised woulfe that donnelly presented a null, void contract to WEF company, gov Ireland, it bearing NO signatures and claiming Crown Freestate Harp, I EXPIRED its use in 1989 Repeal Act, with Royal Assent in accordance with law.

I advised woulfe that ALL parties registered as parties representing Crown Oireachtas business interests, selling WEF Astra Zeneca, Moderna in return election and media expenses, joined donnelly to PRETEND law. As the ONLT Party NOT representing WEF medical products, instead representing interests of 33rd Dail voters I REQUIRED woulfe attach 31A DISCLAIMER and list HPRA Regulators safety WARNINGS. On instructions President McGuire, holder of Sovereign Eire Dail Seal and, his concerns, regarding Fraud claim that 31A Advice was part of 1947 Act and, use EXPIRED Crown Harp, I stated the obvious.

I reminded woulfe that the 1947 Act was F Fail charade as NOT obtained Royal Assent to remove rights GUARANTEED under 1919 Ratified Proclamation and 1922 Constitution, it having Royal Assent, which I Repealed in 1989. I also stated NOT possible to say 31A Advice, only written in 2020 could be part of Fraud 1947 Act, claimed WRITTEN 73 years ago, WITHOUT Royal Assent from RULERS of British Dominion colony until 1989 when I ENDED by politics NOT act of war.

As Public records confirm, due to my Reasonable REQUIREMENTS of law, woulfe kindly amended 31A Advice with DISCLAIMER, which IF read by solicitors, judges, police, public etc, would NOT risk life as clearly explains NOT law. The DISCLAIMER, REQUIRED by law, stated ANY ERRORS or OMISSIONS MUST be sent to copyright OWNER, gov Ireland or its Agent, Attorney General Office, NOT to courts service, police or HSE, so they can ammend.

The companies Contract becomes NULL and VOID, if writer Refuses ERRORS or OMISSIONS, as YOU told me in 28 letters that you REFUSE, also if NO signatures to validate or use Crown Harp copyright NOT yours to use. Woulfe kindly wrote to You and I, that gov Ireland accepts NO liability as it gives NO guarantees or warranty as to its piblic medical claims being safe or lawful, CANNOT make law saying MUST take risk such as death, injuries.

Woulfe also kindly explained to Garda at Golf club party that they could NOT arrest etc, judges, TDs, media and HE, the WRITER of 31A, as NOT law, just sales ADVICE to help gov Ireland sell mRNA. Public records confirm he was told Resign by Chief Justice clarke, for being honest, he refused, so in return his silence he got job to be supreme court judge and, so new CEO gallagher of law firm Attorney General arrived. Public records confirm, when Pressed by the Party, he kindly explained in 2 court cases in High Court in 2020, what woulfe had ALREADDY told police at Golf club party and, as written in DISCLAIMER.

He stated in paragraph 161, that ALL 31A public medical and travel ADVICE is just THAT, ADVICE NOT law, witnessed High Court judge s simons. As DISCLAIMER also said SAME, NO doubts could occur. The above public information is ABSOLUTE proof that Your company KEPT SECRET and ENCOURAGED its clients, courts service and gov Ireland, both Crown WEF companies, to make MAXIMUM profits from medical fraud and use of FEAR.

In PART 1 , my letter to you, as CEO Attorney General Office, dated 31.8.2023, I advised charges with Garda Anti Corruption, relating Your employees cormac tighe, cliodhna o hara, p gallagher assisting varadkar in crimes. Further to Protect public health and give you oppertunity to explain what actions you took , since December 2022, to Notify public that donnelly, varadkar broke terms of Your 31A contract offer subject its DISCLAIMER terms, conditions.

I REQUIRED you Cease assisting manslaughter by WEF company gov Ireland, selling Astra Zeneca, Moderna for UK Primeminister, he like varadkar, being WEF member, MAIN shareholder Moderna, using public office sell his products. Can you confirm that, like your predesessor woulfe in 2020, you HAVE NOTIFIED public that donnelly, varadkar and MI5 UK Secret Service member, drew harris, is PRETENDING 31A is law to cause Fear, Apprehension, breaking section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976. Yours sincerely g martin.

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