PUBLIC Letter to CEO rossa fanning, Office Attorney General, 31st August, 2023.

Dear rossa fanning, Ref Acts of TREASON resulting loss of LIFE

According to YOUR company website and an employee holding Contract as Advisory Counsel, called cliodhna o hara of company Office of Attorney General, the following was stated in their signed letters, Perhaps on YOUR instructions. They claim Role and Functions of this law firm staff does NOT extend to ENGAGING in correspondence with public in relation to OMMISSIONS or ERRORS in 31A medical claims and Public diagnosis matters of health, given such advise could cause DEATH or permanent medical disabillity, which you gave in 31A, your staff confirmed in their written and signed letters, they REFUSE engage with regards their CONCEALMENT medical risks.

This MEANS your staff CONFIRM they BROKE CONTRACT of THEIR 31A, it states PUBLIC INVITED make such CONCERNS on Errors, Omissions to YOU, NOT to Dail, which might PREVENT DEATH, it states COPYRIGHT of gov Ireland and YOU, as WRITER, its AGENT. In 31A, You as CEO, claim You stand by YOUR public medical claims and diagnosis, which 18 statute laws inform you CANNOT make. Your website claims You WERE appointed as legal advisor by CABINET, a piece of FURNITURE, to advise government, called 33rd Dail Taoiseach.

You FAIL to mention that, as Chief State Solicitors Office explained to you, Cabinet Ministers are NOT TDs, they hold separate contracts with WEF UK company, gov Ireland, set up 2019 for WEF 2020 coup by its company, gov Ireland. So by YOUR OWN account of company, you WERE given a Contract by WEF company to Represent business interests of WEF UK Prime minister, he being MAIN shareholder of Astra Zeneca, Moderna, being sold by CEO VARADKAR, a WEF Young Leader of his company gov Ireland, set up 2019 to stage Dail coup for chemical company to control national government into selling his company products, he said NO death risks, essential etc.

I note staff of the peoples party ireland NOTIFIED your company in 2020, that CEO of City London company, gov Ireland CANNOT hold public office as Dail TD, as vested interest selling Astra Zeneca, Moderna for its Main investor, WEF member Young Leaders, the UK Prime minister, we now have leader of Dail now also CEO of gov Ireland selling own products using public office to FORCE upon Dail, this called TREASON against Dail my Grandfather founded 1919.

I note that YOU are a member of Bar Council of Ireland, it being REGISTERED OWNER of City London police company, 89000534, SECRETLY set up it seems, by WEF varadkar, chief justice clarke and MI5 to assist the 2020 WEF coup , capture of Dail as was also done in 1922. It is public records this Private police is used by UNLICENSED courts service to dress as Garda and, serve Fraud summons on public, PRETENDING 31A ADVICE is law, when 2020 court case, paul gallagher, your former CEO, said NOT law, ALL 31A medical and travel being VOLUNTARY advice, as explained by its writer, woulfe and stated in DISCLAIMER of 31A. High court judge having read out said Ruling for police, public.

As member of OWNER private police of profits 709.06 million, you WOULD have VESTED interest in NOT appearing in UNLICENSED courts to explain 31A fines are Frauds, ERRORS and OMISSIONS being principle cause you REFUSED explain, to make this 709.06 million dollars. I understand you became Senior Counsel in 2016, admitted to BAR Northern Ireland in 2019, despite my RETURNING BAR jurisdiction to Irish BAr in 1989, per my Repeal 1920, 1922 Partition Acts.

So it could be said in 2019, you belonged to criminal organisation, still you would like drew harris, police commissioner be under oath to Crown and Official Secrets Act, UNABLE like harris, varadkar, commissioner clavin, to hold Public office, as stated in SUPERIOR law of Garda oath. I understand like harris, also commissioner clavin, in charge Anti Corruption, you are also member Honourable Society Benchers, like varadkar who appointed you, a SECRET Society, UNABLE hold public office.

I understand you became by INVITATION, legal Expert of Oireachtas committee, Fully aware it LOST its Crown Harp Freestate Powers, when with Royal Assent, I REMOVED them in 1989. I undertand you were previously Senior Counsel in private practise at Irish Bar, cases spanning commercial law, professional negligence, product liability, such as claiming Astra Zeneca safe when death risks CONCEALED. You would understand YOUR obligations under TREASON Act, per 1990 Criminal Justice Act, per PRETENDING UK WEF company gov Ireland is 33rd Dail, when NOT.

Your website Fails to mention ALL courts service UNLICENSED hearings are in Your company name, so YOU would be Personally liable to account to public ANY 31A case, as stated in Your DISCLAIMER 31A, being Personally liable if member public injured because you REFUSED explain taking medical procedures you said NOT guaranteed safe, are VOLUNTARY, NOT law. For example , ANY public jailed , fined for COMPLYING 296 of 31A, it stating NOT required damage health if stress or agree 31A DISCLAIMER warnings NOT safe to wear a mask, you would be NEGLIGENT for not complying my many requests you attend court, as gallagher did, to advise police and judges they are guilty of Physical assaault trespass and Fraud proprty rights claim to Ownership of Vatican Governance birth cert company trust properties.

As YOU stated, according to medical fraud committed by UK WEF company gov Ireland, this CRIMINAL company NOT allowed trade outside UK, appointed YOU, perherps ALSO employee of a company, engaged in Public crimes, to ADVISE NOT make laws, the election Ballot paper Dail, I voted for, NOT gov Ireland criminal WEF company, likely to be soon closed in City of London listings. As a voter, I hereby serve NOTICE that I do NOT consent to you, your capacity as a Man and Shareholder UK police, to advise matters concerning my Dail rights, I REFUSE your contract, it being INCURABLY VOID,I have also placed in Public domain this letter of Notice and Intent, in the Public interest, in accordance with law and 1916 Proclamation my Grandfather wrote and Ratified as foundation law of Dail in 1919, read each year outside GPO at Easter, read by Captain Doyle at GPO 2023, to remind said public rights NOT owned by gov Ireland WEF Registered City London Corporation.

In the matter concerning 160 TDs, 60 Senators, according to law, they RESIGNED in 2021, when they UNLAWFULLY signed BILL NO 46, allowing gov Ireland donnelly make ANY legislation he feels like without TELLING, discussing or Obtaining Dail vote, handing over National government the Dail to a WEF UK company, gov Ireland, having NO jurisdiction to do so, YOU claim your company advised Taioseach, 159 TDs to commit said act of TREASON.

Your website FAILS to mention ALL courts service UNLICENSED hearings are in Your company name, so you Would be personally LIABLE to account to PUBLIC ANY 31A case, as stated in YOUR Conditions of 31A DISCLAIMER. As YOU stated, according to medical Fraud committed by UK WEF company gov Ireland, this CRIMINAL company appointed YOU to advise election voters that ONLY a private company NOT a national government makes laws to sell OWN products.

Public records confirm higgins Dissolved Dail on 14.1.2020, set date 13.4.2020 as LATEST date for coalition per 90 day LIMIT. Law REQUIRED NEW election on 14.4.2020, instead we got March, 2020 coup planned in advance by WEF gov Ireland. Public records confirm March 2020 coup, when Private WEF company, gov Ireland members, varadkar, s. harris declared coup, based against HPRA Regulator C839, NO proof exists that covid exists, HSE household booklet sent to ALL Irish having explained April, 2020, new mild version of flu found, being called covid, if healthy 99.9 per cent immune recovery, minimum risk , less than regular flu.

Public records confirm March 2020 , 112 TDs BANNED from March covid Bill vote, by WEF company gov Ireland. 48 TDs selected to vote, having received positions in company gov Ireland. Seanad UNFIT for purpose to sign ANY Bill. Dail records confirm FINAL reading March covid Bill 2020, NOT voted on, as in hurry escape DISCOVERY said Fraud. 3 judges confirmed Seanad 11 Nominated seats UNFILLED until June 2020, making ANY signing Fraud, this was result court hearing by mcdowell and 9 Senators when tried overturn my lawful claim to higgins March, 2020.

I HAVE advised Garda HQ, that WEF varadkar appointed ALL key control positions from members WEF, MI5, PSNI and like YOU, Crown courts staff from Northern Ireland with NO jurisdiction since 1989. In accordance with law and public duty as representative of large political party, I REQUIRE you and your law firm to CEASE representing business interests of WEF gov Ireland, to 33rd Dail.

I serve NOTICE that I have already filed charges against your employees cormac tighe, cliodhna o hara and paul gallagher, regarding REFUSAL 31A CONTRACT to answer public questions which they confirmed in OWN letters, duly signed to validate their UNLAWFUL DIRECTIONS. It is 3 years since the Party staff advised that Worshipful Company of Mercers, ranks first in order precedence, controlling Crown Corporation of City of London, is assisting investigation Crwon companies gov Ireland, Oireachtas, courts service and its City London police, 89000534, bringing City into disrepute, acts of treason against Crown.

We supplied You the evidence that 1 BILLION dollars transferred by WEF Prime minister member Young Leaders plan to subvert UK and Dail Parliaments, from Cayman Islands to his investments Astra Zeneca, Moderna, to assist WEF varadkar sell for him. Due to success his company gov Uk and gov Ireland, he set up in 2019 City London, he has DIRECTED gov UK invest 1 BILLION dollars UK taxes in Moderna at Oxford, obtaining Return his original investment of 1 BILLIO dollars, plant to produce 250 million doses.

He has committed gov UK to buy 450 million doses his OWN company products for next 10 years, ear marking large amount for his WEF company gov Ireland, CEO varadkar to sell using your 31A ADVICE he PRETENDS is law and, you have allowed said fraud. Perhaps UNKNOWN to you, an inner ring your staff assisted gov Ireland CONCEAL its importation by donnelly from Moderna and A Zeneca many doses to REPLACE ones EMA stopped from EU when Party filed charges EMA as NO license donnelly sell, Rte described as shortages.

In negotiations with EMA, it was NOT disputed that it could NOT give donnelly license sell mRNA as NOT LAWFUL under Helsinki Declaration and Belmont Principle, I notified your office in 2020 BEFORE UNLAWFUL roll out. In PART 2, at my expense I WILL supply PARTY REQUIREMENTS concerning Your Contract OBLIGATIONS under 31A, to engage in meaningful negotiations to close City London corporation, gov Ireland. Yours sincerely, g martin

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