PUBLIC Letter. Reply to Irish Independent from representative of the peoples party ireland 29th August, 2023.

I can confirm I have NOT received ANY written letter from the Commissioner you refer to. I would advise the Irish Independent that the title Commissioner is NOT the name of a man or woman. I am most grateful the Irish Independent wrote to me but, with respect, you have asked me have I agreed to meet an UNKNOWN man or woman, this is called Entrapment and intimidation to take part in Fraud. As Your tweet tells myself and the public, you have NOT given ANY proof a man or woman at Garda HQ want to meet me, you just Assumed it might be so, you ask me to Risk my personal safety.

You tell myself and the public that the Garda Commissioner wants to take statements from me and bring criminal case to courts service. If that is true, he would be asking me to commit public Fraud. The CORRECT position, assuming you mean drew harris, is that 3 years ago, I filed criminal charges against this man with Anti Corruption Commissioner clavin regarding TREASON against the Garda oath. The Garda Act, 2005 and Oath, said harris AGREED he could NOT be a member of the Garda if he belonged to MI5 and, also member Society of Benchers, under the UK Official Secrets Act.

In accordance with law, it would be a jailable offence if I partook in Fraud, accepting Authority of an MI5 operative. Public records confirm I then found out that clavin was appointed by harris. Law and public records confirm TREASON by harris in appointing his friend, clavin, also from Belfast PSNI and graduate of 2019 Harvard of WEF Young Leaders, a SECRET society, his tuition paid by gov Ireland. Garda records confirm, in accordance with law, I filed criminal charges against clavin, as Garda oath , SUPERIOR to positive law, says clavin is NOT allowed to be a Garda, as he is WEF member, its aim REMOVE Garda and Dail, replace UK police and WEF gov Ireland corporation using MI5.

NOT in accordance with law, clavin BLOCKED ALL acts of TREASON and medical fraud by harris and, instead of a life sentence, he got early retirement, harris Replaced with Commissioner roberts, PSNI. Public and Garda records confirm, , this Friend of harris, also with Belfast PSNI connections, is NOW investigating above crimes where some Garda appointed by WEF member, varadkar, also NOT allowed hold public office, to sell Astra Zeneca.

Garda and public records confirm that ALL charges made were Public charges available on twitter for the public to read, Fear and Apprehension under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976. Media like Irish Independent provided evidence of the above crimes. My role is the SAME as ALL the public. I supplied HPRA CERTIFIED medical position documents, in which HPRA Regulator told the Garda that harris protected donnellys personal opinion, as sales rep of gov Ireland, this company accepting FOI replies of above documents, he Broke OWN company position.

City of London listing of records, available to the Garda and the public, told Garda that CEO of company set up in London in 2019, is WEF member, varadkar, selling Astra Zeneca mRNA etc for UK Primeminister the MAIN shareholder these products and WEF member Young Leaders plan like varadkar. Public, Garda and Party websites confirm ALL public letters showing Public charges made to Garda Anti Corruption Unit, with CERTIFIED documents, I have Garda stamped receipt such items.

Public and Attorney General records confirm that I, as a Man, COMPLIED with REQUEST in 31A DISCLAIMER to contact gov Ireland, its Agents sales reps NPHET, as to FOI replies from HPRA Regulator, that gov Ireland accepted as OPPOSITE of mediacl claims public by harris and donnelly. Garda received copy of ALL above CERTIFIED documents and, section 296 of 31A which confirm I and the public must NOT wear a mask if stressed or Agree with NOT safe warnings in DISCLAIMER in 31A. As you can see, to cause Fear, Apprehension and, a market for gov Ireland PROFITS and medical products, harris used UNLICENSED courts service to send people to jail and collect Fines, many old people COMPLYING with section 296 of 31A became VICTIMS police and UNLICENSED courts abuse.

Supreme court Transcripts 2018 available to police and the public, confirm that harris broke chief justice clarke DIRECTIONS that courts service has NO license since 1924 and, NO jurisdiction, as NO Enactment Order hold court. I also sent Anti Corruption, copies of state 1924 papers and, Article 75 of the 1922 constitution from Attorney General and Parliamentary Draughtsman confirming courts have NO license since 1924. My Grandfather wrote the 1916 Proclamation which he Ratified as Dail law in 1919 and, he set up the ONLY LICENSED court, the 1919 Dail Eire Harp Seal court, the SAME as on your passport and Garda oath. In 1989 I completed his work of ENDING the 1920 British Dominion colony of 32 counties. I placed on twitter in 2020 and earlier in the public domain, my Repeal of the Oireachtas Freestate powers it still PRETENDS to claim 33 years later, a criminal gang.

The Public twitter and Anti Corruption have ALL these documents, they gave receipts since 2020 and, as the chief justice confirmed in 2018, the court you claim Commissioner wants to approach, are Fraud, has NO license or jurisdiction, so I will NOT be part of Fraud suggestion. I have already sent to Garda HQ, the 104 yearly licenses of Sovereign Eire Seal court, SAME as on Garda oath Seal, they do NOT serve Freestate Crown Harp courts, NO license since 1924. ANY other court, such as courts service would be public partaking in Fraud. Public should NOT take part in such Fraud, new Dail will prosecute ANY such use of Fraud court.

I also sent Garda HQ, the City London listing, confirmed by Worshipful Company of Mercers, UK police 89000534 Owned by courts service, its profits 709.06 million dollars, much from crime against public, trafficking etc. It is Public records that UNLICENSED courts USED its private police, dressed as Garda, to serve Fraud birth cert company summonses upon the public, NOT interested in asking fir their Garda oath Protection which Bans said Fraud. With respect, I might ask Independent to read the public website of the peoples party ireland, as ALL police charges details , back to 2020 for the public to see. Commissioner roberts has ALL of the above documents and CERTIFIED evidence, he is Commissioner NOT I, he has chosen it seems, to assist serious crime, NOT I .

In closing I would thank you but, remind you that in 2020 I sent your firm and most media HSE CERTIFIED Management Records signed by s moore, which state in C851, C852 mRNA NOT works, NOT safe and,C839 NO proof covid found. I also sent you C846, C847, C848, C849, C850 which state that general and elderly lockdowns are Useless and Dangerous and, masks, distancing are Useless and Dangerous, also sent to Garda in 2020 at HQ. Garda and media quoted the Personal view of sales reps like donnelly which OWN company said LIES, many dead or dying due this fraud.

I might also point out, you asked me to communicate with Garda HQ on email. Only a man NOT wise in law, would correspond on email or phone as NOT valid lawful documents, only tool for colecting data. Public and Garda records confirm I have supplied ALL CERTIFIED evidence, which sales reps call Mis information, in 2020 to 2023.You however supply NO evidence, just insults and total contempt for law and correct medical information, placing profit above good health and life, it is sad day for the world that people like you exist. It is Gard, NOT I, that refused to stop the crime of planned manslaughter and replacement of native Irish. I put in the hours for people like you to be free, you laugh at me as you race to become a slave, perhaps when you become such, then I will laugh at you, man of little education and NO principles.

As public records confirm, for over 40 years I, as ordinary man, have negotiated with the Crwon by simply stating what the law and documents ACTUALLY said. I did NOT quote my personal opinion or insult anyone, instead I listened and learned. My Grandfather negotiated with the Crown in 1918 when he won the 32 county election, called and witnessed for the Crown by Lord Lexden. He set up FIRST Dail in 1919, you are now in 33rd Dail. The Party is the oldest, started in 1920 and in 1989 I RETURNED to the 1919 Dail the 32 counties, STOLEN in 1920 by the Government of Ireland Act. It is the law NOT I, that speaks history of our people, NOT TRAITORS like you. As I said earlier the Anti Corruption Unit allowed harris and clavin to help London company, gov Ireland, RECAPTURE the 32 counties for the Crown, along with media that for 33 years kept secret the ENDING of British Dominion Colony Minister Taoiseach title, for the 30 pieces of silver Rte etc hid the deeds of men that made the difference, allowed Crown plunder Ireland.

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