PUBLIC Letter Police Investigation an employee of company Attorney General, 15.8.2023.

Dear Commissioner jonathan roberts, Ref serious crime admitted by cormac tighe of above company

Please find enclosed a copy of my letter to a Man called cormac tighe, in reply to his many letters in which he claimed as a Man he has jurisdiction to cover up crimes committed by a Man called paul gallagher, employed in separate capacity by law firm Attorney General o comply with its DIRECTIONS of medical advice NOT law, called 31A, said advice NOT allowed be given to public as could cause MANY deaths. In this letter in public domain, Ihave listed criminal charges I now lodge with you, per your obligation under Garda Act, 2005 to investigate, please confirm pulse number as urgent to protect police and public from Mis information given by gallagher and cormac tighe instructs me he concealed said crimes, I begin with letter notification sent to tighe, it is self explanatory as to his crrimes.

Dear cormac tighe, You sent me your letters dated 15.1.2021, also 24.3.2021, also 17.2.2021, also 28.1.2021, also 26.1.2021, also 19.1.2021, also again on 19.1.2021, each had one line,I confirm receipt your letter I read but, NOT addessed issues read or DISPUTE the statute laws quoted. In ALL above letters you confirm that YOU broke 2018 GDPR EU Law, transposed into Irish law per Data Protection Act, 2018 by OPENING mail addressed to paul gallagher as PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL, he being employee of law firm Attorney General with NO claim to Property rights over me, a MAN, his home address NOT supplied so I could write as he Requested in HIS DISCLAIMER of 31A he claimed was his Unqualified medical claims and diagnosis, kindly INVITED public to notify him of ANY ommissions, errors so he could correct.

You claimed to HAVE acted your Personal capacity of a Man, as employee company Attorney General you would be REQUIRED obey above laws, you REFUSED to do, as stated in your letters. YOU UNLAWFULLY claimed to have acted your Personal capacity of a Man, refused follow company rules and, claimed you have jurisdiction cover up other mans crime and, claim property rights over I a Man NOT subject to personal views of employees of law firm Attorney General. You confirmed in YOUR MANY letters that you broke Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, sections 6,9,25, 26, 2 and 29, You Created and USED these false documents to cover up rime, intimidate me into dropping charges against paul gallagher who allowed reputation of law firm to be damaged BEYOND repair.

You admitted playing leading role in CONCEALING Medical Fraud, possibly causing MANY deaths, injuries, with regard alledged crimes by a Man called paul gallagherr, whom I wrote to, NOT to you. The letters I sent were AT INVITATION of paul gallagher, he explained to You and I and his friends at Attorney General, in High Court cases that , per paragraph 161, ALL 31A medical and travel ADVICE is NOT law, just ADVICE as the Man said. I sent him copy of SI NO 296, of 31A etc, Thanked him for explaining paragraph 5, it CLEARLY STATING must NOTT wear mask if stress or accept his Warnings in His DISCLAIMER written on 31A for ALL to see, along with NO signature on 31A to even validate it. This was important as in his instructions, he tells you and I, solicitors, judges, police etc SAME as he told us in High Court. You read he told You and I etc, that He and dept health give NO guarantees, undertakings or warranties on 31A.

He also states NO guarantee as Accurate ANY part aid information CANNOT be held liable for Errors or Ommissions. PLEASE NOTIFY ANY Errors, ommissions, comments to gov Ireland, he stated it has copyright and he acted as Agent, so NO enquires to poice or courts, UNLESS Fear, Apprehension to safety due his medical diagnosis. He also advised that He INVENTED and USED 31A at orrders of Mcentee, ryan and donnelly. Ministers of private WEF UK company set up in City London in 2019, Public did NOT vote for UK company to REPLACE the Dail, my Grandfather sett up in 1919 per 32 county election mandate and, in 1919 Ratified as Dail law , aid Proclamation rights Irish self determination NO private company or refendum can remove, ANY such BILL authomatically becomes null and void.

He told you and I and Taioseach martin that he and 3 employees of company gov Ireland made 31 public medical claims and diagnosis, despite NO medical qualification, a serious offence, MANY now dead A Zeneca where he hid side effects to sell product for gov Ireland UK company. He told me, as arepresentative of large 32 county political party, that his documents are NOT law and, that he broke 18 statute laws, to help sell product for his company, Attorney Generals MAIN client, gov Ireland, assisting it meddle in national government, called 33rd Dail.

His 31A say he broke SI NO 5412007 Advertsing Regulations, EU Directives 200183 transposed into Irish Law. Also EU Directives 200363, use Medical Products. Also Mis use Drugs Act, 1977. I also reminded him EU Council Directives 200298 and 200424, you said you also read, these explain CANNOT make public medical claims, diagnosis that 31A made, ONLY list KNOWN side effects which 31A did NOT list, possibly causing deaths, injuries.

As 31A said in Agreement above laws, CANNOT make law to TAKE medical procedures, products that 31A said NOT guaranteed safe or lawful. OWN liability if you take, as we claim NOT safe or lawful. Any man that van read this would understand CANNOT make law saying take something that might kill or injure you, as 31A told you so. As 31A instructed, per my Public duty reprssenting voters, I sent paul gallagher as HE ASKED ME TO DO, the Ommissions in his 31A, those being HPRA Regulator and HSE CERTIFIED medical position. I also wote ALL other parties to join but they aid do not wish to lose election funding a Registered for Oireachtas election bribes, money more important than truth To avoid deaths, injuries, attacks by police NOT having UNDERSTOOD 31A, as YOU YOURSELF claim NOT understand, I sent at HIS DISCLAIMER REQUEST, following CERTIFIED signatures s moore, emer kelly, unlik his UNSIGNED 31A and yellow adverts, they NOT showing ANY signature or validity claim.

I sent in 2020, HSE C846, C847,C848,C849, C850, state elderly, general lockdowns useless and dangerous, masks, distancing useless and dangerous, C839 NO proof exists covid found, it is Personal sales reps that Quoted 31A sales advertisements that staff Attorney General paid write for their biggest client gov Ireland help sell its OWN products by using FEAR, as justice minister called , coercive control. Through me, HPRA Regulator advised your office of above in 2020, you confirm staff the peoples party ireland ALSO advised you these CERTIFIED documents and, C851, C852 mRNA NOT works, NOT safe, as 31A said also after you read said evidence in which 31A also said NO guarantee.

As is job of political party, on 20.12.2020 I advised 33RD Dail and gallagher of above medical fraud, that CEO of WEF company gov Ireland was selling Astra Zeneca, Moderna for WEF Primeminister of UK. I CORRECTLY stated that WEF Young Leader UK Prime minister invested 1 Billion dollars from Scret Cayman Islands bank into mRNA, then seet up WEF Young Leader varadkar as CEO of gov Ireland to sell his A Zeneca etc, using adverts from your law firm to sell FEAR, need to take 2 yeras genetic experiment which 31A DISCLAIMER rightly warned NOT guaranteed safe.

I Correctly AT HIS REQUEST advised him public records which confirmed WEF Varadkar, NOT allowed hold public office, used it to employ members secet society, MI5 and Honourable Benchers to commit crime, conceal truth. I sent him details of varadkar appointing MI5 harris, WEF member clavin as commissioner Garda Anti Corruption to Protect harris using 31A sales adverts as if law, to Force mRNA. I sent City London records of Unlicensed courts service registry City London police89000534, to PRETEND they are Garda in order to serve birth cert summons on those Complying with 296 of 31A, written by staff Attorney General.

I REQUIRED under 31A the apperance in High Court of gallagher to confirm dolores webster was AMBUSHED, abused by courts service Private UK police, her arm Broken by police PRETENDING 31A as law whwn gallagher had DIRECTED webster and public NOT law, he was witnessed saying this in 4 courts where private police broke 31A advice. I REQUIRE gallagher appear in High Court to REPEAT his 296 of 31A that meant andy heasman was sent to jail for COMPLYING his 296 of 31A to NOT wear mask if stress or agree with gallagher DISCLAIMER warnings not safe. He like ALL other parties thought it was funny to send innocent man to jail, in order make FEAR example to sell 31A Fear scam.

I Correctly advised gallagher as ALL cases tried in his name, he MUST STOP Unlicensed courts service making money out of VICTIMS of police violence, who claimed be GPO and efuse Superior law and REASON against Dail Proclamation rights. I also Correctly advised gallagher that Parliamentary Repeal Acts confirm that in 1989 I obtained Royal Assent from Queen, Repeal Oireachtas Freestate powers, ENDED PARTITION of 1920 Government Ireland Act. I was joined by UK Parliament in 1989 by our announcement the 1920 Government Ireland Act was Repealed, ENDING British Dominion Colony Minister title called Taioseach, I Removed use of Crown Freestate Harp, hence you passport bears the Dail Eire Harp Seal of my Grandfather he ratified as Seal of first Dail, 1919.

In 1919 my Grandfather ratified as law, the 1916 Proclamation and 1919 Dail Eire Harp Seal court, I sent 104 yearly licenses Eire Seal Harp, he one you find on your passport and Garda oath. Law firm Attorney General helped CLOSED down Oireachtas in 1989, PRETEND it as still running Ireland for Crown, not once did this law firm stand for FREEDOM, while the peoples party ireland fought alone, in 1989 I returned the 1919 Dail my Grandfather started while people like gallagher were still in short pants, the new Dail will nend law firm Attorney General, traitors working for the Crown. In 1924 my Grandfather, Parliamentary Draughtsman and office Attorney General, confirmed that courts service was CLOSED in 1924, as NO court Enactment Order, 1924, could be issued as 1919 court and Proclamation and 1922 constitution could NOT allow. The Party sent gallagher copy Article 75 of the 1922 constitution that states as NO such Order, ONLY 1919 Sovereign Eire Seal Harp court eists, courts service Crwon Freesstate Harp is a Fraud Instrument.

The Party also sent gallagher the Repeal of 1922 constitution in 1989 and UK Parliament documents NO health Act 1947 or 1937 constituion as could NOT be given Royal Assent. Following Fraud actions bt chief justice clarke staff in 2012 assisting KBC Bank set up claim to STEAL Roscommon farm using birth cert company, I served Motu Proprio on courts service to stop this anf Future fraud. This Motu , again served on courts service in 2021 and gallagheris HIGHEST law document and PREVENTED gallagher 31A ADVICE being used as law, by courts service claiming property rights of Vatican Governance, the registered OWNERS ALL Irish BIRTH CERTIFICATES Trust companies.

In accordance with law, I supplied ALL above copies to gallagher to ASSIST him stop ASSISTING manslaughter. He was given reasonable time to fix above OMISSIONS in 31A fraud sales adverts. In accordance with law, as he Continued to break law so I filed criminal charges against him, his Personal capacity, as he broke 31A, per his refusal reply to questions HE INVITED and he refused correct fraud police asaults on webster and heasman, he colluded with Unlicensed courts service to create Fear and collect fines from VICTIMS police assault.

To date, MANY people dead or injured by Astra Zeneca and other medical products his 31A used by his MAIN client, gov Ireland caused, Many jailed for COMPLYING his 296 written paperwork ALL can read. I Correctly reminded since 1018, chief justice clarke, confirmed in 2018 Supreme court Transcripts, that courts service has NO Enactment Order. Due to Motu Proprio it CANNOT use Vatican Governance birth certs or claim control bank accounts as ALL bank accounts are property rights Vatican Governance, CANNOT reposess etc without Vatican written consent.

Public records confirm this SELF confessed criminal per his UNLAWFUL public actions has been given early retirement for many crimes he claimed HIS 31A ADVICE he ALLOWED as if PRETEND law, his assistant cormac tighe claims he assisted said crimes, causing Fear, Apprehension my personal safety and public interests. You claim in your letters that YOU, cormac tighe, prevented a man called gallagher from being allowed to address OMMISSIONS in 31A and Acts of TREASON against Dail, to assist gov Ireland 2019 company capture of Dail, using MI5 and WEF forces. In addition breaking Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, you claim to have withheld information, concealed death risks Astra Zeneca, from gallagher, explained to you by HPRA Regulator, Criminal Law Act, 1997.

Further offences under Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, parts 3.1.7 perjury, collusion to pervert justice. Also offencs of neglect public duty, concealment, under 1990 Criminal Justic Act. You Have caused me and public mush Fear, Apprehension under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, minimum 5 years jail. You allowed police OWNED by courts service to break chief justice DIRECTIONS as to VOLUNTARY courts service. He confirmed in 2018 that public NOT obliged to take part in UNLICENSED court, it being fraud. Public have LAWFUL right to DECLINE fraud court, attend LICENSED 1919 Dail Eire Court.

As aPublic representative I HAVE filed criminal charges above, against you, in YOUR Personal capacity, it WILL help your case if you claim paul gallagher asked you to commit above fraud, it being a possibility. I would advise that if you wish to avoid UK Crown presecution for using Crown Freetae copyright Harp, to intimidate public, you MUST STOP using said Harp, its use EXTINGUISHED 33 years ago, making ALL your documents fraud. I would rmind your company registration does NOT allow you break copyright or do business with UK company gov Ireland, under City Company law its address of residence must be in UK, not in Dublin, it CANNOT trade outside UK. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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