PUBLIC Letter Police Investigation former Chief Justice clarke, 20th August, 2023.

Dear Commissioner jonathan roberts, Ref Fraud court ENTRAPMENT

During negotiations with former Queen, leading to REMOVAL and CLOSURE of 1920, 1922 British Dominion Freestate corporation rights, similar British East India corporation, I was advised keep track possible crimes subvert 32 county Dail, by Crown company Oireachtas and its UNLICENSED courts service intention to surender property rights of men women to International Banks.

I was advised contact Worshipful Company of Mercers, the CONTROLLING company of Crown Corporation City London, first company in order precedence, if after 1989, Oireachtas PRETENDED still could use Crown Harp, removed in 1989 to protect Crown from future crimes perpatrated its Unlicensed courts service, with regards International banking, human trafficking and medical experiments upon public for pharmaceutical developments. I brought to attention criminal activity of CEO UNLICEENSED Crown corporation courts service, to City Court of Assistants, in 2012 of UNLICENSED frank clarke, his Private City London police registered 89000534, purpose to Pretend to be Garda to carry out MI5 operations for Crown to subvert the Dail and Garda oath.

I obtained confirmation from Crown Temple, registered City London OWNER of courts service and Irish Bar Association, that without Royal Assent, clarke had set up City London police corporation, 89000534 to assist WEF, its payroll via German banks to avoid detection. Further enquiry revealed frank clarke CONCEALED from Crown Temple that he had NO Court Enactment Order, 1924, my Grandfather having stopped, per his application Repeal 1920 Government Ireland Act, kept SECRET by traitor collins who was assasinated for collusion as Crown Agent.

State papers confirm, as stated in Article 75 of 1922 Constitution which I closed in 1989 with Royal Assent, that WITHOUT said order, ONLY licensed court is 1919 Dail Eireann Eire Seal court, my Grandfather set up, said court deemed courts service is a fraud, no Jurisdiction hold ANY court in 32 counties. It is public records, I served ABSOLUTE proof upon clarke that his company had NO jurisdiction replace Dail Eire Seal Harp court, produced 1924 state Archives protected by Party since 1920 Repeal began, that NO order exists, clarke accepted claim. It became Party obligation file charges with Garda in 2012 that clarke making UNLAWFUL claims that his company could use claim of property rights birth certificate companies to ENTRAP children to courts and, assist BANKS claim posession of farms etc.

Public records confirm elements of courts private police claimed warrants to seize children and parents, claiming said children, parents were OWNERS of birth cert companies to ENTRAP them, said cert property Owned by Vatican Governance. I referred charges of ENTRAPMENT by clarke to Vatican Governance, registered Owners of said Irish birth cert Trust companies, whose cert property STOLEN by clarke to ENTRAP children for company profits, his 89000534 UK police recent turnover at 709.06 million dollars. The Owner said property rights issued DIRECTIONS ALL BAR courts and, instructed me to serve, which I did, upon clarke on 8th September, 2013, I enclose copy, also refer page 5 .

You will noye it explains said Motu Proprio is HIGHEST legal instrument, over riding ANYTHING by Crown, UN, WEF, WHO etc, SUPERIOR to ALL BAR COURT DIRECTIONS, ALL bank accounts subject said law and ALL bank re posessions SUBJECT to obtain VATICAN CONSENT, clarke consent has NO meaning. It explains NO bank, such as KBC can claim birth cert company ALL CAPS bank account of MR ANTHONY MCGANN or property like house at Falsk if owned by cert company WITHOUT VATICAN CONSENT.

It is SIMPLE matter of law, if an Executor called fintan murphy, also calling himself employee of Roscommon registrar and sheriff, sets up a Contract between court , bank and cert companies, IT MUST HAVE consent, inthis cse, 15th October, 2012 from Vatican Governance. I HAVE contacted Vatican law office , as was job of alledged judge dunne, they confirm NO consent given to fintan murphy to set up contract between company KBC BANK , it being under Vatican jurisdiction and cert company, MR ANTHONY MCGANN and CCJ. I also understand that on 1st October, 2012, land registry confirmed Owner was a Man , called anthony mcgann, NOT as KBC and CCJ executor and alledged judge dunne had perjured in a court room claimed. They having claimed cert company called MR ANTHONY MCGANN owned , under rules court procedure ANY Ruling became INCURABLY VOID, NULL, those making fraud claim now liable prosecution, in accordance with law and, liable compensation to ANYONE injured or reputation damaged.

I also understand that CCJ registrar REQUIRED by law, to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS of 1924 Parliamentary Draughtsman, 1924 Attorney General, state papers and Article 75 constitution 1922, it states ONLY licensed court is the one my Grandfather set up in 1919 and, to clarke I presented 104 yearly Eire Seal licences, including 2023 License. So according to UNLICENSED court records, CCJ registrar ENTRAPPED an UNLICENSED judge dunne to commence an INCURABLY VOID contract, to obtain property for KBC, it subject and dunne to Vatican Motu, clarke as CEO liable to give correct directions to his staff, to NOT assist banks remove property rights for shared profits.

CCJ records also confirm CCJ registrar acted in Personal capacity, as obligations registrar to NOT break above law, he having hired out court service staff to proceed on INCURABLY VOID contract, crimes to obtain financial rewards. CCJ records heard witness details, as witnessed by Garda, that UNLICENSED judge dunne, NO jurisdiction ANYWHERE in 32 counties, since I removed Crown and Royal Ulster Constabulary in 1989. FACTS seem to indicate that CCJ registrar first set up as Executor a Fraud contract between 2 companies, KBC and MR ANTHONY MCGANN, neither claim property rights over a Man anthony mcgann or said man registered house.

CCJ confirm KBC as registered foreign company AGREES is SUBJECT Irish law that it CANNOT claim assault trespass on itself, a piece of paper, by a Man, called anthony mcgann, it claimed property rights over a mortgage with a cert company, said pieces of paper have NO rights over a Man, unless he signed a slave contract, which was banned in 18th century, I am NOT aware slavery has lawfully returned, it would be criminal offence claim Man is slave of KBC paper. CCJ records confirm KBC claimed ownership piece of paper called a mortgage, with a cert company MR ANTHONY MCGANN, said company Owned by Vatican . It is civil matter for KBC ask Vatican to return this piece of paper, it is NOT business of a Man called anthony mcgann to mediate, aske for its return, he is NOT involved.

CCJ records confirm CCJ registrar PRETENDED cert company OWNED a house which registry claim Owned by a man anthony mcgann. He also claimed the company MR ANTHONY MCGANN owned a Man called anthony mcgann which Vatican says does NOT own said man. I understand chief justice clarke allowed his employee, UNLICENSED judge dunne proceed on an INCURABLY VOID contract, to break Motu Proprio that BANNED his use birth cert company MR ANTHONY MCGANN to commit fraud. Public records confirm dunne DIRECTED Roscommon Registrar fintan murphy take order possession CLERALY null and void, on 11.12.2023 of a property called Falsk, Folio 32752, NO animals listed as on said folio, NOT owned by cert company, MR ANTHONY MCGANN or KBC. court confirms a Man called anthony mcgann committed fraud property claims or assault trspass upon dunne, KBC staff or fintan murphy but records state they committed such crimes against him.

Public and court records confirm, UNLICENSED judge dunne proceeded on INCURABLY VOID contract despite a Man called anthony mcgann, NOT a property or ANY rights claim against said Man, having LAWFULLY DECLINNED fraud summons from UNLICENSED court NO jurisdiction issue said summons. Records confirm mcgann letter to CCJ registrar advised UNLICENSED judge dunne, that he DECLINED to break Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, by accepting a Fraud instrument summons and committing cert fraud, It being 35 years jail Pretend own said cert. Records confirm he also REQUIRED CCJ registrar produce copy of 1924 Court Enactment Order, state papers PROVED NOT enacted, in accordance Article 75 of 1922 constitution, Dail Eireann court is ONLY court licensed, ANY sane person would NOT partake in criminal company courts service or accept directions its UK police 8900534, instead stay with Garda.

You will be aware, under Garda Act 2005, the Garda oath in operation said court fraud, Garda PROTECT mcgann from CCJ clerk sending Fraud summons, or using its private police 8900534, Garda oath SUPERIOR to positive law or fraud contracts. In accordance with law, mcgann NOT allowed break law, by attending UNLICENSED court charade to obtain property for a bank, to be ENTRAPPED by fintan murphy. In his LAWFUL absence, UNLICENSED judge dunne broke Motu Proprio position on cert fraud, engaged in fraud in court room making ANY ruling null and void.

Being political Party duty to defend LICENSED 1919 Dail Eireann Harp Seal court from courts service UNLICENSED since 1924, as warned by Queen, I filed charges against frank clarke ref dunne fraud, on 2.12.2012 at Garda HQ, in accordance with law. Can you please confirm what progress made, reasons for delay of arrest, said former chief justice clarke. In due course I WILL be writing to enquire what progress on arrest dunne and finton murphy. In due course I WILL be writing to enquire what progress on arrest of clarke, current chief justice o donnell and UNLICENSED judge martina baxter, also barrister for DPP, jane mcgowan, per charges causing Fear, Apprehension to myself and public. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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